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Paradise Perspectives Zero: Iris Budding

Author: Hawl
Author's Comments

A Prequal to the Paradise Perspectives series, featuring Iris/CV/Cale

Paradise story universe

Cale was only 9 years old when he caught a flu on August 15th, 2001 he was in Elementary School, the 5th Grade and attended Dorothy B. Johnson Elementary. He didn't mind being sick so much as it was a chance to miss school, it was the severity. He couldn't play any video games or play outside, he couldn't even play with his Sonic

The Hedgehog action figures. A shame, he was really hoping to practice for Super Smash Bros. Melee, he liked to think that he was a good boy and that Santa Claus would bring him a copy of the game with a brand shiny new Nintendo Game Cube, one of the first and fresh off the assembly line. The purple one, Cale always was a bit of a gullible kid when it came to advertising, he had to get every shiny new gizmo and in the model and version they wanted him to buy. He even had all 3 versions of the first generation of Pokemon games, Red with Charizard, Blue with Blastoise, and Yellow with Pikachu. He had entered a contest on Toonami that's supposed to come with 6 games including Luigi's Mansion and the new Wave Racer and was still looking forward to hearing the results. Cale felt too horrid to go to the doctor, all he did was sleep, think of who he'd main in the main event of these exciting new games.. Probably Shiek and Bowser, though Fox and Ness looked like much cooler characters this time around. And maybe once or twice Cale would get up to eat chicken noodle soup or chicken flavored ramen brought to him by his Mother or his overcareful grandmother, though she was a retired nurse so she was overprotective of everyone who was sick.

Today was Thursday August 17th, he had been out of school since only yesterday and wasn't feeling any better. Actually kind of worse, he agreed with his Grandmother that if he wasn't feeling better on the third day, no matter how bed ridden he was, he'd see a doctor. His mom was sure it was just a summer cold, it was flu season after all. School had just started, aniexity likely lowered the poor boy's immune system. His mother was unsure of just what was wrong with him mentally, and the psychatrist's opinions did often cause him to switch schools. If Cale was asked he wouldn't give an answer, but on the inside he felt a longing for his parents to get back together and was very loud about these feelings 3 years ago. He also felt something he couldn't describe, he was developing early and his face was showing it, already having peach fuzz and acne, getting interested in girls, and well doing his own research so to speak. For the sake of decency, we won't go into that. Though the way he felt about women, it was, he felt there may be something there, something he couldn't put his finger on. But he could tell it went beyond simple sexual attraction. But Cale was shy, he never brought these up, it usually angered and embarrased him to talk about such things, especially when he didn't feel that anyone truely listened to him. The psychatrists just seemed to give him medicine, but not advice. The pills apparently made him behave and his parents happy. So he figured they must be doing something right.

Fate can be a little funny as Cale found out, he had been asleep with an emptied bowl at his side, unable to drop it from the top of his bunk bed. His brother Calvin didn't sleep in the same room as him, but he had a bunkbed anyway. No one can really be sure just why things work out as they do sometimes. Cale had a bunk bed, and because he enjoyed it, he didn't question it. And that's just the way that went. Cale woke up with his fever gone, it was around noon when he did so he didn't go to class... "Ahh, I feel wonderful today, even better than before" and jumped off the top of his bunk bed, landing on the floor on all fours. Cale was rather fond of physical activities, especially jumping off of things. Cale laughed to himself "Cat like reflexes are a check, it's time for some Bomberman Hero." what followed was an oddly realistic purr, he was good at mimmicing voices so he didn't really question it too much, but as he got up and looked through his N64 Games for the title in question he jumped back and made a sound "Gaah" as his hand was covered in orange and black hair, incredibly thick fur-like hair in a stripe pattern. "What... the... heck?" Cale was freaked out, walking back slowly before going full out panic and running into the bathroom and looking himself over. The hair was spreading, he jaw felt funny, and no wonder! When he looked in the mirror and it was stretching out, it started actually hurting, he could hear new bones snapping into place. "Ow... ff... god... help me..." it was none too pleasent, he teared up a little as he rubbed his poor acheing jaw, he opened his mouth to check for anything that could be causing this. What he saw when he did this was also very suprising. His teeth were stretching into long pointed tips, instinctively he poked one. "Owch..." he said following by grimacing for a bit, some of his fur had gotten onto his tongue. It wasn't a horrible feeling, just one he isn't used to. He called for his mother, in a very paniced voice. She came quickly, a woman about to enter her thirties at the age of 28 "What is it Cale? Are you hurt?" Cale looked confused at her "WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME, I'M HAIRY AND MY MOUTH HURTS!"... Cale's mother tried to answer, but Cale had problems hearing her as his ears receeded into his skull leaving him temporarily deaf. "What? I can't hear you, my ears, MY EARS!".

