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This story contains adult content.
This was from my Story-a-Day exercise I did in December 2006 or January 2007. I was worried that my attempts at eroticism were corrupting my poor innocent mind. Cujoe_da_Man and I were chatting a lot and he wound up doing a Poser pic based on those worries that lead to this story.


Author: Shannon Robertson

Light was streaming in through the windows, rending the curtains that tried in vain to hold it at bay. Time was short. The winged woman stood naked in the slight bowl that had been carved into the granite floor. Pulling her drugged servant’s hair, she slashed his extended neck, then dropped the body in a slump to allow his blood to mingle with the four others she had slaughtered. Their life energies throbbed in the gathering pool at her feet, and she tapped into them, pulling them up in a globe around her. Taking the energies from her outer defenses, she prepared to cast her spell. Her raven wings dissolved back into her heart with a sensual thrill, as the doors to the chamber burst open.

“Shannon!” The man’s rage rang through the empty hall. She had sent her captain, the white witch had been too much of a coward to come herself. Shannon laughed at her opponent's foolishness, and the man leapt at her, his fists shining with white light. His attack fell on the border of her spell, his energies crackling along the surface of the sphere as it became more opaque.

“It’s too late, Captain!” she twisted the word with a laugh, “The spell is cast, and your insignificant powers aren’t even an annoyance. Be glad this spell keeps you out of my reach as it keeps me from yours. Prepare yourself, for my return to this time marks the end of your days.” The globe finished forming, and vanished in a flash.

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My little trailer rocked violently on its springs as a flash of light deposited something outside, interrupting my meditation. I tried not to allow my annoyance at the disturbance to cloud my mood. If I was going to have any luck casting my spell this weekend, I couldn’t allow minor disturbances to distract me from marshaling my energies. It had taken months to find an intersection in the lines far enough out of town to have cleansed the psychic pollution of the city. Another two weeks had been spent taping into the ley energies of the earth, and now I waited for Saturday night. At the moment of the new moon, I would cast my spell, and if everything went right, I would return to town a full woman and finally be able to start living. “Patience,” I reminded myself as I rose to inspect the powerful emanations of whatever had just arrived. As I grasped the door’s latch, there was a knock from its other side. Opening the door, I almost did a double take, as I recognized my face on the naked woman that stood before me.

“We need to talk,” she smiled, her expression a wicked mockery of the smile I wore on occasion myself. Taking my robe, she pulled me out of the doorway, but where I landed, I couldn’t fathom. There was no point of reference on the stark white landscape. While I stood wondering where we were, she placed her right hand on my forehead and her left on my chest, above my heart. A gleam in her eye told me something was about to happen.

“First thing’s first.” I gasped at the sudden heat of her left hand as it pierced deep into my chest to grip my heart. The middle finger of her right hand sank into my brain, into my mind, forcing my eyes open wide until I thought they would burst. She spoke to me though this new link, “, “I’ve come back to you because you are a weak, trusting, naïve little git, and it pisses me off to think I was ever you.” The heat of her hand was spreading in my chest as she tossed her head back and closed her eyes. As she rolled her head over her left shoulder, large black wings, their feathers shining in the light of this world, sprouted from her back. As hers grew, I could feel similar appendages on my own back, sprouting from my heart. Sliding like a silken cord over my shoulder blades, their tips came into my peripheral vision and I could barely make out the white feathers, nearly the same shade as our surroundings. She opened her eyes and her ice-blue irises had gained a thick black border on their outer edge. It wasn’t until this moment that I felt fear, and she laughed at my dawning realization of my danger.

Whatever she was doing in my mind allowed me to understand that what she was doing in my chest was flooding me with energy. My own energy. I became aware that, even though I had planned so diligently for so long, the spell I had planned to cast was woefully inadequate to rid me of my penis. “Yes,” she spoke in my mind again, “it’s a laughable attempt, in the scope of the universe. We didn’t realize our ambition then, but it did give us these.” I knew she was talking about her large, proud breasts, and contrasted them to the small B’s two years of hormones had given me. “No, it wasn’t enough to give us the body we know belongs to us, but it was enough to find you among this, the dawn of the magic age.” Considering it, even though my power had grown so much in her care, I still wouldn’t be capable of changing my sex. I began to despair.

