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The Sexiest Of All Tiger Girls

Author: Hawl
Paradise story universe


It is dated for 2009 Attention Holder Of This Tome If this has come into your possession, I am likely no longer amongst the living or in lighter and potentially more pleasing news, it has been turned over to other authorities to be used and published as a record of my time in the Silver City Changed Virus Quarantine. As you might be aware, the Changed Virus is a great work of utter terror that is capable of literally physically transforming someone's body to closely resemble the appearance and functions of any mammalian animal of either gender. To re-iterate, that last part was read correctly, it can make the most masculine specimen into a curvacious lass with no visible signs that this person was ever a man to begin with.

I have not experienced or witnessed such a controversial transfiguration, and for being spared that bizarre experience, I am very thankful to whatever deities are responsible, if any. Under ordinary circumstances a victim, even if gender-changed, will look like their normal-selves to anyone who hasn't undergone this experience. Though as of last year, starting at a convention known as "Tall Tales", the "TG Curse" as it has been called has started to retcon those who have not had their sexual reproductive organs remain intact, as to having always been a woman or a man, even though that isn't the case. By retcon, I do indeed mean that all records and even stranger actions done by that person are erased and replaced with ones that should have existed/happened if the person took another road so to speak. ID Cards, Possessions, Bank Accounts, all of these things can be modified. Obviously, unless you're completely dense you'd realize that memories cannot be modified, otherwise there would be no way for anyone to notice a change.

A Gender Change is incredibly rare, but has been talked about more as it seems to have a much more disastrous effect on the human... ex-human psyche. My bleak attitude does not come from a set ovaries that is lacking in my life, I've been a man my whole life and it looks like that's how it's going to be in the end. The end.... the cold bitter end.... It may come sooner than later. Unless you have been living under a rock or it's been quite some time since this journal has been recovered you should also know that in the beginning the changes only occurred on August 17th... But, the RDF (Reality Distortion Field) went down, causing the phenomenon to become contagious...

My Tail-Having kind and I, at least in the local area, are trapped in here. Our mayor labeling us and the virus, dangerous, Armed guards keeping us in, food supplies are minimal.. I have been looking for some form of cure through the use of magic, my closest friend, a Tiger named Cale Vinole (though he'd beg to differ) has been using his viraly enhanced strength to hunt deer, the local game of the area. To keep us alive... To keep us alive... To... keep... us.... alive...

I'm sorry... this... gets to me...

I've been changed for about 4 years now, and..... I don't feel like writing anymore...

-3 Years Earlier- The Far Off Year of 2006, aka, THE FUTURE!

Cale and Gabriel were two high-school students who had been friends for a year now, this worked out nicely for Cale because he didn't have many other friends. Mainly because he was very shy, and on top of being diagnosed with a form of autism known as aspergers he was... well.. different from the other boys. Actually he wasn't one of them at all and hadn't been since he was ten. He didn't seem to mind it much though.

Today was the first day of school in Silver City, North Carolina. More specifically it was Cale and Gabe's lunch period. Cale had an aversion to the school's food and as a result was eating nothing at this moment in time. He spent this time to talk to Gabriel about whatever was on his mind which was normally video games, but often enough other topics as well.

The two were sitting at a table, just them, and Gabe's brother Jimmy who was a freshman meeting the much-talked about Cale. Gabriel was a shortish fellow whose ethnicity is very hard to guess, but if you asked him he would say Lumbee Indian, his brother was shorter than him and had longer hair. On both of them said hair was black and had brownish eyes, Jimmy wore a motley crue shirt whilst Gabriel was wearing a plain dark violet t-shirt. Cale's appearance to the common eye was one of a feminine looking young man lacking facial hair, but what he lacked in said facial hair made up for with his green eyes and orange and black striped hair. The oddest part about this was that his hair was naturally like this without the use of dye.

Cale starred at Jimmy with a mixture of joy and curiosity. "So this is your crazy brother... The one that can defy the laws of physics", Cale said with some amount of glee

"The only brother I have? Fairly decent chance of that." Gabriel replied sarcastically

"Yeah, my names Jimmy, whas good?", Jimmy, the shorter of the two siblings replied

"I don't recall anything being good recently, wasn't bad, but definitely not good" the stripey haired one responded confused, although not entirely serious. There was a hint of disappointment in his voice though, easy to miss, but if you were paying attention it was present.

"He means how are you doing..." Gabriel answered not amused

"Well, my per.... piano recital is finally over. You have no idea how happy I am about that... So... Jim... have you ever been part-animal before? Like Sonic The Hedgehog or Bugs Bunny? Can you see me right now? Like.. Really see me?" Cale seemed serious about everything he was saying, although he was clearly not making any sense to the two confused teenagers hearing this babble

"The hell are you saying?" Jimmy inquired, more than a little disturbed.

"Yeah... he's... weird.. Which is partly why I never introduced you two before this moment." Gabriel informed apathetically.

"Piano recitals, they're very serious, I cannot get you to understand JUST HOW SERIOUS these... recitilazations are young Gabriel" Cale said having lost his damn mind.

"Cale... I'm older than you" Gabe responded, getting a little annoyed

"How old is he again?" Jimmy asked

"I'm 14, that's 3-4 years of recitaling you little scallion rapper" Cale answered, leaning forward into Jimmy's face.

"Yeah uhh, I'm just gonna go. Seeya Gab" Jimmy backed out of Cale's creepy stare and moved toward another table, taking his plate with him

Gabriel wished him well and then turned to Cale "What did I tell you about acting weird? You're lucky there's people around here Cale or he would have punched you. I like you Cale, but you seriously need to stop scaring my other friends with your queer antics."

Cale tilted his head "He'd hit a lady?"

Gabriel literally smacked his palm to his face "Tell me do you even listen to the words that I tell you, or are you lost in your own little world of Caleville where "sexy tiger girls" and "piano recitals" are on every street corner?"

"I would really hope that the sexy tiger girls are not having piano recitals on every street corner, that pisses them off, a lot" Cale replied, confirming what his friend was saying

Gabriel "And will you please stop talking about piano recitals, you only do it a few days a month, but the way you act during it is just deplorable and frustrating."

"I don't like piano recitals" Cale said angrily "You don't know what it's like to get cramps every single month for reasons, that you don't fully understand. Hope that you never find out! and the bleeding, there's more blood than a frigging battlefield"

"Are you trying to tell me that you have PMS?" Gabriel looked dumbfounded "Cause... guys don't bleed down there.."

"...What's today?" Cale asked, looking downward, his hands hovering around his chest, pushing up on... the air

"Stop doing that!" Gabriel snapped, this not being the first time his friend wanted to diddle with things that just plain were not there. The frequency of him doing this got on one's nerves after awhile. Though with all the unusual tripping incidents that seem to happen around Cale, he did wonder if there was some reason for it. "What manner of intangibility has you all flummoxed?"

"One that I don't fully understand" Cale chuckled to himself before stopping as he remembered something of great personal importance. "Glad you brought that up though, what day is it, today?"

"What day is it today? As opposed the day it was yesterday? Tuesday..." Gabriel quppied

"Tewwwwsday theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..." Cale continously made an "uuuuuuuuuuuuh" sound until he was answered, he was a little strange sometimes, be it his condition or for his own amusement, he often did things that seemed to serve no purpose or make the slightest bit of sense.

"Cease in that, also the 14th... why?" the bell rang and Gabriel began to get up. "Up next for me is English, you?"

After making another weird animal noise, he answered "Oh.. nothing...... also... it's... Mizzo! I'm gonna claw her damn eyes out one day"

"Owch, well that'd be nice if you could" Gabe chimed

"If only" Cale replied, visibly upset as he was, he smiled slightly upon saying that... "Listen... if today's the 14th, then tomorrow is the 15th.."

Gabriel looked at him funny, "Which means what exactly? Or did you just start to pick up on how calendars function?"

"Well, the 15th of August is a very funny date and... if you happen to get sick tomorrow you might have caught... this" Cale seemed very nervous, and pointed to a silver bracelet on his right arm, that he kept on his person at all times. "Talk to me as soon as possible if you are"

"I'm sure I will, take care of yourself Cale.... and try to screw your head on a little tighter." Gabriel shrugged his friend off, he rarely if ever made any sense. Afterall, he once tried to convince him he was friends with a Catholic Hermaphrodite Bear-Rat-Dog thing that rode motorcycles. An absurd notion as Gabe would put it, however, upon being lifted by himself from the circular blue seat attached to the cafeteria table he suddenly remembered that Cale had said something similar last year, around the same date. Quickly discarding his tray (Cale never ate lunch in the cafeteria, taking this time to socialize instead), the boy speed-walked outside of the cafeteria building in order to catch up with his friend, heading towards the main one. Normally he'd ignore this, but something about the consistency made him very curious.

Gabriel seemed to be speedy enough as the stripey haired-youth was still inbetween buildings, there were several on the Campus of Silver City High, Main Classes, AJROTC's Building, The Cafeteria, and the Gym, with a few minor exceptions.

"Cale, allow me to walk with you, Mizzo's class is just by the stairwell." Gabe politely commanded

"Umm... alright then" Cale allowed this, nodding, his mind was clearly elsewhere and was only half-listening but was visibly pleased to have his friend's company.

