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About Me

I wrote quite a lot for six or seven years starting at age sixteen. By the time I was twenty, I had some 32-35 screenplays and a few sundry short stories and essays. Then some Big Dark Things ™ happened and I gave up on writing, destroying all of that work. Then in the Spring of 2006, the bug got me again and I wrote The Transformed for Foxx's site where it's listed as Exam since that's the name of the picture it's based on and attributed to Lady Amalthea, since that's my email address. A bit more time passed and in December of 2006 I started writing for the first short story archive I found, Doc's Lab. I didn't realize that it was a fetish site at first, but I decided to see if I could write erotica, so most of the stuff I wrote in 2007 has some sort of sexual overtones if it's not just out and out blatant sex. Starting with An Early Spring Night's Dream I have been moving away from the erotic aspect, and am a happier author for it. I think I might still write erotica if it's requested or commissioned, but it's no longer on the menu for my usual stuff.

My style is probably a little rough, but I don't have any real education in regards to writing. I barely graduated high school. Even so, I'm currently working on the first book of what I plan to be a Sci-fi/Fantasy trilogy, the scripts for two web comics I'd like to start, and I usually have no less than four short stories going. My writing style is mostly stream-of-consciousness, I think it lends a nice flow to my writing that seems a bit organic to me, but it also seems to get me stuck for ages if I get interrupted or lose the thread of where the story was going. The novel is the first thing I've ever really planned out, and it's going very slowly. I hope to make a crossover and be a mainstream unicorn.

I welcome all comments and criticisms, and I can be reliably contacted through email ( or introductions first.


  • Triple X.png - Explicit Sexual Content
  • Image icon.png - Illustrated
  • Work in progress.png - Work In Progress

These are arranged in roughly the order I've written them, with the oldest stories at the bottom. For an alphabetical listing you can go to my Category by following the link at the bottom of the page.



  • The Natural Thing - September 30, 2008 - Published in Midwest FurFest con book
A unicorn discovers something new about herself and is forever changed by the experience.
Frank loves the sea and its beaches, but when he is given a gift from them, things start to change.
John is an artist that has a pretty lose style, tonight he's getting more involved in his illustration than ever before.
A man embarks on a quest to verify the authenticity of an heirloom, what he finds will change everything.


Samantha loves to bake, despite the many and varied warnings she has received from the fire department. She really should have known the cookies didn't come out as perfect as they seemed.
The nearness of a loved one sparks a momentary inspiration that fades much too soon.
Eventually everyone needs a little support from their friends, but it's the little surprises from those that know you best that can really make a person happy.
A man finally breaks down after his dog runs away, but subsequent investigations may turn up a story much more sinister.
An Xmas Xchange 2007 story that stresses the importance of knowing oneself.
Rose, Shelly and Temeka have nothing in common, but a school trip allows them to discover just how close they can be.
A man waiting for a taxi gets the impetus to make a last minute change in his travel plans.
Sometimes those that complain have a point that should be listened to.
  • Pursuit Work in progress.png - July 13, 2007 (Story taken offline while I work on it)
Aithne and Caradoc had grown up together in the bourg of Eilginn. When Caradoc is suddenly swept away, Aithne can't help but go after him.
1870 had the entire world being powered by steam or electricity, but Charles wanted to be a botanist. He could get lost in books that simply related the allure of nature in even the most abstract fashion. Perhaps it was fate that lead him off his path.
Allusions of war are lost on a pair of lovers as they are used to display the effects of an ultimate weapon.
Rose has had a hard time since she was left to the cold Chicago streets, but with a little help from a stranger she might be able to make something of herself after all.


A visitor from the near future paints a bleak picture of what is to come as she assaults her former self. Can the past version of her possibly avert the suffering that should never happen?
After years of papers and theories coupled with a contract from the Navy, Jim has finally managed to find a way to let Lysette swim again. Of course, most scientific advances are not without their setbacks.
Jake was on his way to hang out with his friend Jason, but the girl in the lobby of Jason's building seems to be in some sort of trouble.
Simone has sacrificed her entire adult life to save up $10,000, but with the passing of an unknown uncle her situation improves drastically. The question is, how might the inheritance change her?
It was supposed to be a simple reconnaissance run. Get in, gather evidence, get out. However, neither the ex-agent nor the agency that hired him had any idea what exactly they were investigating.
Can a dream change the world?
Alone with a sheer rock face and her music, Erin is about to find the ultimate thrill.
An unnamed apartment dweller keeps a journal detailing several strange changes over the course of two weeks in April 2005
Pete woke up late for his exam. Still he managed to slip into his seat before the test began, thinking that if he could just get through the hour he would have the entire summer break to rest, relax, and recuperate. Little did he know how badly he would need some R&R by the time the hour was out.