She released my mind and pulled her hand from my chest, the wound sealing itself on its own. “Now, that you begin to understand,” I could still hear her in my mind, “Let me show you.” She embraced me then, touching her nipples to mine, and from my heart I felt a surge of power as my breasts grew to mirror hers. I took hold of that power, and examined it, learned from it, and started trying to find other uses for it. Her hands slid down my back and she knelt, causing an involuntary flutter of my wings at the sensation, and spreading their light grey feathers into the void. My new magic followed her hands, narrowing my back and waist as they went. “No, you can’t do it all at once, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.”

Her words rang true, I could probably have completed my transformation on my own in another ten years. I started to feel anger at a world that couldn’t provide me with what I need. It occurred to me then, with my new abilities, I could replace it. True, I couldn’t change it in one wave, but this power was enough to reduce the world to its foundations and once it had been destroyed, I could rebuild it however I saw fit. Images were forming in my mind of the end of civilization, and the birth of my new world.

She found my small member, the piece of my anatomy I hated most, and gave it a gentle kiss before pulling into her mouth. I was startled out of my thoughts of domination by the feeling, an echo of the sensation on my own lips and tongue. I had been a virgin all of my 35 years, never having had a desire towards sex, since I knew I had the wrong equipment. My penis began to stir, something it hadn’t done in uncounted years, under the attention of a woman that I started to comprehend had been its previous owner. From the small of my back, she lightly traced the arc of my hipbone, bringing her hands to rest above my stiffening member. The resulting burst of transformative energy was focused under her hands as my hips grew to proportions I had only wished for. It was so exhilarating, I almost gagged as I felt the echo of my dick in her mouth slide along the roof and to the top of my throat.

Disengaging herself from me, she put her fingertips on my backside and brought them down to my heal so fast it felt like the change followed in the wake of an electric shock. The sensation made me stand on my toes as the transformation hit my feet, then rebounded back up my legs. New thoughts were entering my mind, new desires, as I became drunk on my power that was still increasing. I could feel my cheeks flush from mingled embarrassment and excitement as I started to want her on me. I wanted the feelings I would get from her as I filled her. For the first time in my life I wanted an orgasm.

I flapped my wings again, this time trying to regain my balance as I fell backward, spreading graphite feathers as I did so. As they fell, they seemed to trail their color like smoke behind them. Where they fell, their shadow started to spread, and soon I could make out the features of the dessert desert where I had parked my trailer, as if it were a black and white photograph. I wondered at this for an instant, but then the feeling of her hands on our tits brought me back to our play as I hit the ground.

In a flash she moved on top of me and kneeled on my wings, pinning me to the ground. Her hands were still on her breasts, though I felt them like they were on my own, as she lowered herself onto my waiting rod. Feeling the coupling from both of our perspectives almost sent me over the edge, and from her expression with the echo of a warming sensation in our abdomen, I knew it had a similar effect on her. I braced her thighs as she took a couple full strokes allowing us to feel that sensation again before switching to grinding our clit on my pubic stubble. This last was too much and I had my first orgasm. Her orgasm echoed in me and reverberated back to her, sending us both to mounting plateaus, until she finally shot her fluid, covering my stomach. It shook my entire body, and my dark charcoal feathers flew into the air, adding their tone to the landscape.

As I came down from the peak, I realized she had collapsed, and was sleeping on my chest. Looking at the world around me I could start to make out the stars in the sky with the added definition from the newest shade of my feathers, and I had an epiphany. I rolled her off of my chest and onto my arm and thought about this revelation for a moment. As I worked it out in my mind, I watched our feathers lighten to a silvery gray, and a warm smile spread across her sleeping face as she began to fade.

Going over the images she had left in my mind, I saw a future where magic had replaced the world’s nuclear arsenal. As her I had worked to destroy the world, in an effort to replace it with one we assumed would be more fair for us. Our opposition had started late, but grew rapidly, and on the eve of our defeat, she had come to me to give me the powers I now had. She had not foreseen that without the frustrations she had suffered in gaining her power, I might turn out differently. She had evaporated completely, so I stood and folded my wings back into my heart, wondering at the strange twists of fate. I didn’t think I would like being worshiped, but if it should happen again, this time, I would be a goddess of balance.