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About Me

Well, what's to tell? I'm not much to talk about, which is why I'm rambling about how little there is to say about me. The long and the short of it is that I started writing as a hobby at seven years of age. Back then it was all sort of "Dick and Jane" like baby blabber nonsense. If you don't know what that is like, consider yourself privileged. Anyhow, I believe I've improved vastly since then, but I'll let you be the the judge...

Anyway, ten years later, and four years after actually putting my first serious story down on paper, here I am. I like writing, so it's what I do for fun, between modding ancient video games and entering myself into competitions I have no hope of winning... Oh well, here I am, good luck getting rid of me!




A wizard attempts a overthrow a kingdom by killing it's sovereign, but decided to 'mercifully' spare the princess.


While working at an IT firm in New York, a new employee tries to circumvent the network security. He quickly discovers why no one else had tried it yet.


A mysterious virus is launched into the cybersphere, and a couple of friends try to figure out how to fight it.

Works in Progress


A young man's day at the pond is rudely interrupted, with strange results.


A really crazy night on the #MKGuild channel, told by yours truly.

Contact Me

Feel free to e-mail me at: