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Works by Joysweeper on Shifti

I'm Joysweeper.


I haven't been here all that long, and even though my ego would claim otherwise I know I'm pretty average. I'll get better. I'd appreciate any constructive crits anyone would care to hand out - I'm pretty good with spelling and grammar, but less certain about anything else.

I suppose a bio is in order... gee, I've never written one of those before... um...

Joysweeper, also known as Perpetually Distracted, was born on the same day of the month that Kennedy announced the Apollo program in '61, the same day of the month that Star Wars was released in '77. This was in the same year that the Exxon Valdez had that oil spill, Nintendo started selling the Game Boy, Tianaman Square's Goddess of Democracy was built, unveiled, and destroyed, the people of the Baltic states joined hands to form a human chain six hundred klicks long as a demand for freedom, the Berlin Wall fell, and Disney's version of "The Little Mermaid" hit theaters. In other words, she's pretty young. Twenty, to be exact.

She has also displayed a passion for Star Wars, space programs, scifi/fantasy novels, comic books, dragons, and video games. Her schedule is erratic. Occasionally she has been seen drawing or sculpting things out of clay, but a common complaint is that everything she does turns into some kind of dragon. This isn't the case with her writing, though.

Joysweeper's TSA-related writing primarily takes place in Xanadu (setting). It allows her to mush a number of her interests into a single universe. So far, a distinct preference for Star Wars characters and dragons is pretty evident, but that might change.

How she joined TSA-Talk is annoyingly complicated. Draconity to Baxil's site to Drakenfluegel to the TSA, then eventually the List. She forgot where she was going with that point. At any rate, she has a Livejournal account, but it is almost purely personal.

In an effort to look artsy and distinct, she attempted to create a unique symbol using her computer's Paint program. It turned into a dragon, as did subsequent efforts. Joysweeper was last seen giving up and settling for a stylized fairy-dragon thing.[1]

It is absurdly easy to inspire Joysweeper. Everything gives her ideas. Most of them never see the light of day, and for good reason, but there are some that make her excited which for various reasons she can't work on right now. She calls these Joysweepers Incoherent Idea Bank and is aware that this might be a bad idea.

She is a Lumper.

Posted stories

(all from Xanadu):

501st The Five-Oh-First Legion is a fan-based Star Wars organization of cosplayers with Imperial leanings. They're a rather large group, enough so that it's easy to imagine a number of them came to Xanadu. So... what happens when one of the members doesn't go? Incidentally, Joysweeper thinks that this image is awesome. [2] It is "a pitched battle led by Lord Vader himself and the awesome 501st Legion", taken from a website made by the founder of the 501st. [3]

Femtroopers What is the greatest threat to the Five-Oh-First Legion?

Nameless We'll see where this ends up.

Dragon Dancer So four guys come to Xanadu in the kind of Oriental dragon costume you'd expect to find on Chinese New Year. What do you suppose happens after the Event? (I've tried writing a sequel to this. It's trickier than I thought.)

Behjopiray I tried another sequel attempt. It's a bit better, so I'll put it here.

Revan Saga The first piece of this was written way back when I first joined the TSA List; the prerequisite Xanadu self-insertion story. It was followed by many others, and then I realized how flawed they were and have started editing the whole thing. Oh, does it need editing... I'm putting it here so if something happens, I won't lose what's already been written. Multi-chaptered and slightly incoherent.

The Perils of Voice Acting Sometimes the past comes back to bite you. Does not have anything to do with Star Wars or dragons. For once.

A More Peaceful Endeavor I don't know why I haven't uploaded this yet...

Flag Inspired by this conversation, and written in a frenzy of inspiration. And insanity. On scans_daily, we call things like this "crack".

Roadtrip For lack of a better name. One of the characters from Walker Imperial Ranger won't let me leave him alone. He's got a family, he told me. He's got friends.

Never That Simple This got lost, huh? Good thing I had a copy left...