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Dystopia by HawlSera

August 16th, 2006

Young Gabriel Locke awoke in his manor the way he normally did, to his manservant, the Changed Tigerman known as Cale Vinole. His life had gotten so much easier when his family began to own Changed before he was even born and the fact that he had one his own age was convenient because it meant that he not only had someone who acted not only as a willing slave but someone he could watch cartoons with. Though he loved to have fun with his pet, Cale was still a Changed and Changed are beneath humans. As a result the two could never be truly friends, but every group needs an Omega.

“Hello Master Locke..” Cale said with a sigh, while holding a tray of lucky charms with a side of eggs and bacon. “Matilda made your breakfast this time, I at least poured the cereal though.”

“I’m amazed someone as thick as you got that much correct.” Gabriel mocked Cale before leaning into sniff the bacon as if to verify that Cale indeed didn’t cook it, however his nose was stuffed up and thus he couldn’t smell anything. “I seem to have a monster headache… Cale, send for ibuprofen.”

Cale had long striped hair and seemed to be quite the body builder, as a joke the green eyed tiger often insisted that he wasn’t very strong. They stopped having him lift things because he just wouldn’t drop the gag, this was unusual because Cale seemed very serious. “Is that a fact my lord?” The tiger grinned in a rare display of genuine happiness. “Are you feeling well enough for your lesson plan?”

“Yes, yes… no piano lessons though. Just your philosophy lessons please… My ears couldn’t take it.” Gabriel shook his head.

“Very well my lord.” Cale cracked his neck. “Matilda will be up with your medicine, I must prepare for your philosophy class.”

The native american youth poured milk from the pitcher he was brought and began to descend upon his milk. Philosophy was always Gabriel’s favorite subject as he was homeschooled by Changed, except for his History classes, his family was always adamant that humans teach it. Those who control history can help direct the future and the animals must stay in their cages.

Hours passed and at noon Cale come once more this time with a roast beef sandwich for lunch and a glass of red wine to drink. Gabriel was only about 16, but when you’re rich certain laws like the drinking age don’t apply. Cale wasn’t sure if Gabriel actually could drink wine but he feared beatings for disobedience and the distrust of the one he was put in charge of protecting.

Gabriel was halfway through his sandwich when he notice that Cale had his hand on his lower back as he grunted in pain. “Cale…”

“Am I bothering you, Lord Gabriel?”

“You’re hurt…” Gabriel said, concerned for Cale’s health. “Please have a seat, you don’t have to keep up appearances with me if it’s just us.”

“..I…” Cale looked out the window. “They caught me reading on break again… I wouldn’t surrender the book nor tell them where I was hiding my collection.” He had always wanted to be a writer, but the change ruined that for him. Changed weren’t allowed to write and only were supposed to read what they were told to, normally Cale was alright to read philosophy books and spiritual texts. Though there was one type of story that no one was allowed to read, especially not The Changed.

“I actually rather enjoy your tales and hope you’ll read to me again soon.” Gabriel smiled, he knew of Cale’s hobbies and never spoke of them to his family.

“Let’s see… I read you Phil Geusz’ Freedom City, Bernard Dooves’ Transformations, Animal Farm, Who Censored Roger Rabbit….” Cale spoke as he sat down, purring with delight at getting a rest. “How about, Redwall?”

“What’s Redwall?” Gabriel asked, he assume it was what Changed referred to as Furry Fandom stuff, that’s what the Changed were usually banned from reading. Gabriel understood why, heroes who were like the Changed may give them ideas or empower them too much.

“Marvelous story by Brian Jacques, it’s about a Warrior Mouse named Matthias who goes on a quest for the sword of Martin The Warrior in order to defeat an army of evil rats. Hell of a story really, it has a message that I wish we Changed could take to heart.” Cale smiled picturing the book. “That’s actually the one they caught me reading, luckily I hid it before they could confiscate it.”

“Sounds like generic fantasy fluff… A magic blade? Who doesn’t have one of those?” Gabriel brushed off the story as being one like any other he had heard before.

“Ah, but that’s the brilliant thing. Martin was like a saint to them, so this sword is a holy artifact dating back to the Kingdom’s founding. Meaning the quest to find the sword was kind of a big deal, when it was found that Matthias was off on this great journey to find it in the very castle they lived in everyone wanted to join in. People fought harder, groups that hated each other like the shrews and birds started getting along, and those who were losing life, love, and limb had something to hope for. The promise of the return of Martin’s Sword.” Cale was practically a light with bliss as he described the situation. “The magic of the sword finally gets unleashed and it is strong enough to not only defeat Cluny The Scourge, but ANY threat to Redwall and its proud mice, shrews, birds, moles, badgers, etcetera, etcetera.”

