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Paradise Perspectives - Part 2 Of Rats And Former Men

Saturday, August 18th 2006 - Cale's House

It was the first weekend since School started and it had already been very eventful for the young and sexy tiger girl. She met a new Changed, and introduced an ex-human to the world of Invisible Manimals, and to her crush, Invisible WOAH-manimals, albeit not in the capacity she had hoped, but luckily, not in the capacity she was afraid of either. Today she had enough worrying about Gabriel's manhood, and had gotten a look as to what it would be have been like to be a pre-pubescent girl as she was slightly upset about not getting a pony. So being that this day was for her, she did the one thing that all cat-kind loved doing above everything else. Sleep. Blissful, dreamy sleep. She purred and murred in her sleep, if anyone could tell it came from her, ROB was funny about what it did and did not censor, this would be a telltale sign of a damn good dream. She was asleep and didn't know about this, but it was evident. On the occasions when she was heard, it was blamed on one of the other animals her crazy pet owner of a mother had. Just ROB's little secret about the nature of Cale or Iris as she likes being called. Little mattered to her about the nature of her dreams, as this was before she started remembering them. It was about to be cut short by…

"CALE! Time to get up." This voice caused the invisible woman to open her eyes slightly and roll over, putting a blanket over her person and very sleepily stated a lame pun

"No, it's Caturday, wake me never." She said this shortly before drifting back into sleep, an almost instant activity given her mindset. This was in vain as her "Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog" blanket, which featured the famous hedgehog in various poses with sports equipment he never really used in any of the games, was removed from Cale's bed. It wasn't a warmth thing, her fur did that job and then some. One however cannot deny that a blanket does provide a level of comfort that would make one require it for a nap even if they were somehow still alive in the heart of an active volcano. Even Cale noted just how much modernization has spoiled us all, secretly she kinda hoped all these Change shenanigans would eventually revert Mother Gaia back to her primal state. So long as no one touches her video games of course. Oh ROB no, she had ten reasons (all attached to her paws for convenience) why no one would ever want to come between her and Sonic, Castlevania, Mario Kart, or even a, in her opinion, sub-par series like Halo. If they were some kind of god, it would only be a far greater trophy to warn others who would dare mess with her electronic entertainment.

Cale looked up at the interrupter of her nap and saw her own mother, she made a growling noise and asked her "I know it's probably, what? 3? 4? But please, the average high school student is quite overbearing and over-emotional. So I would wonder if you would please be so kind as to allow me a maximal sleeping period to ensure above-average restorative time, especially given that my metabolism is developing and quite unlike the metabolism of most other people. Please return my cartoonish blanket and wake me only when there is sustenance or an emergency. We at Cale Vinole Industries thank you for your time and attention regarding this manner." Or at least that's how Cale's mind translated it. In reality it was more like "RAAAAWWWWWWR! Go away! Still tired!".

"Get up and get dressed, unless you don't want any cake." Cale still elsewhere mentally denied the cake and went back to sleep.

"It's Calvin's party, his birthday was a school day, so we're having it today." Cale blinked twice, but outside of her tail, didn't move much. Her mother took this lack of answer for a refusal.

"Cale Wade Vinole, you are getting up if I have to pour cold water on you!" Cold water was the magic word, she once tested this way back in her days as a boy. Her mom would really do it, and she did not want to wake up that way again, especially now that she had fur. Plus truth be told, she was rather embarrassed that she forgot. Her brother's birthday was the 16th, she was so caught up with Change Day that she forgot all about it. She cared deeply about her brother and had only missed his birthday once, and even then, she had the excuse that she was stuck in bed with the flu and busy getting in touch with, at the time, his feminine side, permanently.

Cale got up and gestured that his mother leave. She was half dressed in boxer shorts, worn backwards so her tail has room, her expansive chest bound by an old t-shirt that didn't really fit her anymore, tied around her front into a makeshift bra. A very odd dress for a girl, but when your Unchanged family buys your clothes for you and can't be updated on every bodily alteration, no matter how noticeable they should be, one has to improvise. She went around without any kind of upper-under-garment most of the time, which was a real pain in the ass given that the TG had decided to completely ignore her family's female flatness, ROB loved doing that to Changed in general, but he REALLY liked doing that to the TG'd. Cale untied the brassiere, her sweater puppies hanging loose and out there and proceeded looking for a clean shirt, she requested smaller shirts as it was the closest she could get to something to make her bad boys behave. Everyone thought she was weird for this, even though they didn't realize how much of a tramp it made her resemble, her nipples very visible, especially when she was cold or aroused, much cleavage showing, it looked too tight on even her human ghost image. She found her favorite blue shirt, made by a T-Shirt Company her father did a podcast for, and threw it on. The shirt was her usual fare of clothing, small and with a snappy joke or video game reference on it.

This one said "There Are No Stupid Questions. But The World Is Full Of Inquisitive Idiots." She snooped around her clothing bin (Cale wasn't very organized and never really made use of her dressers, just keeping all her clothing in a small pile, in many ways she was still mentally male) finding the one pair of pants that wasn't baggy. Her pants were the exact opposite of her shirts, but she didn't care too much. It wasn't at her request, but an honest measuring mishap that would have occurred even if she wasn't Changed. Her tail worked like a makeshift belt anyway so it was not too big of a deal. She put both of her long hairy legs into the black jeans, ironically containing red male symbols near the front on both the outside and inside. She wasn't sure why these were there, but didn't question it too much, it was rather convenient to have such an obvious sign of which jeans of hers are the ones that fit, as these she loved to wear because they did, unlike so many of her pants. Course this was one of her two black pairs. Cale/Iris wasn't one for changing her underwear, she mainly did it on a weekly basis. She wasn't completely disgusting, she used a quarter of a bottle on shampoo on herself nightly, she never wore the same shirt or pants twice in a row, but in spite of this, her hygiene, especially orally, left much to be desired. Though at least once a month, she did consistently change her underwear, after all, who wants to run around in bloodstained boxers? Her mom wanted to take her to the doctor for the longest time over that, but Cale insisted that she was okay, and the problem seemed to stop after awhile. Well not really, Cale just taught herself how to work the washer and dryer and kept her bloody wears in a secret section of her closet until the smell started getting strong enough for her mom to comment on, or she had enough to wash all at once.

Everyone was already at her grandparents' house, which was right next door in a McMansion. Her grandparents were wealthy as all hell, well not really. They weren't crazy rich, they had a good amount of money to their name, especially in comparison to most people. But they were merely upper-middle class. It's not like they were candidates for the Fortune 500 or anything, but still, it was nothing to sneeze at. Cale performed one of her favorite hobbies, running, and she was damn good at it. She was always good at it, but it was about 5 years ago when she really started perfecting it. The Change did screw you over sometimes, but universally it was a great way of getting into shape. Especially if you were a "Multi-Changer", which meant you continued to change each and every year around the 17th. Cale's penpal Chris was one, which reminded her she had to ask him or her what she was this year, and to be frank, Cale was a little jealous. Even before finding out first hand that it was real, the idea of shapeshifting had always intrigued her. So it was a little disappointing to know this was only going to happen to her one time, plus getting that tune up each and every year on the dot would mean that Cale could allow herself to become quite lazy and still have a perfectly tuned body, unless she became a bear. She had heard from a reliable source that turning from bear to rat leaves a bit of a gut on you. The tigress loved to run and could do so circles around anyone who got "cheetah" three years in a row, well she'd like to think so anyway. It would still be cool though, especially since it might let her be a guy again. She didn't mind being a chick, actually she kinda liked it. A bit of a mixed blessing of Changing near the beginning of puberty, she didn't really have much of a Y-Chromosome to miss.

