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Bull Market

Author: Mysterion

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The 80s-vintage powder blue escort sputtered to a stop on the sun baked stretch of county road which cut through an uninhabited stretch of prairie. The occupants emerged from the apparently dying vehicle. First, the driver a long tall bespectacled blonde woman of college age. She cursed and fruitlessly kicked one of Escort's front tires. From the back seat stepped out a lanky disheveled young man, alternating between running a hand through his thick long red hair and scratching his razor stubble. From the other side of the back seat came a chubby nearly egg shaped young woman with mousy hair wrestling with a road map.

"Great! Just great!" The thin blonde yelled. "The exit sign said gas food and lodging. We've driven for 10 miles without seeing nothing. Can you tell where we are on the map Deb?"

The chubby girl squinted at the expansive paper that rattled in the light prairie breeze. "Call me crazy, " Leni" Deb answered, "but I don't think that exit was on the map."

"Maybe we took a wrong turn at Albuquerque." The boy said with a nasal Bugs Bunny impersonation.

Deb threw the map at him angrily.

"Its not funny Ian! The biggest fur convention starts tomorrow and we're stuck out here in the middle of nowhere! Now we'll never get there in time to sell our artwork."

Ian mock cringed at the projectile which wafted away harmlessly on the wind. He looked up with a grin. "Look cows!" The three gazed across at a short hill not far off which was dotted with a grazing herd.

"Funny, that wasn't there a few minutes ago..." Leni mumbled.

"What, we're going to fill the tank with milk." Deb grumbled.

"No!" Ian exclaimed, "Cows means there is a farm nearby. We can go there to get help."

"Oh no!" Deb protested. "If I know anything from horror movies its that any place this remote like has to have an axe murderer living on it."

"Take your pick then, you can go to the farm and face the axe wielding sicko, or hike back down the highway to meet the pick-up driving serial killer. The farm is not as far away, if we have to run at least we'll have the energy to do it."

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Leni nodded as she gazed at the setting sun. "Ian's right. It's getting late and I don't want to get stuck on the road at night. Who knows who we'll run into."

Ian prodded his pudgy elbow into Deb's pudgy tummy. "Hey you might get lucky and meet one of those `mino-dudes you always draw." Ian joked.

Deb was easy enough to provoke but nothing made her angrier than being reminded of her secret love of the minotaur form. She cursed and took a swing at Ian which the nimble boy easily dodged. Leni intervened before the fight got out of hand.

"Quit it you two! Things are bad enough. Save it at least till we get some gas."

Deb fumed but gave up her attack and the three plodded up the road. A mile away the found a drive and hiked up it, finding a large herd of cows on either side.

"Shouldn't these gals be fenced in?" Ian said.

"Guess they're well trained." Leni joked.

"Look at them. They are staring at us. It gives me the creeps." Deb grumbled.

After another mile the came to an old farmhouse, its paint paled by the elements, the windows empty like soulless eyes.

"Looks like it came out of American gothic." Leni murmured. Ian leaped up the front steps and onto the porch. The floorboards creaked even under his modest weight. He peered through a window.

"Anybody home?" Deb called nervously.

"Not for the last decade. The floor's collapsed. The place is empty."

"There has to be someone around. Who ever heard of wild Holstein cows." Leni wondered.

"I so have a bad feeling about this!" Deb cried.

Ian peered off into the distance. "Looks like a big farm building down that way. Maybe a dairy. I bet we'll find someone down there."

"Lets check it out." Leni agreed.

Deb shook her head Vigorously. "Oh no. I ain't going any deeper into this place. If something bad happens I want to be able to make a run for it."

Ian guffawed. "Deb, you couldn't outrun a malignant snail. There's safety in numbers."

Deb shook her head to show she was adamant.

"Alright, someone should stay here if the owner comes along." Leni said. "Ian, you come with me, let's check that building out. Deb, if aren't back in like 45 minutes, hit the road."

