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A Midnight Snake

Author: Jessica K. Nichols-Vernon

WARNING:Story may be unsettling to squeamish readers or persons suffering from depression. You have been warned.

-May 10th 2014- Virginia, Tappahannock

Victoria had problems getting to sleep as usual. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to, it never was, no it was because a very real part of her didn’t want the waking up part to happen. Her fragile little heart just wouldn’t be able to take it.

For you see Victoria was a transsexual, and been on hormones for a few years now, but she just couldn’t find a way to get the surgery she needed. Vicky saved and saved and saved, going days without eating in hopes of having sexual reassignment surgery and finally being a complete woman. Finally being the person she should have been born as, 26 years ago.

Here she was, looking at her member instead of sleeping. Tears dripping down her cheeks. “Why? Why am I a freak? What did I do to deserve a lifetime of THIS! Please God, Satan, I don’t care which of you two do it. Help me, for the love of your respective kingdoms, please help me.”

It wasn’t long after she said this that the room started to feel unusually cold and she heard a giddy female voice. “You rang dear?”

Victoria couldn’t believe it, but she could have sworn she saw an honest to God, anthropomorphic white tigress with a glowing blue seventeen on her torso appear before her. “You aren’t real!” she said in bewilderment.

“You’re half-right, I’m not physical. I’ve had to sever the connection between your soul and your body in order for you to even know I’m here. Don’t worry though, it’s temporary. Unless you of course, don’t want it to be.” The tigress paused giving off a sinister smile, but resumed speech before Victoria could say anything. The name is Gemini 17 by the way, and I represent the most effective and only free SRS Surgeon in the world. All you have to do...” The tigress purred, offering her paw to Victoria. “Is to talk to me.”

“So you’re a ghost…” Victoria was naturally very afraid, for about 3.2 seconds before her eyes lit up. “Wait… free surgery? But if you’re a ghost… then… wait.” The miserable malcontent took an additional 4.5 seconds to gather her thoughts. “Are you saying God finally realized his mistake? Are you an angel?”

“That asshole never admits when he has done his children wrong. If he is going to give his children the gift of life, he needs to be sure he is doing them more good than harm. Too many wish they could return that gift. Wouldn’t you agree Victoria Habbins?” The tigress smiled, her paw still held out.

“...Isn’t it a little blasphemous to refer to God as a deadbeat dad?” Victoria raised an eyebrow, finding this rhetoric more than slightly questionable.

“Isn’t it a little blasphemous to ask Satan for help? That walk darling, unless you don’t want an eternity as a beautiful and anatomically correct woman. Then I can just return you to your body now where you go back to moping and pinching your pennies. Maybe you’ll have the full 20,000 by the time you’re fifty. I hope Inflation doesn’t occur in that time.” Gemini 17 as she called herself sounded very threatening. This could be her chance, Victoria couldn’t blow it. She was meant to be a woman and would give anything, anything imaginable. To have this pleasure.

“NO PLEASE! I’m just a little startled is all. If there is anything you can do to help me I’ll be eternally grateful.” Victoria said, putting her hand in the tigress’ palm.

“Emphasis on eternally.” Gemini 17 joked, gripping her hand tight. Spreading a strange tingling sensation all throughout Victoria who began to actually morph around. Growing fur all over her form.

“EEeeek, no no no, I thought you were going to make me a woman. Women aren’t hairy!” Victoria freaked out and started dancing around sperodically as though she had been set ablaze.

“Calm down, your soul is just adjusting to its Gaian Form. I know it’s hard to register some things without a physical brain, but you have been separated from your body. See turn around.” Gemini 17 pointed behind Victoria who turned around to see herself laying backwards, her member in her hand.

Victoria’s penis had been unusually large when she was male. Often times she took this as proof that God truly hated her. While others of her kind now had serious microdick to the point where they could pretend it was nothing more than their clitoris, she still had enough inches left to outman several males. It was positively infuriating and a detail she had shed many a tear over. If Gemini 17 truly had a solution to her problem she would not shed anymore and be, as she said, eternally grateful. Even from afar, it filled her with dread to see the ultimate symbol of her masculinity, attached to her body the way it was. “Am I dead? Are you going to take me to Heaven… but wait you said God didn’t admit am I going to Hell?”