Cale's mother looked confused, she looked at her son and just saw her son, nothing unusual. The hair, the jaw, the sharpened teeth, the ears that had vanished and now were re-appearing in a very different shape on the top of his head. His visage had altered drastically, he turned around because the pain finally stopped "I'm a cat.... no... a tiger...", his mother responded with a very concerned tone "Cale, you're scaring me.... What are you talking about?"

Cale responded "I'm a monster, a talking tiger! That's what I'm talking about!!" running his post-human paw down his now furry face.

Cale's mom just shook her head "I... Cale is this a game?" her son just shook his head no, even with the facial features that were only apparent to him one could tell that he was very visibly upset. "You're hallucinating, it's not real, lay back down and try to get your mind off of it. I'm taking you to the doctor."

Cale had read about hallucinations, visible and audial oddities that aren't there, just a trick of the mind. He was still a little boy, just one covered in hair, fake hair that's not even there. Cale wiped his brow as a cartoon character would after narrowly avoiding certain doom, he dropped his briefs and began to empty his bladder, he saw that under his clothing he was covered in fur while he was doing his bussiness he stopped hearing the sound of his urine splashing and felt that he was no longer holding onto anything.

Where his tallywhacker was seconds ago, was nothing.... no not nothing, a cavity or an opening inbetween his leg. The urine was still coming out, but it was grossly drizzly inbetween his legs. "That's not an hallucination... MOM! MOM! IT'S NOT AN HALLUCINATION!", his already high-pitched childlike voice, increased in pitch as he spoke, sounding more like a young girl's voice, than a young boy's. His mother came into the room "Cale it's not real, you're still hu... CALE WADE VINOLE! WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'VE DONE TO THE FLOOR! CAN YOU NOT SEE WHERE THE TOILET IS?!?!" refering to the yellow puddle on the floor.

The young boy-turned-tiger-turned-tigress tried to frantically explain "I was using the bathroom and, my... it vanished, there's like this hole here... Mommy... what's happening to me?". His mom just stared at him, and left the room saying to herself "He doesn't mean a vagina does he? Okay, he's definitely seeing the psychatrist...."

Cale had sensitive hearing even before he was a cat. "What's a vagina?" his mom left, not wanting to answer that. Cale decided to heed his mother's instructions and go back to bed... he stopped in the hallway, kneeling over in pain as his tail bone began stretching, tearing through his tighty whities. Bone cracking sounds are heard as his tailbone stretches, and stretches, AND STRETCHES! A Long tail, 1/3 the girl's height. "Th...that's gonna take some getting used too." Cale said, breathing heavily before walking into his room, slamming the door on his new appendage, grunting in massive pain, tearing up some more. The new nerves in there were oh-so sensitive. Cale was hurt, freaking out, and still changing, there were now slight, not too obvious, but very slight bumps on his/her chest, he rubbed them slightly and purred as he did so. His new body tingled at his touch, especially the nipples on his chest bumps under the fur. It felt, very odd and just made his body shake with a sense of euphoria, it calmed and excited him simetanously. "Okay... let's stop that." The changes were winding down. Cale finally loaded up Bomberman like he planned to do when he started the day as an ape-descended and not a cat-descended. He dropped the controller as his fingers stared to moreso resemble claws, sharp black talon like addition to replace his now raven-colored finger-nails, rough skin on his underpaws, both fore and hind developing. Like his bumps, were very odd to touch. There wasn't a single part of his new body that wasn't calming to touch, this touch thing he started rather enjoying. Likely because this new body had just been reborn. More than just his body, his mind was begining to feel the effects in two ways he had been regenerated, very much like a timelord. He felt like a whole new person, and he was begining to wonder just how much of this person he wanted to know. Cale had barely gotten to his first checkpoint before shutting the game off, putting on some clean underwear, a shirt in his favorite color, red, and some nice jean shorts to enjoy summer with. He pulled his pants down a little to allow his tail room. It was still sore much like the rest of his body so he didn't bother it too much. The newly seasoned in Tiger bolted out the door and began to run, faster, and faster.