She didn't have many fond memories of what an erection was like, given it only happened to her like five times before starting to lack the needed parts for that particular action. It is a much preferred, if more frequent, genital oddity than her "piano recitals". But on the other hand, being a guy and not understanding girly things, suddenly being the one to hand the phone over when tele-marketers ask for the "man of the house", awkward secret lesbian crushes on someone you're currently dating and have been for a long time, or even the overall general feeling of being completely and utterly alienated from yourself. These were just things that Cale never had to deal with, to her the most social inconvenience she had was being irritable from riding a cotton pony and not being able to explain that it's nothing personal when she emotionally abused someone or the first few times she goofed and had urine disgustingly flow down her leg at the urinal. It was a world she barely knew when she left it, so she always thought it would be neat to re-visit it and see the sights. It wasn't always right as rain in her Weird Girly Boy world. There were the "I'M A GIRL!" moments, talking with guys and not being able to follow along mostly. Though sometimes she found these amusing, like when a bunch of guys get together at school and talk about girls they want to sleep with. Cale's snarky nature sometimes came through with comments like "Oh yes, her, I'd hit that so hard, whoever could pull me out would be crowned King Of England." The joke obviously being that she doesn't have anything that would get "stuck" in such a fashion, so naturally only she really got it, or rather her extra tidbit that doubled the amusement. Though in all honesty her own gender-queer nature left her very unsure of her sexuality. However if it involved rodents she knew, she was very interested in finding out about it.

In seconds she was at her grandparents house, and was marching inside when she was asked by an older man's voice, "Hi Cale, ya leave something inside?", she looked behind her and realized she ran past a car full of people without noticing. "We're going to Cici's" he said, the voice belonging to her grandfather "Your Grandmommy just drove over to your house to getch-ya."

Iris rolled her eyes and ran back to her house. Miscommunication happened and it wasn't even that long of a walk, but it was still slightly annoying. She went back into her own yard, stepped into her grandmother's red hybrid car, and was predictably bombarded by questions about school. "Are you doing well?" "Make any new friends?" "You aren't fighting with Mizzo again are you?"

Iris sighed, she didn't like school nor talking about it. It was often mistaken for an autistic quirk, but she answered without looking at her grandmother. It was really more of a sign of either an ill mood or disrespect, in this case the former. She didn't like confrontation unless she was REALLY pissed off or was in a fist fight. She loved those, mainly because she usually won. She just woke up and already, school, her least favorite subject. Mainly because she felt that Mizzo made her life a living hell and no one would believe her when she said that Mizzo was a horrible person who had some weird dominatrix-esque desire to mentally annihilate people. They blamed it on the autism and just kids who are not taking responsibility for their own actions. She answered her grandmother, a blonde old woman named Dalores who looked mid-40's despite being late 50's due to an over-concern of her appearance and investments into cosmetic supplements. "Better than usual actually, I made a friend named Hugh. Though SHE is up to her usual tricks, haven't seen Gabe as often as I'd like to thanks to that bi.. woman putting me on lunch detention because Hugh clawed someone."

Dalores looked at her funny, "Did he blame it on you or something? How does him doing something get you in trouble?" Cale's spirits were lifted, someone was actually believing her about Mizzo. She didn’t think this was possible. This would be the first time and the first step in finally taking down her evil reign, with her and the help of the rat of might she saw being made the other day tyranny would no longer be in the humble land of Silver City High School.

"No, he didn't do anything wrong either. He just got into a scuffle".. She paused for a second. Scuffle? Gabriel's odd way of talking was starting to affect her. "A scuffle with one of those… special kids. He didn't know any better, so I told her off!" Iris shook her fist and smashed it into her other paw for emphasis. "And she gave me lunch detention for it..."

Her grandmother looked at her for a second and sighed "Cale, you can't do things like that. If there's a bad egg getting violent you leave him well enough alone. He'll just get you in trouble. And ya'll should definitely know better than to mouth off to your teacher. Punks like this fella you're talking about will just drag you in trouble with them."

The tigress looked out the window, disappointed that her dreams of a true free and appropriate education would not come to pass, "Of course, why did I expect differently..." it was always the same, aside from her sex and her friends’ bodies, it seemed that nothing ever changed. Other people would start something, she'd do what she believed was right, and she'd get a talking to about it. Always it was her who was doing wrong, no one else. "Take responsibility for your actions Cale!", "The world doesn't revolve around you Cale!", she didn't even like the name Cale. She hated it even when she WAS a boy! But conform conform conform, that's what she had to do. It's what was normal, and normal was the king of the world. Every time she tried to be herself she just got in trouble.

Cale remembered that she was being a forgetful feline fraulein and was supposed to speak with Gabriel today, help him get his freak legs so to speak. Gabriel was smart, but she did not think any amount of reading could prepare him for something like randomly waking up as something that does not exist. Cale borrowed her grandmother's iPhone, it had just been hanging out of the car charger, and began to text the Gabriel.

"Hey Rizzo, are you awake?" Iris messaged, leaning back trying to meditate for however briefly. Sometimes she just had no idea where the future was headed, well when you're a gender-flipped tigress hiding from a family who could catch on any year or any time you walk where you can leave footprints, one tends to be even less sure of the future than usual. She had her hopes and dreams, she kinda hoped that she'd one day save the Earth and be crowned queen of a new regime that was free of corruption and full of hot boys… or girls... Iris hadn't sorted out that sexuality of hers yet.

"Yes I am Swedish Chef, when are you coming over?" she read to herself.

"Actually I’m going to CiCi's Pizza, meet me there Van-Haver, I'll cover you" she replied before pulling up. She wasn't sure if her grandmother continued speaking or not, she was too lost in her own thoughts. Her mind was a vast place. Vast, but empty. What she knew was that she wanted more out of life. What that entailed she had little to no idea. She had a fantastic body, but nothing to put it to use on. When she was younger she played all the time and got into fights with people who made fun of her orange and black hair. She felt alive, but it had to come to a stop, things sort of calmed down when she reached the Changed Network. Now the masquerade was all she had, she built it up to be far more than it really was. Really it was just sometimes make an excuse for an oddity, plead the fifth on claw marks and paw prints, stay out of the dirt or any snow if someone is watching, erase those prints, clean up shedded fur, and hide anything stained by period blood. The bored gal sometimes tried to get herself noticed so she would have some excitement. Iris was just bored and felt she was made for bigger things, and then remade for gargantuan things.

The birthday festivities passed and Calvin got some video games for his Xbox 360 Gaming Console. Eventually a bipedal rodent pulled into the parking lot and walked outside of a van, this was Gabriel. Gabriel had just changed not too long ago, Iris giggled a little as he accidentally shut the door on his tail. Rat tails were far longer than human tails, mainly because humans do not have tails. This makes it far easier for rodents to have longer tails even if they aren’t 5 feet tall. Iris had told her grandmother during the car ride that her friend would be arriving. Doleres had paid for Gabriel’s entry into the pizza buffet upfront allowing him to pass with just a mention of his name.

Gabriel sniffed around allowing his new nostrils to tell him what he should and shouldn’t eat. The blonde furred albino found himself in a blissful paradise of aroma as the various pizzas and cheeses flooded his nose. A banquet of mozzarella and provolone nearly caused him to convulse as he began loading his plate. He decided on one of his old favorite pizzas, Extra Cheese with Spinach for his first plate. He quickly sat down next to Iris and introduced himself to the family. Gabriel although saw Iris as a bastion of sanity in school, at least in comparison to the other autistic students, he did not actually know anyone else in her family nor had he ever been over to her house.

“Hello family of Kayleen, I am her friend Gabriel, it is a pleasure to meet you all.” the rat stated to the group of people who all stopped and stared at him.

“Whose Kayleen?” Iris’s mother asked, greatly confused.

“He’s just joking around, he was talking about me.” Iris said nervously, burying her face in her paws “Oy vey...” she said to herself. She wasn’t jewish, she merely liked how certain words sounded, a trait she shared with her new snow leopard friend Hugh, who was not invited to this gathering.