Gemini 17 groaned before speaking to herself aloud. “Calm down Gem, calm down. Sorry Vicky, I just have to explain this a lot. No you aren’t dead. I have merely severed your connection to your body. Since the living cannot see or hear me.”

“So I’m dead?” Victoria repeated assuming that if she saw someone living people can’t see, she must not be living. “It does feel kind of nice, actually I’ve felt kind of good about myself since you showed up…” This was an understatement, ever since she laid eyes on Gemini 17 her worries felt strangely distant, as though she had been separated from them physically.

“No no, this is your astral body. The body outside of your body. The real you. You’re having a hard time grasping this because you’re thinking without your physical brain. Just think of what you are right now as your soul. It is temporarily displaced from your body. We can debate this over and over, or you can look in that mirror you have by your Star Fox Adventures Poster.” Gemini 17 smiled, as Victoria did so.

Victoria didn’t grasp what was being told to her too well, the whole thing seemed like she was somehow dreaming while awake. It felt real and she did have a degree of lucidity, but some reason there was precious little of it she understood. It felt good though, it felt damn good, better than anything she had ever experienced inside of her body that’s for sure. If only she felt like this all the time, she wouldn’t even need the surgery. Of course thinking of not getting the surgery was still something that filled her with fear and dread. Still, she faced the mirror as per Gemini 17’s instructions and saw something that made her jaw drop. “Gemini 17…. There’s no way… this… Is this really me? No wonder I’ve felt so good since you’ve arrived…. I’m… I’m…”

“Gorgeous beyond description? Having beauty equal to divinity? Possessing of an ass that just won’t quit?” Gemini 17 giggled, truthfully she was checking Victoria out. She was naked after all. “If you think that’s impressive, reach for your crotch.”

It was true, Victoria was a green furred vixen with orange eyes now, and a good looking one at that. No one would ever mistake her for a man ever again, she still wasn’t sure if she was alive or dead right now, but it didn’t matter. This was Heaven and she was enjoying every second of it. “I’m… yeah… my crotch? But I hate being reminded of my dii...iiiiiii...aaaaaahhhh tha… thaaat’s not a dick.” This vixen, was female, an honest to goodness female. In every sense of the word, with a vagina in place of her dangly bits. Victoria was now screaming in pleasure as her exploration of this wonderful new thing went on, the object of her desire. The only thing she has ever wanted and here it was gracefully between her legs. Her very own snatch, vajayjay, cooch, mommy hole, cunt, hooha, pussy, whatever euphemism you wanted to call it, Victoria now had a vagina. More than that, she now had a WET vagina and to go with it an orgasm. “Th… thiiiiis is what I’vv...’vve been missing out on!?! Now I REALLY regret being born a guy.. THIS is how you plan on making me? I love it.. I ahhhh."

“Yes my darling. A gorgeous foxy lady as you deserved to have been for years, but God was too cruel to allow.” Gemini 17 draped her arms around Victoria and purred. “Now to really seal the deal for you… I believe these are your favorite pink panties.” The tigress smiled and dropped a pair of pink cottony panties with a heart right over where the vagina of the wearer was meant to go, right on the fox’s breasts.

Victoria grabbed her breasts in awe, she had overlooked that in her appraisal of her new form, her breasts. Now so round and plump. “I’m a D-Cup…”

“I can make your lovely lady lumps even bigger if you like.” Gemini 17 said in a singsong voice.

Victoria’s eyes grew wide at this. “Bigger?!?!”

“As you wish.” Gemini 17 snickered and the fox’s chest actually swelled in size.

“Aaaah…. I didn’t mean… aaah fuck… they’re so huge and sensitive now.. I..” Victoria was purely dumbfounded at this point.

“Infinite delight awaits you.” Gemini 17 reminded. “Put on the panties.”