Becoming one with the wind itself as he allows himself to turn into an Orange and Black blur. Cale laughed as he worked his new muscles, stopping to jump into a great big oak tree, sinking his claws into the wood and proceeding to climb up said tree and relaxing into one of the branches.

"I've always wanted to see the view from up here, but I've never found a way to climb it." Cale smiled, it was a good 5 minute run followed by a short climb, not too long, but the triumph of finally defeating the tree filled him with a sense of euphoria. Until his grandmother showed up that is.

"Get your ass out of that tree and back into bed! You're liable to fall and break your neck! How did you even get up there." a blonde woman, whose love of high quality cosmetics made her look 40 when she was really around 50. She was mostly dressed in light clothes.

Cale just looked down "Well, I have claws now, so... Wait how did you even recognize me with all this hair?" the furred youth responded, forgetting the hallucination theory, though upon remembering he looked at the tree and again at his claws and silently decided to dismiss this theory, he has tried multiple times and only now has he ever made it up the old oak. So his claws were probably real.

"What did you did with your hair? Have you been playing with chemicals again? Did you get into my dyes? Get down from there this instant." Cale's grandmother responded, very inquisitive

"I haven't done that in years, and I never drank any of em. Do they have any notable side-effects that would..." Cale was caught off

"How'd ya even get stripes in your hair?" She interupted

"I don't know." Cale replied

She proceeded to ask him to come on down, which he did, he jumped and again landed on all fours "Cats always do it seems..." he thought to himself, this gave his grandmother a bit of a shock "Honey, don't you ever let me catch you jumping from there again. Did you hurt yourself?"

Cale and his grandmother went back forth, her continously asking random things about his hair. Eventually Cale got two points, one that he could hold this conversation if he made for his grandmother a tape recording that continously repeated "I have no idea", but more importantly. She only saw that his hair was orange and black, not the rest of him. What could this be? Magic? The Mark Of The Beast Of Revelations? Insanity? Mutant Powers? A Series Of Really Convient Mirages? A Really Elaborate Prank? The Unseelee Swapped The Real Cale out for a Changeling and he just forgot? A Dream? Did he die and reincarnation is just really weird? Was one of his mother's cats a were-cat or the Goddess Bast in disguise?

His mother had called him over, apparently his appointment was tomorrow, Cale's grandmother walked over with him and fussed at her daughter, Cale's mother, demanding an answer for his hair. Cale gritted his teeth in anticipation as the two spoke, his mom not having any idea ever.

"He's been acting weird all day, told me he's a cat.. I called the psychatrist thinking he was hallucinating. His hair, I don't know..."

"He probably got into my hair dye! I caught him playing around in the tree. He could fall and hurt himself, I thought he knew better."

His mom looked at him in disbelief "I don't think he could have done that well of a job on his own... Cale have you spoken to anyone weird?"

Cale shook his head no "Just you two.", he was still bored. His physical euphoria was still with him, he wanted to get it out of his system. "Can I go play some more?

I really don't know what this happened... but.... I've got the spring fever, in summer...."

Cale's appointment wasn't until the next day, so they let him go after furthur questioning that proved to be just as fruitless as before, as one could probably guess if they had read the story this is a prequal to or know about the Paradise Setting at all, Cale really couldn't answer his maternal figures. He was a human, now he's a cat, also parts of him seem to be missing, but that could be anything. The young lad remembered hearing on Animal Planet about how some mammals carry their equipment around in something known as a sheath, so he assumed that was probably what that was. Oh and sorry to break the fourth wall again, but if this is your first Paradise

Story, I'm honored you chose mine, go read "Made Alone" and the 8 stories after that. I'll wait...... Welcome back, wasn't that flipping awesome? Anyway back to Cale.