Gabriel looked at Iris’ body language and thought to himself for a bit. “Sorry, I meant to say Cale.” he said with a hint of confusion before chowing down and some delicious yummy pizza. He and Iris began talking about games and such until eventually the celebration was over and everyone had their fill of Italian pie-based edible conceptionary. Iris told her mother goodbye for now and wished her brother a happy birthday. Afterwards she went to hang out with her favorite joyboy Gabriel The Rat inside of his van, where he may or may not have candy. Gabriel cranked up the engine and the two were out of that place.

The rat casually mentioned to the cat “So what’s it like being a girl Cale?” he said calmly with a slight hint of annoyance. Iris, like all non-platypus furry creatures, was incapable of sweating, but if she could she would have.

“Well, I don’t know, what’s it like being a boy?” she said sounding incredibly nervous and unsure.

“Are you sure you don’t know? You’ve only had to play the part for a good majority of your life.” Gabriel asked a second time. Iris looked around for a second “Positive?” she answered

Gabriel raised an eyebrow “I don’t know, Are you? You seem rather unsure of yourself for a very simple yes or no question to which most would yield an answer most obvious towards their background and think nothing of, even within the confines of this vicarious scenario you have been placed in.”

“OKAY! I used to be a guy!” Iris screamed being melodramatic. “I was turned into a girl when I was a kid.”

“When did this happen?” Gabriel asked sounding somewhat considered, with a few paw he began rubbing his chest with and then his groin checking for anything extra, or in the case of his groin, anything missing.

“About the same time I got this...” Iris said somewhat disheartened, a striped tail in her hand. “Some people get a double whammy where they get animalized and girlified... I thought that you wouldn’t wanna...... but... you’re too damn smart...”

Gabriel frowned and slammed his brakes, causing Iris to smack her face on the dashboard. “You really should have fastened the legally mandated safety belt upon your form.”

“You could have killed me!” Iris growled, quickly buckling her seat belt.

“If you are this whiny in concern to a slight bump in the head then I am in full confidence that you are indeed of the gentler sex. You’re a tiger, you could eat a few bullets and still be fine. Hitting the dashboard whilst I am going approximately 15 miles an hour on an empty road has a negligible chance of causing harm to you. Besides, you are the one who was foolish enough to not equip a safety belt.” Gabriel stated with no hint of guilt within his voice.

“I’m not Super Woman!” Iris screamed to the rat before folding her arms and looking out the window. Unsure of what happens from here, did Gabriel still want to be her friend? She realized that boyfriend was very likely out of the question now. No man wants a tranny, she never really grasped why society had that rule, it’s not gay if they’re not a man anymore. No no, Iris’ mind got back on track, this was serious. What was going to happen next, was Gabriel going to enact some form of vengeance, leave her on the side of the road, blackmail, this could go down anyway. She wanted excitement, but she was terrified of what she could have on her paws.

“You are correct, Super Woman is not an actual DC Character. Supergirl and Power Girl however are, neither of whom are tigers though. You Cale are not a woman. you are a bi-curious over-dramatic hormone addled teenage boy prone to freaking out over the smallest of things.” Gabriel said coldly in a slightly condescending tone, remaining absolutely calm in body language as he waited for a red light to turn green.

“..Boy..” was all Iris managed to say, confused and tongue tied she laughed nervously and tried to change the subject. “So it’s a good thing you’re not a dog or you might crash the car....” she followed this comment with a half hearted giggle.

“No I would have already memorized the positioning of the lights. That would be quite an inconvenience though.” Gabriel said, somewhat emotionless.

The two sat there as an awkward silence befell the van. Iris’ mind racing with the thoughts of their friendship, wondering just how much longer it would last. Did she mess it up? She couldn’t tell, Gabriel just stared forward wondering why she wasn’t talking. Iris began breathing heavily wondering where Gabriel was taking her. Would she be dropped off at her house with a “Never talk to me again?” Was Gabriel taking her to some hoodlum friend of Jimmy’s to be dealt with? Dropped off somewhere? Where? The driver was incredibly hard to read, it was as if he simply was not thinking anything at all. What sinister plan did he have to dispose of someone so unwanted as she was?

The van pulled onto a familiar looking road, her bus had passed it countless times, it was a long dirt road with three houses on it, the last one could barely be made out as it was so far away. The first two looked rather trashy, but the third one did look nice, on the other side of the road, there was a house and an emu farm.

“Emu are interesting creatures. Like chocobo, but less silly.” Iris thought to herself, trying to distract herself. Eventually the van stopped pulled into the nicest looking of the three houses.

“Well this is my humble abode in which I live and reside, my grandparents are quite friendly I assure you. Just keep in memory to offer them greetings and be polite. My grandmother may find you an adorable autistic simply for being my friend. You go to our class and seen the opinions of which are held by Mizzo and the faculty, she holds quite similar values but, is harmless.” Gabriel stated, Iris nodded and exhaled, which Gabriel scratched his head at. “Cale, may I ask you something... personal in consideration to your anatomical oddity?” he glanced at her crotch for a second and back up to her face.

“Y..yes?” she said, still a little confused, but glad that no misfortune was about to befall her.

“Do you douche?” Gabriel asked bluntly

“What?” Iris responded in confusion having honestly no idea what he was talking about… Douche? She’d heard of the insult douchebag, but didn’t really have any idea what it meant. Was she being insulted?

“...Blood from your... vaginal region... this tends to require cleansing via... Venus-Aligned Consumer Purch...” Gabriel began tripping over his words as he got uncomfortable with the discussion, Iris was not, instead she was still not getting it.

Iris scratched her head and spoke “What are you saying?”

Gabriel swallowed and spat it out “....Tampons Cale, do you use tampons?” and began hoping that the red paint his friend spilt on herself monthly was actually red paint. He knew Cale wasn’t the best at hygiene, but there’s no way he had gone 5 years just bleeding around. He couldn’t even fathom how that’s even slightly comfortable.

“I’m going to level with you, I still have no idea what you’re talking about.” Iris said much to the annoyance of Gabriel who just sighed and muttered to himself under his breathe. Gabriel opened the van door and Iris just stood there, blood? Oh god, what was going to happen to her? Was Gabe’s family a bunch of evil backwards rednecks who were going to kill her? Gabe called to her. “Are you going to stay in the van or are you going to come in?”

Iris, gulped and realized that if things did get hairy she had claws and Gabriel was a pray-based species, but turning on a fellow Changed and one of her valued and trusted friends would not be pleasant. “I’ll... be right in...” she said meekly as she entered the Locke Residence.

As she stepped in she saw a surprisingly large inside, it had looked only a little bigger than her own trailer home from the outside, she saw walls decorated with various statues, some of angels, some of unicorns, and some were not even statues at all but instead urns. On the walls hung various photos of people she had never seen, though a considerable amount were of Jimmy and the way Gabriel looked last Thursday, some were of kids that she assumed from their age could be Jimmy and Gabriel, due to the age of the picture being far less than that of the pictures of other kids. They were from the 90’s, any idiot could tell that. Iris’ irrational fears were shown to be just that, irrational, as Gabe walked up to two very non-threatening senior citizens.

“Greetings and salutations to my most beloved set of grandparents. With me here is my friend Cale Vinole, he’s an odd ball.” Gabriel said to his still-human grandparents, if it weren’t for the fact that this was not the way he was when he was born you’d swear the boy had no relation to these people he had just hailed as his grandparents. Actually you’d probably think to hit the rodent over the head with one of the various statues, of which there were more of in the room with the couches and chair set strategically as to not block view of the massive HD TV, far before you’d think he was adopted or something. Realistically speaking anyway, Iris was standing outside of view in a room with a rather old desktop computer and the same kind of green carpet as the TV Room. There were no doors separating the living room, the kitchen, the TV Room, and the Computer Room, these were merely blocked off by arches that barely constituted walls.

Given Iris’ standing position she was rather out of sight, as such Gabe’s Grandmother belittled him “Oh look Zedi, Gabriel’s got an Imaginary Friend again!” Gabe looked rather annoyed at this comment.

“Cale, I am assuming that you were not raised within the confines of a barn, please introduce yourself,” Gabe said with a hint of displeasure. Iris waked forward into the kitchen which had no wall separating it from the television room and took a polite bow.