"I can't help but notice that you asked me about the 15th of August the previous year, you had told me to inform you if I had a fever and when I didn't, you were quite disappointed by my good health, the opposite of the proper reaction. This has lead me to believe that there may be a little more to this than one of your silly little games. Care to comment on this most unusual opinion?"

Cale furrowed his brow and yelled "YOU THINK!?!?!?!"

"Well pardon me dickhead, you rarely ever make any damn sense, it's kind of hard to tell when you're being serious." Gabriel responded angrily

Cale sighed "I'm sorry Gabe... I'm still a little hormonal.... from recitals... But yes, I suppose you're right. I do joke around often... I'd like to be more specific, but I kinda.. promised these people I'd stay quiet, at the same time you of all people deserve fair warning! Especially if you end up like me."

Gabe rolled his eyes at his manic friend, he didn't really have much time to continue this conversation and he wasn't really making any progress, besides they were right at the stairwell regardless. "This has been very unenlightening, we've been friends for a year and you cannot give me a simple 'warning', am I going to die? Would you be able to live with yourself if you couldn't tell me I was dying?" Cale was always very emotional, so this was sure to be his ace in the hole as far as getting information, though truth be told, Gabriel was not himself without feeling, Cale seemed emotionally disturbed by this conversation and he HAD to know what he was hiding.

"No! Okay, you're going to turn into a furry!" Cale screamed this, always one for over-reaction. In a quieter voice he added. "Well.. if it's your time this year.."

"What?" And that's all Gabriel could say in response to this revelation as he blinked in confusion, he quickly came to the conclusion that he made this answer up. "....Time's up, if you are not going to tell me, I suppose I shall find out for myself. I bid you adieu"

"Maybe...." Cale left the stairwell and scurried to class, on one hand he didn't want to have anything to do with this educator, on the other, it would be worse if he was late and enough time had been wasted already. He took a deep breathe and went into Room 105.

"I was wondering when you were going to show. Please take a seat, you know which desk is yours" A tall woman with black hair asked of him, albeit politely, but it wasn't this voice that Cale was listening too.

"You're a tiger!" a voice bluntly called out the obvious, a young cheerful voice belonging to a bipedal snow leopard who just happened to be sitting in the desk right behind the one with Cale's name on it. The leopard cheered and pointed, being very anxious and unable to sit still.

And that he was, or rather, she was, as is no surprise to you, the reader.. unless you ignored the prologue and started with this story.... I mean, there are other stories in this series... So I'm flatterd you started with mine, seriously... Anyway, before the fourth wall takes anymore damage. Cale was weird not only because of his eccentric nature, but because he was a her, not a him. Cale was one of the highly questionable members of a group known as the Changed Network, dedicated to keeping secret and aiding other "Changed". The young boy here is actually a tigress with long striped hair, digitgrade "paws" that functioned more like hands with sharp blades attached, though Cale or CV's habit of chewing on her claws had dulled them a little bit, and what seemed to be a perfect match for feline hindpaws for feet. Though much like the leopard, to her fellow changed, she did not appear to be wearing shoes even though she was.

"And you're a spotted white cat... of some kind" Cale said back, ironically, she wasn't very good with zoology. Though she was ignoring the teacher entirely, it had been too long since she got the chance to speak to another of her kind. Normally when she saw Changed it was in the form of people her family drove past on the interstate during one of the many trips they took. Additionally Cale had some changed friends over the internet, but as for talking face to face with another of fur and tail, it had been awhile.

"Actually, my name's Hugh, and I'm a Snow Leopard!....I've never seen another kitty before! You've got to give me your gamertag!" Hugh waved back, making unnerving sounds on the desk with his claws, his excitement confirmed quite a bit about his claims. Of course Silver City's changed count was very low, why should Hugh be doubted?

"And both of you are disrupting class, though it's nice to see you being social for once Vinole, talk about video games on your own time. Right now is my time, now please take your seat or I'll be forced to call the deputy." The Still Human Ms. Mizzo asked again for Cale to take a seat, Silver City High was on a bad part of town notorious for gang violence, so they always had deputies from the sheriff's office patrolling the ground. A bit excessive, but it got Cale moving who blushed a bit.

"You can marry your new boyfriend during free-time." Mizzo quirked, Cale blushed some more and buried her fuzzy face in the desk. Normally her fur would hide her embarrassment, but no one, Hugh aside, here can see said fur.

"I'm not marrying her, I don't even know her" Hugh quipped, not understanding sarcasm.

"Hugh, please don't be rude, Vinole is a boy like you are, Anyway class it's time for Announcements and Questions, each of you announce something and then you may ask one question about announcements and no more video game announcements."

Cale groaned and tapped on the desk "Grand, nothing I love more" quite sarcastically.

Mizzo quipped up "Glad to hear it, but please save your comments for later, after all I have an announcement" clearly ignoring Cale's observations. "Class this year we have a new student, Hugh Phileas. Just like you Cale he seems to have a knack for knocking things over and blaming a tail. What is that some kind of fad?"

Cale commented with a sharp observation of her own "Ms. Mizzo, please save your questions until after the others in this class have made their announcements"

Mizzo blinked "Well someone remembers how this works, you may get a piece of candy from the box"

"Oooooh Candy!" Hugh cheered "How do I get some?"

"Now is announcements, not questions" Mizzo reminded

Cale got up and reached for a Watermelon Jolly Rancher Hard Candy, unwrapped it, and plopped it in her mouth, she literally purred as this was her favorite flavor.

This was a daily thing, they announced and they asked questions, then did a boring lesson on social skills that they didn't really need, but when the state thinks you're different (which they thought Cale had Autism) you get treated differently. Though the only thing that kept her from going into a berserk rage was the "Free Time" segment of the class where she was free to just lay on the couch and sleep for the rest of the time, stopping to play the "Social Games" of which she had to do 5 of with 5 different class mates in order to get a grade in this class. They were mainly just playing UNO or Connect 4, she loved doing this with Gabriel and a few of the other students, especially the OTHER student named Cale whom she had a bit of a rivalry with. Though mostly these failed to break the ice, it was just far too forced to actually work, but this time was different. After years of searching, there was finally someone like her, another cat too!

When this free time came around, Cale grabbed a Chess Board, which happened to be this week's game and challenged Hugh.

"But I don't know how to play chess!" Hugh exclaimed!

"Sorry, house rules, you can't decline a Game Of The Week challenge, sides I'll show you how to play the game. I'll even let you be white, white always goes first." Cale said, sounding chipper

"Okay I guess that works, but quick question, why does everyone say you're a boy?" Hugh responded, slightly confusedly

"Hahahahaha, yes I know I'm adorable, but it's because I AM a boy" Cale said, obviously lying to protect that she's secretly a chick.

"But you have such big boobies...." Hugh said, not getting it.

"HUGH! Watch your language!" Mizzo said, shocked.

"But look, she really does have big boobies" Hugh said, a little upset and wondering what he did wrong.

"If you continue you to cuss, I'll have to write you up..." Mizzo roared, possibly being the first non-literal roar that Cale had heard all day.

Finally Cale broke down and whispered, making sure to make no eye contact with anyone to detract from attention. "Hugh, please stop saying boobies, Mizzo is a little crazy. The reason they think I'm a guy is because I'm transgendered."

"Trans-what?" Hugh said outloud, not catching on to why Cale was speaking in a voice only his feline ears could hear.

"Gender, it means I used to be a boy..." Cale said, still being quiet "There aren't many changed around these parts, so I'm guessing you don't know. When you transform there's a chance that you can become a girl, and well that happened to me."

"And persons can't see that change either?" Hugh replied, finally getting wise to the masquerade, but not the quiet speaking.

"Video games again.. typical..." Mizzo said to herself, misunderstanding Hugh's side of the conversation and really only half listening.

"Hugh you are a person, don't ever let being different fool you" Cale said this in her normal voice, as it was vague enough and Mizzo had stopped paying attention. "Anyway, let's get rolling Pawns can move two spaces on their first turn, Horses called knight move into an L, Queens can move however, and Bishops move diagonally while the castles, called Rooks, only move in a straight line"

"Gahhh... slow down!" Hugh shouted

"Shhh! Don't be so loud.. alright..." Cale slowed her speaking down and explained the game in more detail, Hugh got it this time and a heated Chess game began, the excitement of meeting another of her kind for the first time (in person anyway) mixed with going easy on Hugh who, was a little slow in the head, put Hugh in the lead.

"Speak quietly, I don't want anyone to know that we're really cats" Cale whispered "So when did you change?"

Hugh counted on his paws, it was actually kind of adorable, especially from Cale's point of view where he can be seen as the teenage cub he is. "2 years ago! My family moved here just recently from up in Virgina, I didn't know what was going on, but this skunk held these meetings about it, which I snuck off to go see. Cause he was fuzzy like me." though he wasn't whispering, something Cale had given up on as no one was listening anyway.

Cale nodded "I was raised partially in Virginia myself, in the DC area, but then my parents got divorced.. I live with my mom now...." moved a piece before remembering something "Wait, did you say a skunk? His name wasn't Rob was it?"