Victoria nodded and did as she was told. Now she was wearing panties, and it was nothing special. That was the beauty of it, it was nothing special. They fit like a glove and she could see her camel toe, right where the heart was, and she smiled. “I have been holding onto to these panties for nine years, praying for the day I could wear them without that gross unsightly buldge. They were a present from my best friend Hector, when I told him I wanted to be a girl. I never thought I’d live to see the day.”

“I think we should take that walk I talked about. Come with me.” Gemini 17 lead Victoria out of her house and into the front yard. Where the green furred fox was aghast to see that there was a homeless man in her yard!

“Put me back in my body, you said I wasn’t really dead." Vicky panicked freaking out as she tried to interact with him, but to no avail. "I need to get this guy out of my yard. Then you can take me back out…”

“Shhh.. Victoria this man is homeless, hasn’t eaten in days, high off his ass on who knows what, and he’s going to do you a favor. The biggest favor of your life.” Gemini 17 explained, reassuring the foxy.

“I thought you did that, when you turned me into a fox. My body’s changing into one as well right?” Victoria was confused as to what exactly was transpiring this night.

“No, my powers don’t work on the living. I can’t change your body, maybe someone could, but I’m a very powerful spirit and even that’s beyond my abilities.” Gemini 17 confessed.

“I don’t understand, I thought you said you represented the most effective SRS Surgeon in the world.” Victoria was confused. She was now begging that this wouldn't turn out like the thousands of times she wrote to medical aid agencies only to be told there was nothing they could do for her.

“Yes… Death.” Gemini 17 looked very serious now, there was a strong conviction in her eyes. “YOU are female, your body isn’t. Eventually the connection between you and your body will re-strengthen. You will be dragged back into your body, remember how perfect you were outside of it, look at your chubby belly, your balding head, your overly masculine chin, and your big fat cock. Then you will cry, knowing that you will be ugly and male for the rest of your life. Then at the end, you smile, a ghost at your own funeral, smiling your ass off wishing your friends would stop crying. After all, you’re happy. Well I want to make the rest of your life this night. Just say the word and I promise. You won’t live to see the sunrise.”

“Look… this is flattering, in a really creepy way.” Victoria swallowed taking a few steps away from Gemini 17. “But forget it. I am not going to let you murder me… Even if without my body I am finally the woman I’ve always wanted to be.” Victoria looked over herself, her long gorgeous hair, he extravagant curves, her ample bust, and she had to sneak a peak at that precious little pussy. “The finest doctors in Thailand couldn’t give me something this nice… but… My friends would miss me.”

“If your friends knew of this offer and what it means to you. They’d be begging you to take it. This is your lifelong dream we’re talking about. You have wanted this ever since you were a little boy.” Gemini 17 reminded. “Anyone who loves you would want it this way. You’re finally happy, and you’re going to be happy forever. Just give up the ghost.”

Tears flooded into Victoria’s eyes. “No they wouldn’t. They’d tell me to get back in my body. Because they don’t understand. Oh sure they wish me well and call me Vicky instead of Victor, but. When I ask for help spread the word about my fundraiser or talk about how much I really need my surgery; they just tell me ‘Oh Vicky you don’t need a vagina, it’s just genitals, no one can see them anyway.’ or ‘Stop talking about it, I don’t wanna hear about mashed up dongs. That’s gross’ They don’t get it, they just don’t understand what pain I’m in. How I’d give anything to be rid of it.” She fell to the ground and started crying. “But… my life? Is that really included in anything?”

“Let me make it easier for you. Darling have you ever heard of the Akashic Record?” Gemini 17 asked, petting Victoria’s purple headfur.

Victoria sniffled. “Yeah, it’s the idea that there’s a mystical library in the land of the dead that details everything that will ever happen. Anything you could ever want to know is written in it. What’s your fucking point murderer?”

“I’ve read it, it says on this night that hobo attacks you in your bed. You fight him off, but break his tooth. He goes to jail for breaking and entering, and he sues you for breaking his tooth for the cost of a porcelain replacement at around a thousand dollars.” Gemini 17 began pacing as she talked. “You ask your friends for help in raising money for a legal defense, but they leave you high and dry. A few even suggest you dip into the surgical fund. You don’t have any choice and thus you end up doing so. You lose the battle and he takes not just the thousand, but he bankrupts you. Leaving you out on the street. You quickly go into menopause without a way to get more hormones, your nads start working again, and you grow a beard. I mean if you really want me to put you back in your body, don’t come crying to me when this all happens.”