“I’m Gabe’s friend Cale, it’s uh... a pleasure to meet you...” Iris had said, sounding somewhat unsure. She was over her stupidity, but her natural shyness around new people had gone into effect.

“I didn’t know you were Japanese” Gabriel said jokingly, rolling his eyes at his friend, referring to her odd choice of bowing which is not an American Custom.

“Well my what pretty hair you have, huh, he’s Japanese? I didn’t know they had such colorful hair” the old short woman spoke up

“I was merely telling a jest, grandmother, my friend is quite non-asian” Gabriel insisted

“Well technically I’m a tiger s- OW!” Iris was about to speak before Gabriel whipped her with his tail.

“Just introducing my friend as a formality, we shall be making a departure to the section of the abode to which I am entitled. Good day” Gabriel had announced, he turned around before he was interrupted.

“You been smoking ganja with Jimmy have you?” his grandfather had asked. “Your eyes look redder than hell boy.”

Gabriel pondered this, it was true he enjoyed reefer, but he hadn’t partaken of any of it. He hadn’t had a good look in the mirror since his change, maybe his eyes were altered? He’d ask Iris later. “I have not even seen the reckless little chimpanzee.”

“Jimmy’s Changed?” Iris asked bluntly before being elbowed in the boob. “Ow... Hey! Those are really sensitive!”

“Changed? What sort of nonsense is he yappin’ about?” the old bald man who was Gabe’s grandfather asked.

“It is nothing Grandfather, Cale is merely an oddball who misunderstands figures of speech. I have not seen brother dearest. Furthermore the irises of my eyes are red. If I was intoxicated, the pupils would be red, not the irises.” Gabriel boldly discussed, half-assuming “If there are no other inquiries, I shall take my leave of absence. As I said once before, good day!”

“I’m an Iris!” Iris said out of nowhere.

Gabriel glared at his friend and stopped to tell him. “Shut up Cale!” and then silently requested for her to follow by gesturing with his oddly shaped head. Iris obeyed this request into her friend’s room which was rather small. There was a little TV hooked up to a Nintendo Gamecube with dozens of games on a shelf. It wasn’t as large as Iris’ library, but she saw the two’s tastes were similar as the ones Gabriel owned contained a few familiar names such as Mario Sunshine, Kirby’s Air Ride, and Super Smash Bros. Melee, which Iris had noticed was the only fighter, which were one of her favorite kinds of games. Gabriel also owned far less obscure titles than Iris did, which on her shelf even included an import known as Doshin The Giant, but Gabriel did have more puzzle games than her as indicated by the presence of Puyo Pop Fever. Iris however was most impressed by the collection of mid 80’s Nintendo Power magnets on Gabe’s closet door. He had several for the big two of NES titles, The Legend Of Zelda and Super Mario Bros, the colors were off, but Iris could tell that it was a mistake with the initial printing and not the age. Iris partially removed one of them with her claws, slightly damaging it.

“What in god’s name are you doing you nitwit!” Gabriel screamed as Iris panicked and quickly put the magnet, no, not a magnet, sticker back. “That is quite literally older than you are!”

“Well the tear isn’t really that noticable...” Iris stated, somewhat upset, there was a hint of apology in her voice.

“Tear!? Ughhh....” Gabriel laid on his bed and looked up at the ceiling. “What the hell was going through your head?”

“I thought they were magnets!” She stated defensively “I’m sorry, Do you want me to replace it?”

Gabe looked at him and sighed “It’s just a sticker Cale... besides where would you find another?” the boy looked at a controller on his bed and then forward at his gaming console “Challenge me in a game of Super Sm-” he was about to state before he looked into something that gave him a shock. His own reflection in a mirror behind the Gamecube. He had seen it once before, or rather he had seen it many times in his life, almost every time he got out of bed, depending on how he exited the bed. But this wasn’t HIS reflection, it looked so wrong, it wasn’t a human, it wasn’t any kind of man. It was a rat, a creature to be loathed and despised. A plague bearing abomination of death! Something you lay traps out to kill when you find it. What he saw was this tall blonde rat, albino judging from his eye color, very odd seeing eyes like his, all red precious little else. He thought he would look more like the furries on TV or in art, but no, he had the soulless looking blank stare of a rat, with no pupils or irises of any kind, save for the one admiring his stickers.

“My eyes, are missing........ I’m... an... abominable mutation that should not be!” Gabriel said, before swallowing and panting. Iris was quite flummoxed and tilted her head curiously. She didn’t realize that in a shocked stupor, Gabe saw his red beady eyes as an empty collection of blood, fear over-riding logic as his gaze in the mirror was a strangely unfamiliar one.

“No your eyes are there, two beady little rat eyes” Iris said to her friend, in a somewhat re-assuring tone. At least, it sounded like she was trying to be re-assuring.

Gabriel covered those beady little rat eyes of his and leaned to the side “That’s not helping” he said coldly, as he peeked his eye from his soft pink paws and shuddered at the gaze in the mirror.

“You know what would be helping? Getting away from this mirror, let’s uh... go for a walk. I’ve always wanted to know where the train tracks near your house lead to, my bus goes by this place all the time.” Iris suggested, putting a comforting paw onto Gabriel’s arm.

Gabriel smiled for a second and looked at the attractive tigress, but then he shook his head, this was still Cale after all, and it was also a cat! Cats eat rats! He pushed her into his dresser which Iris got up after, but her back hurt a little. “You do NOT touch me foul hunting temptress!”

“I think we should go for that walk” Iris suggested again.

Gabriel sighed “Would that I could, but I... I’m this!? I’m a monstrosity, what if anyone were to bare witness... this horrible mash up of yellowish fur and.... other... bits.”

Iris tried helping him up again, which got Gabriel to hiss at her. “Hands off Vinole!” he then suddenly realized what he had done. “I’m hissing… my mind, my mind is going....” Gabriel shook his head.

“It’s mandatory now, up up up!” Iris stomped her hindpaw and folded her arms under her breasts like a boss.

“The people, the will see me... and they will hurt me. I’m not a beautiful creature like you are, with your hourglass shape and exotic fur colorations. Oh they love you don’t they? Leave my abode, never return.” Gabriel stated melodramatically

“The people don’t love the way I look, simply because they’ve never seen it, and they won’t see you either. Now walk with me or I’m solving this mystery without you.” Iris roared figuratively and began to exit the house, Gabriel followed behind.

“You make a fair point... I’m sorry Cale, You know I am most usually one for logic, not for stupidity and letting my emotions get the better me. Looking into that mirror and seeing... this... foul creature, and knowing that there are pictures of me the way I was meant to be in this house... the real me. The one I shall never have the pleasure of being again. It was an over-bearance, I mean... I the old me was kind of the most awesome individual of all of time and space!” Gabriel apologized and threw on a joke at the end, as the two made their way through the kudzu that was separating Gabe’s house from the Railroad.

“I could tell, mirrors take a lot of getting used. How do you think I felt, this used to be a man’s face son.” Iris said, sharing a joke in turn, as she walked on the very edge of the left set of railroad tracks, keeping her balance on the elevated part with the aid of her arms. Gabriel took a more sensible route on the right set of railroad tracks and the two set out on an exploratory adventure.

“Would you go back? If someone had offered you the opportunity...” Gabriel asked, taking note of Iris’ balance.