Hugh nodded "Uh huh, he and his not fuzzy wife, did the meetings out of his house. She was nice, she lemme eat snacks. I miss her and Mr. Hallman sometimes"

Cale smiled "Rob's a friend of a friend of mine, I can probably get you his email address"

Hugh "I don't really know how to type and my mom doesn't always lemme use the computer." He showed off his claws "I have a knack for busting the keyboard, but it would be nice to hear from Stinky again"

Cale nodded "It's not nice to call people names, but maybe I could come over to your house or mine, and I'll try teaching you how to type with those sharp fingers of yours, it's really easy when you get used to it"

Hugh laughed "I'd like that, I'll ask mom if it's okay! Though she said that I'm not allowed to have girls over till I'm older."

Cale giggled "Your mom's human right"

Hugh nodded, to which Cale responded "Then tell her I'm a boy"

Hugh laughed "Oh yeah, I forgot, you're not really a lady.. or are you... does that mean I have to be extra polite to you or not? Cause I'm supposed to be really nice to girls, that's what dad says."

Cale replied by saying "Some of my friends online say that's very easy to do, and it shouldn't matter what gender I am, you should treat everyone you see with kindness. Boy or girl, human or cat."

Hugh smiled "Okay, that actually doesn't sound like too bad of an idea, but I have to ask, what kind of a name is Vinole?"

Cale frowned slightly and pointed with her tail at a tall and lanky student with a rather dull expression on his face, reading the webcomic 8-Bit Theater on the school's computer, "See him? That loser and I have the same first name, Cale, so Mizzo refers to as by our last names to keep us apart.. Though his last name is Mirole, which kind of rhymes. Defeating the point"

Hugh tilted his head "Yeah, I heard his name during the work part too, I just kinda thought you were twins or something."

Cale scratched deep into the carpet "It's bad enough he has my name, do not associate me with that emo-wannabe."

The bell rang several minutes later as Hugh and Cale talked and bonded, today was shaping up to be a good one for Cale, not only was her period over, but she made a new friend, someone who was just like her.

The two stopped to write down that they had played chess together, the two waiting for the Para-Educators to take them to class, as they due to Mizzo's lack of faith in their ability to attend class by themselves, required an escort to and from class, though Gabriel had no such thing, he was a bit of a special case.

It was a long rest of the day, Hugh, Cale, and Gabriel would go their separate ways, due to them being at different grade levels. Especially long for Cale who couldn't stand being monitored, something about the idea of a Legal Government Worker ensuring the invisible tiger woman gets extra surveillance.... Didn't really sit well with her, and even if she was a human, being unable to be trusted to go to class like a normal teenager was another issue.

The two furs and the one human oblivious to the nature of the other two eventually met up whilst waiting at the bus stop that afternoon, school was out, and these Para-Educators were no longer anyone's concern as Cale and Hugh, whom were escorted out by the same para, though after that said Para left, school was out and the kids were no longer their concern, well mainly Cale, Hugh sort of followed her, found Gabriel as they waited for the proper vehicles to arrive.

"Hey Gabe, there's actually someone else bearable in that hell hole, meet Hugh" the tigress turned and faced Hugh "Hugh, this is my friend Gabriel, say hello."

"Hi Gabriel, so uhh, do you know about T-Girl's secret? Or..." Hugh was a little shy, he like Cale and even Gabriel was often seen as different, so he was nervous around normal looking people.

"Charmed to meet you my good fellow, though I must inquiry as to the identity of this T-Girl." Gabriel responded politely, and held out his hand, which Hugh grabbed and shook "Hmph, you seem to have a nice grip" and it was true, Hugh was stronger than your average unchanged, but so were most furries.

"Oh it's just something from a video game" Cale chuckled, though Gabriel noted that he was blushing slightly.

"No it's my nick name for..." Hugh tried to explain but was quickly silence by Cale

"We talked about this Hugh." Cale warned

"...Nevermind." Hugh replied, scratching his head and blushing a little harder than Cale did, as he proceeded to stare into space

"He has a short attention span..." Cale chuckled "Heh heh"

"And the time we have for talking is also short, speak to me through the internet, and Hugh you're welcome too chat with me if you have AIM, my screen name is..." Gabriel was about to say it but the snow leopard interrupted

"I can't type, but she's teaching me how to use a keyboard." Hugh stated

"She?" Gabriel raised an eyebrow "Has Cale been doing that 'I'm a woman!' thing? I'm sorry, he's a bit of a dapper dandy at times"

"A what?..." Hugh head tilted not understanding Gabe's big words

"A well-mannered fag, anyway, I shall catch the GENTLEMAN Cale later and Hugh, you are free to speak with me anytime you know how to type, or if you catch a moment" and Gabriel walked off

"Wait Gabriel! I just remembered! It's the 14th!" Cale called out

Hugh replied with a headtilt, before jumping around saying "Change Day!", but not loud enough for Gabriel to hear. Hugh actually was autistic, but while most people with the disorder don't show much emotion, Hugh cannot sit still and over reacts alot. "I wonder if mom or dad are going to change.... will my dad become my mom? That'd be weird..."

Cale just nodded, "Yes, yes it would.. be weird I mean" he had heard horrible things about parents who gender changed and didn't want to say anything that would upset Hugh. So he kept it to a brief "Yes it would"

"We discussed this earlier Cale...." Gabriel mentioned without turning around or hearing what Hugh or Cale had said "Speak to me online when you return to your humble abode"

It wasn't long before the busses for the others arrived and the three were split up once more. Cale daydreamed about what Gabriel would become if it was indeed his time, the possibilities were almost endless.

He could become a bleating Goat with the ability to chew through tin cans, Cale sometimes thought about it and other animals forms she could try if given the chance to change again, Cale did have a bit of an oral fixation and a tendency to chew unchewable objects, so she'd have fun with being a goat, she'd almost want to be a mare, but those eat vegetables and even before changing at the young age of 10, she was a serious carnivore. Her thoughts became dirty as she pondered what it would be like if Gabriel was a stallion, a stallion that could see her for the sexy tiger babe she really was, they are rather sizable in the right locations. Cale closed her eyes and murred. Even though most couldn't see it, she had a bit of a wild side, in more than one way. She just couldn't act on it for various reasons, one being the gender confusion and the other being not having much in the way of friends. The Para-Educators put quite the damper on her social life, moreso than being a tigress did. Gabriel was a close friend true, but she was also a hormonal teenager and thoughts like these were natural for a girl her age. Though her Equestrian Dream Boy would return to her subconscious as she arrived at home sweet home, maybe in 3 days he'd be real, no... He'd be too weirded out by the whole thing to be taken advantage of like that, and even if he wasn't, she knew it would take a really long time to get over the whole "She was a guy thing". Cale did once ask theoretically if he'd go out with her if "she was a girl", though very predictably he just didn't dignify it with an answer and called her gay.

Cale ran to her computer immediately, it had been first day of school so there wasn't any homework, Gabriel wasn't on yet so she decided to kill some time, she checked her email and as expected there was nothing interesting there. She then checked the forums, mainly the Changed Network ones, predictably there was an uproar of excitement. Everyone was hoping for their close friends to finally know the reasons for their weird behavior, why hardcore vegans have been chomping down steaks, why girly girls have been acting unlady-like, various reasons for sudden changes made in the behavior of these altered beasts, who have been terrified.

Though on the flipside, these new Changed would have to deal with some of the same problems, and that's what Cale was here for. Change isn't really good or bad, ultimately it didn't matter to her if someone was a guy or a girl, a deer or a wolf, it's just different, which can be scary sometimes. Cale began to type as she clicked on the "New Topic" button and began to type, the board was booming so she figured an answer was coming. She began to type the following.

It's the time again ladies, ex-ladies, gentlemen, and ex-men.

CV91- Are there any specific signs of telling what someone's going to become? I live in one of the Next-To-No-Change areas and according to recent calculations, I'm overdue for a huge burst of fluffiness. I have this close friend, he's not showing yet, but if he does, is there any way of knowing what he'll become, or anyone else.. (I do have siblings and a, mother who live with me...).. Actually I don't want to think about that right now... (I'm TG)

Actually... now that I have that in the open, does anyone know how I could ease that wound..? (I'm MTF if that helps)

Cale posted and read some of the other topics, even found one by a multi-changer, apparently there was a pig happy to finally resume being a wolf. Cale chuckled to herself "Not sure your brothers are going to let you in now that you're about to be the Big Bad Wolf." , she didn't post it.. she'd already been suspended once. The mods took this Changed business rather seriously, apparently the new up and comer for dominant race of the planet Earth didn't smile upon perceived bigotry, the mods were all business and politics. She kinda respected this, strength through unity and all that, but at the same time.. if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at? Besides, she did rather find a comment about her being a "Pussy with a pussy" amusing.

Gabriel finally logged on, and her topic proceeded to get a few hits. With much speed, she told him hi.

MegaCale CV:HELLO! I need to talk to you some more! Where have you been?

Darkdooter92:Rather anxious aren't we? I hope you don't have another panic attack and blame furries. As for my location I had Homework.

MegaCale CV:...On the first day?

Darkdooter92:Indeed, calculus is not something to be taken lightly under any circumstances

MegaCale CV:And yet you'll never use it in real life

Darkdooter92:That's high school for you

MegaCale CV:So... you, furries, turning into them, we should discuss that.

