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This was a quick story done on December 23, 2007, while I was packing for a trip the next day. It was a collaboration with Tincrash as a gift for our mutual friend, Rebecca Rabbit/Renegade Rabbit. Tincrash gave me permission to use Fairy Tina and Nikon gave me permission to use her as well. Tincrash illustrated the story for his part of the collaboration.


Author: Shannon Robertson

It's a long way from Chicago to Boise, even further when you're only three inches tall. Fortunately in her three inch form, the Fairy Tina had access to some pretty potent magic. This would be her first try at any long jumps, so she split the trip into three segments, with a stopover to pick up a friend and photographer along the way. Nikon wasn't certain about the idea of teleportation, but the thought of flying fifteen hundred miles made her little wings ache in protest. Pausing only to double check that her camera bag was stocked, she closed her eyes and held her breath then suddenly found herself in a field of Nebraska grass. She only had a moment to enjoy the sweet scent of the March melt before the world turned an electric blue and they suddenly stood on a street in Idaho.

Tina, in her fairy form, was practically giddy. Half from the lightheadedness that comes from rigorous magical exertion and half from the thought of what they were going to help along today. Nikon looked a little unsteady from the rapid jumps, but Tina took her hand for one last little hop and they were in the the kitchen of their friend's house. Taking a pair of clips from her hair, the Fae raccoon tried another spell she had been working on, then shared one with Nikon. The spell would allow her friend line of sight teleportation and the pair of clips would work as simple walkie-talkies, plus they were quite fashionable with little roses made from ribbons on their ends. Together, Tina and her dracoon friend set about getting the kitchen ready for a very special breakfast.

Rebbecca was drowsing in her bed, wrapped around her largest stuffed bunny with a slight smile on her face as she slowly returned to the waking world. She loved it when she woke clutching her plush rabbit, but with a stretch and a glance at her alarm clock, she decided she had lazed about enough for her day off. Rolling out of bed, she did a couple quick simple stretches before turning her laptop on and heading to the restroom.

It had almost been a month since she had started hormones, and the image in the mirror held the promise of the woman she would be in another year or so. Her soft brown hair had grown out with a little wave at the ends, and was trimmed in a cute bob that fell just below here eye level. A simple diet had returned a softer version of the physique she had lost a year before while driving a truck, but the hormones were already making it difficult to keep her thighs and rear slim. Still she had managed to keep a rather impressive bust for a transgendered woman, and her reflection was starting to allow her to see what her sister had maintained all along. She was going to be a real knockout before she was thirty. The episode introduction from Chobits let her know her computer was almost done booting, so she finished up in the restroom and ran upstairs to get her standard breakfast before going online to check in with everyone.

It was a warm evening for Idaho, but Becca was still wearing her winter pajamas, a pair of bright orange flannel pants with a bunny printed in a pattern on them and an over-sized t-shirt. Turning the corner in to the kitchen, she was surprised to find it empty. She would have sworn she had heard her room mate in there as she had approached. Shrugging it off, she went about gathering her usual breakfast. The granola, however, didn't seem to be where she had left it. Double checking the cupboard, she found that Slade, her room mate, must have moved it to the very back of the top shelf. In fact, it looked like the box would have to be half way inside the wall to be as far back on the shelf as it was. She decided she must still be half asleep and placing one hand on the counter to steady herself, she went up on her tiptoes to reach the cereal. Seeing her first opening, Tina went to work. She flitted from her hiding spot in the space under the floor cabinets and hit both feet with a ball of dust before banking upward and taking position behind the cookie jar.

Masked by her motion, Rebbecca didn't seem to notice anything as she reached for the granola. Even so, her feet almost tripled in length as Nikon snapped a few shots from the other side of the room. Her new feet gave her the loft she needed to reach the box, but the box itself didn't seem to want to move. She pulled harder on the stubborn cereal package, leaning back in her efforts, and Tina took the opportunity to adjust Becca's calves. The spell ate away at the orange flannel, replacing it with a soft coat of light gray fur as it altered her legs to a more lapin proportion. Finally the box came loose, and Rebbecca fell to the floor from it's sudden release. Getting up proved to be strangely difficult, but as provided by another aspect of the mischievous magic, she couldn't exactly place why so long as the form she was attaining was consistent with her image of her alternate self. Tina was elated with how well it was working, and Nikon had to stifle her giggles as she cautiously moved to get a better angle.

The yogurt, Becca found, was almost gone and had been moved to the very back of the very bottom shelf. In fact, in the process of moving the yogurt, Tina had seen to it that all but one of the cups were on a three hour delay. They would show up on their own once the three hours were up. Still, their new position had Becca hunched over in the refrigerator, which was the perfect setup for Tina's strafing run on her posterior before taking cover on top of the refrigerator. The flash from the dusting reflected in a bottle of water and caught her eye, sending a shocked Rebbecca sprawling into the center of the kitchen to watch as her her favorite pajama bottoms retreated before a wave of advancing fur. Below the fur, her thighs were getting thinner in some ways and thicker in others, and as realization dawned on her a silly grin spread across her face. Seeing that the game was up, Tina dropped from her perch on the fridge, landing lightly on her friend's changed knee as the fur and it's changes slowed about her waistline.

"How's the fit?" Tina asked.

"Perfect!" Becca so overjoyed she was nearly in tears, "You know you've saved me a lot of trouble and even more money. Thank you so much!"

"We're only half done," came a voice from the ceiling. Looking up, Rebbecca found another of her friends, Nikon the dracoon, behind her camera busily snapping shots. "You may as well get on with it, Tina," she grinned, moving in for a few closer shots.

Tina grinned and leaped into the air doing a lazy spiral around the bunny taking shape on the kitchen floor. As she did, the fur resumed it's pace, climbing her torso under the large t-shirt which was spared by Nikon's attentions. She had replaced the card in her camera and set it to auto, leaving it to zip about and capture the final images of their combined efforts. While Nikon focused on making the shirt into something more appropriate for the be-bunnied girl wearing it, Tina began the final phase on Rebecca's head. Her hair was brought down in a gentle wave to just below her shoulder blades as her ears matched that length in the other direction. As her bangs were tamed, the gray fur began flowing down her face, lending a refined arch to her brow and thickening her lashes. Meanwhile, the tide was rising from her neck, having completed everything below that. It reshaped her jawline as it joined her hair at the back of her neck and moved forward towards her nose. She delighted in the feeling of her canine teeth simply melting away as her molars were reshaped while the fur overtook her cheeks. It all ended at the tip of her nose which began to wiggle and wriggle on it's own as she worked her altering jaw beneath it.

When everything was finished, she just sat there taking it all in. Tina alighted back on her friend's knee while Nikon went to capture her camera. "Well, I think that does it," said Tina, rubbing her hands.

"Oh! If you were bigger I'd give you such a hug!" It was all Becca could do to keep her self still.

"If we were bigger?" Nikon questioned over her shoulder with a glint in her eye. Tina knew the note in Nikon's voice and retreated to a safe distance as the new bunny began to shrink. It might have taken an entire second for her to drop to an full eight inches tall. "Bunnies should be cute little things anyways!" she smiled. From their holder on the counter she took six toothpicks, then with another quick spell had a serviceable tripod which she deftly attached to her camera. Auto shoot was a very nice feature, but a well composed shot took a little time to set up. Nikon set the camera to take the last two shots on the card before joining the pair in front of the lens.