The post-human child began to play in his grandparents' backyard. They lived in a sort of McMansion and had a large yard, so he had a forest to call his own. "A Tiger Is The True King Of The Jungle!" he stated proudly, followed by an animal accurate roar, he laughed "Lions don't even live in the jungle", given that they live in the plains of africa, he was correct. Cale played all day, pretending to be a king overlooking his subjects from atop large trees he now had the ability to climb. There was a much larger forest and a vast river leading to a lake, but they were behind a fence. Though he knew he could climb it, most of the trees were higher and had less of a grip for human hands (good thing he didn't have human hands), but the fence symbolized a boundary inplace by his elders. This fence was not steel, but composed of the wishes for him placed by his family.

Hours passed like minutes and Cale jumped from a tree onto the ground, suprisingly, it didn't hurt, but even if it had. All she could do was laugh, something had changed in him. She felt alive, no longer a cog in the machine on the path to the normal, he was something amazing and extradoinary. No one could see it, which was convient, but tragic in a way. There would always be things that Cale understood that his family didn't, a world in his scope of vision that they were completely oblivious too. Sides, last time he checked, tigers didn't have to go to school.

-August 18th, Friday, 2001-

The new tiger woke up for a new day, Cale's new tail made it impossible to sleep on his back, which didn't bother him, he had trouble sleeping on his back before having a giant limb attached to his rump. He was glad to see that the condition of Being A Cat was persisting, he checked his underwear to see if that which had vanished had reappeared. "Hmm.. how do you get it out of there?" he said quietly to himself, well what he tried to say, he just woke up so it was more like "Murhgh"... he put that away and yawned... he decided that if he wasn't going to school today either due to his appointment, he might as well go back to sleep.... as he was laying back down his mother came in. "Cale, get up and get dressed, you're seeing a doctor.".. Cale poked his head out from his blanket and groaned before asking...

"Why? I feel fine...." the sleepy kitty kid pondered

"If you're not going to school, you're going to the doctor, besides you need a note to excuse your absences. Now get up and get dressed." His mother replied. His mom threw a fresh set of clothes on her son's bed and left the room. Cale removed his shirt and put on the fresh one, the underwear and pants presented a problem, yesterday his lower garments kept falling off and he had to pull them back up, but was unable to do so all the way because of that tail. Half-asleep and disregarding consequences, he took a look at his hands, well paws now, and had an idea. He pushed his claws through the backside of his undergarments and was able to slide it on, his tail going through just fine. He murred slightly and began to do the same for his jeans... but that wasn't happening as easily, but he tried a few more times and managed to get it... a little larger than he would have liked, but whatever. He could fit his tail in it, the real difficulty came from when our young friend was about to leave his house.

"Where are your shoes?" His mother asked, stopping him from going outside with the million dollar question. Cale looked at his hindpaws, they were far too large and wide to fit into shoes... clown shoes or slippers are a maybe, with some practice sandals could work. But he was not getting his feet into any shows.

Cale swallowed and said "Well, I don't think they're gonna fit", his mother rolled her eyes upon looking at Cale's hindpaws, but as she instead saw a pair of human feet. "I don't have time for this, they're by the door, just put them on.",

"But...", his mother just told him again to put his shoes on. Cale did as his mother requested, humoring her intention of her oldest son putting his shoes on, Cale hadn't seen much in his 9 year old live, but he still liked to think he was rather studious. What he saw happen he did not expect... the shoe struggled with him at first, but just dissapeared.

"You're not going to put on socks?" his mother asked

"It vanished...." Cale said, rubbing his left hindpaw, searching for a sign of the shoe.

"Not this again... Cale you're wearing the shoe dear." his mom answered, with a hint of nervousness, unsure of her obviously not all there child.

Cale shrugged, thinking it was probably the result of whatever it was that made his mom think he was still human. Cale less reluctantly put his other shoe, which also dissapeared and followed his mother into the car, he said little to nothing for a bit until finally saying. "Mom I'm a tiger, I can climb trees that I couldn't before.

For some reason, you can't see it and that's why my hair is like it is. I don't know how it happened... Is seeing a doctor really a good idea?" Cale began to think back to the movies like E.T. where people had discovered aliens and hid them because doctors wanted to dissect them for research. Tigers were endangered, so maybe that wouldn't happen if she were examined, but at the same time, not alot of tigers walk on two legs.