Darkdooter92:.....Still not dropping the masquerade?

MegaCale CV:There's nothing I can say that'll make you believe that it's really furries is there?

Darkdooter92:That depends, do you think I'm retarded enough to believe that you're in a secret animalistic version of the Free-Masons, and that I can somehow gain an attraction to canine testicles and diapers by catching the "Yiff-Yiff Virus" from.... The power of the month of August? Tell me what it really is, or I'm going to block you.

Cale sighed and browsed her topic, thinking over linking her friend to it and telling him how to get past the captcha image, it was a rather ingenius one. It was a photo of a Changed, only someone who could see "Manimals" could get in the forums. A most effective way of keeping those chaps known as anonymous from calling them all Delusional Fur-fags, as well as a variety of other groups, the otherkin would have A FIELD DAY with this information, or maybe the US Government. No no, it was best to keep the humans out of this until the masquerade breaks.

Cale read some while she decided if it was worth violating the oath all Changed made, the unspoken rule that the "Pre-Changed" are NOT to know. There were a couple of as they were called "Known" on the board who either were REALLY close to a guy or was one of those fellas who bumped their head on something, lost the ability to recall their phone numbers, but gained vision that can see invisible animals.

Lonewolf82- Both my older sister and a long time friend changed last year.... no gender-changes, but my sister did become a dog like me, not a wolf, but a husky which is definitely related, my friend just became an ox.. but they exhibited the same symptoms... That's only two people I've known during the change, but I'd wager that anyone related to you will become a similar animal. Which I think helps prove that this is somehow genetic... Though it's only a theory. Sorry I can't be more helpful CV. It's a real zoo up here in Maryland, but I haven't run into any "Double Whammies", can't really imagine what that's like... Must be tough. I hope I never have to give up the convince of standing up while peeing. Seriously, that rocks.

Cale smiled, people were very polite on this forum, it'd probably be only temporary... When Changed get more common, the shock of it all will probably wear off and it'll become just as rowdy as any other message board. Her younger brother would make an adorable kitten, Cale had always liked cats even before becoming one, with the idea of her AND Hugh's family becoming cats.. They might as well rename Silver City to "Silver Kitty", but she was getting ahead of herself, that's a horrible pun.. there were only two other posts, but she needed all the help she could get right now.. what must Gabriel be thinking with her long pause?

AquaLad85 - I don't think so Lone, my dad's in the "First 10" club and he's a coyote, but I'm an otter. It's really convient that he changed first. He took my "trading teams" rather lightly, (I to am in the MTF boat, my username was made when I was still in denial) actually he was a little worried, but he kept making jokes about how I'm "Daddy's Girl", though he was always a bit of a funny guy.. something about him taking it so lightly.. I don't know it just made it really easy to adjust. It was a all downhill after the first three days, I thought I had died or slipped into a coma. Though it was a nice bonding experience, kinda glad it happened... I'm the middle child, so... I kinda get ignored. Though the First 10 are from a time of incredible loneliness, they probably get a huge rush out of anyone changing, regardless of what they become. I'm always used to seeing dad with some other Changeds, helping them with this and that, it's kinda become an "unusually uninteresting sight" to me. Though given how unstable some of the users are, I guess my experience isn't typical. Looks like I'm on the opposite end of your spectrum there CV..... But yeah, I think it's completely random... what a diverse world this is becoming.

Giovanni - Actually Aqua, both me and my wife are changed.. I'm a Rhino and she's a Vixen. We have a little one on the way, we've wanted a second child, but I only just changed last year so, she's going, according to the ultrasound, be a fox cub, taking after her mommy. So I think your mom might become an otter, since we don't have hybridization (My wife's an artist, she has drawn tons of pictures of what she thought our non-human kid would look like) I think we have "Familal Changes" but the mother and father are two different races. If your mom becomes an Otter, I'm sure that'll all but confirm it.

Anyway CV, I don't really know any TG'd either, but I'm sure your family will accept you for you, it'll probably take some time, but this past year has taught me that the outside doesn't matter, my foxy new lover is just like my fleshy old one, though she is alot cuter. I'm not a member of that furry fandom or anything, but she's always been a bit of a crazy chick, so the vixen look rather suits her. Plus that bushy tail of hers. It may take them some time, but you should try explaining that its both not your fault (If I could have chosen I'd have been a fox to go along with my precious foxette, plus my horn is kinda bothersome sometimes... we had to remodel the walls a few times... just wasn't used to the damn thing.. it's still kinda weird)

That being said, if our son James became an older sister for Jessie (what we're naming the one in the oven) I don't know how I'd react, it would definitely be a hard pill to swallow. I remember being the one who taught him the birds and the bees, (I've never believed in School System Sex Education) I took him to his first ball game, and I'm rather close to my son. I really don't know how I'd take it, being swarmed with all that estrogen. At any rate, I'd love to say that I'd love my daughter for who he is. If it doesn't make you any less of a man to no longer enjoy grilling, I guess it doesn't if you... become a woman? Well something like that.

Getting back to the first question you had, Carol (my wife) says that it's just the same, even for her cousin that's a guy now. Happened the day after her wedding, poor girl... guy? A fever, followed by change. I'm a bit of a newbie, so... maybe someone else can answer you.

Cale began to type, these family stories were warming her heart, so much so that she forgot why she was reading in the first place. It took another message from her messanger to remind her, one that came after a quick thanks for those who tried to help, although not much help, they atleast tried. But now she had to get back to planning for her own family.

Darkdooter92:My patience is growing quite thin Cale..

MegaCale CV:Alright you caught me, there's no furry stuff involved, in actuality there's a really bad bug going around that only strikes on August 15th, my dad who was in the military told me about it. You know that Silver Braclet I always wear, the one that says "Sleeping Sickness:Venusian Feline-Flu Variant", it's because I've caught it. I had to make up my little lie about furries, because legally I cannot let information about this out.

Obviously this is a lie, but she couldn't think of a better excuse.

Darkdooter92:Ahhh, that explains it, but why only August 15th?

MegaCat CV:The Government doesn't know much about the illness, that's why it's kept underwraps

Darkdooter92:what should I do then? Should I call an ambulance or something? Eat greens and cut back on the sweets? Or should I write my will?

MegaCat CV: Dunno if you have it, but it can actually give you super powers... Isn't that crazy?

Darkdooter92:That explains that horrible aerobics act of yours...

Megacat CV:Oh cmon, you love a girl who can put both legs over her head

Darkdooter92:For the last time Cale, you're not a miss, you're a mister.

MegaCat CV:But I'm a sexy tiger girl!

Darkdooter92:The offer to block you still stands.

MegaCat CV:Right, well then, if you caught it you'll receive a horrible flu, make sure you don't get examined by a doctor, insist you don't need one. I'd hate for you to get dissected or something.

Darkdooter92:How did you get that bracelet that apparently prevents that then?

MegaCat CV:Talk to me two days later, show up at school... the 17th is when the flu-symptoms go away and the "mutation" part happens. Fortunately it happens to be a friday.. we can meet up then.

Darkdooter92:Sounds good.. How do you know I'll catch it though.

MegaCat CV:Same way I knew when it was my time, I didn't. That Hugh kid has it too.

Darkdooter92:So you're risking a jail sentence to warn me of a disease you don't know I'll get.

MegaCat CV:That's the gist of it!

Darkdooter92:I can't tell if you're a good friend, or just really stupid. But either way, you're a kind soul Cale. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

MegaCat CV:Some of the symptoms can be hard to notice, even if they look really obvious, humans are just weird that way. So, try not to panic. Anywaaaaaaaaaaay... gonna do WoW tonight?

Darkdooter92:Hells yeah, my Shaman Draenei shall meet you at the Deadmines.

Cale and Gabriel gamed all night and got into a heated discussion as to whose class was superior the Druid with its animal transformation or the Shaman with the totems... it was around midnight when Gabriel decided to log off.

Darkdooter92:Gonna call it a night.. all of a sudden I don't feel so good. A need a nap.

MegaCat CV:A Sickness at the stroke of midnight! Gasp!!!! Are you going to become a stallion?

Darkdooter92:What? No.... no.. no.. Why would? Enough with the furry bullshit! It's just late.. See ya at school tomorrow

MegaCat CV:Okay... horsey

Darkdooter92:See you there, ass.

Darkdooter92 has signed off - 11:59:45 PM

Cale's day dreams got the better of her once again, she decided to call it a night... but... not without.. strategic finger placement. The girl really couldn't help herself, she was sure it was a transformation! During the WoW game she had looked at the forum one more time, very few people talked about knowing a TG-Changed, so it's like very rare. Besides, she ultimately decided that she couldn't control what was going to happen, so why not think positive. In three days, the world's going to open up some new possibilities, and maybe some of them will go her way. She was partially lying to herself, and true, not every fur was being quite as helpful there were others scared of being found out. But ultimately the worst that could happen to their people? Someone else would be in the same boat as them... Sides, even though Silver City was overdue for more changed, it's not like she can pick and choose, the fates have already decided whose changing and there was never really anything she could do about it now nor was there ever.

