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Hi, I'm Lloyd, writer and fox, welcoming you to my new and improved user page!

About Me

My FurCode is FCF4arw A- C- D+ H+ M P+ R- T+++ W++ Z Sm- RLET* a cn+ d e f- h+ i++ j+ p-- sm-

I've always had an interest in anthros and animal TF but I never really paid much attention to it. It was something that sort of "bubled" and would resurge every so often, like my interest in Megaman games. Around 2005 or so I stumbled across the TSA--how I can't remember but I do know that after I had read through it I began looking for more, and Shifti soon appeared on my Google search.

I've been writing for about five years now, though most of that was analytical and essay type-stuff, but I'm trying my paw at short stories and I think I'm making a good start. My TF tastes lean towards the canine/vulpine/feline, and I also like "miscellaneous" transformations. These are mostly obscure inanimate or Xanadu stuff, and I also enjoy mental changes in which the person is unaware of the change itself as it adds a sinister air to the story in my opinion. In my spare time I play World of Warcraft (Alliance mage, level 80, Thorium Brotherhood server, look up Fenimore if you're in the neighbourhood!), Guild Wars, and various other RPGs with my favorites being the Tales series. One the non-electronic side of things I collect Yugioh cards (got an awesome spellcaster deck) and I like to read.

Here's a link to some of my favorite stories on Shifti.

Notes On My Writing

I recycle names in most of my stories, so don't be suprised to find the same ones poping up as I add more stuff to Shifti. I also procrastinate alot when writing and have trouble committing to a single story idea, which dramatically inflates the time it takes me to write. Oh, and I tend to mention food more often than would be normal since I usually write while hungry for some reason.

Shameless Self-Promotion

Lost World: Set in the Blind Pig universe for pure laziness reasons (I don't like explaining things) this is a furry => human TF. My thanks to Cubist both for editing, and for publishing it on his anthrozine site.

Bureaucracy in Action: When a fun-loving force meets a literal-minded object.

Convoluted Quality: There is something known as the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest, a competition to write the worst opening sentence to the worst possible novel. Out of boredom, I made an attempt to write the worst opening sentence to the worst possible TF story. If you think you can do worse, please add to the page.

The Fool in the Fox: My first foray into the Pig and Whistle setting introduces Jonas, a fox about to make a very entertaining delivery.

The Strength in the Shark: This is a follow-up to Zach's Within and Without story (see below). I mainly use this to create a friendship between our two characters and to explore a bit on some of the beliefs people might have regarding fullmorphs.

The Tower in the Torch: As much as I'd hate to admit it, I don't know as much about Jonas as I'd like to admit since most of my ideas about his personality and behaviour come from what I think he went through upon contracting TFOR. Since I need to finalize him, I've begun writing Jonas's "origin" story. This is going to be the longest story I've written to date, so don't expect a finished product anytime soon.

Case Briefing: Leon v. Stewart: The main problem with handling teefers came from how to define them in a legal system designed for humans. This case and the subsequent ruling provided the landmark precedent that shaped the NAR's courts.

Interview in the Fields: Since I lack the stamina to write a full story about the Leon/Stewart lawsuit, I'm going to cheat and instead write about Leon being interviewed about the case twenty years later.

PAW Musings: Not so much a story as a general list/rant of my various thoughts or questions about the Pig and Whistle setting. Respond to them if you want but this mainly exists so I can get the questions off my chest.

Stuff by Others

I did not write anything in this section. In here are stories written by others that I have recieved permission to repost here. Enjoy!

Mind Over Matter: Arto "FoxOfWar" Mässeli wrote this as part of the Xmas Xchange a while back. He thinks it's good, but his brain seems to disagree. The title is not the one used in the original story, because I can't find out what the original title was.

Within and Without: My friend Zach Fox has written this PAW story featuring the setting's first shark morph. I think it's good, but I helped edit it so I'm obviously biased. Read it!

Random Thought

Fun with Corner Gas: "Enough with the innuendos. Now hand me that big tool so I can mount this thing."