“You’re lying!” Victoria growled.

“Do you want to take that chance!?!” Gemini 17 snapped back. “There is a haven for you in the afterlife. All of your needs will be taken care of. You’ll be beautiful forever. You won’t age, you’ll never get sick, your every whim will be taken care of. You will eat when you want and only for recreation, your body will change to match your standards of beauty, you will be surrounded by people just like you who have had to deal with this pain until they died. Some of them are even handsome guys. All you have to do, is sit back, and let him kill you. Then, you will be dead and oh so happy and free.”

“Well…” Victoria started thinking to herself. “I am happy with the way I am for only the first in my li… uhh.. existence. I'm pretty and I have all the body parts my gender is meant to have..."

“That’s the…. spirit. Hehehe” Gemini 17 snickered at her own joke. The tigress reached out her paw to Victoria to help her off the ground. “You’re going to love being dead, it’s truly… to die for. Hehehe.”

Just as Victoria was coming to her feet, a second tigress materialized out of thin air. An orange one with a glowing green 8 on her torso. “STOP! Please Victoria Habbins, please tell me you’re still alive. You haven’t been killed yet have you?”

“Friend of yours?” Victoria asked Gemini 17.

“Hardly… Hello 8.” Gemini 17 grumbled. “How WONDERFUL it is to see you. I’m doing my job HELPING people, it’s something we used to do when we were alive. Do you remember or is your mind still stuck on that war you started in the 2060’s?”

“17… You are not helping this woman! You are KILLING HER, literally killing her!” Gemini 8 slashed at Gemini 17’s face. “I have let this go on way too long. 17 I am reporting your little Tranny Killing operation to the Deaths! Let them drag your ass to Acclaimation.”

“Tranny am I!?!” Victoria was offended, and Gemini 17 smiled. The T-Word? Oh sure Gemini 8 didn’t think the word was offensive, but Victoria certainly did. She had her now.

“I never did understand why that’s a slur. You have to admit, Transgender is kind of a mouthful. Besides I’m transgender myself…” Gemini 8 confessed looking very nervous before she roared and continued her point. “This isn’t the point, you are being tricked into giving up your LIFE, the most precious of gifts.”

“Some gift… Look maybe you were born with a silver spoon and mommy and daddy paid for your surgery. But if I have to live as a SHEMALE, then I refuse to live!” Victoria snapped at the orange tigress. She wasn’t thinking straight, should couldn’t think straight, she lacked a physical brain to think straight with. It was the mental equivalent of running on fumes. But she knew she was beautiful and she didn’t want to be ugly again.

“You’re not thinking clearly, just return to your body, me and 17 will straighten this out.” Gemini 8 assured in a motherly voice. “I’m sorry we disturbed you this night. You’ll really need your rest for what you’ll be facing soon.”

“No you return to where YOU came from.” Victoria turned around with her snout pointing straight up in the air in disgust. “My body, my choice, and if I can live without my body. Then what’s the point? It’s all just extra weight I don’t need.”

“Fine do what you want. Once I tell the Deaths, all the murders will be reversed, so it makes no difference you hopelessly vain fool.” Gemini 8 roared, turning around and opening a portal back to the Gaia Plaines, world of the afterlife.

“Even Jake Herman’s…” Gemini 17 hummed.

“Say what?” Gemini 8 paused and turned around. Clearly very worried.

“Your new friend in Everchase. Jake Herman, her death record mentioned her best friend pushed her off the roof of the Empire State building. What do you think caused that? In the normal timeline she talked herself out of jumping, saw her best friend, got scared, and jumped anyway. Leading to her being erased from existence, as all SUICIDES tend to do. Instead, I pushed her off so it was a murder. If you really want to erase Jake Herman from existence. Do it! Tell the Deaths, she won’t have a life or an afterlife. And it will be ALL YOUR FAULT! A shame too, she’s so cute now that she’s a raccoon woman instead of a human teenage boy.” Gemini 17 stared at her counterpart with an evil grin. She knew Gemini 8 would never unlive it down.

