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Haven't written a lot and most of what I've written isn't worth showing. But a few are so I'll put them here.

  • True Reflection - An oldie of mine. Once once featured on a site called the "Slaughterhouse" that pointed out how cliche it was, but I happen to think cliches can be popular for a reason. :)
  • Livremor Estate - This was written for a friend of mine on the occasion of her birthday. It was inspired by a pair of pictures by an artist named Baltymora, whom I can no longer easily find on the net.
  • Caught in a Bind - A short story with little point or plot. I had no idea what was going on myself until it was over.
  • Seas of the Moon - Inspired by a sketch.

This one was by a friend of mine who didn't want to post it anywhere, but who graciously allowed me to do so anonymously here on his or her behalf: