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This story contains adult content.
This is another from another of my Story-a-Day exercise I did in December of 2006 or January of 2007. I believe it was my second attempt at an erotic story. The idea is that succubi are so wanton because the loss a certain something has left this hole that they just can't seem to fill.

Chain Reaction

Author: Shannon Robertson

Something about her made Jake think she was in some kind of trouble. The way she was sitting hunched over her stomach in the lobby by herself, or the look on her face, she seemed to need something. She looked up and met his gaze, and a fire lit in her eyes. Standing up slowly, she made sure Jake got a good view of her profile. She turned towards him and tucked her thumbs in the back of the waist of her miniskirt, pushing her breasts out in front of her. With a deliberate stride she walked to him and whispered her invitation. He figured Jason would understand if he was a little late, given the circumstances, and followed her.

The apartment had been sparsely decorated, but the bedroom was an altar built to worship the gods of passion. Despite her size, she managed to throw him onto her bed from the doorway, and with an easy jump landed on top of him, straddling his midsection. He propped himself up on his elbows, knocking her into his lap and and said, “What, no foreplay?”

She answered by undoing the button on his jeans and opening his fly, then reaching into his boxers like she was looking for the prize in a box of cereal. Finding what she was looking for, she slouched in disappointment as his cock still had a ways to go before the main event could start. She dropped down to help it along with her tongue. He moved his jeans down his legs to give her better access. She seemed to know the exact spots to hit to get him hard fast. Once he was fully at attention she moved in one smooth motion, thrusting forward, driving him back onto the bed with a passionate kiss, then sliding back, planting his rod in her sex and sitting up.

Slowly she began rocking, and he reached up to unbutton her blouse. she let the garment slide off her arms and onto the floor, revealing her naked breasts. They had to be D cups at least, with large, pink nipples. She took his hands and together they started to play with them. She began to moan as she started riding him faster. He was nearly done when he noticed a wave of cardinal red creeping up her belly and down her thighs from under her skirt. Her tits were getting hot as well, but he couldn’t get her to stop. Her head rocked back and she screamed as her orgasm rocked her, and he followed her over the edge.

With the first spasm of his ejaculation, the bright red color overtook the rest of her body. The next turned her blonde hair jet black. Then her teeth became fangs. She rolled her head forward as two large horns grew from the side of her forehead and grinned a wicked smile as her eyes turned a golden green. His crotch started to ache from his own orgasm as his soldier continued jerk inside her. Three more spasms and she had grown a pair of black, leathery wings. She began to laugh as his face showed his concern at the pain in his dick, which was still... no. She was drawing something from it. Her hourglass figure became more exaggerated as her hips and ass grew, then her legs began to change.

Planting her hands on his chest she leaned forward without releasing her death grip on his poor cock, and gave him another deep kiss. She raised herself again and her hands became hot. The heat flooded his own chest as two fleshy orbs grew under her hands. She finally dismounted, and his dick went limp. His balls had already disappeared, and as his penis rearranged itself, he could feel his hips and ass growing. Having taken his manhood, the succubus stood admiring her work.

She undid the clasp on the skirt and let it slide down her legs, then kicked it off her hoof onto the forming woman on the bed. She leaned over and whispered in her ear, “You’ve followed me this far, my sister, now there’s just one more step.” With that, she vanished into a cloud of brimstone smoke.

The nameless woman on the bed rose and put on the skirt, followed by a blouse she found on the floor. Something in her mind was screaming, something was gone, missing. Something was missing between her legs. She needed to get something between her legs, and soon. She remembered that three floors down, was a man named Jason. He could give her whatever was missing. She walked to the elevator. On the ride down, her stomach began to hurt, she needed Jason. She walked to his door and let herself in.

Jason was on the couch playing a video game and looked very surprised to see her. Hadn’t he been waiting for her? She sauntered over to where he sat, removing her blouse and skirt as she went. Jason’s jaw dropped. Kneeling down, she helped him out of his pants, he was starting to get a hard on, but wasn’t ready yet. She helped him get ready with a mouth that had intimate knowledge of exactly what felt best. Once he was hard enough, she launched herself into the air and landed perfectly on his waiting knob.

“Who-” she shut him up with a kiss as she began to go to work. She began with a rolling movement and found that the muscles in her pussy would let her grab his cock and hold it. His breath came faster and she knew he wouldn’t last much longer. She could feel his ecstasy as a heat in her abdomen and the pleasure it brought drove her to a climax just before he went off. Every twitch of his little dick sent her to a peak just higher than the last, and with it she felt herself changing. Her horns came in first, followed by her fangs. Next were her legs and a long, sinuous tail. She looked at her partner and his color had completely drained. Not sure why it was funny, she laughed anyway as her wings sprouted and grew. Finally she was sated, for now, and she decided to give her meal a gift. She kissed him again on the lips and left him with a fine pair of tits as she vanished.