Cale's mom looked at him and his hair. Her mother obviously had to have been mistaken, Cale's Grandmother had blonde hair, not orange or black. Plus her son doesn't know anything about hair dye to do a job this well, but at the same time. Kids don't turn into tigers in real life, maybe on some cartoon or in a video game, but it just doesn't happen in real life. What she did know was that her son had a history with mental disorders and has had medication with odd side-effects before. Of course, medications don't usually change entire hair colors, but at the same time, that's alot easier to swallow than "Your son is no longer a human being" so her mind saw that as the more logical conclusion, even if it did sound a little sound a little silly.

The two arrived at the walk-in clinic, though the process normally takes awhile it'll be expedited today due to the calling for an appointment. Child and Mother waited in the lobby and were quickly seen in. Cale overheard alot of comments, about his striped hair whilst his mother filled out some forms about Cale's medical history.

"Mommy look, that boy has tiger hair"

"My god, what is wrong with that mother, letting her child wear such unorthodox hair."

"Kids these days...."

"I want hair like him!"

"I bet that boy gets everything he wants, He's gonna grow up to be a hoodlum."

"Nice stripes, I should see if I can get my hair like that"

An odd mix, the older ones didn't seem to care for it, but the younger ones seemed excited and delighted by the novelty of his illusionary human form's hair, Cale thought to himself. "If you think my hair is whacky, imagine if you could see the rest of me." His mom didn't react, the more negative comments were in whispers.

Though when the kids were talking, they were rather loud being little kids who didn't know how to keep to themselves, his mom turned to him "Sounds like you've started a new fashion trend.". Cale was called up to see the doctor and was escourted to a cold blue room where he waited for about 15 furthur minutes until finally a man in a white coat showed up and mostly blue outfit underneath. He looked at Cale, and gasped for a second, quickly regaining his composure.

"Nice hair, Love the stripes" he said to Cale, before taking his hand, shaking it, and stating "I'm Doctor Richard, and you must be.. Cale? Odd name for a girl" giving him a wink before turning towards his mother "So what are we seeing her for?" he asked his mother.

Both tigress and mother looked at him funny "Girl? Her?" they both said

The doctor had the strangest look on his face "Oh, I see, what are we seeing him for?"

The tigress' mother had explained the situation, about how he had been sick for a few days and woke up with hallucinations and improved stamina, Cale, was just lost in thought. That look, that getting his sex wrong, he or perhaps she had a feeling there was more to this man, and perhaps him/herself than what met the eye. Though s/he was positive that s/he wasn't a car robot, perhaps there was something else. Eventually the doctor asked Cale's mother to leave.

"I'm going to need to speak with your dau... son in private for a few minutes. It's important, he may have, that new disease.... It may or may not be serious."

The mother looked worried "He'll be fine right"

"Don't want to worry you mam, it may impair him for the rest of his life, or just the oppisite, but health-wise he'll be fine. I promise, though I'll want to see him on red meats, his tolerance for veggies will most likely have dropped. But he'll be fine, just let me talk to him please mam?" The doctor stated, the mother hugged her son and left the room "Alright then... Cale, if he touches you, let me know alright"

The whole thing sounded fishy to her, but on the off-chance he was right, well this is a new disease that could impair her child. So better safe than sorry? Right

The Doctor told her "Mam, I assure you as a professional that isn't going to happen."

When she was in the lobby and out of earshot, the doctor turned to Cale. "Alright Cale, have you been... fuzzy or is this your first year?"

Cale look bewildered "You're the first person whose said anything about it....... Oh sorry... first year"

The doctor nodded "Most people can't see you for what you really are, that's why your mom thinks you're still human and a boy. I'm not sure why I can see you, but I think it has to do with the plate in my head..."

Cale looked even more lost "I am a boy....."

The doctor shook his head "Actually, no you're a girl now, the change has a tendancey to swap the gender of the subject, it's very rare from what I've heard, 1 in a few thousand or something like that.. last I heard they were still looking for someone to run the numbers.. That's why you have those on your chest... You're developing early by the way, if your file which says you're only nine. Is accurate."

Cale rubbed the bumps on... his?.. chest "I thought this was Manly Masculine Muscle!" and emphasised the false observation by pounding her chest like a gorrilla... for a little bit anyway, then she stopped and grabbed herself "Okay... that hurt a little.."

Dr. Richard nodded "Yes, those are a tad more sensitive than what you're used too, I would take care of.. those if I wear you, maybe try wearing a brassire...." he thought for a second "If you can get a hold of one, the RDF should hide it..."

