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Note:Although this story takes place in 2005, it is infact a prequel and extends into 2006 after Perspective Of The Sexiest Of All Tiger Girls, if you have no yet read that story. Please do so.

A young child of the physical age of 12, but the mental age of 7, known to the world as Hugh got up bright and early for today was Christmas and Saint Nicholas

had brought presents the previous night whilst he was sleeping. He saw the tree was now loaded

with presents and there was a shiny new Playstation 2 with two games Katamari Damacy and Sly

Cooper, the PS2 already plugged up to the Television Set with a small note attached to the

controller reading.

"Merry Christmas Hugh Phileas, From Santa Claws" Hugh saw this and looked at his paws, yes,

his paws. A couple of years ago Hugh got down with a nasty cold, his mother always the over-

dramatic one panicked, it happened every time Hugh showed even the slightest amount of a

sniffle. Hugh didn't mind it, in his innocent heart of gold he knew that no matter what his

mother did it, even though it looked extreme at times, he knew it was only because she cared

deeply for him and loved him. Hugh had come down with a sickness three years back around what would be eventually known as a national holiday, August 17th, after a couple of days of

homemade broth and good rest he found he had grown a tail, that part he remembered hurting and

he couldn't seem to shake his blanket as it had become rather attached to him. It was a bit of

a coincidence that his blanket was had of Faux-Leopard fur and that he had become a snow

leopard. He was a little worried at first, but Mommy and Daddy didn't seem to notice, assuring

their child that he was just having a bad dream and that he was awake now.

This fond looking back also made him remember that this year he had spent some of his

allowance on a friend, a mephit who held a support group right here in Blackburg that

conveniently taught all about it and taught all about these mystical invisible people known as

Changed. There was one person who showed up human but swore he could turn into a qoute unqoute

"Electric Hedgehog Pokemon" and that no one could see him in this form when he did. Robert

Hallman, leader of the support group, kicked this guy out eventually for making creepy

advances on some of the females and calling any TG'd homos who were "faking", though the last

straw was when he called the skunk a jerk for hogging the pretty young wife of his to himself.

Hugh remembered that fondly, he was amused as it looked like Rob and the rest of the furs were

about to kick some serious ass. Audrey, the wife in question had to hold some people back. The

odd pokemon fan rarely showed up due to living a couple of hours away in the nearby town of

Charlottesville, but after Rob tried to smack him into next thursday he learned his lesson and

never came back.

Hugh saw that his parents weren't up yet and knew the abode of the Hallman family was very

close by, and if he ever forgot he could follow his nose. Hugh went back to his room and dug a

box out of his closet, he had the kind lady at the store wrap it for him. His parents did not

like the Hallmans or Hallmen... well they're not both dudes, so Hallpeople? And thus had done

this in secret, Hugh didn't bother putting shoes on or even changing out of his PJs, his fur

would keep the cold at bay and the shoes would just vanish anyway. The veil was odd like that,

a lot of the time Hugh had to be reminded to take them off because he would just forget he was

wearing them.

After a short walk the snow leopard arrived at his destination and rang the doorbell of the

Apartment Room the Hallman's lived in, Audrey answered the door. "Oh hi Hugh, uhh Merry

Christmas?" she said was trying to be polite, but felt quite awkward. "I don't think your

parents want you here, especially not in your Power Ranger Pajamas.... but it's still good to

see you, would you like some hot chocolate?"

Hugh had a smile on his face "Merry Christmas to you too Mrs. Hallman, I'd love some" he said

as he held out his present. Hugh was around 12-13, but due to his autism often behaved more

like he was 7-8.

Audrey blinked, feeling charmed

"Oh is this for me?" she asked, inviting Hugh inside, very briefly Audrey couldn't let Hugh

stay long. It was Christmas and Hugh needed to be with his family, especially at 8 O'Clock in

the morning on a major holiday and the authorities might get involved if there was a minor in

his PJs sitting where his parents specifically asked both him not to be and the Hallmans to

stop letting him.

Hugh shrugged "Well no it's for Rob, I mean, Mr. Hallman, but I guess it could be for both of

you." as he sat down on their couch and patiently waited for Mrs. Hallman to brew him the

Cocoa she promised.