“You never did play fair you cold hearted bitch!” Gemini 8 didn’t know what to do.

“Sticks and stones 8, sticks and stones.” 17 chided.

“Fine! I’ll speak your true name and we’ll go back to being one being again.” This wasn't something Gemini 8 wanted to do. It would hurt her more than 17 but if it prevented a murder.

“Then I’ll drive you to madness, just like I did when YOU were a little boy. All the taunting, all the envy, being forced to relive your worst depressions again and again. Do you want that?” Gemini 17 demanded an answer

“Watch me Lili…” Gemini 8 was saying, until 17 grabbed her muzzle.

“You won’t say that last syllable, you wouldn’t dare put yourself through that all again. You know this as a fact.” Gemini 17, the white tigress warned.

“I’ll kill you!” Gemini 8 screamed out of frustration.

“Been there, done that. You should know. You’re the dumbass who got us drowned. Oh that’s right, you liked it when that happened. We woke up in the Hospital with our invulnerable metallic body. So it wasn’t dumb. Hypocrite.” Gemini 17 growled. She had told the truth, being separated from their living body did feel oh so good to the twins.

“You win this round. Victoria, if you know what’s good for you. You’ll stay away from this bitch, she says she has your back, but she doesn’t!” Gemini 8 left, defeated. One day she’d find a way to defeat her old enemy, but it wasn’t today.

“Sorry for the interruption. Once upon a time I was one woman, now I’m two and my other half keeps heckling me. Can you believe she thinks it’s wrong to euthanize those who are suffering? So what’s it going to be Victoria? Die and embrace womanhood or live in torment and agony?” Gemini 17 asked for the last time. “Because that hobo is heading for your house now.”

“Euthanize me.” Victoria replied, disregarding everything Gemini 8 told her. "It's my body and my choice. That thing in my bed is not a human being but rather a human shaped torture device and I just want it turned off so it can't hurt me anymore." There were many tears in the fox's face. This was it she was going to bite the big one and leave behind everything and everyone she ever loved in life. If that's what it took to be happy she would welcome it.

“Good choice.” Gemini 17 grinned. “Like I said, you’re going to love being dead.”

The two made their way back into the house, the hobo was already there, looking over Victoria’s body. Sniffing up and down her carcass.

“This is it, the moment of truth. You sure you don’t want to live? You’ll need to wake up soon if you want to stop him.” Gemini 17 warned.

“As much as I hate to say it, knowing how unhelpful my friends are. They probably would leave me high and dry dealing with this asshole. Without surgery, my life is pointless. I’d rather be a dead vixen than a living man.” Victoria answered, swallowing. This was the point of no return, soon she would be dead and in the afterlife she would have what she wanted, what she should have already had.

“Good, watch this with me and it will be over. It will ALL be over.” Gemini 17 spoke gleefully as the homeless man put his hands around Victoria’s body’s neck.

“Watch wha… OH MY GOD… We’re going to watch me die!?!” Victoria asked.

“Yes I feel it’s important to you to know that your life is over, and there is no going back.” Gemini 17 said solemnly. "I can’t bring you back to life. So no begging to go home."

"The female sex is my home. don't make me leave it. Don't end up like those insurance companies who won't cover it, the surgeons who overcharge, the fundraisers that don't pay, or the charities that don't give. Just please.. let me have my wish...” Victoria was interrupted by a sharp pain in her chest. “Oh god what the fuck was that?"

"It's starting. Your body is being attacked. You are losing your life energy. Soon you'll turn cold like all people devoid of it." Gemini 17 explained. "The pain is your body trying to recall you to defend it."

"Tell it to piss off it had caused me problems since day one.... I don’t want to help you body! You never did anything good for me!" Victoria screamed as she writhed in pain.

“FOCUS! I want you to watch this. It’s a rare sight, getting to see your own death.” Gemini 17 purred. “Normally I watch this alone, it’s so beautiful. It looks gruesome, but it’s giving you everything you ever wanted. Looks, a vagina, a feminine voice… You didn’t even realize your voice changed did you.”