Cale tilted her head "RDF?"

Now listen, I don't know what caused this nor if we'll ever find a way to reverse it. But on August 17th every year, people turn into animals, some as you've seen swap sex as well. It's rumored that there are those who only swap sex, but so far none of them have offered any indentification that proves it, they claim that their information was somehow altered to match the new them, so there is no way to confirm or deny."

Cale was still in disbelief, there's no way she was a girl. Her first nine years of life were full of Video Games and Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Hot Wheels, and she was briefly a Boy Scout. It was just laughable. Cale Wade Vinole, a woman? No way, it just wasn't true, IT COULDN'T BE TRUE! This growth on her chest is just muscle, tigers are strong, and so it's just that. "Do you think that would ever happen to me? The whole paper saying I'm a girl thing?"

The doctor shrugged "Who knows? I think there's only one like that on the forums, and he.... went in the oppisite direction as you."

Cale raised an eyebrow "Forums?"

The Doctor replied, "You'll have to google for them, I don't have the URL on me. But there's a message board that my cousin's lawyer, he's a bull, runs, you need to be able to see animal people to sign up, but you'll be fine there. Finding it will be the trouble."

Cale pondered this for a bit "And why did my mom have to leave for this?"

The Doctor sighed "I don't want my medical license to be endangered for telling people their son is a tigress, and I'm sure you don't want get locked up in an institution somewhere. "

"What kind of institution?" Cale asked, somewhat afraid and got this response

"Either one that thinks you're crazy and hallucinating that you're a tiger, or one that believes you're a tiger and wishes to... lock you up and study a potentially dangerous animal."

Cale swallowed deeply, she didn't want that at all. "So what should I do about that? Are you going to give me a Morpher that accesses a Latex Suit to combat these people?"

The Doctor laughed a bit "A Fan of Power Rangers are we?"

It was true, Cale had been a few of the show for awhile, but had lost interest around Lost Galaxy "I stopped at turbo, but if you have one laying around..."

Richard looked curiously at her "Wait are you serious?"

Cale shrugged "Hey if I'm a hybrid of animal and person, what reason do I have to believe you don't"

The doctor assured her that he had no such device and corrected her by saying that "animal and human" was far more accurate, especially since the definition of person was about to face a degree of stretching, eventually he allowed her mother to re-enter the room. "Alright mam, I've ran a few tests on your dau... son and discovered that he may a recently discovered disorder. There's no name for it yet, but it should explain the striped hair." He added furthur, "This MAY LEAD to him thinking he's a tiger with some hallucinations, but it is very important he is enrolled in a sexual education class as soon as possible. I really wish I could tell you more. But it is a relatively new illness and not many know about."

Cale thought to herself for a second "Well if everyone eventually gets it, that technically means we all have it don't we? Just waiting to come out? So shouldn't it be called "Sleeping Sickness"

The doctor thought to himself "Not a bad idea, I'll run it by my cousin's lawyer when next I hear from him."

Cale's mom proceeded to ask "So... what can be done about it?"

"There's no known cure, your.. kid.. is going to be this way forever, but from now on it may be best to cut his finger nails when possible and keep him on meats and fish. But if any complications arise, I'd suggest meeting with me a soon as possible" the doctor proceeded to hand Cale's mother a card.

The two drove home, both having more questions than answers.

"This sleeping sickness?" Cale's mother inqueried "It sounds... odd. The doctor almost felt like he was..."

Cale just tilted his/her head "Was what? I thought he was really nice"

"I think that might have been the problem, he didn't touch you while you were in there did he?" she responded

Cale just shook her head no "It was alot of science jargon, I didn't really understand it myself.... I mean.. I guess this sleeping sickness explains my hair color, but at the same time." Cale gave herself a look over.. the bumps on her chest seemed to be bigger today, actually recognizable as boobs. She had acne and had already been getting erections, so the breasts didn't really surprise her too much. It was hard to believe, becoming a tiger one thing. But there's no way she was a girl. She detested Barbie and collected Hot Wheels. She loved Power Rangers and cartoons like Transformers and Justice League, okay so she did like Sailor Moon but secretly so did every other boy her age.

"But what dear" her mother asked...