"What is it?" Audrey asked, taking the chocolatey beverage out of the microwave and handing it

to Hugh who silently thanked her with a polite bow and sipped on it, licking any that got on

his fur off.

"Well you two have to open it first! It's a surprise!" Hugh said with glee as he set his Hot

Chocolate down waiting for it to cool.

Audrey smiled and handed Hugh a game case that read Gauntlet:Dark Legacy. "You've got a

Playstation 2 right? Well here, we got this in the mail recently from a friend, but we already

have this game. So why don't you take it, call it a Christmas Present."

Hugh looked blankly at the package for awhile before saying "Thanks, Mrs. Hallman"

Audrey looked back at him, the blank stare was something Hugh did at times. "Is something

wrong, you don't already have it do you?"

Hugh chirpped up without warning "Oh nothing, I just got a Playstation 2 for Christmas from

Santa and was wondering how you knew."

Audrey chuckled "I didn't, its just alot of boys your age have one so I assumed you might have

one." Audrey looked at the time, it was almost 8:30, Hugh couldn't stay long at all oh no, his

parents would have a fit. "Hugh sweetie, I hate to rush you on out of here. But it's

Christmas, I think you need to run on home and be with your family"

Hugh finished his hot coacoa and set the cup down, with game in hand he returned home. He read

details about it from the back of the box and noticed it was multi-player, maybe his dad would

like to play it with him, before he left the home he turned to Audrey and asked something that

had been on his mind. "Mrs. Hallman, do you think that Santa is changed like me and Mr.


Audrey smiled "Oh your parents ha... I mean, I've seen Santa at the mall and he looked human

to me. Rob's the changed one and he hasn't said anything, but I guess you never know"

Hugh giggled "No Mrs. Hallman, that's an actor, I mean the real Santa up in the North Pole."

Audrey thought to herself before saying aloud "Well I guess he could be a reindeer...."

"I don't think so" Hugh objected playfully "My PS2 was signed from Santa "Clawz" so I think

he's something with claws. But what?"

Audrey shrugged "Could be anything, but you might want to run home now me and Mr. Hallman have

things to take care of."

Hugh ran home after saying goodbye with his new game in hand. He hadn't even opened his

Christmas presents from mom and dad yet, so he could have a pile of games for all he knows.

All the more reason to get started on the one Mrs. Hallman gave him. He opened the door and

saw his dad on the couch comforting his mother. "Look he just went out to play like I told

you, you know Hugh's loved getting fresh air ever since he got over that cold. Hi son!" his

male figure acting in paternal capacity said.

Hugh's mom got up and hugged him "Where were you! You know it's dangerous outside, that big

cat keeps leaving foot prints all over our yard what if he comes ba...." and then she felt the

game in his paw she noted that it wasn't one of the games that Santa brought for him and it

was odd for Hugh to be playing outside with a distinctly indoor toy "Where did you get this?"

she demanded.

"Mrs. Hallman gave it to me, I was just giving them a Christmas Present I bought for them

right quick and..." Hugh was slapped in the face before he could finish. He growled at his

mother in an instinctual bit of self-defense. "Don't take that tone with me young man! You

know you're not allowed to leave the yard without permission. Especially not to visit the

Hallmans, you know we don't like you hanging out with adults, and in your PJs!?! They didn't

ask you to come over dressed like that did they?"

"No mam..." Hugh answered meekly

The dad sighed "Lighten Up Gloria, the boy was giving a present on Christmas. I've met the

Hallmans they're nice people. Besides, it's Christmas! Hugh's been a good boy all year, he

shouldn't be slapped on Christmas."

Gloria Phileas sighed as well "I know I just wish he'd make some friends his own age, I just

can't trust someone whose so nice to someone else's kid. Especially one as trusting and naive

as our son."

Howard Phileas responded "I know Gloria, but you have to admit, our kid's adorable plus I hear

Robert can't get Audrey pregnant. It's likely far more innocent than it seems."

Gloria shook "I'm still scared for our boy."