The next day at lunch, Cale saw exactly what he hoped to saw, a complete lack of Gabriel, which was both good and bad. On the bright side, it likely meant that Gabriel had gotten the Change Flu, on the not-so-bright side.. GABRIEL MAY HAVE THE CHANGE FLU! A confirmation had to be made, and Jimmy happened to be in the cafeteria. Cale feeling suddenly hysterical, as she hoped this would happen, but didn't fully think it was really true. She walked up to him and calmly, non-calmly demanded an explanation.

"Tell where your brother is! It's important!" Cale impolitely inqueried

"Dawg he's at home sick..." Jimmy calmly stated, not really caring about Cale's antics

"Alright listen, you need to tell him that it is very important he's here on the 17th, if not bad things will happen! Also tell him that if things get fuzzy, try not to freak out, it's far less noticeable than he thinks."

"Okay first off, you don't threaten me, since you're Gabe's friend I'm not gonna kick your ass over it. Let it happen again and you're getting a buck fifty, we straight?" Jimmy responded, slightly annoyed,

"You're paying me to threaten you...?" Cale questioned, this did seem like a most odd policy, especially given that he wanted her to stop and paying someone to do something is a horrible way to get them to stop.

Jimmy shed light on this and went straight to the point in the same tone of voice "Naw dawg, that's where I cut your face up till it needs a hundred and fifty stitches. We cool on that?"

Cale smiled to herself, thinking about the ten reasons attached to her paws as to why that wouldn't happen. However she was proud, not foolish, so she nodded in agreement. "Completely frigid, so where's your brother?"

The ill-behaved youth nodded in agreement and almost instantaneously took a far less defensive posture "At home" he said casually "Had a bad case of the flu."

Cale was ecstatic, she kind of assumed this upon not seeing Gabriel around and was holding out hope up for it, but aside from seeing him bright eyed and bushy tailed, this was as good as proof as any. Finally she could share her deepest darkest secret with her closest friend, all the reasons for her acting so weird around August, the mysterious tail-tripping incidents, the complaints of chest pain, the intolerance to heat, the... "piano recitals"... All of it! Maybe if she was lucky..... companionship, she did always fancy Gabriel's queer mixture of a no-nonsense attitude combined with the deadpan snarkiness, plus he was smart and cute to boot. Funny, good looking, smart, normally you have to pick two, but in Gabriel she saw all three. She always wanted to ask him out, but there was the whole issue of her looking like a guy to humans. Last time she checked homosexuality wasn't too tolerated, especially when the guy you want to ask out prefers to be the only one packing heat. Most men don't take your word for it when you try telling them you're really a she, especially when your own damn birth certificate calls you a liar. The proof would soon be in the pudding, maybe the veil's already weakened for Gabby, she could already be the femme-self she's wanted to show him. Cale's mind was racing a billion gazillion patrillion super miles a mili-second! Even if they were just friends, there would be all sorts of furry hijinks for the duo to get into. Gabriel's house was only a short bike ride from hers. The beginning of a brand new adve...

Cale's frantic thoughts were brought to a sudden pause as she was interrupted by Jimmy "You okay dude, you sorta just zoned out...."

Cale scratched her headfur "Ah, right, sorry about that... Look tell your brother that he absolutely MUST come to school on the 17th, I cannot stress this enough. If he isn't here on the 17th I will..."

Jimmy glared at the frantic, to what appeared to him, lad. Giving her one freaky looking evil eye, she might have been a fang and claw killing machine, but it still intimidated her to quite a high degree.

Cale quickly calmed and came up with a new ending to her sentence, "talk to him on a day when I do see him, and in no way wish to start any trouble." she laughed to herself, but it was a very forced chuckle, not a genuine expression of joy and amusement. Regardless of how forced she sounded, the declaration of fear was enough to convey her recent absent-mindedness and overall regret of the almost threat. Jimmy was satisfied with this and talked away, muttering under his breath. "freak..."

Lunch had ended once more and again Cale found herself headed for Mizzo's Class Of Horrors, though she was in a good mood this day. She just couldn't wait to speak to the only other Changed on campus, well, for another two days. Cale giggled at that thought as she walked, keeping her tail close, not wanting a repeat of the other day. Upon returning to the class and taking her seat, she was silently greeted by Mizzo who had on a pseudo-impressed look, "Hello Vinole, good to see you. Must be easier to get here on time with Gabe absent."

Cale rolled her eyes, not even Mizzo's comments could ruin this for her as she tugged on Hugh, who wasn't really paying attention to his surrondings, with her invisible tail.

Hugh yelped, more suprised from being dragged from his day dream. "Don't tug on me!" He said without thinking, which was heard by the instructor.

"Vinole, get in the quiet area, you know better than to put your hands on other students." Mizzo called out

Cale looked flabbergasted "You're joking right? I'm not close enough to even touch him, it was probably Mirole", obviously she was lying, but she disliked Mirole and didn't mean to harm Hugh, but more importantly to the laws of logic itself Cale's tail cannot be perceived by humankind. She shouldn't have been able to tell.

"I don't know how you did it, but Mirole has his head on his desk and Hugh was looking right at you. Now please don't cause problems for the class, I'll have to call the deputy if you do." Mizzo stated calmly, not losing her cool or gaining any ounce of anything resembling angry.

Cale sighed and laid down on the blue aerobic matt in the back of the room which served as the aftermentioned "Quiet Area", it wasn't worth it to argue, besides it meant she wouldn't have to perform the degrading task she picked out for them. Which today was learning how to use hand gestures by reading an excrept of a Bob The Builder Picture Book meant for pre-schoolers and following along by acting the emotion conveyed with their hands. "Dodged a bullet there" she said to herself. Cale was not without her pride and was glad not to degrade herself in such a manner. Free-time eventually came, Hugh and a young boy with glasses around his age were playing Chess as per their games of the week. Cale whispered over to Hugh "Remember Gabriel? He's changing..."

Hugh perked his ear up "How do you know?"

The Glasses Wearing Boy looked up and in a nasally voice asked "What?"

"Because he has a fever, and on the 15th of August" Cale answered,

Hugh responded "Well, that could mean anything, you sure?" not moving his head towards Cale's direction, which causes furthur confusion to his playmate.

"Sorry are you talking to me?" The boy inqueried

Hugh shook his head no and told him "No, I'm talking to Vinole"

The boy gasped "He's in Time Out! You can't do that! I'm telling Missy Mizzo!" he got up and began his march towards the authority figure, who was checking her email whilst reading articles on the internet, completely oblivious and inconsequntieal to the world around in her own classroom. "Miss Mizzo, Hugh's talking to Cale in timeout!"

Cale called out "Oh shut up Williamson you little tattle tale!"

The boy, who was named Williamson looked incredibly offended "And he just told me to shut up."

Mizzo just casually looked at Williamson, glanced back over to Cale, then back to Williamson. "Vinole I actually forgot you were in The Quiet Area, you can get out now if you think you can behave. Williamson, lighten up."

Cale walked out of the area and slapped herself down on the couch Hugh sat on the other day "Thanks M, anyway Hugh." Cale quickly adjusted her volume for felines only "Gabe's pretty tough, it would take one hell of a flu to keep him down. Besides THIS CLOSE to Change Day?"

Hugh smiled "Well, I hope you're right, maybe he'll be a third big kitty. Just three felines doing felinely things, know what I mean?"

Cale chuckled "Well, whatever he becomes, I just hope he enjoys it." she murred to herself and brought down her volume even furthur as she spoke to herself "Come on big bad thouroughbred stallion.."

Hugh tilted his head "Why would you want him to be a horse, that's a girly animal.... no offense?"

Cale tried her best "Well when a woman gets a c....".... she got a little nervous and quickly changed her story "I mean, I'm actually kinda tired... I'll see you around." and quickly feigned sleep on the couch.

Hugh and Williamson continued their game, for several minutes, Williamson was a bookworm and Hugh was a child fairly new to the game. The inevitable defeat of Hugh started well, but Williamson's mouth lead him to some trouble "You're not very bright are you Hugh?"

Hugh tackled the boy out of seemingly nowhere in response to the comment. "I'm smart! I'm plenty smart!" Cale flipped off the couch and pulled the leopard off as Hugh's claws were slightly poking into the boy, and this could lead to trouble if more pressure was applied. Williamson was forced back and had bumped his head onto the bookshelf where the board games were kept.

Cale looked to Williamson who was scared speechless "Are you okay?" normally she didn't get along with anyone in this class, but a snow leopard attack just happened and the kid looked beyond frightened.. but quickly shrugged it off, holding where Hugh's claw jabbed him, a bruise was visible on his shoulder.

"I'm fine" he responded "I'm fine, for a second, I thought you two were werewolves or something.. ow... ow... and my head hurts, I need to see the nurse.. like REALLY hurts...."

Hugh look at Cale with concern "I didn't mean to hurt him... I just... people call me dumb all the time I..."

Cale looked back "If he's whining he's fine, Williamson would swear he had a concussion from a rain drop." Her focus shifted back to Williamson as Mizzo walked up, having heard the commotion. "What do you mean, werewolves?"

Williamson responded with various "ows" holding his head and bruise "It's nothing, but for a second... you both looked like animals on two legs... you were orange and he was white... I just need to see the nurse"

Mizzo inquired "How did this happen?"