Iris lost her balance and laughed. “Ahaha, and give up the tail and the night vision? Only real downside to being a tiger I can see is that I can’t chew my nails without doing accidental dental work on my self. Naw... shit’s awesome”

Gabriel shook his head “True, I could see how being a cat has its advantages, unlike being a rodent. My teeth have not stopped hurting since the change...” Gabriel gritted his teeth and chomped at the air “I keep feeling this overwhelming need to chew, I’ve been through all of my pencils for school. I feel so... cold without chewing. Did you know rats need to chew to get their gums to stop bothering them? Ahaha... I didn’t”

The two reached a bridge that overlooked a river and a pile of rocks. A trestle where people could sit and enjoy the scenery. Which was beautiful, aside from an asphalt plant nearby. Mother Nature had taken full grasp upon everything nearby. Various species of birds flew around the area. Iris even noted a vulture perching on large tree. She had never noticed how wonderful they look when they’re perched. She had not previously seen one that was flying over a carcass. Iris and Gabriel decided to rest at this wonder of the world. There was a perch of their own where they could sit and look up, but Iris wanted to try something. She sat down next the flowing river on a pile of smaller rocks. She let loose her tail from her pants, he had been using her tail as a makeshift belt before now. Iris dropped her tail into the water, whilst starring at Gabriel and waiting for a tug.

This amused the rodent who chuckled “You’re not a Slowpoke you know, tigers swim in the water to catch their food”

“And get my clothes wet?” Iris asked, “I could go swimming though, and I guess you’ll have to... play lifeguard” She was giving him a dirty look as she lifted her shirt, revealing a very well maintained torso and two large gorgeous breasts. Using her paws she pulled back some of the fur to reveal not two, but four nipples. Gabriel looked for a bit, but... quickly shook his head before she could get the shirt off her arm.

“Those are rather lovely, but you’re still Cale Vinole in that package. At least, to me you are.” He said, still looking with a slight smile on his face. “I would be very obliged if you could re-equip the garb upon your form, and prevent from exposing your visage to the elements in the future.”

Iris put her shirt back, using a claw to cut some of her shirt, before leaning forward showing off some cleavage. “Oh come on, I saw you looking. I’m in it, but you are still oh so interested in this package.”

Gabriel stopped laughing and began to get annoyed. “I’m a man, I can’t help that fact that if you present mammories in my line of vision. I’m going to look, that’s it. Look, especially if they belong to a species and genus that I have never seen naked before. And don’t get that smile on your face, I’m not interested in seeing you without pants. Though why aren’t you wearing a bra is a question for the ages”

Iris zipped her jeans back up somewhat disappointed “My family thinks I’m a boy, so they don’t buy me female undergarments. It’s that simple.” she turned to the water and bent over looking for fish. Gabe wondered if she did this on purpose, he assumed she had and decided to look away and maintain dignity. There was no way he was going to be caught dead starring at Cale’s ass. She actually had stopped trying to woo him and really was looking for fish, if she was trying to show off her rump she would have raised her tail, which she did not it was resting behind her, besides it was a good chance to stretch it. She had gotten used to the pain associated with using it as a belt, but it was still good to stretch.

Gabriel yawned “The stores are quite the tedious journey. Shall we press onward and venture forth.”

“Okay” Iris replied as she jumped, grabbing the bottom of the bridge and climbing up the side, whilst Gabriel just went the way he came.

“Bad... ass” Gabe commented in wonder. “How the hell did you learn to do that?”

“It was no big deal, I mean anyone could have done that” she replied “It’s made of wood, so I just used my claws. By the way, I saw the letters JL spray painted on the other side of the bridge” she was referring to the concrete that held up the bridge, without stopping the river.

Gabriel just stood in amazement. To be able to do something like this, nonchalantly, and claim as though anyone could do it… a trained government agent would have trouble with this, and she just.... effortlessly... did a super jump and climbed the bridge like a monster in a Resident Evil game.

“Uhh... Gabe?” The striped one asked “The letters”

“Oh right right” Gabriel said, he was distracted by his friend’s physical prowess. “My brother, Jimmy Locke tagged this area, those are his initials.”

“I hope that doesn’t come back to haunt him...” Iris said, somewhat concerned.

“Why would it?” Gabriel pondered “It’s so close to our property and we’re the only ones who come back here, so it should be of no concern.”

Iris shook her head, closing her eyes, and quickly opened her eyes to talk. She always detested people who talked with their eyes closed and it was not a behavior she herself was going to caught doing. “No, I mean in the Changed Community, anyone gets TG’d, that’s Transgendered, goes by their initials instead of their name to let people know what’s up.”

“Well Jimmy is already a lady, so we don’t have to worry about that” Gabe chuckled, “Though you did say your condition was rare, how rare are we talking? Do you have a percentage on that?”

“It’s supposed to be 0.1% of every new batch of Changed world wide getting a Gender Reversal, some of whom are people already Changed.” Iris explained, waving her striped finger dramatically for effect.

“Then it’s rather unlikely, with statistics like that. I’d be incredibly surprised if it happened to anyone else we ran into aside from you.” Gabriel pointed out

“I don’t know, I’ve heard of areas up north where there are Changed who have, like, one token friend still their birth gender, and they all just.... Girl Around,” Iris said, only half-jesting.

“That’s not very rare at all. Also it sounds dumb. Admittedly such a scenario would make for intriguing social commentary, but still, it sounds moronic and whoever made these statistics should have their head given an examination of the highest order,” Gabriel shared some of his thoughts while trying to picture himself and various classmates and friends suddenly doing stereotypically feminine things, like each others make up and talking about boys. He actually chuckled for he was amused, it was not a fate he wished to have happen, he rather enjoyed having both a penis and mostly male friends, but he couldn’t help but laugh when thinking about it.

The two-o duo took their previous stances upon the railroad and continued on down the road. Gabriel remembered something else about Iris’ testimony… Changed changing gender? But early she had said he had nothing to worry about. This required further investigation. “Changed can change gender? So, you might be able to resume the glorious mantle of masculinity had only by manly men such as myself.”

Iris laughed at her friend “Eh, well if it happens it happens. There’s some Changed who don’t stop changing and so every Change Day they change again. Sometimes this results in a gender bender, I have a friend on the Internet who’s one of these. Reminds me, she, he’s, normally online during weekends so I’ll have to check with… whatever this person is named at this time.”

Gabriel had quite a bit to think about, he had to take into consideration that he had only yesterday become changed, and would need to take into account the what-ifs of being multi-changing. He decided there was no sense solving a mystery sober and as such he took out a strange looking colored pipe like thing and a lighter out of his pocket, he was in the middle of lighting it when he turned to his friend and asked. “Do you mind if I smoke a bowl?”

“Uhhh…” Iris responded, she had no idea her friend had dealings in illegal drugs. What sort of dangerous criminal was he? She began having those panics again. “I... guess not”

“You want a hit?” Gabe responded, Iris uncomfortably shook her head no and tried immediately to change the subject.

“So this railing kind of reminds me of that fight in Sonic Adventure 2” Iris said, and then in her best imitation of Shadow’s voice she continued to state “You never cease to surprise me Blue Hedgehog, I thought that capsule you were in exploded in space!”

Gabriel had a bit of a delayed reaction, before looking at his friend and saying “Wha... oh sorry I haven’t played that title in quite some time. I don’t... recall...” Gabe then looked forward with a blank stare, lost in a bit of a high stupor.

Eventually the two got to a road where nature ended, but only temporarily as it resumed on the other side of the road. When suddenly a sheriff's car pulled aside the road, and a caucasian man in a tan uniform with brown pants got out of the vehicle.

“Where are you boys off too in such a hurry?” The human ask the ex-humans. “Must be a long trip if you’re toking it up....” he said, looking Gabriel dead in the eye. “Empty your pockets sir.”

Gabriel sighed and took a wallet stylishly made of duct tape, a bag of marijuana, and a knife out of his pocket.

“Put them on the ground, don’t do anything stupid sir. And you too hairdo....” He said, he reached for his gun, in case anyone did anything. It was still holstered, but his hand was over it.

Iris raised her paws, “I’ve got nothing!”, she turned her pockets inside out and froze. The officer then walked forward and grabbed Gabriel’s bag.

“Yup. Unless this is catnip, it looks like you’re going downtown red-eyes. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, if you cannot afford one, one will be provided for you by the state.” The officer said as he cuffed Gabriel who gritted his teeth and hyper ventilated, before calming his mind in a single deep breathe.

