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Once More Into the Breach, My Friends…: Uprooted

Author: WhenCatsFoxesandWolvesFly
FreeRIDErs story universe
This story is a work in progress.
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Older Revision

Prior to the removal of this story's prologue to All Quiet on the Midwestern Front, it was stored in an older revision of this story.


Part One: Discovery

An account of the unexpected rediscovery of Carter Hawkinson's medical records during the summer or fall of 2506.

Author's Note
I have a few different reasons for why I want Carter to have been reawakened by the time mentioned in the main text. First of all, I want him to have been awake for long enough to have already gotten used to living on the Earth of the future before he leaves for Zharus. Second, I intend for young Mr. Hawkinson to be at the 'furry' convention that Robotech Master's story 'The Final Countdown' mentions as an event that will have been held on November 12th, 2506, in Springfield, Missouri, so that he can bear witness to the flight taken from there by Lubyanka the Sturmhaven she-wolf RIDE and her companions. Third, I was thinking of having Carter established as an employee of the Springfield—Greene County Library by the time that Lubyanka goes there to get the specifications for IPv8 from one of his co-workers.