“What power is that?” Gabriel asked.

“Unity.” Cale smiled. “The sword had no power of its own, but everyone had banded together because of the hope it symbolized and in doing so everyone let down their barriers and became as family.”

“Why don’t Changed do that? You beasts could definitely take us like that.”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you the first reason….” Cale frowned, his ears going downward as he looker over his hands. “Also, we have claws and fangs….. You have machine guns.”

“Hadn’t considered that.” Gabriel responded.

“Do you still want your philosophy lesson?”

“No… I’m feeling much much worse.. I’d give anything to be rid of the headache… Anything.” Gabriel rubbed his head.

“Well, I’ll just make my lesson brief and the homework will be obvious in time.” Cale smirked. “The unalterable desire. Simply put, it is the idea that your soul is worthy of exchange only for your ultimate unalterable desire and that there is nothing on Earth no matter how badly you want it that is worth the one unalterable desire. The one thing you’ll want no matter how much circumstances change. After all, you’re dying for a rusty old bottle of tap water in the desert, but otherwise it’s disgusting and useless.”

“This is a Catholic idea isn’t it? That’s one of the two big religions you draw from, Hinduism and Catholicism.” Gabriel nodded. “The Unalterable Desire is Salvation.”

“That is true. I’d love to see that. I’d love to see a lot of things.” Cale got up and looked over Gabriel’s lavish room.

The room was an emerald one adorned with various tomahawks, arrowheads, totem poles, dreamcatchers, and things of the like matching the youth’s pride in his ethnic heritage. The head of the house, Sir Zedimouse Locke had joked many times that getting to own what used to be white people was a humorous way to get revenge for the genocide of his people. One actually had to squint to see the collections of prop skulls, dark tomes, and lovecraftian artifacts ironically backdropped with figures from the far more cheery Kirby’s Dream Land. The darkest thing that Gabriel owned was a pipe made from ivory. It wasn’t even all that valuable anymore now that they could be harvested from Changed, accidents seemed to happen a lot around elephants. Cale had gotten chill everytime he saw it, his current time in the room was no exception.

“Permission to speak freely Lord Locke?”

“Granted.” Gabriel said proceeding to grab the elephant tusk pipe he had and looking through a cabinet by his bed for his secret stash of marijuana.

“Your room’s jeweled prop skulls…. If they were real Changed Skulls. I’d have killed you long ago.” Cale said, finally managing to pop his back into place.

This comment raised an alarm with Gabriel, permission to speak freely was granted so although his kneejerk reaction would have been to start beating on the tiger before telling him to leave. Instead he opted to bite on his tongue and discover more. “Why are you telling me that? I know you hate what humans do to your ilk, but you’ve never been that direct before.”

“Sometimes people can get caught up in the negative karma of another person, and thus suffer misfortune by proximity.” Cale didn’t really provide an answer.

“Are you threatening me Vinole? I’ll make a skin rug of you first.”

Cale made no further sounds and left once more, this time not returning for the entire rest of the day. Matilda, the busty bovine maid, brought dinner in his absence. There was no sign of the tiger until three am when a loud crash awakened Gabriel who found shards of glass surrounding the floor next to his green bed. “CALE! CALE!” he called for his personal bodyguard, but there was no answer. “Any available staff on duty. To me now!”

The grounds were usually busy with various animals walking about their daily lives attending to repairs or cleaning or humans patrolling the ground with guns.

“Yes Lord Gabriel?” Called the voice of a strange man as he entered the room, he was a human with a black diamond tattoo on his shoulder. One who was wearing a maid’s dress, dolled up with various make ups applied to him and a quite fetish collar with a cowbell attached much like Matilda’s. The maid dress even had a hole for the udder

“Uhh who are you?”

“I’m Matilda…. Your grandfather needed tea to get some sleep…. Can I help you my Lord?”

“But you’re a man and a homo sapiens, this is some joke I assume? The jest does not reward me with any jolly follies.” Gabriel answered.

“The seventeenth…..” The man said under his breathe. “I think you need to see Cale, he’s in the library. Please take a very direct route and don’t let ANY human see you. You’ll understand when you get to Cale.”