Gabriel raised his head and whipped his tail on the ground, and got a particularly clever idea. “You know officer, I traverse the railroad quite often with my brother and I must request that you do please watch your step... The terrain can be... quite treacherous”

The officer chuckled “I think I’ll be fine, but it looks like a knife down there. I’d be worried about you young man, you ever been to jail before, kid it’s not pret...” suddenly he felt something at his leg. He looked down. He didn’t see anything, but he felt something. Before he knew it he found himself on the ground, he banged his head something fierce on the railroad, he saw a white flash and when he looked up at the person he was trying to arrest he saw no person at all, but instead, he saw a monster, an abomination with red eyes that seemed to glow and stare straight into his soul, some form of horrible rat that he had seen only in his nightmares dressed in the clothes of the delinquent he was trying to arrest. “Wha.... What are you?”

The monster looked down at the officer, dangling handcuffs from his finger, which he pocketed along with his possessions he had been made to scatter on the ground. “I’m the God Damned wind! And I want my weed back constable!”

The officer swallowed and got his gun out, which he pointed at the rodent. “GO BACK TO HELL FROM WHENCE YOU CAME!”

Iris’ eyes grew wide at the sight of the gun. “THE TREES! HURRY! THE TREES, HE CAN SEE US!”

The officer gained a look of confusion… he stopped two young boys, where did this distressed feminine voice come from. Was there some young lady around being tormented by this demon rodent? Was his friend another one of these things, looking for a snack... he turned his head to see if she was in a position she could be helped, an epidemic of mutant freaks? This could be a chance to be promoted straight to chief of police! He turned his head and saw a well-shaped young woman, no not a woman. A thing, like the rat, was she his mate? No, she looked more feline and bigger, she seemed to resemble some form of tiger, maybe the rat was her servant? He pointed his gun at both, but the tigress ran up the tree, her claw sticking into it as she gestured to the rat, who followed suit. The two quickly vanished up the three. The cop swallowed and decided he had enough of this, the things were running away, and he was going to leave it at that.

The officer got into his car and picked up his radio and in a frightened tone gave a transmission “Kid’s bowl, turned out to be... purely decorative, an arts and crafts project. He just trying to be cool.” the officer put the radio down and got a response.

“You don’t sound so good, is everything alright?” the voice on the other end asked.

The officer responded by saying “Just a cold, everything is just about alright now though.” before throwing out Gabriel’s bag of weed. If the monster wanted it, he could have it. He then took off like no one’s business.

Gabriel laughed as he saw the pig, well, not a literal pig, it wasn’t an animal person yet, but he would be one day, run away with his tail between his legs, as he climbed down the tree to retrieve his bag of herb and re-pocket it. “Ahahaha did you witness what just occurred? DISREGARD THE CONSTABLE!” he said as he re-lit the bowl and took a celebratory hit.

“Shouldn’t you smoke that where someone can’t see you, if you try that tail trick with every cop in the county our boys in brown are all going to have brain damage.” Iris warned before asking “How did you get your paws out of those handcuffs?”

“My hands are, were, unusually flexible. Now that they’ve been replaced with rat hands? Hmph, a pair of handcuffs are mere child’s play to me.” Gabriel said smugly “Also I would not worry about them, they already have brain damage. I can’t demolish something that isn’t functional to begin with.

The two walked down the rest of the railroad tracks together, laughing about the experience.

They passed by dogs behind a fence, but they didn’t get a good look at them, they just heard them bark like mad as they passed, and eventually they found themselves at the Silver City Post Office, near a CVS Pharmacy, a BB&T, a Hardees, a Cafe, and not one, but two Kangaroo Gas Stations, right across the street from one another. Talk about self-competition. The two friends palled around for a bit and decided to fool around in the CVS Pharmacy.

“So what are your grandparents like?” Iris asked, despite her and Gabriel being friends for about a year now, today was the first day she had seen them or been over to his humble abode as the rodent put it. She was actually somewhat embarrassed that she never asked this before

Gabriel was looking at the Pharmacy’s collection of candies, trying to decide if he wanted some of those or a bag of chips. Smoking weed does have a list of side effects, but the most notable one at this very moment was a serious case of the munchies. Eventually he settled for some Cheddar Combos, a popular pretzel based snack, perfect for people who happened to be rats with a need to chew. Gabriel took his snack to the counter and proceeded to answer his friend. “They’re a friendly sort, but not without their flaws. My grandfather is a friendly old man, Native American as you saw, lumby, same tribe as me, well quite obviously as we are related. Though he’s very old fashioned, especially when it comes to his frugality” He then looked behind the counter and noticed the saleswoman was a squirrel, how he missed this before he wasn’t sure. The saleswoman looked at Gabe worth a weird look and then rubbed her forehead with a paw. Surely she was just imagining things, first she was a squirrel, and now there’s a rat standing in her store.

“Frugality? Is that a finishing move in Mortal Kombat, squirrels your grandfather honor Earthrealm in the great tournament?” Iris asked ecstatically, full joking of course, though she didn’t act it, her head was tightly more screwed on her snow leopard friend. She merely found amusement in all things. This outlook on life just seemed to make life that much more worthwhile. She waved hi at the squirrel clerk “Oh hey mam, did...” she grabbed her tail and presented it “this happen yesterday? Also were you a woman or a man”

The squirrel nodded, and said “woman” nervously, not sure if the tiger before her was going to eat her, she was lost in a sea of confusion and had no idea what Tom’s sister and Jerry were doing here. Was she dreaming? In a Coma? “I need to get back to work soon, so is there anything you can tell me about, all this?” she rubbed her face fur with a paw and with a somewhat fearful look on her face “How do I go back to just normal Cindi?”

“You know, you’re the second person, or rather, furson, to ask me that. Easy! You don’t, but I think you’ll be fine, just cram your face full of nuts. Don’t worry it’s perfectly normal to go a little wild here or there, but here, if you have any problems let me just write down my email address...” Iris stated as she borrowed a pen and paper from the squirrel “Like I said, I think you’ll be okay, but, email me if there’s a problem.”

The squirrel stared at the email address, and back at the tigress. Well, if she said she’d be fine, she had no reason to doubt the tigress, with her and the baked looking rat next her, they were like what? Three Hybrid Animals against the world? “Alright then, sounds like an endorsement.....” Cindi The Squirrel said nervously, still having no idea just what to do about this or why no one has noticed her squirreliness, nor notice the tiger or the rat. “By the way, you smell like you are or recently were.... uhh nevermind.” shaking her head no, she thought it was best not to tell the striped thing that might try to eat her later that she smells unpleasent.

“I can see you have retained your overwhelming concern for our kind.” the rat behind the cat said with a hint of sarcasm I’d love to help madame, but I’m still getting my legs for the scenario myself, but from what I can tell. It’s just like being human, with minor additions.” Gabriel chuckled, before continuing his previous statement. “As I was saying, I’m afraid not my dear Cale, frugal means a lack of desire to use currency for any given reasoning that one could come up with and an overwhelming need to undermine the economy with a refusal to conform to the simple concept of inflation” Gabriel droned on about something that Iris looked completely looked lost over, Gabriel looked annoyed over this. “You did not understand me did you?”

“Well, I don’t know what to say other than it’s neat, she’s no one I know anyway, but hopefully she won’t go nuts over it, hehe, oh...... Huh? Oh no no, you mean that he’s a miser and doesn’t like to spend money. My grandfather is the same way.” Iris replied “Though I can see why people wouldn’t understand you, I mean... why and how do you talk like that? Do you practice or something?”

“No Cale, I merely talk like this because it is a very intellectual way of speaking that shows how well read I am, anyone who pays even the slightest attention to the world around them hears the words I speak on a regular basis. I haven’t the foggiest why there are those, and a numerous amount at that, who cannot understand my method of communication and it is most troublesome,” quoth the rodent, as he finished paying for his snack, he paid for something else, but Iris wasn’t paying attention to his actions as much as his words.

“Are you high?” As she asked Iris tilted her head as she was so fond of doing when asking a question, or when she was deeply confused. She was a curious little striped thing and as such was fond of asking questions.