Deb watched as her two friends made there way to the far off building Ian had spotted. She kicked around some stones nervously before sitting down on the steps of the old house's porch. She pulled out a pad and pencil she had stowed away in her jeans pocket and idly started to doodle. She made some cartoonish woodland figures before drawing a more imposing figure. Her drawing took the shape of a minotaur, huge and muscular. "Must have cows on the brain." She thought to herself as she let her imagination fill in the details: powerful arms, barrel chest, thick hooves, bovine face and oh so well endowed. She felt the tingling in her belly as she completed her sketch. Licking her lips, she sighed, "Oh if such a thing really existed." she sighed as she thought of herself wrapped in her drawing's arms. A snort startled her fantasy. She looked up to see a huge black bull staring at her. Deb jumped up and scrambled up the porch steps, praying that the bull would not follow. It merely watched unemotionally, swishing its tail.

Deb regained some courage. "Shoo!" She called out. "Hamburger!"

The bull stood passively, shook its head with a snort and shuffled slowly around the side of the house. Deb sighed in relief until a thought chilled her. "What if the guys run into that bull!" Slowly she crept down the porch steps and the corner of the house the bull had passed. She peered around to see where he had gone. As she did a hand fell upon her right shoulder.

"Man! Too bad there isn't a bull man around. Deb needs to get laid something awful." Ian joked as he and Leni walked to the large farm building.

Leni guffawed, "You're one to talk. When was the last time you got laid?"

Ian shrugged, "I make up for it with an active fantasy life. Anyway, not all these cows are Holsteins, some are ..."

"You seem to know a lot about cows."

Ian smiled. "Sure do! I always thought it would be great to be a cow."

Leni eyed him suspiciously thinking he must be joking, but she could tell he was serious.

"The life of a cow is the life for me—hanging out all day, eat, drink, no worries."

"Except being turned into hamburger." Leni interrupted.

"Well, I'd be a milking cow."

"Shouldn't you want to be a bull?"

"Nah, can't milk bulls...or you could sorta, but that would be icky."

"Great, and you tease Deb about being into minotaurs."

"That's because her interest in bovines is purely sexual. For me it's a lifestyle choice. "

"You're a strange man Ian."

"Now you're one to talk. You want to be a cat!"

"That's different. Cats are sleek and beautiful. Cows are fat and bloated."

"To each his or her own."

"Anyway cowboy, to change the subject, don't you think its weird we haven't seen any farm equipment around? No tractors, no ploughs, not even a rake."

"Maybe the place is fully automated?"

"I hope so, because now I am starting to get the creeps. Ok, here we are, lets see if anyone is home."

The two peered into the entryway of the huge cavernous structure. Within, lines of cows waited patiently for their turn to step on a long plate. Once of, the plate elevated several feet. Small doors opened underneath the cow from which extended and attached milking equipment to the teats. As the cows groaned in apparent enjoyment, the hoses sucked their udders dry, depositing the hot milk in large vats.

"See!" Gasped Ian "It is fully automated!"

"No frickin' way!" Leni protested. "There is no way a place like this operates with no one around. There is no way cows are this...well trained!"

Ian nodded, just as dumbfounded as his friend. His voice returned when he spotted a figure far away on the side of the room. "Hey, there is someone who might explain what's going on here."

"Let's go!"

The two ran through the dairy, dodging cows yelling for that the attention of person they had spotted. Apparently their voices were not heard over the din of the dairy since the figure was nowhere to be seen.

Ian pointed to an exit leading through which a spiral stairway descended. Leni bit her lip and nodded. "I am beginning to think Deb was right to be scared."

"Yeah. Should we go back?"

Leni shook her head. "Nope. We're here. Let's find out what the heck is going on." She replied firmly and started downstairs.

Ian cursed but could not stomach abandoning his friend and started after her.

The stairway went deep underground, terminating in a dimly lit stone hallway which had the mustiness of an old basement.

"Great!" muttered Ian in a whisper as they crept down the corridor,

"This is where we run into a nest of vampires."

"Why would vampires be running a dairy?" Leni hissed.

"Maybe they're vegetarian."

"Then you have nothing to worry about. Look there is a bright light ahead. Maybe finally we'll find out what's going on here."

The two slowly made the steps to the light, increasingly trying to hold their breaths as if that would make them invisible. What they found when they reached the light's source made them gasp aloud.

They had come upon a large room lit by floating glowing orbs that hovered about the ceiling. Throughout the room at spaced intervals were rows and rows of low golden pedestals. On each of these was a feminine form of exquisite, almost egregious, feminine beauty, long in limb, narrow in waist, deep in bosom and arching with delicate curves. Their hair was in varying lengths, from closely cut to nearly knee level. Each stood in a rigid pose, as if at attention with their arms at their sides. As Leni and Ian's eyes adjusted to the light, they found their was something inhuman about them. They all had distinctly cow like features. Their ears were long flat flaps that jutted outwards from their hair. On each of the brows sat curved horns. Some had an extra set of breasts, others had udders. Some had black and white spotted patterns over their bodies, some were purely black and some were various shades of brown. All stood on thick solid hooves instead of feet.