Gabriel had several questions, but before he could say anything she left an it was too ark for Gabriel to tell which way she went.

Getting to the library was an easy task, most of the human guards stayed away from the library to guard the more valuable parts of the manor. A lot of the books were old and rare, but rare books aren’t the kind of thing people want to fence. Rumors were that many Changed gathered here late at night to read books together, but no one really cared either way.

Yet when Gabriel got there, all he saw was a battered young boy of fourteen, two years his younger, very bruised as though he were regularly beaten and very thin as though given only the bare minimum of what he needed to not keel over from starvation.

“Hey… Lord……” The voice that spoke sounded a lot like Cale’s if it were younger, exhausted, and nearly dehydrated. “...Seems you can see what I really am now. Matilda is the cook, so she, or, he rather knows just how much he can steal without the family noticing.. So she gets more rations and more breaks… Hahaha..”

All of this was spoken without looking up from the book he was reading, Redwall. The one Cale talked about sooner, Cale even had a black diamond tattoo like the man who claimed to be Matilda. “....What… Cale you’re human.”

“No I’m still Changed, Changed only look like animals to humans. That Tiger Man who looks so much older than the real me, looks so much stronger than the real me, doesn’t look like he’s been through Hell…. I’ve never seen him before. I only know he exists because that’s what humans refer to me as.” Cale stomach rumbled loudly as he started to laugh. “The humans don’t know, and when we try to tell them they don’t believe us…. They think it’s some myth that we’re just like them. Or that it’s some act of desperation. But really… I’m just as human as you were a couple of hours ago.”

“....Then what am I?” Gabriel was both afraid and in awe simultaneously.

“I don’t know, I can’t know, I can only see the real you….” Cale answered. “I have a guard coming. One sympathetic to our plight. He’s still human, so he can tell you what you’ve become. I understand that you have no idea what our people are like or our history. They have a human teach you that. What do you know of us?”

“The first Changed appeared in 1987, it was believed that it was a curse for those who rejected the almighty progenitor of all reality thus they were offered a chance to redeem themselves and earn their humanity back.” Gabriel recited. “Changed have no rights because the Supreme Court ruled 7 to 3 that the Constitution only applies to Homo Sapiens. Families who were early adopters of Changed Laborers rapidly jumped in class. Mine included.”

“I see, and how much of that do YOU believe?”

“I am not an idiot, just selectively educated by pretentious propaganda. The Changed are an easy source of labor and they provide me with whatever I want. I never needed to know anything else until now.”

Cale grinned, Gabriel was much smarter than he hoped he would be. Putting his feet up on the table the most smug he’d ever been he spoke. “Where do I start? Well… I guess we start with Walter Lundh, CM, and Mr. 2”

“The Changed Nation” Gabriel responded in hearing those names. “The Satanic Terrorist Group.”

“They never actually killed or tried to kill anyone, as for Satanic, CM was, or is, a catholic. But thanks for eating up Media Lies.” Cale snapped.

“Someone’s aggression levels are at a place most alarming….” Gabriel now had great concern whether for his safety or the mental state of the tiger that he wasn’t seeing he wasn’t sure yet.

“Someone has had their entire childhood fucked up by YOUR FAMILY!” Cale snapped throwing his book right at Gabriel’s nose. “One of the many benefits to you being Changed is that I can now tell you how much I truly hate you and your entire family!”

“Yes, but you now have a new ally. The fact that you haven’t used the guard loyal to you to kill me or that you are explaining anything of historical significance shows that you have intent to use me as an ally. I’m not an idiot nor am I one to think with my emotions, if I truly am Changed than any life I had as Gabriel Zedimouse Locke heir to the fortune of Zedimouse Locke! is over. Instead I am Gabriel Locke, Property with a wealthy last name. I do not believe that my blood can save me.” Gabriel put his hands over his head, as if in vain trying to find the more animalistic shaped ears that his former species saw which he could not.

“You know, of your family. I always hated you less than everyone else.” Cale gave what had come to be known as his trademark grin, or rather a variation of it. The vibe was there, anytime Cale felt like being mischievous or when he believed he had the upper hand there was that cheshire cat esque grin. However with Cale’s human face doing the same gesture it had a morbid twist to it. Somehow he managed to look just as pleased with himself here despite his black eyes, many bruises, and heavily yellowed teeth. “You were the smart one, it was my honor to be your teacher. Of course who asks a fourteen year old to teach a sixteen year old I don’t know… I imagine others in your situation would try to tell me that your family loves you too much to treat you like the animal you’ve become. I thought my family did when I changed at about seven or eight, but an exotic beast like me fetches a high price. It was sell me or find me dead and/or kidnapped.. Maybe I’d have done the same if it were my child and not me...”