“Yes” Gabriel put bluntly, Iris kinda just had this dumbfounded look on her face as if to say “oh”, but instead said nothing. “Anyway, moving onto my grandmother, she’s sweet, but a little nosey within my affairs. She also loves to cook.”

“Okay I think there’s ANOTHER reality veil, this one is preventing us from realizing that we’re siblings and that we have the same grandparents” Iris commented, and then proceeded to laugh with Gabriel who had found this funny and decided to join his friend in a chuckle.

“I already have one incredibly girly brother, now I have two, wondrous. Now that we’re siblings you can stop trying to strip for me.” Gabriel pointed out

“But you’ve got to see my purple vagina!” Iris exclaimed “I mean isn’t purple your favorite color.”

“Yes it is, and that’s fascinating, but.... no.” Gabriel said, understandably freaked out. Gabriel noticed people were beginning to stare at them. Cindi the squirrel scratched her headfur and began to stare even harder, purple vaginas? Now things were getting truely ridiculous.

“Did that guy just say his vagina was purple?” A man said to the woman behind the counter. “Guy? I thought he was a girl!” Cindi exclaimed in response to the man’s comment

“But incest is best, put your sister to the test” Iris said, outloud, much to the confusion of people around who have children. Gabriel had already began walking away from his friend and out the door, but not until he had politely told Cindi good bye. Iris began to feel uncomfortable as people starred at her, and thought it best to leave before someone asked her too.

“You don’t leave home much do you?” Gabriel asked his friend as the two began walking home, the sun was setting and he’d need to take Iris home anyway, Iris chuckled nervously to herself. Embarrassment aside the two had fun and both parties definitely agreed, the walk was something both of them needed, mentally, physically, and spiritually reinvigorated in every sense of the word. Ready to face the world and the long days ahead of them in their strange mixed up lives.

“Not really, I had this one friend name Jason, but I haven’t really seen him since I put him in the ER, and Devan, he moved away.” Iris seemed rather down as she remembered her friends, memories of happiness came flooding to her, but also of a time when Jason teased her and forced her hand, her rather razor sharp hand.

“You put him, in the ER?” Gabriel said somewhat concerned, he looked at her hands and noticed that it was likely not an intended nor difficult task. “I’m sorry, that must have been, horrifying.”

The two found themselves back at the trestle, Iris was now reliving it in her mind.

“What are you a pussy? Man up and fight me!” Jason had said, a blonde kid rather on the skinny side, he had blue eyes and was jumping on a broken and rusted trampoline in his rundown trailer home. He was alternating between jumping and punching rundown doors on a mostly metal shed next to the trampoline, his stance was somewhat impressive for a child actually.

“No! Can we just play Clay Fighter instead?” a nine year old Iris begged, a somewhat feminine young boy with bright green eyes, a slight orange tint to his skin, and most curious of all, orange and black striped hair and a tendency to make animal noises, but a Changed would see him as a cute girl with short hair and a bit of a hair problem, in the fact that it covered her whole body, she had hit puberty early and thus was a little curvy for a nine year old. Her friend Jason kept sparring with no one and stood still.

“Man, fuck that kiddy-shit! We’re doing some man-fighting! Now get your ass up here or I’ll jump off this trampoline and kick you in the face!” Jason screeched

Iris turned tail and began walking inside the rundown clubhouse that Jason and his father built together, it was attached to a wooden skateboard ramp, which had also seen better days. She was almost in when suddenly she felt a great pain in the back of her head, and growled. “Jason!” she roared, literally! But it didn’t translate to her friend very well. “What did you throw at me?”

“Look, you’re not a fucking Tiger! Cut that shit out, it’s the fakest roar I’ve ever heard!” He taunted as he picked off a broken piece of the trampoline, a spring dislocated from years of use on a trampoline overdue for replacement by an entire decade. The same thing he threw earlier, and hurled it at Iris who gritted her fangs together and ran back to the trampoline.

“I’LL SHOW YOU FAKE!” Iris screamed, it was always liked this, Jason would pick on her and Iris would take it, she didn’t have any other friends, Devan wouldn’t move in across the street from Iris’ house for another year. As she ran and jumped on the trampoline, Jason hit her in the chest, which hurt. Iris didn’t know why, but she was sensitive in that area for some reason, this did more to piss her off as she performed an uppercut and screamed “SHORYUKEN!”

Iris laughed as she noticed the other combatant no longer fighting, she turned around and thought she heard something, but decided to ignore it. Jason learned his lesson and wouldn’t be throwing anything else, it was then she noted splotches of red on her claws. Panicked, she turned around and saw Jason, torso open and bleeding far more than he should have. Iris realized she may have just accidentally murdered her friend.

Meanwhile back in the present, 14 year old Iris was starring into the river, but all she could see was blood flowing, just like it did from Jason’s body before he was rushed to the ER. “Blood... flowing...... without... end” she said to herself as she lost her eyes in the river. Fortunately though Jason lived, he needed stitches and to this day has a large scar on his chest, although Iris was charged with attempted murder and Jason’s mother swearing up and down she started it and had a knife, nothing was proven and Iris was found Not Guilty due to a lack of evidence, in addition her age and pity for having been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, the big deciding factor was the legendary knife Jason’s mom swore she had, more accurately, how the knife didn’t seem to exist. Despite this Iris was never allowed to play at Jason’s house again.

Gabriel saw his friend in much distress and, uncomfortably placed a paw on her shoulder an action he instantly regretted as he took his hand off immediately.

“..Cale?” he said, his friend looked onward, into the river, mouthing the word blood repeatably. Gabriel grumbled to himself before he said in a softer voice. “Iris....”

This snapped the tigress out of it, “JASON I’M SORRY!.... Wait... Gabe, did you just call me Iris”

“It won’t happen again, you saying blood over and over again reminded me. I bought this for you at the Pharmacy from our new little squirrel friend” Gabriel said before handing Iris a box of maxi-pads. “You’ve never used tampons, so I figured...” the rat chittered his teeth together, mostly due to embarrassment from talking about feminine hygine products, and placed some of his Combos in his mouth and proceeded to chew. “Look just start buying some for yourself, I’m not buying those... kinds of products again. There should be instructions on the box, use them when you bleed. The smell is getting to me”

Iris just blinked, she wasn’t sure what to make of this, he called her Iris and bought her a gift, showing a lack of empathy and buying the gift for mostly his benefit, but still. This set her ablaze with questions. “Does Gabriel like me? Is he shy? Will he ever call me Iris again?” Her heart was entangled in a fiery passion as she put on a huge smile and tucked the maxipads under her arm as she tried to take Gabriel’s paw in hers.

“Keep your hands off me fag!” Gabriel rejected “You’re a friend Cale, we did this as friends, and that thing of pads was something given to you as a friend, I cannot stress this word enough. I had no idea being this way even gave you problems, especially one as serious as maiming someone, you just seem so… happy to point out that you’re a tiger all willy nilly. Even though you are supposed to be in Masquerade. Actually, why even keep a secret. Its not like anyone would believe you.”

“I told Jason....” Iris said, before looking down. At her hindpaws, stretching the toes, or what you could call toes.

“A Freudian excuse, I think if it were that bad, my dear Cale, I’d think you’d want to keep your secrets a little more well then announcing them in the middle of a pharmacy much to the annoyance of fellow patrons, especially if you are annoying the patron afflicted by the transfiguring mutation.” Gabriel pointed out as he beckoned the tigress forth “Come along Cale, my grandparents will want you home soon, but it’s Saturday, so I’ll be online all night.”

Iris had a wonderful day, she had a walk with her crush and watch the sunset with him! well part of a sunset… okay a river while her mind was elsewhere, but still he got her a gift! Okay it was hygiene products from a pharmacy, but still. Close enough in her book.Gabriel drove Iris back home in his van and dropped her off at her house, whilst she shared the story of Jason’s Almost Demise, as Gabriel had inquired about it.