Cale looked out the window at all the normal people who couldn't percieve her, those who were unaware that she was a freak. One one day, maybe they'd be like her too.... a whole nation of animals, a Zoo Planet. She laughed to herself at the idea of a dog walking a dog. The clothing being the only way to tell who was the pet and who was the owner. Hehe an amusing image indeed. Zoo Planet... ANIMAL PLANET! Of course, her mother loved watching those kinds of programs... She might have too tune with her now. For her own sake.

"Do you... think my chest looks a little... odd?" she asked putting an arm over her chest, it seemed a little bigger than yesterday. They seemed to be mere bumps then.

She wasn't a hooters waitress or anything, but a nine year old shouldn't look like this. Besides boys aren't girls, there HAD to be something else for these to be other than breasts.

"Well it looks a little round, kind of like...." trying to think of a word, boobs was a dirty one after all "uhh... girl's chests.."

His mother had a sigh of relief "My little man's getting strong, it's just muscle dear, no need to worry about it... My you're developing early.... we're going to have to put you in a sex ed class"

"Sex ed?" Cale asked, not really getting too much of a satsifying answer.

Cale kept to himself herself... whichever, when s/he got home. She got lost deeply in thought atop what would eventually be known as her thinking tree.

"I'm not a girl am I?" Cale examined herself "It's just muscle like my mom said. I mean I am alot stronger than I used to be... But... at the same time I did grow a tail.." she hummed for a bit, she wished she had the url. She just didn't know who she was anymore. Did she belong on Mars or on Venus? What would this mean for her when she grew up. She was the oldest son, the first born, that was a big responsibility. It would be up to her to carry on the family name. Others could change and when they did they could see her. If she WAS a girl, what would that mean for her family? No, no no no, she was a boy. But if she was, why was she missing some... equipment. Maybe tigers just look... different down there. Cale decided to put GOOGLE TO THE RESCUE, she crawled towards the edge of a branch and jumped off. Trying to land on her forepaws and doing a flip, just like cat people do on TV all the time.

Instead she hit her forehead "Ow" okay, maybe she didn't have super powers, but fortantely she didn't hurt herself too bad. That was going to ring in her head for awhile, she saw white for a second but nothing too serious. She flipped the TV in the living room to Animal Planet, hoping for a show about tigers to come on, currently it was talking about whales, but next there was a show entitled "African Cats" Tigers were from africa as far as she knew.

Cale thought about what to type, she opened some tabs about actual tigers after searching for "tiger" which didn't help.

Eventually after a few combinations of words she found a site about people who were animals on the inside but the normal world can only see them as humans, and they were called therians and otherkin. Odd names she thought.

After signing right up she posted a topic.

"Recently Turned"

Hi ya'll I'm Hawl, well not my real name and probably not my name for too much longer. I've got myself in a whirl, not quite sure if I'm a boy or a girl. Weird things happened to me and my doctor can't really tell me too much about it. I can't really be too sure, I'd like someone who knows about.... change? To speak to me about change. My AIM name is Megacale CV. I seem to be a tiger now. I'm very confused.

Cale read everything she could on tigers in her other tab, luckily she appeared to still be able to swim, tigers being one of the few cats unable to do so. She was a carnivore, which didn't surprise her, but fortantely she saw that she could infact eat things that weren't fish. Meaning she didn't have to worry about the spaghetti she had eaten last night. She could be a boy afterall, she also learned that animal's malebits stay inside them when not being used. Cale WAS a boy, she just had a sheath now. She read onward hoping to find some way to get it to come out for another person other than this "mating" thing, she had rather missed the convience of being able to stand to pee. She used to just do it while she was playing outside and not have to interupt anything. This policy doesn't seem to be in effect. Shortly afterward though Cale got a message upon her messanger.

MattiazRott2000 is sending you a message Accept or Ignore

"Who the heck...?" Cale quickly realized that it must be from the Otherkin site. She foolishly abandoned it after posting the message, forgetting to check their articles. Maybe THIS was that support group thing that her doctor had told her about. Well duh! Of course they would have articles. She felt so stupid for wasting her time with the tiger pages and quickly clicked to accept.

MattiazRott2000:Hello? Is this Hawl from the site?

Just as she expected, it WAS from the otherkin site! Or it's someone on Gamefaqs asking her opinion on the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Melee, she hadn't obtained a gamecube yet, but she was hoping.