After a brief pause to drink from a cup of tap water he had on the desk, Cale began to get back to his original subject. He shined a light upon his tattoo to show that although it was faint it was still present, a date, 8/17/1987. “It began as it always does on August 17th, the first August 17th. Change Day. A woman somewhere on the west coast, I forget the specifics, but the important thing is that she came outside her home that day and tried to go through her daily routine only to find people were scared of her, some even shot at her. Ultimately she wound up in police custody, she kept claiming that she was a normal human and no one understand why they kept calling her a fox monster.”

Gabriel nodded slowly, he was very unsure that this had a happy ending considering that it was the first time he had ever heard of this woman. “And… they killed her?”

“She wishes…” Cale rubbed between his eyes. “If she’s dead now, I have no idea. All I know is that she was taken by the Federal Bureau of Investigation while the media ran with various stories everything from being a secret weapon of the Russians, the result of a science experiment gone wrong, a shared hallucination, an elaborate hoax, or my favorite an alien invasion. As if it were US who were a threat to THEM! Various tests were ran, but if they found any worthwhile conclusions other than her DNA appeared to be identical to a human’s it’s in a safe somewhere in Area 51 or Illuminati Headquarters or…”

“I get the picture…” Gabriel cut Cale off as the tiger struggled to think of a third way to say that he didn’t know.

“Years passed and more Changed began to show up most of them were shot dead as monsters or put in Zoos as exhibits. The name Changed was coined by a group called the Changed Nation lead by a lawyer whose career was ruined by turning into a bull, Walter Lundh. He gathered various Changed in the East Coast and after putting those with expertise to crunch some numbers and after comparing stories with the others he was able to come to few conclusions. The Change not only happens every August 17th, but each August 17th the number of humans who become one of us changes. The first time it was one, the second year it was two, and so on and so forth.” Cale glared at Gabriel “Can you tell me what you know about this?”

Gabriel thought for a second, Walter Lundh was quite an infamous name. “Lundh was a bull who demanded that Changed be recognized as the humans they are, though many of his methods were unsavory.”

Cale hurt his hand banging it on the table, but didn’t seem to mind. “No! People who were tired of having the edges of their fingers cut off in order to be de-clawed were pushed to their limits and started, RIGHTFULLY SO! Rioting in the streets!” The young battered boy exhaled. “Some may have gotten carried away and killed a few cops… still the media wanted a scapegoat, yet decided to make do with a scape bull… Lundh actually asked people to stop the riots, but, with the shit we were being put through many of us saw no reason to do so.”

“Yes of course… and then a Governor named Pete Malroy passed a law here in North Carolina saying that humans could own Changed as pets or laborers. My grandfather Zedimouse bought all the livestock he could.” Gabriel recited from his memory. “Yourself included, I loved that we bought a cat my age. I didn’t have many friends growing up…”

Cale grimaced. “I remember, it wasn’t so bad at first you know.. I didn’t have any real friends growing up myself. I missed my mom, but climbing trees with you and playing video games was really fun… but the problem with getting older is that you understand how horribly you’ve been fucked.. How many sunny moments are ruined by realizing you were property.”

“They never told us about the Supreme Court Case…”

“I wonder if it was because asshole Zedimouse wanted to try to hide it from me if the Supreme Court ruled anything other than what they did.” Cale grabbed an old Newspaper that he had on him for this moment. “It is the opinion of the Supreme Court that although America is a land where all men are created equal, God’s Beasts were always intended to carry the burden for proud homo sapiens. As such the constitution which forbids slavery, does not apply to animals nor those who used to be human to give Changed the rights of personhood would be like letting race horses go on strike, like letting dogs buy health insurance, or letting animals get married…... ” Cale rubbed down his forehead. “What follows is… pretty damn homophobic…”

“Yeah First Amendment really took it in the ass with that one… along with… well… every other article that the document holds sway over.” Gabriel laughed nervously trying to think of anything that could cheer up his lifelong friend and former pet.