“So you wanna spend the night at my place, I’m sure my mom won’t mind.” Iris offered

Gabriel thought about it, but decided no, he had to meet with Jimmy in the morning and Jimmy didn’t like to discuss things with people he didn’t trust. Even if they weren’t sinister, he just liked to be a little careful. Besides, after learning first hand that Changed Girls have four nipples and have someone who he swore was a boy the other day try holding his hand, made him think he was feeling pretty spent on his time he was willing to use to hang out with Iris. “No thanks Cale, but I shall gaze witness upon you at school during lunch.”

This choice of words made Iris laugh “Okay, I’ll try to make sure you’re not it, Mr. Fate Tempter.” Gabriel had to admit, that was actually kind of funny, and shared a laugh with the tigress before driving back home.

Iris remembering that it was the 18th, meant that there was someone else he had to talk to and with any luck, he or she would be on AIM at this very moment as she walked in the front door of her humble abode. “Hey Mom, I’m home, Gabe brought me, he’s the rat, I mean Native American you say me with at Calvin’s Party....” she said before jumping onto her computations device. She waved at Calvin who was playing on the Xbox 360 in the living room. “Happy Birthday Bro” she said, but Calvin was pretty into his game and didn’t respond. He takes after his brother... sister...older sibling, one of those was right.

Iris logged onto to the computer and yes! Ran right into the exact person she wanted to see.

MegaCat CV:Hey Big C, the Transformation Fairy visit you again? To whom am I speaking, CM or Chris?

Mattiazrott2000:Every year without fail it seems, I’m CM The Bear like when we first met, on proper speaking terms anyway.

CM had been referring to Iris’ mom blocking him under the grounds of mistaking him for a pedophile, Iris was sure to apologize for the accidental racism when the two met again in the Changed Network forums a year later and realized that they were Changed, and they’ve been close friends ever since. Both had a passion for writing and a love of animals. Though Iris’ writing was mostly for school assignments, she still enjoyed it and was giving consideration to taking a Creative Writing course.

MegaCat CV:Oh Hey Mama Bear! Sorry to hear that, but hey being a bear is pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind trying it for a year. Mix things up a little you know.

Mattiazrott2000: I do enjoy being a bear, yes. Still, it can often be more of a hassle than my other forms.

MegaCat CV:Yeah, but you change back the next year... Well maybe not back, but into something smaller anyway.

Mattiazrott2000:Yes, that I will. And that has its own set of crosses too! Still, I suppose the real problem is my gender never seems to want to stay where I want it.

MegaCat CV:Well what’s wrong with being a girl, I’m a girl, it’s not half bad.

Mattiazrott2000:You were but a child when you Changed, just as you are one now. I think you’ll understand when you’re older.

MegaCat CV:Is sex really that important to you?


MegaCat CV:Aren’t you catholic?

Mattiazrott2000:Yes, why do you ask?

MegaCat CV:So aren’t you not allowed to have sex, I’m not a kitten you know.

Mattiazrott2000:Oh, you meant... *chuckles* It's not that simple Iris, a man is far more than having a certain set of genitals. It is a state of mind that commands respect and order, whilst providing for his loved ones with protection and nourishment. Not to mention... I'm married

MegaCatCV:Is Gender in romance, that big of a deal?

Mattiazrott2000: *shakes head* There's a lot you don't yet understand it seems

MegaCatCV:Well still, if being a man isn’t restricted to what’s in his pants. Then I’d definitely argue that the 500lb killing machine is whatever gender he says he is.

Mattiazrott2000:Heh, you think so.

MegaCat CV:Eyup.

Mattiazrott2000:I’ll keep that in mind.

MegaCat CV:I’m just glad you’re not a rat, otherwise we’d be having an infestation. XD

Mattiazrott2000:I'll be a rat next year! Someone you know change?

MegaCat CV:Yeah, this handsome kid I have a crush on in my school, his name’s Gabriel. His eyes creep me right the fuck out, but damn, he was handsome, but now he’s just so cute! <3

Mattiazrott2000:And you told him everything?

MegaCat CV:Almost


MegaCat CV:Well I tried to tell him I was a girl, like, a real always vagina-having girl. But he saw through that when he said my name was Kayleen to my mom. I’m trying to rectify it though, he seemed to not mind though.

Mattiazrott2000:You really shouldn't lie to your friends like that, you're lucky he forgave you. Not everyone would be so willing to forgive. Make sure you tell him about the forums if you haven't already.

MegaCat CV:Oh that reminds me, do you know a Snow Leopard named Hugh?

Mattiazrott2000:How did you know about him? Yes, he was a delightful young cat, if not a bit silly. He's quite a pawful. If I recall his parents had some issue with him hanging out with Rob. Rob would never hurt a soul, but there was the matter of age.

MegaCat CV:That seems to happen a lot with people from Blackburg and cats. He’s in one of my classes, moved here from Virginia. Huh you know I also used to live in Virginia, my dad was in the military.

Mattiazrott2000:Sounds like you two have a lot in common.

The two proceeded to drone on for a few more hours, until it was time for both parties to hit the hay. When suddenly, CM said something that Iris would remember for quite sometime.

Mattiazrott2000:It’s getting late, I should probably hit the hay.

MegaCat CV:It’s still summer, Hibernation isn’t for a few more months.

Mattiazrott2000:LOL! Before I go, is Gabriel the only Changed you’ve run into?

MegaCat CV:Yeah, haven’t seen anyone else. Except Hugh, but he changed in 2003, so... he’s not exactly new. Oh and I almost forgot this store clerk....

Mattiazrott2000:Hmmm.... That doesn’t seem right, the numbers seem to indicate there should be a lot more than just him. But it has only been a day, so.

MegaCat CV:Don’t you run the numbers? How exactly did you come to conclusion.

Mattiazrott2000:There’s lots of things you don’t know tigress, that’s why you go to school.

MegaCatCV:No really...

Mattiazrott2000:I’d love to explain, but I’m far too tired right now. Maybe tomorrow if I’m on.

MegaCat CV:Alright goodnight

As Iris went to bed that night, in another house, something was beginning, something that truly begin the transformation of her hometown, into a real zoo. As several miles away, in the town of Silver City, a bear of a very different sort than CM and half the age was looking at a mirror.

“I’ve really lost it this time.”, A panda said to herself. She poked her fangs a couple of times, she had stayed home from school, the panda had hallucinated before, but normally they went away before a few days. Today it had not, she wondered if it ever would, the young girl was beginning to think that she actually had become an endangered Chinese bear-raccoon known to one and all as a giant panda. She had short headfur and was a little on the chubby side, well was being the right word, as much as she didn’t want to admit it the change seemed to have packed on a few dozen pounds, she had a passion for wearing dark and using eye liner, but it would seem that she might not need eye liner in the future. This girl was not usually a bear, this was a rather recent development. Her skin was usually pale and her outfits usually dark, but this seemed like a bit of an extreme.

A kindly old woman knocked on her bedroom door “Thana, you haven’t left your room in two days, are you alright.”

“Don’t come in Nana!” the girl known as Thana pleaded, she was almost convinced now that her transformation was real. Having no idea what caused it, it could have been anything, did she forget to check the expiration date on a thing of pudding? Was there Panda blood accidentally spilt into a can of coke? Was the deer skull she picked up in the woods haunted by the spirit of a Buddhist Monk? She didn’t know, but she doubted her grandparents would find spontaneously changing species and genus a very acceptable curriculum for a teenage girl, especially not her jerk of a grandfather. He wasn’t even very compassionate about matters that involved human granddaughters, so she wasn’t willing to press her luck.

“Thana, are you alright?” the kindly old woman asked. Thana froze up, unsure of what to do, but her grandmother merely closed her eyes and breathed outward, seeing no endangered animal, just an ordinary teenage girl.“Get some rest Thana, I worry about you....”

The grand adventure that Iris The Tigress had so desperately craved was about to unfold, in the future she would be careful about what she wished for.

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