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Reindeer Games

Author: Bob Stein

Craig flushed slightly as he opened the door to his apartment. Though the cute girl behind him had laughed off his warnings about being a filthy college student, he really wished he’d had a chance to clear dirty dishes and clothes from the living room before she came over. Not to mention straightening what he hoped would be their ultimate destination – his bedroom.

“Oh, this isn’t so bad!” Carol peered past him, eyes twinkling. Her peculiar lilting accent and tiny frame went rather well with the Christmas elf costume she had worn from the shopping mall. “Anyway, I expected a handsome young buck like you to live like an animal.”

That wasn’t a compliment, but she didn’t seem turned off by the mess, either. He grinned. “Uh, come on in. Nothing alive, as far as I know.” He stood back to let her inside, then blinked as her hand stroked his already-eager nether parts as she passed. Damn! She seemed to be even hornier than he was!

He pulled the door shut and locked it, even though both roommates had gone home for the holidays. Josh and Sam had given him a ration of shit over taking a temp job as one of Santa’s Helpers at the mall. All he’d been looking for was a little dough to party with. If they could see the fringe benefit he’d just come home with, they’d be kicking themselves. And after only the second day!

“Making sure we aren’t disturbed?” Carol smirked, and then sat down on the arm of a battered thrift-store love seat. “Didn’t you say you were spending Christmas alone?”

“Uh, yeah.” Craig pulled off his jacket, taking some time to show off his muscles. He spent more time working out than studying, having already found that good looks got him further than good grades. “My parents split a few years ago. Dad is in California with his new girlfriend, and Mom flew out to spend Christmas with some friends in Florida.” He added a little sigh for effect. “No biggie. We aren’t really close.”

Instead of the expected sympathy, Carol’s smile got wider. “So you could be ‘occupied’ for days and nobody would complain?” She patted the cushion. “I have some activities in mind that will make better use of that lovely body of yours than keeping snot-nosed little kids in line.”

Craig plopped down and waggled his eyebrows at her. “And what does this little girl want for Christmas?”

Carol giggled and threw her arms around his neck, straddling his waist with her legs. “Oh, a strong, handsome young buck who can get it up and keep it up.” She kissed his ear. “One who might get turned on by a little leather, maybe a tickle with a whip.” One of her boots rubbed against his thigh. “I’m looking for a fellah who can deliver ‘presents’ all night. You know where I might find that?” Slender fingers tousled his hair.

Holy shit! Craig was far from being a virgin, but he’d never met a girl this hot before. “You found him!” He pulled her close with one hand while the other slid under her skirt. “Whatever you want, babe. Consider the vacancy filled, permanently.”

“Oh, an eager one, aren’t you?” She caught his exploring hand just before it hit pay dirt and pulled it back with surprising strength. “Sorry. I’m afraid Santa has very strict rules regarding fraternization between employees. Especially when it involves bestiality. He’s rather old-fashioned that way.”

“Bestiality?” Craig blinked in confusion. Was this some sort of game? Or worse, had she been teasing him all along? Dammit, if this was – his thoughts were interrupted by a sudden barrage of strange sensations. Pressure, pulling, heat, cold, numbness, and intense sensitivity all hit him at the same time, and in every part of his body.

Powerful muscle spasms jerked his legs up and his arms out, bringing hands and feet into view. The only problem was, all four appendages were either already cloven hooves, or well on the way to becoming them. Well, maybe not the –only- problem, seeing as his legs looked like they belonged to some sort of big deer, and his face was pushing out into what might be a muzzle.

Carol giggled, still wrapped around him, her fingers now gripping a hard protrusion from his skull. “Oh, yes! I can tell you are going to make one fantastic animal!”

Animal? Craig’s scream got tangled up in changing vocal chords, emerging as a guttural bugling sound. He tried to yank her off, but his muscles wouldn’t respond. The middle fingers of his hands had swollen out into hooves to match what had been his feet, and he both felt and saw his bones shift as arms thickened and lengthened into forelegs. Clothing, already strained over his much larger rump, pulled apart with a soft tearing noise and crumbled away to reveal golden-brown fur.

Carol suddenly pushed him forward, and he staggered up and then sprawled forward as balance shifted. His forehooves hit the floor with a solid thud, and a wave of dizziness nearly toppled him on his side. Then the room snapped back into focus with astounding clarity. He stood there, legs locked and panting. His ears were laid back, tail tucked tight, the scent of his own fear strong in his nostrils.

Huh? Craig blinked, aware that he was seeing a lot more of the room than he normally did. His vision was also distorted, a little like some looking through the bottom of a bottle, with very muted color. He could also smell a lot more of the room than he normally did – the acrid stink of human sweat mixed with odors of grease, dirt, and… very strong maleness that was curiously familiar.

Carol climbed down from the love seat and walked around him, smiling in obvious satisfaction. “Santa is going to be very pleased with you. I haven’t seen conformation like yours in over a century.”

A century? That newest tidbit of information joined the whirling mass of confusion that was on the brink of sending Craig into a screaming fit. He twisted his had around to look back at himself, trying to find some trace of normality. The graceful, powerful body he saw actually did look normal enough. For a reindeer. He took some small measure of satisfaction noting he was an extremely well hung reindeer, but the whole four legged animal thing outweighed that one apparent benefit.

Carol walked over to the door and looked back at him with a smirk. “Oh, don’t worry. You’ll love it. Work one night a year, then spend the rest of the time playing reindeer games. The kind of games you like best, my handsome young buck.”

As impossible as it all seemed, Craig was suddenly sure that this was all real. The sensations of his new body were too complete, too intense. Which meant that Carol was really one of Santa’s elves, apparently recruiting for sleigh power. A buck who could get it up and keep it up, turned on by leather and a whip? Delivering presents all night long. Everything she said was true – it all applied to a flying reindeer. But he’d been tricked! Rage exploded in his head and he charged her with his head down, determined to impale her against the wall.

Cold. He was suddenly in a world of brilliant white, the ground soft under his hooves. Stumbling to a stop, he raised his head and looked around a frozen forest. His breath clouded in front of his muzzle, but he wasn’t actually uncomfortable. A familiar giggle drew his attention to a branch above his head. Carol grinned down at him.

“You almost got me that time! Must be getting slow in my old age.” She shook her head. “Bad idea, you know. You would have been stuck in your apartment as a reindeer. At best, you might have ended up in a zoo, but more likely you’d be venison. But that’s not an issue any more.”

She gestured towards a grove of evergreens. “There’s a big herd over there. Use that nice new snout of yours.”

Although he was still furious, Craig sniffed curiously. The air was full of smells, these much cleaner and crisper than the reek of his apartment. And much more interesting. His ears flicked forward as scents similar to his own heavy musk drifted into his nostrils, picking out at least a dozen individuals who were young, healthy, and.. female.

Lust blossomed, awakening the sleeping giant between his hind legs. Instinct was taking over, fueled by his own curiosity and desire. In the back of his mind, Craig knew he’d been tricked one last time. But as he began moving towards the promise of some intense reindeer games, he also realized he had achieved his holiday goal – a job where he could make a little doe.

The end.