For a few moments, Leni and Ian stood silently dumbfounded as they stared at the room's contents. Slowly the tread into the room ready to bolt if any of the figures moved. When finally assured that the cow women were not going to suddenly come alive, Ian whispered, "Ok, this is a cow fetish gone too far. What are these things? Manniquins? Statues?"

Leni took a close look at one of the minotauresses. "They are so lifelike" She murmered as she touched the creature. The boy and girl jumped as the figure's eyelids opened.

"Inventory number 55079. Formerly Briana Lang, human female. Special skill, teacher." it said dully and then her lids shut again.

"Crap, what was that all about." Ian blurted after regaining his composure.

"Well duh!" Leni joked weakly, trying to calm her edgy nerves. "She was a human, turned into a minotauress to be sold to someone or something. Happens all the time."

Ian looked walked up a row taking a closer look at some of the other figures. "You're not making me feel any better. Uh oh. Look at this one. I mean look at her face, you won't recognize the body."

Leni peered at the cow woman's face. She knew those features, a friend and furry artist. "Shit!" She gasped, "Li-chan! Linda! She was driving out with Bruce and Phil to the fur con a few days before we left."

Ian tapped the figure's wrist. Its eyes opened and its lips moved, "Inventory number 55073. Formerly Linda Frank, female human. Special skill, artist." Her eyes and mouth shut.

Ian looked closely at the minotauresses next to the one that was formerly their friend and that tapped it on the skin, making it stir. "Inventory number 55074. Formerly Bruce Phelps, male human. Special skills, artist, musician."

"Nice to know whoever in charge isn't sexist. I guess Phil is here too somewhere. They were all into bovines and wanted to be taurs. I guess they got their wish. Jeez, I've thought about this kind of thing being done, even drawn it being done, but I never thought it could actually BE done."

"To say the obvious," a slick feminine voice said behind them, "there is a lot more in heaven and earth than your etcetera, etcetera. The important thing is that it is very, very profitable."

Without looking, Leni grabbed Ian by the hand. "Run!" she yelled and the two bolted down the nearest corridor.

"This isn't the way we came." Ian panted as they fled.

"There has to be another way out of here!" Leni cried.

When they reached an intersection, Leni came up with a plan. "Lets split up. That might increase our chances of getting out and like getting help."

Wiping away some sweat from his eyes, Ian complained, "And where exactly IS this help you're expecting to get. There is safety in numbers."

"And where is the safety in our numbers?" Leni shot back. She pushed the boy down a hallway, "Get moving! If you get out, get Deb and get going. Don't look back." She ran off in a different direction.

Ian puffed his way down a series of corridors, running so long and so hard his lungs burned. Just about when he thought collapse, he might he turned a corner into a hallway filled with a warm breeze and sunlight. Gasping he followed it to emerge into the outside.

"Exercise much?" The slick female voice chuckled behind him.

Exasperated and angry, Ian turned to voice's source. "Can you do something less predictable than catching me just as I was about to escape."

At first he though his pursuer was a ghost or a vampire. She was dressed in a white business suit, with white high-heeled shoes, a white broad brimmed hat pulled over her white hair, pulled back in a bun. The color of her skin was a soulless alabaster. In fact, the only color on her body were the pale blue of her eyes and her blood red lips.

"Forgive me. Its a most unfortunate habit." She said as she strode out onto the grass, joining Ian there. "Let me introduce myself. I have many names, much too difficult to pronounce. Here I call myself the White Woman."

Bending over and putting his hands on his knees, catching his breath, Ian thought about whether he should start running again, deck the woman, both, or just surrender.

"So what now, you change me into a cow woman." He asked panting.

"You have to admit you don't find the idea so distasteful."

He had to admit that he didn't. In fact, if Leni hadn't pressed he probably wouldn't have run away in the first place.

She stared at him for a moment. "But, you want something else I can grant, don't you."