Hugh said nothing, Williamson answered first, though Cale tried to say something "Hugh tackled me, may I see the nurse please?"

Mizzo looked the trio over "If you're seeing werewolves, you probably should." She called over Mirnole who was busy with 8-Bit Theater, "Mirnole, you may have some candy if you escourt Williamson to the Nurse's office."

Mirnole objected "Can't you have a para-educator do it"

Mizzo responded in a slightly angered tone "Do you see any Paras in the room?"

"Fiiiine" Mirnole logged off the computer and escorted the slightly delirious Williamson

Mizzo focused her attention back over to Hugh and Cale, "Hugh did you learn nothing from when Cale tugged you? You didn't like that remember? Why did you just attack Williamson?" Hugh said nothing, just that he was sorry.

Cale spoke up "Look, Hugh didn't mean to, he was insulted and he didn't mean to hurt anyone. If your class would teach something helpful involving this exact scenario, instead of having us read books more fitting in a nursery than a High School. Maybe we wouldn't have two delirious students, and a slightly pissed off name thief escorting one of them to the Nurse. If you want to blame anyone for this, blame your own lesson plan." Cale looked triumphant at the way she told off this stupid waste of a class and put no one at fault. Maybe Mizzo would stop insulting her intellect for once.... well maybe in her perfect ideal of paradise. For our sexy tiger girl was about to learn that no good deed goes unpunished.

"I will not have you swearing at me, in my classroom, just because your friend hurt someone else. Do you think this class is a battle room young man? It is not, in the real world you and Hugh would be charged with assault, maybe even attempted murder. Both of you are getting lunch detention, Hugh, tomorrow only, you will eat your lunch in here, no free time, no talking to other students. Vinole because you encouraged Hugh by teaching him that violence is okay and for mouthing off like that. The next three school days." Mizzo spoke, her decision final, the look of justice well served in her eyes. A look that fooled Hugh, who just nodded and took a seat, but Cale had to hold back, literally trying her damnedest not to attack her herself. Be through cruelty or ignorance, Mizzo had missed the point of Cale's speech entirely.

"See you can't even convey your anger properly, looking down and holding your hands behind your back. What message does your body convey with that? Maybe if you pay attention you will find my class far more beneficial." Mizzo stated somewhat mockingly before sitting back down.

"You don't understand, I REALLY need to see Gabriel on the 17th. I only see him during lunch and you know that! It's literally an emergency." Cale pleaded, knowingly beforehand in vein.

"Whatever it is can wait till Tuesday, it's probably just video games again." Mizzo stated coldly

The rest of the period moved by slowly, Williamson was fine, though the nurse was a little baffled as to why his bruise looked like a claw mark. No lasting damage was done. The rest of Cale's classes went through the same amount of slowness, the fact that she was reading "The TellTale Heart" for the umpteenth year in a row wasn't easing her mood. She wouldn't be able to run into Gabriel if she couldn't even be in the same room as him, additionally Williamson said he saw her and Hugh as animals! Cale had heard about some instances where a bump on the noggin or a mental oddity caused humans to start seeing Changed as what they really were. She didn't want to outed to just anyone, especially not Williamson who can't keep his mouth shut about a slight annoyance, let alone his classmates being animals, FEMALE animals.

The day continued to drag on until Cale got home and once again posted on the forums, trying to see if anyone knew anything about humans with "The Sight", but the Changed were barely known if at all to humans, so not much of it was helpful. Just like yesterday, she was told to "hope for the best". Meanwhile she was hoping that Gabriel would have a plan if he was on. Which fortunately he was.

MegaCat CV:Heard someone was, sick as a dog. hehe

Darkdooter92:Oh rub it in, you were right about this disease. Just as you predicted I've had one mythological underworld of a case of the common cold. Could barely get out of bed to use the PC.

MegaCat CV:Well, Mizzo's a bitch, as usual. 4 Lunch Detentions because Hugh accidentally hurt Williamson

Darkdooter92:You got 4 lunch detentions... because he had the misfortune of accidentally breathing on someone? That's not a punishment befitting of the crime.

MegaCat CV:Actually he tackled him into the bookcase and hit him so hard he thought I was a tiger

Darkdooter92:But I thought you WERE a tiger

MegaCat CV:Yeah, crazy coincidence eh? Anyway, this brings me to my next query. Walking you through your mutation. It's really important we do this because it can be very... overwhelming seeing it happen.

Darkdooter92:Wait a second, why would YOU get scolded and branded a ne'er-do-well because of the actions of of another?

MegaCat CV:That bitch has it out for me!

Darkdooter92:You stood up to her in class again didn't you?

MegaCat CV:Yeah, but it was different it's like what I said just went over her head.

Darkdooter92:So you mean to tell me that it was not different at all.

MegaCat CV:No it was different, she made us read Bob The Builder....

Darkdooter92:Best time for mysterious life-altering diseases ever. Coincidentally, I did some studying and did you know that 17 is the number of Change in Numerology and that it has an identical counterpart. Taking up the guise of the far more innocent looking number 8.

MegaCat CV:And I'm the weird one... No I didn't, amazing coincidence when you consider that 8/17 is Change Day.

Darkdooter92: Coincidence? likely not, you said this was linked to the government, whoever is doing this probably planned it that way for that specific reasoning.

MegaCat CV:How am I gonna "show you the ropes" without a lunch time?

Darkdooter92:If it's really as creepy as you say, why wait till lunch? Just hide in the bathroom near Mizzo's room at the beginning of school tomorrow and I'll try to meet you within.

MegaCat CV:And miss first block? You know I take Theater Arts very seriously.

Darkdooter92:Well I can clearly see this is an emergency of the highest caliber if you can't be bothered to miss one drama class over it.

MegaCat CV:Well when you put it that way...

Darkdooter92:Your bus is always late anyway, just use that as your excuse. I have Mizzo first block and her room is closest to the bus entrance. So I don't see the problem.

MegaCat CV:Well that's settled, World Of Warcraft then?

Darkdooter92:This fever is horrendous, I haven't been able to play much of anything without getting a cluster migraine of elephantine proportions.

MegaCat CV:Owch... I guess it's been longer since I changed than I thought, 5 years already.

Darkdooter92:I assure you, this is not something I shall forget for half a millennium, and you know how much of a tolerance for pain I have.

MegaCat CV:And how!

Darkdooter92:Sounds ominous, but then again when aren't you exaggerating?

MegaCat CV:Cluster Migraine of Elephantine Proportions....

Darkdooter92:It was primarily my intention to verify that I did speak with Jimmy and I do wish to see how far this rabbithole goes. I shall gaze witness upon you in Dos Solar Cycles!

MegaCat CV:...oddly appropriate choice of words.

Darkdooter92:Off to view the tapestry upon which Morpheus delineates, see you on the 17th.

Gabriel logged off and went to bed, Cale wasted the rest of the day browsing forums and playing games. She wished she actually had the ability to draw, she had so many visions of what Gabriel would potentially be soon. Horses, big cats, wolves, bears, maybe even a stag, something majestic and powerful for a good friend. But her drawings were pathetic dis-formed blobs and stick figures. Her real talents lied in writing, even though it does take her forever to finish a story. She was tossing about a story idea, about some kind of Transforming Blade and an heroic stallion to wield it in order to save a kingdom of transfixed beings under a permanent curse. A friend who called him/herself CM had read her excerpts, it needed more work. Cale did have some story ideas that were thrilling, but the work she needed to make this a reality was just something she wasn't prepared to give at this moment in time. For there are a lot of things she desired at the moment, and one of them happened to be a Level 70 Night Elf Druid.

Two days later and the big day, August 17th rolled around, Cale stepped off the bus which to her felt like a chariot, a chariot towards the future of the human race... Or at least her friend Gabriel. This was a big day, Change Day, the destinies of countless people. Altered in ways they never suspected, though some of them dreamed and hoped something like today existed, but for the most part. It was just one big Transformational Lottery, we were all given tickets upon being born and eventually everyone's a winner. The prizes are merely non-refundable, no matter how many problems they cause. Cale walked into the bathroom, and waited, like a hunter watching and waiting for the perfect time to strike at her prey.

Gabriel on the other paw was curious, though the flu came and went just as his friend predicted, he wasn't expecting too much. Something was bound to happen, maybe coincidences do exist, maybe they don't. Gabriel had mixed feelings about today as he entered Mizzo's classroom. He didn't have the same anticipation as his friend with the two big surprises in "his" shirt. Something would either happen or it wouldn't, Cale had been right so far, but Cale was also a loon prone to declaring himself the sexiest of all tiger girls. As he took his seat it happened, an uncomfortable bulge forming above his firm backside. Gabriel winced as he felt it growing, not feeling too pleasant as what feels like an appendage or a limb of some kind coming out from behind him, ready to say hi to the world. Gabriel twitched a little as he felt his tailbone popping as a scaly tail trapped in his jeans rubbed against his leg. All Gabriel could think was "This is definitely something", as he looked down to see what was rubbing against him his eyes grew wide as his hands had altered from its familiar form. One couldn't call these hands, these were claws, wrinkled, pink, claws. Gabriel took this and the sudden warmth as his usually high amount of body hair seemed to get less usual yet more high, as his que to get to the restroom. He grunted at first, standing up too quickly from the shock of seeing what are clearly not his body parts on his person. So quickly that he didn't take into account the tail he had just so painfully grown, stuck in his pant leg, as he accidentally stomped on it. Grunting in pain of a body part so unfamiliar being stepped on by... digitigrade paws? Yes, when he looked down his shoes had vanished, and in their place a pair of hindpaws more befitting a hamster or a gerbil than a teenage boy.

