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Around 1997 I discovered the transformation fandom and community on the internet. I've been in the TF community off and on since then. My interests gravitate towards hyper masculine TFs: muscle growth, weight gain, hair growth, large animal TF and mental changes. My writing is usually just pornographic sue fics and wish-fulfilment pieces, as I tend to not taking my online work seriously. I have a tendency to come up with ideas but usually fail to flesh them out before coming up with a new one. For me, the idea is more important than actually conveying it successfully to another person. I apologize for this fault.

I also have an interest in hypnosis. Hypnosis, suggestion and trance in various forms have a greater presence in most people's lives then they are aware. What people say and share shape our minds regularly. It's a continuous form of transformation. The concept of self in regards to ever-changing minds and bodies interests me. In transformation stories does the character keep their wits? Are their minds altered? Does their bodies change? Does a change in perspective change anything inside?

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My first TF site was on Transfur. Some images and stories appeared there. I liked to experiment with web technology. I modified a bulletin board to be a interface for an interactive story and called the project "Choose Your Own TF." It was quickly abandoned after the resulting threads failed to go in the direction I wanted. The project was resurrected and rebuilt from the ground-up by Changes who now runs it as part of the interactive story site Choose Your Own Change. The bylines on many of the starter paragraphs in the few inter-actives read "by Ox" because of this history.

I also dabbled in uploading MP3s of hypnotic transformation visualizations. They have since been removed.

Most of my TF work is hosted on Furry Art Pile.

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I tend to have my own personal worlds for settings for my art and stories and just cycle through them as inspiration strikes.



The common people simple referred to them as "Dragon-man." Young men in this world uninterested in females leave their families to join the order of dragon-men and slowly transform into more draconic beings, hoping to one day to ascend. In the timeless fantasy kingdom of Dracolania this monastic class resides over day-to-day affairs as councilors, teachers, caretakers, doctors and spiritual leaders. For many generations these monks have provided an island of peace in an otherwise hellish world.They live plainly and love each other freely, although all are oath-bound to follow the path to join their god in a higher existence. When they make love it is a spiritual experience, and they do so often in their watery temples.

Dragon-men Chronicles

In high school I started this sequence of stories as a means of escapism.