Hugh piped up "Mommy, Daddy, what are you talking about? I like the Hallmans and they've never

hurt me."

Gloria gasped "Look mommy and daddy need to talk in private for a bit, why don't you stay here

and sort through presents to find the ones that are yours and play the new games Santa or...

Mrs. Hallman got for you."

The two left into their bedroom

Howard held her wife "Look, let's not be in here long, I don't want Hugh to get worried. We

promised each other Hugh would see our hometown one day. Why don't we get a place down in

Silver City and try to get Hugh to make some friends his own age. I've been reading about this

High School that has an autistic program for children like him."

Gloria leaned her head against her husband, she was a nervous wreck when it came to worrying

about her unbeknowst to her mutant son. "I don't know, I don't like the crime rate in that


Howard heard Hugh call for them "Mommy, Daddy, I'm done sorting the presents. Say the game

Mrs. Hallman gave me is two player. Maybe you'd like to play it with me Dad, after we open

presents, I mean." their only son yelled. Causing Howard Phileas to turn to his wife and say.

"We can talk more about this later, maybe we should spend Christmas together and worry about

this some other time?" Howard pleaded. His wife agreed, and the three spent the rest of the

Holiday Season without any furthur concerns.

December 25th, 2006 -One Year Later In Silver City, North Carolina-

Iris the Gender-Flipped Tigress got into Gabriel's big blue van with his girlfriend Thana The

Female Born Still Female Now Panda. (Wow! A woman who was born with a vagina, I think that's a

first for the series!) Thana growled at Iris and she roared in return. "Why is she coming?"

They both asked Gabriel.

"You can cease the rivalry for now, please, can my best friend and my girlfriend get along for

atleast Christmas?" The rodent driver begged "Besides Thana, my beloved monochrome bamboo

munching sweetie bear, Striped Slut here is the only one who knows where Hugh lives."

Iris giggled "You made a refrence to me being a girl! This is a good day already"

Gabriel adjusted his mirror and took off with Thana hugging him before the three took off.


Iris spoke up "You know, your slut comment..." adjusting her shirt, trying to show off some of

her bountiful cleavage, she was wearing a shirt that read "Meet Me Under The Mistletoe" which

she had self-modified to show off boob, it looked just ripped to anyone who wasn't Changed,

whom thought Iris or Cale as her real name was, to be male, allowing her to be a little more

show-offy than most girls. "Wasn't entirely inaccurate...."

"Shut up Cale." Gabriel said without looking at her, Gabriel always thought of Iris/Cale as a

male, for that is what she looked like to him when they first met. Plus it was a reminder of

better days, days when he wasn't such a disgusting creature. How he loathed being a rat.

"Why are we going to this guy's house again?" Thana asked after giving Iris a dirty look,

which turned into fake gagging when she saw what her fellow female was doing.

Gabriel responded by stating "Hugh's atleast for now as far as I know, Female Parent Figure

acting in maternal capacity arranged a telephoneic communication with Cale and asked if we

could spend Christmas with Hugh because Hugh is special and has never had friends. This is

familiar to Cale whom has a suprisigly large heart and asked me to take him...."

"Her" Iris corrected

"Him to Hugh's house." Gabriel finished

Thana asked "Yes, but why are we coming with him? Neither of us know Hugh that well."

"Because for one thing he has taken on the form of a snow leopard due to whatever strange

circumstances altered our forms in this queer manner and it's important that we band together

and take note that we are not alone in the world. Especially at this, the yueltide, the most

wonderful and magical time of the planetary cycle." Gabriel responded and continued "Besides,

Hugh's parents may pay you 20 bucks for a drawing of the event. Much like Iris they can be

rather sentimental, besides according to Iris they got presents for the three of us." Iris

leaned back upon hearing this, technically a car has four walls, if one was counting counter

clockwise from the side of the van Iris was leaning on and Gabriel had slouched a bit, one

could state that Gabriel was leaning on the fourth wall. Just a random factoid.

-Sometime Later at Hugh's House-

Hugh had been up for the better part of the day, wanting to wait till his friends arrived to

open up presents. It was the first Christmas he spent with someone other than his parents and

they weren't even showing up. Hugh looked down and asked his mother "Are they here yet?"