"Something amiss Gabe, you seem so anxious to be out of your seat?" Mizzo asked, with legitimate concern, but seemingly no notice of the bizarre chimera of mouse and man he appeared to be turning to.

"Diarrhea... Sudden Diarrhea.." Gabriel replied quickly as he burst out of the room as fast as his new legs could take him, which was surprisingly swift considering Gabriel had never been much of a runner as a human. "ow ow ow" he repeated as dashed through the hall, still stepping on the tail caught in his pantleg, in what felt like minutes, it was a small hallway and was more like seconds. He breathed deeply and removed his tail from his pant leg the instant he got into the men's restroom. His pants seemed a little looser and his shirt seemed big on him, he looked in the mirror. Gabriel's biggest phobia was always mirrors, he wasn't rightfully sure why. They just creeped him out, especially those stories about the reflection really being a doppelganger trying to find a way out. What Gabriel saw looked nothing like what he did just 10 minutes ago on his way to class. He was speechless and scared stiff as he looked and saw not a man, but a rat, slightly shorter than how he used to stand. A small, ugly, bipedal, blonde furred little rodent. Many questions ran through his head. Why didn't Mizzo notice his body convert? Where did his shoes go? He didn't feel them rip off and he couldn't see any tattered remains. Would he ever be normal again? How would he live his life as a thing? Could rats even be blonde? Most importantly, where was Cale and what was his explanation for this?

A new set of problems arose as he heard a feminine voice from the stall. "Something smells WONDERFULLY DELICIOUS!" He heard a murring sounds that clearly belonged to some form of feline, as he looked in the direction of the voice. Quickly he scanned the room for something that could be used as a weapon, he found nothing and backed into a corner. His curiosity and fear kept him in place, walking backwards slowly, his eyes locked in terror as the stall opened. It wasn't a voice he recognized, it wasn't a human sound, he was a mouse of some kind and that was a cat purring. He saw what looked like a bipedal tiger, with long sharp claws and visible fangs, obviously female especially with a rack on her like the one he was witnessing, her nipples poked through as the shirt was too small for her and she was clearly not wearing a bra. What she was wearing was mannish clothing oddly enough, familiar looking clothes. He could have sworn they belonged to Cale, didn't see any shoes on her, but a tiger doesn't need shoes, her headfur was striped like Cale's hair, but Cale's was shorter and more importantly a male human. This was obviously not Cale... could Cale have been here, annihilated by this thing? There weren't any signs of a struggle, the clothing was intact and devoid of blood. It spoke with a curious voice "You're a rat.. definitely a rat, mice are smaller and gerbils do not have tails like that.... not quite what I was hoping for."

Gabriel's muzzle was ajar "Not what.. So you are sure that you're not going to attempt to ingest me..?" the scent of fear was perfectly ingrained on him as he swallowed.

The creature replied "Of course not Gabriel, you are Gabriel right? Sorry, you don't look like yourself."

The newly Changed rat nodded "How do you know my name, and what haveth thou done with Cale?"

The creature looked concerned, and tried to offer the rat a hug to calm him, but Gabriel swiped at her with his new claws. "Back! They're new, but sharp! Stay away from me!"

The tigress sighed "I AM Cale!"

Gabriel chuckled slightly, calming down considerably, if she was going to attack she would have done it by now, keeping his guard up just in case it was an act. "Sorry Madame, but Cale is a male, I understand that I'm a rat and he could be a tiger, I guess, but you couldn't pass for the gender that he is even if you duct-taped those mighty mammories to the Summerlands and back."

The tigress giggled a little "Really? Because I recall that Cale is a..." slowing her words for dramatic effect. "Sexy. Tiger. Girl." at this point, she was just playing with him.

Gabriel let his guard down and got a little closer "Holy shit! You are Cale! Ahahaha... wow, you gave me a heart attack. Why didn't you tell me sooner that you could turn into a perfect specimen of a Tigerius Pantherius Sapiens, and female to boot." He tried to avert his gaze from her chest now that he knew who it was, not an easy task, Cale was not only female, she was a WOAH-man. "Well your jest was most amusing, but put those away before poke someone's eyes out."

Cale tilted her head confused "Put what away"

"Your bosom that puts to shame even the most plasticity enhanced of strippers.... No homo." Gabriel said slightly annoyed.

Cale still confused "Not sure what you're hinting at."

"Okay you can turn into a were-tiger, shift back so I can see how it's done..." Gabriel demanded, starting to get worried again.

Cale bit her paw "I can't..."

Gabriel gave out a forced laugh "What do you mean you can't? I know you're not normally like this... Your tail, claws, breasts, fur, ocular tissue that reacts curiously to light, it's not something people wouldn't notice."

Cale shook her head "This transformation cannot be undone, The only way to change again is to wait to see if you change again next year. Even then you'll never go back to being human."

"Bullshit! Not cool MAN!" Gabe responded half-pissed half-mockingly "I can't leave this room like this, people would freak out. You said you've been like this for 5 years and in all that time I have NEVER ONCE seen you like this."

Cale smiled "Calm down, no one's gonna see, there's a magical field around us. Anyone you see that doesn't have a tail is going to see you as a normal human worm baby. There's nothing to worry about, just don't do anything stupid like taking Tylenol which you're now fatally allergic to. Oh and draw no attention to your new body."

Gabriel pondered this, remembering that the Cale he saw a few days ago, wasn't so curvy. "But they will see me as a woman?"

Cale laughed "No, the Reality Distortion Field or Veil, whatever you wanna call it shows the you you were before, with minor alterations. Like orange and black hair on my ghost image."

Gabriel grew curious "If it shows the old you, why are you a woman? Also, I'm blonde now?"

Cale was about to answer "Because I..." Cale then remembered that on the inside he was still Gabriel, and on the outside he wasn't handsome anymore, but damn he was cute. He might not be interested if his friend thought he was some kind of weird she-male. "No one's really sure, the field is wonky with genders sometimes. It's caused me a lot of problems, but it's a very rare condition. The chances of two people in the same town with it are slim."

"What did your parents say when your false visage switched?" Gabriel asked, pondering how that must have been an interesting conversation to ask your daughter where her breasts went.

Cale shrugged "They didn't say much of anything, I wasn't so shapely before I changed, so they didn't really notice, also I'm used to dressing like a tomboy" Cale was proud of herself, normally she was bad at lying, although technically, nothing she said so far was even the slightest lie. "So, since you know I'm a girl, I was... uhh... never mind. I just wanted you to make sure you knew that you had nothing to be afraid of. I better get to class."

Gabriel chuckled "Thanks, this would have bothered me all day... I think you're getting an A on your class. You are the first woman I've seen to portray a convincing man. Also, as for what you were about to say, I'm not stupid. Most people see you as a guy and only now am I seeing that you aren't one. It's gonna take some getting used too. By the various divines, what I look like now is going to take getting used to."

Cale walked out happily "Well, maybe when this becomes less weird for you we can talk then... We can stay friends right now."

Gabriel "Two furfags in a human world, I'm pretty sure friendship is a very required survival trait. Or three, you said Hugh was one? Sides, I am or at least was a Lumbee Indian, you don't see too many of me walking around either. I'd be friends with you if you were a tiger girl or living cookie dough. Wouldn't matter, no homo, but you have a good heart and in the end, that is what counts."

Cale started walking slowly to class "Yeah, he's a snow leopard, male. I still have lunch detention, hence the bathroom scare, but I'll see you online"

Gabriel smirked "Good thing too, your own invisibility is not something one considers." and with that he returned to class, taking one last look at Cale, he'd have to get used to that look for him... her, tiger claws and camel toes are not things people get over. Or rather the latter is, but not on one of your closest up-until-now male friends. He stepped back into the classroom, calmer and more relaxed, he still had many questions for Cale about his transformation, but they can wait till after school, he had a body to try and get used to and a Ghost Image to test. "Back, things happened in the restroom that you would not believe." Gabe said, crossing his fingers hoping that he didn't look like a chick to everyone. If he did, his brother would never let him live that down, nor his father whom had a knack for puns.

Mizzo spoke "You aren't in my class."

Gabriel swallowed feeling a pain deep within his Adam's Apple, cursing his luck "Oh it's rare, probably won't happen to you... Damn you Cale!"

Mizzo took a second look at Gabriel and suddenly knew who he was, "Oh, you dyed your hair, I didn't recognize you. Looks good on you."

Gabriel exhaled, relieved that he didn't have a lot of explaining to do. "Thanks, I saw Cale's stripes and I guess I just had to try it myself." He said with a slight smile, trying to make joke of the situation. A tatic that always worked for Cale when she was troubled or unsure of things. "They say blondes have all the fun and amusement, I supposed I shall find out for myself."

Mizzo inquired "What was that Cale stuff about?"

Gabriel "Absolutely nothing, I wouldn't concern myself with it."

