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FreeRIDErs story universe
This story is a work in progress.
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Some time before the beginning of the post–Oil Age 'Dark Ages' in 2048 (Tentatively: Fall 2037 or 2047….)
Kokomo, IN, USA
Earth, 'Sol' System
FreeRIDErs Universe


(NOTE: The order of events in the final story has not yet been set in silicon!)

  • Carter does some of his homework.
  • He remembers that he has some library books that are due.
  • He leaves his house and walks to the library with Brisingr, his dog.
  • After returning his books, Carter runs into his friend Craig on his way out of the library.
  • Craig tells Carter that he wants to show him something in the part of the library that has been turned into a hackrrspace.
  • Craig shows Carter a wheelchair, explaining that he can use some of its motors to upgrade his prosthetic leg armor.
  • Carter makes the necessary modifications to the exoskeleton he uses to walk (he's paraplegic due to a [[wikipedia:Motor neuron disease|motor neuron disease.)
  • Carter finishes up his tinkering at the hackrrspace and heads home.
  • Somebody visiting from a local, but widely influential, technology company notices either Carter's skill and/or Craig's and writes either one or both of them down as a potential hire.
    • (Carter is later hired to work in an entry-level position here, but I'm not sure exactly when…)
  • … (Other events to be decided upon later…)
  • The next day at school, someone invites Carter to a get-together of some sort. (He says he'll consider the offer and, sooner or later, decides to attend it when it inevitably occurs some time between the middle and the end of this story.)
  • … (Other events to be decided upon later…)
  • When he gets home, he sees that his old friend's family is moving back into their old house.
    • Strangely, they have a young woman with them.
    • Carter guesses (incorrectly) that she might be one of his friend's cousins or something.
    • This individual and her family will take advantage of this assumption to help ease the girl, who is really an old friend of Carter's, back into living in their old house.
  • Carter starts picking up on some odd details about his 'new' friend's behavior as he gets to know her and eventually figures out the truth.
  • … (Other events to be decided upon later…)
  • Carter's condition deteriorates.
  • The technology company that hired either Carter and/or Craig earlier during the story offers to scan a copy of his genome and a complete map of his brain scanned into a computer server using the best technology they can come up with, some of which (an MRI powerful, precise, and accurate enough to show individual neurons in very fine detail) they were already developing as part of a contract with a medical institution.

Things To Incorporate Into the Story

  • The lyrics to the Beach Boys' song 'Kokomo' (probably as part of a clock's pre-set alarm.)
  • The name 'Thunderblaze ARC (Advanced Research Cooperative), LLC,' for the company that hires either Carter or Craig. I may use the name if I ever start a technology company of my own, but, hey, FreeRIDErs is set in an alternate universe anyway, so what the heck?