There was. His not so secret desire. Somehow she managed to tap into it, he could feel some force eminating from her, into his thoughts, bringing it to the forefront of his mind. He could not deny it.

"On you knees, Ian."

He sank to a kneeling position, confused. Was it wrong to want this dream, he was unsure but was unable to resist its allure. She reached down to the grass and pulled up a clump.

"Eat this." She said in a voice that could have been a request or command, holding it up to his lips. At first, Ian looked at it and then her quizzically.

"Eat it" She repeated in a soft voice.

In a daze, Ian opened his lips and accepted the clod that she tucked on his tongue. He expected the taste to be so bitter but instead it was pleasantly sweet. He chewed it slowly, his jaws beginning to make a circular motion as he ground it down and swallowed. Something was happening to him. His lips and jaw felt swollen, like when the dentist had given him Novocain back when he had his wisdom teeth out. He lifted his hands to feel his mouth but stopped when he haw them. The fingers and thumbs of both palms had fused together and the pads they had become were becoming increasingly harder to bend as if he had some form of arthritis.

The White Woman took up another handful of grass and fed it to Ian like he was a toddler. Ian crunched the grass up, savoring its taste, noticing that as he did his jaw was starting to becoming longer and thicker. His tongue had also swelled in size and he passed it over his teeth which had molded to become wider and flatter.

The surprise over his metamorphosis paled in comparison to the rumbling in his stomach which seemed to be yawning for more grass. Instead of waiting for the White Woman to feed him again, he fell on to all fours, putting his face to the earth. His mouth had become stretched out now that he had no need to bend his neck down. While taking gulp after gulp, he noticed that his hands were curling into a lumpy mass of flesh that bubbled and then hardened, the sense of feeling in them being significantly dulled.

A nice piece of turf was a little ways from his face and he was just about to crawl to it, when he found his head was slowly being propelled forward--his neck was growing longer.

As he munched away, he could feel his body taking on mass. A skinny kid, he could feel his flesh begin to bulge, straining against his clothes. He didn't have to turn much to see what was going on, his head was broadening, and his field of vision was expanding with it. He found he could twitch his ear lobes, which had lengthened and spread out flatly from his scalp.

Ian's body inflated faster and faster as he munched away, his body becoming grotesque obese, the fat bursting free of his clothes, its liberation tearing his shirt and pants to shreds.

Tearing up the grass before him, Ian lumbered of for more. At first his crawl was labored as he struggled to move his humungous weight. Putting an arm forward he found the mass that was his hand had solidified into a sharp circular hoof. As this fell to the ground, his arm momentarily stiffened as his elbow disappeared while on the other side a tumor grew and formed into a knee cap. Throwing his other arm forward, he found that that too had changed and he was no equipped with a pair of forelegs. Snorting from his huge nose which had merged with his long jaw he pushed ahead, this time finding had become a bit longer, almost to the point that he could stand on all fours.

He made it to a new patch of grass and munched away. His chest grew deeper and at the same time bowed out, making his arms and legs step out to accommodate his new width. His feet had receded toward his now chubby ankles, becoming a mass similar to his hands and almost throwing him off balance until the leveled off into hooves.

After feeding a while he tried to move on. Comically, his new forelegs seemed to be moving while his new hind legs remained in place. His full torso was growing longer. When all his legs moved apace he found they had all grown taller as well.

It occurred to him while he was grabbing another mouthful of grass something important had not grown with his body--his manhood. He craned his long thick neck around curious to see what had happened to it but there was nothing to see. He did feel a heaviness between his legs, a sack like growth that was ballooning there, becoming uncomfortably full of liquid. When four finger-like protrusions sprouted from beneath the sack, dangling under it, he realized what it was an udder.

For the first time during his transformation, Ian tried to speak. His voice was low and lazy, like a person trying to imitate a cow.

"Not a moooooale...not a moooo bull?" He bellowed.

"Oh Ianna," the White Woman answered with a smile. "This is the real you."

Ianna nodded as her skin hardened into hide which was soon covered in a thick coat of red hair. A large red cow now stood in place of Ian, contentedly eating grass. The only trace of the boy was its mien of red hair on its head from which extended two horns.

The White Woman came up along side Ianna and stroked her neck.

"Come along cow, your udder must be full. Lets get you started milking and then I'll take care of that other friend of yours."

Ianna lumbered along obediently as the White Woman led her to the barn.

