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I'm a very recent author who has only been posting on TSA-Talk, until now. Now I'm beginning to expand my horizons a little further, starting here.

If you feel the need to contact me, whether you loved my stories or just want to tell me how bad I am and that I should stop writing immediately, you can leave a comment here, or you can send an e-mail at and I'll try to write back at you as soon as possible (but I warn you, I don't plan on quitting anytime soon)


  • All You Need to Know- Have you ever had that strange feeling that you don't understand the world around you?
  • A New Beginning- A little glimpse at a not-that-far-away future, where researchers have accidentally stumbled upon a miraculous cure for most diseases, with some little side effects. Currently on hiatus.
  • I Need More Maple Syrup- The things some people have to do in order to have a descent breakfast.
  • I See Red Fur- A little story that demostrates why you have to fear normal mornings.
  • Nahual- There are also tales of werecritters in Mexico, and they also have a bad reputation among normal men.
  • Self-destruct Activated- Could you believe all the trouble a little fish can cause?
  • Story Of A Weredragon- What does it mean to be a weredragon? Someone is about to find out.