“Lundh had no choice but to arm his followers and prevent them from being captured by slavers, but the media continued to slander him and what was actually an act of self-defense was painted as an act of human enslavement. They were butchered and slaughtered by the national guard. It’s rumored that Lundh’s corpse was used as meat at a local police barbeque. CM and Mr. 2 were not reported among the dead, perhaps they got away, perhaps not. CM never struck me as a fighter from what I’ve read about her, but Mr. 2 was the second ever changed. That son of a bitch fought harder than either of us ever will before Lundh, and he’s likely fighting just as hard now.” Cale concluded his tale on the happiest spin he could really give it.

“Maybe Mr. 2 will come out of hiding when there aren’t any humans left. If they’re really doubling every year then eventually all of humanity will be gone.”

“Most likely Gabriel, you’d think that’d be enough for the Supreme Court to reverse their decision. However Lundh was branded a liar and a snake oil salesman. His story of Changed doubling each year was believed to be a fraud, a way of scaring humans into bowing before their animal masters. Really, he wanted to call his group the Changed Network to help Changed find other Changed so they can band together, Changed Nation was the media nickname he was given after releasing the crazy idea that Changed will outnumber humans.” Cale looked towards a calendar on a nearby wall. “2011 is only five years away. By CM and her skunk friend Robert Hallman’s collective count. At that point, Changed will outnumber human, and that gives us enough time to act on a plan to whoop some Homo Sapien butt!”

“And what did you need me for to fufill this plan? Lundh had far better resources than you and he wound up as hamburgers!” Gabriel snapped

“Your Elephant Tusk Pipe, and your threat to make me a skin rug…” Cale paused and just as Gabriel was about to open his mouth as if to ask the significance. “It’s strange, but many Changed have noted that when one of us dies our corpse seems to be REALLY the animal we were thought to be in life, if I kill a Changed and bring them back, maybe they’d have no veil anymore and just BE that animal. It’s something I’ve wanted to test.”

“Start with yourself….” Gabriel did not like where this was going as he got up from the table. “I have no desire to be a guinea pig, even if I may or may not actually resemble one to my former race.”

“I can’t Gabe, I’m so bruised and battered that I might not be resurrectable. I need someone whose been well-fed and well taken care of for years. Unlike me, I’ve been fed cat food in very small portions. This body is beyond ready to close its eyes for good.” Cale exclaimed. “You though….”

Gabriel began moving a little faster, no a lot faster, as he made a bee-line straight for the exit of the library he had no idea where to run where he’d be safe but clearly not around Cale who desired to kill him nor around his family who would want to keep him as a slave. Timing however was not on his side as he found an assault rifle being pointed at his head by one of his own guards. “March rat!”

“Are you insulting me, or is that actually the form that my body resembles with the photons refl… OW!” Gabriel felt the butt of the gun smack against the back of his head.

“MOVE, RAT!” The guard said louder, Gabriel parading himself right back to where Cale was.

“Very good, very good…” Cale said appraising the hands-up Gabriel, glaring at the guard who betrayed him. “I only had to tell the guard of Lundh’s research, he can help me resist now OR be a slave when it’s his turn to change. What is the species of my fellow Changed, Lord Gabriel Zedimouse Locke?”

“Sherat.”The guard spoke, he seemed to have a bit of an accent preventing Gabriel from really understanding what he meant by sherat.

“Sherat?” Cale mused, his smile perking up again. “Very interesting.”

“What’s a Sherat?” Gabriel asked. “I don’t think I have any idea what that is…..”

“She-Rat, She rat, she, rat, a rat that is female. You are a woman now Gabriel.. Gabrielle…” Cale clarified for the confused youth.

Gabriel reached between his legs and gripped the full length of his budding teenage manhood. “I most certainly am not.”

“Sometimes the Change messes with your gender, happened to CM, Christopher Mattiaz, due to how some people saw her as him and him as her he just used the initials for clarity…..” Cale informed. “You know, it’s a shame I’ve have always had a thing for women…. They’re just so.. Beautiful…. No no I am no pervert. I am merely jealous. This body so battered, so bruised, so male, so disgusting…. But women are such, precious things, truly they are blessed. I envy the position you’re about to be in my dear.”

The guard watched Cale get from under the table a large tub of water that was being stored there for just this occasion. “Gabrielle Locke, you’re about to have your face dunked into this water until you are drowned, afterwards CPR will be applied to you. Any last words?”

Gabriel thought for a bit, but not too long knowing that Cale unlike Meta Knight from his precious video games, would not wait forever. “Yes, you’ve mastered Philosophy and Spirituality at such a young age in a few number of years, so tell me Cale…. What awaits me in the afterlife if you fail, if anything?”