Leni had stopped running, and then stopped walking, having spent several hours wandering through catacombs in a fruitless attempt to reach an exit. Exhausted she sat down with her back against a wall, gasping for breath.

"Lost!" She admitted "Stands to reason stupid minotaurs would have a stupid maze."

Her thought was interrupted by a distant noise. It was a clop, clop clop sound, like— hooves! Leni briefly thought about running again but gave up on the idea. She was much too tired to give much of a race and whatever was coming probably knew this labyrinth better than she did. Rounding the corner in the distance was the silhouette of a horned hourglass figure. Leni stared at it as it came, making out its other features, its huge, heavy swaying breasts, its long hair, its Holstein pattern.

"So am I the next cow bimbo!" Leni shouted at the minotauress when it reached her.

"Jeez, Leni, don't be such a bitch." The figure replied.

Leni knew that voice, she stared at the tauress' face in the dim light and recognized it.

"Deb? You're a minotaur?" she stammered.

"Yeah!" The cow woman giggled. "Like am I totally hot or what!"

"'re part cow, you can't go through your life part cow!" Leni protested.

"I like totally can! But I'll let the White Woman explain it." Deb said as she offered Leni a hand up. "This way."

As the two walked along, Deb explained that the White Woman had found her at the old farmhouse. At first Deb thought she was some sicko muderer out for blood. Deb screamed and started to run but the woman had some power to reach into Deb's mind, calm her and make her stay put. After making Deb all relaxed, she used her powers, magical, mental, or both to reach into Deb's desire to be with bovine taurs, to bring the minotauress she wanted to be to the into her thoughts. When that vision was secured there, her body began to change as if her flesh stretched and molded as if it were putty. She felt her body stretched longer so that she towered. Her bodyweight was redistributed so that her rolls of fat eroded while she took on muscle mass and growth about the shoulders and bust. Her breasts swelled with robust roundness and thick nipples before her eyes taking on impossible firmness even with their new girth. Even with a heavier chest, her body felt more nimble and limber than it had been before the change. When she felt her feet go numb she looked down to find they had become wide hooves. A funny tingling enveloped her from head to toe as she grew her coat of hair in its spotted patted. She expected that it and her skin would be rough but at her touch found both to be soft and smooth. Growing the short horns had given her a bit of a headache so she didn't pay attention to growing her wide flat ears nor her thin playful tail. The White Woman had given her some time alone to get used to the changes but asked her assistance in locating Leni after she and Ian had fled.

"And here we are." Deb said as they reached the room where all the other cow girls were warehoused.

You can't be ok with this!" Leni protested. "There is no way you can live on this planet as a minotaur!"

"Ah but there are many more planets in many more realities than this." A sly voice said behind the two, making Leni jump.

"Can you like not keep sneaking up like that." Leni complained, turning to face the White Woman.

"I'm sorry. A most unfortunate habit." The pale figure said through a smile. "I can assure you that there are many places where your friend will be quite at home."

"And I'm sure that they don't need your help stocking them with cow women." Leni grumbled.

Ah, there you are wrong." The White Woman replied, "Those worlds do have minotauresses of their own, true, but many lack imagination in certain...erm...sensual areas. Many a bull who has gained wealth and status desires something out of the ordinary from a herd mate. Now humans, like your friend here, who want to be bovines do not want for such imagination, and can make very sensual herd mates. So what I do is make the supply to meet the demand! I make the humans into minotaurs, sell them to bulls and make a nice profit."

"So you brainwash and mutilate humans for money!" Deb spat with distaste.

The White Woman looked visibly hurt. "Oh no no no, it would make no sense to brainwash my subjects. Even if the final product were not of dubious quality, the magics required to rewire an unwilling brain would be so expensive so as to make the profit margin merely negligible to non-existent. No I use my magics to draw those who knowingly or unknowingly want to be bovines here to make their wishes come true and get some product to sell in the process!"

"What she is trying to say," Deb interrupted, "is that I want this. All she has transformed here, we all want this. We've never felt comfortable in human forms and we had nothing to look forward to in them. This is the way we were meant to be and being this way and serving a bull lord is what we've always dreamed all along of doing. Now our dreams are coming true."

Leni was touched by the sincerity of Deb's words. "Ok, Deb. If this is really what you want." Deb answered by nodding her horned head vigorously.