Mizzo shrugged "Alright, take your seat. Today's lesson is on Cornell notes, Danzick has already started. Because you've been sick I'm going to omit this assignment for you on account of your bathroom misadventure. Try not to let it happen again."

Gabriel looked at his paws, flexing what would be his hands for the rest of his life, making fists "If I can help it..."

The rest of the day was oddly uneventful, when you're a rat and no one notices it's almost like any other day. The inappropriate Air Conditioning in his normally frigid AJROTC Class didn't bother him so much, though he did realize his smaller size means he'd have to order a new uniform for inspection day, he was a rather high-ranking Junior and an ill-fitting outfit would not do. Fortunately it wasn't that big of an issue as he wasn't that much taller to begin with. Though a uniform was not all he'd need to order, he couldn't help but to chew on his pencils, which his sharpened incisors made short work of.

When Gabriel got home all of the various house cats who lived in his yard followed him around, far more intently than usual. "It seems I really do smell wonderfully delicious", they didn't harm him thankfully, he was far too large to be recognized as food. When he got inside he went straight to the computer, he had to speak with Cale, whom always got home before him.

Darkdooter92:I appreciate your assistance in the lavatorial this morning, though I couldn't help but think it inadequate.

MegaCat CV:Well I couldn't leave my best friend hanging, but at the same time, we were in school. We aren't now, so... what can I help you with?

Darkdooter92:Everything! Why did this queer transfiguration happen to me, how was it began and where does it all end? Will the whole world be like this? Honestly, I don't know where to start asking?

MegaCat CV:It's a long story ratboy, get yourself a big plate of cheese because you're in for quite a tale of tails.

Darkdooter92:Enthralling... still as melodramatic as ever.

MegaCat CV:You realize it's only you that's changed recently right?

Darkdooter92:Hence why I'm asking you to tell me everything. The government is not coming to take me away or anything of that nature, am I correct in this assumption?

MegaCat CV:Yeah, the military isn't really involved, at least as far as I know. I just made that up when you wouldn't believe the real one.

Darkdooter92:Figured as much, but it never hurts to be secure in mind. Especially given that security in flesh does not seem to be a thing in our day and age. So where did your bracelet come from? The one that calls this rather peculiar phenomenon "Sleeping Sickness", what's it for and should I get one?

MegaCat CV:It's so that medical professionals call in someone experienced in Changed instead of trying to operate. Don't want them using medicines that are known to kill tigers, but work just fine on humans.

Darkdooter92:I would indeed imagine that would be unpleasant and confusing, so we're called Changed then? What a horrendously uncreative name.

MegaCat CV:Just you and Hugh, there are some humans who are in the know. They're called Known.

Darkdooter92:That moniker is far worse than Changed, Known is a reference to knowledge that one possesses, not one possessing of knowledge. Knowing or "Kindred" would make far more sense... Where did these names even come from?

MegaCat CV:I it started in 1987 when a woman became a literal fox and every year the amount of people who change double, I guess until there aren't any humans left, no one's really sure why it happens. I like to think its magic.

MegaCat CV:We're all mammals, no birds, no fish, no reptiles

Darkdooter92:No Items, Fox Only, FINAL DESTINATION! Additionally, I would make reference to our people as lycans, I think that's a better name.

MegaCat CV:You forgot Falco.... Also Lycans? We're not werewolves...

Darkdooter92:No, Falco is an avian, which is not a mammal. Shame that there are no reptiles though. I could really see myself as some kind of dragon man. Also no, not werewolves in the traditional sense, but we are animal-people.

MegaCat CV:lol, Tiger and Dragon, heh. Well you have a point, your body is completely different.

Darkdooter92:Tell me something I am not already aware of. I literally just made that observation.

MegaCat CV:So... let's give your new paws a re-adjustment to keyboards.

Darkdooter92:I think I know where this is going, let's start Horde Characters, I always wished to try that faction.

MegaCat CV:But we're normally Alliance, what... Changed

Darkdooter92:Just because I'm a rat and you're a tiger does not mean I won't pop you for any horrid puns.

MegaCat CV:But I'm a lady.... You can't hit me.

Darkdooter92:Tell that to the countless humans who see you as a man, sir.

MegaCat CV:Ya got me there. Yeah, let's see how the other side plays.

Darkdooter92:Btw, Cale's clearly a facade, what is your real name if you are indeed a girl as my eyes and your mouth claim.

MegaCat CV:Iris, call me Iris

Darkdooter92:I will call you Cale, just because I'm no longer accustomed to my own appearance, does not mean I'm no longer accustomed to your name. Besides, everyone else will wonder what fag has the name Iris.

MegaCat CV:I guess so...

Darkdooter92:So when your mother asks "How is Iris doing?" and the school has no idea who she's talking about....?

It was a good 5 minutes before Cale had an answer

Megacat CV:It's... short for Kayleen, Iris is just what I'd like to be called.

Darkdooter92:I see.

Cale, or Iris as she liked to be called wondered how long she can keep the charade of being a natural woman up. It was early in the morning and she wasn't thinking straight, but what's done is done. Besides, she might like how this plays out. The chances of him running into a TG Changed who could explain how it really works was very slim. Only time will tell what shall become of the three young furs, Iris, Gabriel, and Hugh. Pun, not intended.

The End!

Iris and Gabriel will return in "Of Rats And Former-Men".

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Iris And Hugh In The Classroom -

Credits Writer - Hawl Enroygall Artist - Helena Greene Based on characters created by and people known by - Charles Matthias and Hawl Enroygall Paradise Scenario and Concept owned by - John Sleeper/Jon Buck

Any Resemblance To Persons Living Or Dead are... incredibly obvious.. Names have been changed to protect the innocent or because they sound cooler or because the people in question are now female.

Special Thanks -Charles Matthias - Who lead me to pick up the quill one more time after I had long given up, and for writing some of the best stories I have had the privlage of reading. Additional thanks for the inspriation of the character Hugh Mann Phileas, who was left over from a Paradise Alone/Building Paradise Tribute RPG, that sadly never made it off the ground. Additionally 300 years ago he saved the world by being a pacifist or something (I don't know I've only read up to the part where Father Hough gets TG-Phobia). Thank you Charles for ensuring the safety of mankind from the hands of Nasoj by judging stories and chewing on sticks!..... Okay I should probably finish Metamor Keep at some point. Additional thanks for doing minor editoral work on this story.

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-Brian Jacques - I would not be the fur I am today, if it wasn't for the book that made me a furry in my younger days. Redwall, concidentally, also features a rodent named Matthias. Can someone's legal name and favorite animal be infringements on copyright somehow? (Just teasing with you Charles)

-Moogle Cavern - For earning me the nick name "Sexy Tiger Girl", which I continue to use to this day.

-She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named - Please leave my nightmares alone, I miss Pinkie Pie and Scissorman trying to kill me in excrutiating agony. Or the odd dream where I face something evil in yet another time period that proceeds to destroy things sacred to me. If you DO leave my nightmares alone, I promise I'll say something nice about the time we spent together..... It was only 3 years of my 20 year life.

-Xhyz Graveborn - The Original Gabriel, encouraged me to not only finish it, but to add in more scenes than I originally planned. Additionally without him we wouldn't have Gabriel. Additionally, My entry is in tribute to you, who taught me how to be a man that I had to be, when I couldn't be the woman that I wanted to be. Also for putting up with my complete batshit insanity

-John Sleeper/Jon Buck - For creating the Paradise Universe Setting in which this story takes place.

-Chris Meadows - For introducing me to Charles Matthias, Encouragement to make this, and for his work on Melton's Eleven which proved that you can break the formula of a Paradise Story. (Formula, TG Friend and Non-TG Sidekick or Vice Versa, Learn About Change, and here come the hijinks..) Additionally... You also introduced me to My Little Pony:Friendship Is Magic, which is 20% Cooler than any other cartoon about horses ever.

-Jetfire - Sorry I dropped your real name in a chatroom, I swear I didn't mean to do that. Hopefully we can still be cool. Additionally, Special Thanks for writing the Paradise Veil stories which were a big inspirational help. Notes were taken on Joseph Ford and Alexis T. when Iris' character was fleshed out. (The original

-Helena Greene - For The Illustrations and for not completely murdering me for having a female version of myself fall for a rat version of her boyfriend.

-The Magnificent Seven - You seven know who you are, the time we spent together was brief, but I'll treasure it always. Seven strong they ride all along to a place where sorrow lies. There's a chill in the air and a howl of the wolf as they rain beats at the door. And the only sound that will break the air, is the warrior's bitter cry. And the color of night will fade to black and the weakest hearts grown cold. And the Warrior Stands ontop of the hill in the snow. And we'll stand up one and all, fight until we fall hoping for a better day. Never giving in until we find the words to say, BURN IN STARFIRE! SHINE IN THE SKY, for the lots of Great Men, who will stand by your side, when the night falls. On we stand tall, for no lost souls will live on forever. Additionally R-I-H-Z-J-A-C

-Everyone In High School - As far as classmates and teachers go, I guess I could have done worse.. Maybe

-Other Writers - For helping me come to the conclusion that Iris is the only TG Character I'll ever make for this setting. Don't mean to diss you, but... do we really need 30 MTFs per story?


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