Gloria said no and was begining to worry, it was almost one and Iris had told her on the phone

she'd be here. "Oh teenagers... Hugh I'm sorry but no, they aren't.. Are you sure you want to

wait before opening presents? It may be a while longer"

Hugh shook his head no "T-Girl, Creepy Crawly, and Mono told me they'd be here, and T-Girl

PROMISED!... hmph.. no friends and no snow, this is the worst Christmas ever..."

Gloria chuckled "And they let you call them these names, what does the T stand for?"

"Tiger" Hugh replied shortly before hearing the ringing of a doorbell, causing Hugh's Snow

Leopard ears to perk up "Are they here?!?!" and ran to quickly open the door to see Gabriel

whilst Iris and Thana were going at it, Iris looking like a guy to normals decided to stop as

to not look bad infront of Hugh's parents, Thana took this opprutunity to punch her in the

face, knocking Iris flat on her ass.

"Sorry we're late, dingus over there was the one giving the directions" Gabriel apologized

whilst gesturing towards Cale. "Come in Thana and Dingus"

The three sat down and Hugh's mother smiled "Well the important thing is you got here"

Howard Phileas laughed "Yeah, now we can finally get to opening presents" he said as he handed

Hugh a box who proceeded to go to town on it, well slowly, Hugh remembered his first Changed

Christmas where he wound up breaking a toy with his sharp claws before had the chance to play

with it. Fortantely it was the holidays, so exchanges were easy to do.

Gabriel felt a suddenly tingly sensation in his jaw and searched through his pockets, he left

his chew stick at the house. "I hate to be a bother almost as I hate the fact that we were

late, but could I trouble you for some hard candy.. I.. really need to chew right now." as he

began grating his teeth.

Gloria smiled "Well of course dear, I think I have some Hard Starbursts in the kitchen, why

don't I go get some for you."

Gabriel whispered to Iris in a voice only those with sensitve animal hearing could hear "Cale,

I want you to know that if there wasn't a chance Thana's punch could have dislocated your jaw

I would have beaten you senseless for even daring going so far as to consider touching her.

You are a man in my eyes now like you were before and that unlike Hugh's parents is never

going to change."

with a hint of nervousness to her voice Iris laughed slightly "Can we talk about this later?"

Gladys came back to give Gabriel the hard candy he had asked for and turned to Iris, shortly

after Gabriel nodded.

"So my son says he's nicknamed you Tiger Girl... I'm guess that's because of your striped

hair... but, you're not a girl." she said to Iris, as she only saw Cale.

Iris chuckled a bit "Well you know Hugh's imagination, I sometimes get mistaken for a girl.

Something about the face and the long hair ya know."

Hugh held up a remote control Batmobile to show everybody before hugging Iris. "Thanks for

showing up..." he sounded far more emotional than Iris had ever heard him sound, I guess she

and her friends really mean something to him. Or maybe the clawed up shirt was a little too

effective, just not on the right furry teenager.

Iris laughed "Nice Batmobile, I didn't know they still made those, here" she slid him a box

she had carried in. "Open mine next."

The End! Merry Christmas from Paradise!

Yeah I was a little late putting this one here... stories I put on here have a hard time formatting in the way I want them too. so I keep putting them off. I still have one more finished story to put on her. It's a Pokemon Crossover... No it's not canon, call it my "Cascade Failure" This series would really be jumping the shark if a Pokemon Cross was canon.

Audrey and Rob Hallman are (c) Charles Matthias and are featured in the Alone and Building

series of Paradise stories. Rob does not actually show up due to respect for Charles' wishes

for no one else to use the character.

Electric Hedgehog Cameo is (c) to... well if you got that refrence you know that, if you

didn't I'll save you the trouble and say you don't want to know.

Iris, Gabriel, Hugh, Thana and related characters (who are not the Hallmans) are (c) to me

Hawl Tygarus Enroygall aka Kyle W. Nichols-Vernon soon-to-be Seranima I. Nichols-Vernon