Megacale CV:The Otherkin site, or.....

MattiazRott2000:Yes, that, normally I trend away from the occult, it's not really my scene. But I've had strange happenings for about four years now and was wondering if you could help shed some light on some things. You see, I'm married, and my wife doesn't seem to... well notice some things about me. So I was hoping you could tell me about yourself

Cale began to surf through the articles, but wasn't able to find anything she needed. She found werewolves, vampires, demons, faeries, and angels. But nothing helpful, besides it was mostly common sense stuff. Vampires drink blood and werewolves transfer the curse through a bite. Cale never remembered getting bitten, plus she's not a wolf. If Cale was to change only at the full moon, well looks like someone forgot to tell the moon that unless she turned back in her sleep. She had been a tiger since the 17th.

Megacale CV:I'm nine years old and I woke up two days ago and I can't seem to pee standing up anymore. Doctor says I have this weird disease. I have a tail, but my mom says that's just in my head. I like video games and playing outside....

MattiazRott2000:I'm into games myself, but before we get into any formalities you say you're nine? This is correct?

Megacale CV:Well yeah, but I've matured quickly for my age. My mom's been telling me about puberty, but I'm almost certain this isn't normal, I have these bumps on my chest...

MattiazRott2000:*chuckle* No I didn't get a tail during my puberty, so I'm almost certain this isn't normal. It sounds like we may have something in common. Do you have any pictures of yourself?

Megacale CV:Excuse me?

MattiazRott2000:Show me a picture of yourself, I think we may... be... different. I'm not sure if I should say...

Around this time Cale's mom walked in, wanting to take over the TV, as it was just about time for the X-Files. Looking over her shoulder, commenting on him researching something other than video games for once "Getting interested in tigers are ya son?"...

She skimmed through the chatlog and took the keyboard out of her son's hands, quickly jumping to type what she felt was a much needed rebuttal to a conversation taken out of context.

MegaCale CV:LEAVE MY SON ALONE! MegaCale CV has signed off!

Cale quickly went to unblock the mysterious individual, this could have been her chance to find out what was wrong, but his mother intervened.

"Cale... you shouldn't tell people things on the internet... he was... getting too close. Never share your pictures with anyone on the internet."

Cale tried to argue "But, he's like me... he could have been... an animal"

Her mother sighed "What am I going to do with you... No he was trying to get into your pants."

Cale being a smartass as always gave one of the more expected comebacks "I'm not sure he could fit into my pants, though do seem to be a little tight on me as it is." her mother left her well alone after one more warning.

"Be careful Cale, or you're going to get into trouble."

Cale ignored her, she was going to find out what happened to herself one way or another, her doctor admitted he didn't know much other than second hand information.

Maybe somehow, someone else in the situation was able to piece it together, maybe this guy was going to take her to a magical kingdom full of information. Cale placed the cursor on unblock, this was a mystery and you have to take chances in a mystery, conflict must drive the plot forward, she's going to be risky, she's an animal now and she must act like one and that means taking chances, comfort and safety are for humans. Cale was about to click the unblock when suddenly she moved the cursor away. She was an animal, but she was also using a computer efficently. This told the young boy-turned-girl something she already knew to be true. Cale was just being silly with this animal thing, she may be a tiger, but she's also half-human and one of few as far as she knows maybe the only animal person in North Carolina, only tiger at least, maybe. Real tigers don't use computers and if this guy was faking and found out she was a monster, well, who knows what could happen. She thought it best to heed her mother's advice and keep this Mattiaz guy distanced from her. The chances of him helping her when that good anyway. From the doctor's statements, this fur-growing thing was a new ordeal and those who were effected by it were in the minimum. Until Cale could be sure of who her friends are, she would keep her condition to herself as best she could.

Cale noticed that it was rapidly approaching her bedtime, she yawned and stretched, cracking her shoulders and spine in the process, but the good kind of cracking that refreshes the body. It was a new one, so it was important that it got plenty of sleep.

She would have to wander through this new world Alone, begin Building up relationships with any other animal people she met. One thing for sure was that in spite of this Veil, she would maintain her own Perspective on things, no matter how Unforeseen this change was. She had a big day tomorrow, as much as she wasn't one for sleeping. It was time for a catnap.

To Be Continued

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