"Inventory Number 56101" The White Woman told Deb, "It is time to take your place. This shipment is ready for transport."

Deb winked at Leni, "I'll get a new name from the bull that buys me."

Then she walked to an empty pedestal and stepped onto it.  Once

there, she jerked into a rigid pose as if she was standing at attention. "Inventory Number 56101. Formerly Deborah Matthews, human female. Special skills: artist, singer." She blurted in a monotone, then her lids fell closed, a smile fixed on her lips.

The White Woman pulled a gold watch from her pocket. "Transport to begin in five seconds, five, four, three, two, one, begin"

Suddenly each minotauress was surrounded by a golden light the grew to near blinding intensity and then faded, the cow women's forms disappearing with it.

"I think they'll fetch a nice price in the pens at Bovus Prime." The White Woman said in a satisfied voice.

Leni stared wistfully at the place from which the Deb cow had disappeared when she suddenly remembered her other friend. "Oh jeez, Ian. Don't tell me you transformed him and shipped him out too."

"Oh no!" The White Woman laughed, "I have big plans for Ian." Leni didn't like the sound of that but followed the White Woman back up to the barn. She led Leni to a huge red cow standing on an elevated plate with its udder attached to milking pumps. The cows appeared to be swooning, its eyes rolled back and its thick lips pursed as it moaned obviously enjoying itself. As the pumps sucked the cow of its milk it bellowed a ecstatic loud moo that Leni knew it had cum. The pumps disengaged, the plate the red cow was standing on lowered to ground level and the creature clambered clumsily down off the platform. The White Woman beckoned it to them and it shuffled over obediently. It brushed up against Leni affectionately, nearly knocking her over. Leni regained her footing and took the bovine's big head in her hands. Staring at its red hair and then into its large eyes she saw a familiar twinkle.

"I...I...Ian?" she stammered.

The cow nodded.

The White Woman gave the cow a scritch behind the ear. "You see, some people want to be minotaurs and some people just want to be cows.

I can accommodate both.  You see the bovine worlds I sell

minotauresses to also treasure milk as humans do wine. I have been able to make some humans into cows that produce fine vintages. I have great hopes for Ianna here making a delicious and profitable milk."

Leni swore she saw the Ian cow smile. "So what's next?" She grumbled, "You help me realize my dream of being a cat?"

The White Woman laughed. "I could turn you into my barn cat if you really wanted, but that would bore you. You strike me as a tigress type and that is outside of my specialization and market. I could give you some references of people who would be glad to take you if you want."

Leni shook her head. "Maybe someday. Its not a priority for me now."

"Ok then. Go back to your car. Its where you left it. You'll find it fully gassed. Take it back to the highway exit and continue on your journey. Don't worry about explaining your friends' disappearance. My magics will insure they will have disappeared in a way that no questions will be asked."

"Uh, thanks I guess." Leni replied and shuffled down the drive for the road.

"And if you find any others that I could use...erm I could help," The White Woman called after her, " feel free to bring them my way."

Leni turned around, waving goodbye to the White Woman and Ian, now Ianna, at her side chewing a clump of grass. She found the car just before dark. Turning the ignition, she found the car was all gassed up as the woman said. She put her foot to the accelerator and headed back down the highway.

The convention was going well. Leni had sold a load of artwork. She should be really happy, but whenever she saw the two empty seats next to her, she sighed sadly. "They might be happy, but I still miss them." She thought to herself.

"Excuse me."

Leni was woken out of her reverie by a young man and woman.

"Hi, are Deb or Ian around?" The man said. "We wanted to commission some taur drawings."

"We're really into bulls and cows." The woman said blushing.

"They both got jobs that make it hard to go to the cons." Leni informed them. The two frowned sadly.

"Too bad. I really loved their work. It was so real. I know this is stupid, but I am so into cows and taurs, I kinda want to be one." The woman told her blushing. The man nodded his head to show he felt the same way.

Leni got an idea. "Hey, how are you guys getting home?"

"Bus." They said in unison.

"Take a ride with me after the con is over." Leni said with a smile.

"If you are really into cows and taurs, there is someone you really need to meet. She makes them…erm…like so realistic." The two smiled excitedly and walked away. Leni leaned back in her chair, putting her hands behind her head.

"Guess I am going to see the White Woman again. The next time we meet, we are going to have negotiate my finder's fee." She laughed.