“ahh.. I feel sick…” Victoria kneeled over, she felt like she was having a sensory overload yet at the same time, like she was feeling no sensation at all.

“You’re dying, it isn’t going to feel like peaches and cream.” Gemini 17 informed.

The homeless man was high on drugs and it was quite difficult to say what was going on in his head. Just that he appeared to be hungry and he knew what he craved was most unusual fare indeed as he cut into the transwoman’s chest with a sharp steak knife from the kitchen and actually stuck his dirty and grimy hands into her body and began tearing at her internal organs with his dirt and dry blood encrusted fingernails. Ripping out entrails and feasting upon them like a wild cannibalistic beast! Clearly he had to be on drugs, likely Angel Dust or a designer drug based on it meant to imitate the effects.

“Make him stop… please make him stop…” Victoria screamed on the floor in the fetal position. The life force from her body that she was connected to by a thin silver astral wire, the life force she was suckling on like a baby in his/her mother’s womb through the umbilical cord was rapidly declining. If Victoria had a stomach, as her astral body didn’t and her physical one was now in serious disrepair. Suddenly, a new sensation came.

Victoria went completely numb as her body stopped breathing, she didn’t feel anything at all for around thirty seconds. Then all she felt, was cold, very, very cold. The fox stood back up, the pain was over, but she couldn’t stop shivering. “Oh good it stopped. Brrr.. Did the AC cut on I didn’t think it could affect us…”

“It can’t.” Gemini 17 said with glee, putting an arm around Victoria. “You have no lifeforce with which to warm yourself… Come let our friend be, it’s time for you to Rest In Peace.” She said guiding Victoria through the wall and into to her yard.

“I’m…” Victoria was about to say that she was dead, but was caught off by a few surprises. One was that the finality of it all. Her expiration date had just passed, she was gone, kaput, she had put in her last two weeks notice and left to join the choir invisible. The second was that there was now the skeletal form of what appeared to be some kind of badger standing in her yard looking over an ancient scroll.

“Dead? Completely and utterly. While you were sleeping you were attacked by a drug addicted psychopath. Which is strange, it says here you’re supposed to die of old age with your guitarist husband. I guess the list isn’t accurate all the time or maybe there’s another transwoman named Victoria Habbins. Regardless I had to come sever your connection to this world.” The badger skeleton’s voice was definitely female, she seemed quite of friendly actually. “It’s so puzzling there’s a lot of transpeople dying long before their scheduled to.. Well I see Gemini 17 is with you. She runs Transtanople which is the Afterburg specifically for transpersons. So it seems like you’re in good paws.”

“Transtanople?” Victoria raised an eyebrow finding the name hillarious. She very nearly expected someone to say that it was considering a name change to Cistanbul.

“She can tell you more, it’s lucky she’s here. Death is a confusing affair at times. Well.. call one of us Deaths if you need anything and condolences on biting the big one.” And with that, the badger left in a puff of purple smoke. Purple being the color of death essence.

“Wait I didn’t catch your… name..” Victoria was about to say, but the badger was gone. “Weird… so I guess it’s off to… Transtanople..” The green fox looked down at herself with a bittersweet smile. What had she done to herself? Well that’s easy, she committed suicide.. But was it right? Well Gemini 17 did say it was a mercy killing and the only hope she had. So maybe it was. “Can I say goodbye to my friends?”

“The deaths would send me to Acclaimation, what we call Hell, if I was too liberal with my knowledge of the afterlife. And I am not going to burn while I still have souls to save from their oppressive bodies. An efficient cure isn’t going to come around anytime soon. You’ll see them again soon, no one lives forever. I promise.” Gemini 17 said, opening a portal to Transtanople. “Let us hurry my darling. We are already late afterall.”

“Late for wh… Oh… I see.” Victoria nodded, that was a joke. As she prepared herself mentally for her new life, or lack thereof, she realized she would be hearing more terrible puns just like it. She still had no idea if she made the right choice, but she knew one thing. At least she was finally female in all definitions of the word.

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