“I’ve thought on that for a long time, and I still don’t know if it’s wishful thinking from every society that ever lived pretty much or if it’s the absolute ultimate destiny for us all. I have only reached two conclusions, the first being that if you die it will be more of a problem for me than you, the second is that a lot of things shall occur after you die, none of them will involve you however.”

Gabriel was about to respond, but Cale gave the order and he was dunked into the tub of water. Gabriel struggled as hard as he could but ultimately he was no match for his guard, he gave up between the lack of oxygen and the fact that even if he did fight off the guard he would likely be shot at which was harder to revive him from.

“It’s working, he’s getting more slender and I can see a tail forming! My my, she’s gorgeous!” Where the last things Gabriel heard before it all faded to black and following that his awareness was cut so he couldn’t even see that much. On the flipside of things Cale had no idea what to make of the fact that it really didn’t look like Gabe was about to get up, this was problematic it meant that a perfectly good ally was now dead.

No not just an ally, despite Cale’s cold words Gabriel was the one friend of his that he had really, the other people in his life were followers of his secret rebellion group, the staff he was in charge of, or the many books that the Locke family had owned. There was no time or reason to mourn however for many sacrifices must be made in the name of progress. It only seemed reasonable to try and forge a note, make this seem like a suicide. As though poor Gabrielle understood the implications of her new form and chose the easy way out.

Cale had placed in Gabriel’s hand a bottle of asprin, toxic not to Changed Rats as Changed were humans who just happened to look like animals to non-changed, but to the actual animal yes it was. Not many humans believed that Changed were just like them as that would require them to literally see the world through the eyes of those they were oppressing, so it was easy to bullshit them. Though this lead to horrifying circumstances such as all the wounds left on the cow maid Matilda when they tried and failed to find ways to milk her. It wasn’t until he was about to explain the significance of the asprin to the guard loyal to him that he noticed that Gabriel’s eyes were moving a little.

“Ugh… fuck me sideways…. The hell did… MY VOICE!” Gabriel said as he tried to get up, immediately reaching for his throat which seemed hairy and highly devoid of an adam’s apple. “Oh my God! I’m..”

“Kind of cute…” Cale walked up to the half-awake rat and placed both of his hands on to the blonde furred breasts of the rat and s queezed hard hoping to fin a nipple. “You know, it’s a shame they never tried to breed me, I doubt I have strong chances of meeting a woman in slavery.”

“HANDS OFF!” Gabrielle snapped, whipping Cale with her tail.

“Ahhh! I felt that…. Your tail IS real! You are truly a rat woman! Do you wish to go by Gabriel, Gabrielle, or pull a CM and go by GL?”

“....I… I… I….” Gabrielle, Gabriel, whatever he or she was now was in shock. Looking down at herself she had very loose ill-fitting clothing most likely related to the fact that she was two feet lesser in height. The hands, no the claws they were pink, misshapen, and putrid like the essence of nightmare.

“We have much work to do.” Cale reached for Gabrielle’s head hoping to pet behind the woman’s round ears only for Gabrielle to instinctively chomp at the offending hand making it bleed. “GRrrrr…”

“Cale I… I’m sorry.. Nothing against you... This body… I can’t control it… everything feels wrong…. My… ahh… too much weight… and too little in other places… I…” The she-rat appeared to be in a bit of a frenzy, but Cale didn’t seem to mind.

There was much to do now that Cale had not only someone so dangerous and beautiful on his side, but someone who was so loyal that Gabrielle seemed to apologize to Cale even after what he had done to her in taking from her the last of both of his masculinity and his humanity. It was for the greatest good, these things only existed as pure illusion anyone.

“Greater portions of food Gabrielle. You’re one of us now, we need food, you know where its being kept and your new body is quite stealthy and quick. With proper food and medicine my body and the bodies of all my forces can survive death. Your life as Locke is over, you are now with fur.”

“I understand Cale…. I don’t approve but I have no real decisions to make…” Gabrielle sighed. “I’ll return with your breakfast….”

“Gonna call me Lord?” Cale teased, referring to the times he had to fit that role himself

“Drop dead Cale!” Gabrielle was not broken, she merely knew when switching factions was good for her, she was still very much the same person even if not the same species.

“I intend to.” Cale popped his neck. “And I shall rise as the mighty tiger!”