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FreeRIDErs story universe

Crossrider's Dream

Author: Jessica K. Nichols-Vernon aka Hawl Tygarus Enroygall
Author's Comments

Disclaimer:This story is intended for male readers, keep that in mind as you read it. I feel this was important to mention as this...which I am proud to say is FreeRIDE's first Second Person Perspective story refers to the reader multiple times and assumes that he is male. Thanks to Robotech Master's story Desserted for inspiring this tale. If you haven't read Desserted, well welcome new FreeREADer, I hope you enjoy the series. -HawlSera

Welcome young man, don’t be shy. I know you have some curious desires about the fairer sex. If you didn’t you wouldn’t be here would you? What’s that you say? You only came into use the toilet? Oh I think I know your problem? You’re from Earth aren’t you, yes, definitely. The Zharusian boys come in here often, joking with their friends daring them to buy my wares knowing what my girls do to boys like you. Wait! you look familiar. By chance are you the lad who was in here last week? Yes I do believe one of your friends double dog dared you to buy from me. You have many friends, some of them the Zharusians like those who dared you. They know that you are like many Earther boys who look away from my shop, they’re scared of what I have to offer. Even though, far more of them who look away end up buying from my store when their buddies aren’t around and winding up as the most beautiful of women. Yes it is true some have gone back to being male, but those men I can count one hand.

Yes, I can see that twinkle in your eye, the one you don’t even realize is there. Oh you know it is, but that facade of machoness that Earth men try to hold onto is trying so hard to make you not see it. Hmhmhm, but in your heart I see you want my product. Afterall, the harder you try to avoid the fate of crossing, the more likely it is you will befall it. Those who look away from my store the hardest are those who come to its services the fastest.

You ask me what is my product? How can you be so naive child? It isn’t the female RIDEs, it is the mystery of the female sex. Such a frustrating one it is for males have tried for centuries to figure out the enigma that is the mystique of ladies. One so complex that philosophers for ages have tried to piece their heads together to unravel the tapestry and finds out what makes girls so magical. What queer power do the fair ones have and how is it so strong to bring the greatest of men to their knees? You want to know, but you realize that you cannot be told. Even in this day and age on a planet without gender roles you do not know. No one does for it is a secret that only women may know, men just couldn’t comprehend it no matter how often they were told. A secret that you want desperately to be in on.

Your eyes have shifted, you’re becoming more comfortable because you know that there’s just no going back, we both know why you’re here and you need to be a man… For as long as you have left as a man anyway... and own up to it. The question in your mind isn’t so much “Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m doing this”, as much as you’re thinking. “Damn Ms. Saleswoman, you’re actually kind of hot. Are you a crossrider? Can I become a smoking hot babe as you are right now?”

Well my young friend, I’ll let you oggle my body, aged to perfection. You are admiring how I am a clearly an older woman yet you don’t feel bothered by that at all, if anything you like me for it. I know you do, it’s just so titillating how I’m a strong motherly looking figure, but with the faded look like my hair, the slight stretch marks, the way my body looks like it’s been through one or two pregnancy. Yet at the same time, there’s a powerful dominating figure, yes this face appears to have seen the world, but the twinkle in MY eyes lets you know that I’ve seen all the parts of it that your real mother warned you about. I revel in the attention and pose for you, my silk gypsy outfit was made for it after all. As you say to yourself that if my wares can make an old bird like me be so guilty of your last hard-on, imagine what an actual bird can do for you. This brings you to your second question. You notice my ferret ears and matching tail and know me to be a rider. Was I once a male like you are now, or have I always been a woman? I guess that’s the good thing about Zharus, you never can tell. I will answer your question only by saying that is a man’s job to stay curious, a woman’s to have the answer. If you wish to end your curiosity, follow me to the show room.

I have many good choices for you my dear, up first is a squrriel who you and your adorable little look on your face reminded me of. Natalie. An SQR(f)-LSA-002, this little scouting unit is very playful, loves long walks out in the Dry, and come pre-loaded with a few of her favorite games, Kirby’s Adventure, Pokemon Ultimate Blue:VR Edition, Toki Tori, and her personal favorite Minecraft. No fetters on this model, one of the rare times a RIDE never had any. Natalie, or Nat, as we sometimes call her didn’t need any and her creators agreed. She is very well-behaved, when you tell her it’s time to stop playing the worst she’ll do is pout, but she’ll always clean up before heading home. Despite her very childlike personality she can be deceptively creative in adult matters. Both in ways not polite to mention and the more mundane trials and tribulations of day to day living.

Truthfully if you take Natalie, I’ll be sad to see her go. She’s been like a daughter to me, though you do seem like a nice boy, so I’ll rest easy knowing she went to a good home. Natalie will need her playtime, but if you are willing to not only give it to her, but join in. You will find an energetic youthful friend always going out of the way to include you in her projects. Very clingy though, I hope you don’t mind a few surprise fuses, she’s clingy, but she’ll let you do most of the walking and talking. Wanting nothing more but to be included and loved. Only 300 MU! For 150 extra I can install No Periods Period to keep you from any, monthly problems.

Oh right! Of course, what kind of girl will she make you? Well that is important to know. Aside from the big fluffy tail, buck teeth, and the adorable squrriely ears. You would take on a very youthful appearance, not a whole lot in the bra-department as you’ll appear to be within the ages 8-12. For this reason I would carry your ID on you at all times. From what I’ve heard it can be infuriating at first, but being restored childhood can be quite liberating. If you don’t mind being called kid, asked where your mommy is, or having to explain to the truant officer that you’re actually more than a wee bit over the drinking age this can be an awarding experience for you.

Tempting? Yes she is, but, let’s weigh our options first darling. RIDEs have feelings too, they are more than just a bi-curious transgender sex fantasy. You need to think of the kind of woman you’ll want to be for at least three years. So let’s put Natalie on the back burner and come back to her if you decide she’s the one for you. Remember darling, a wise former male once said that you’re only a woman for the first time once. Take her words to heart.

So why not go with being the kind of girl you’ve been warned about, and my PAN(f)-PSA-XXX. Yes darling, you heard me right, I said Panther - Pleasure Support Armor - XXX Oh ho ho, your face is burning a bright red. Truthfully though you don’t wish to admit it, at least not to someone you barely know, someone you feel might judge you, this is the kind of prize you were hoping I’d have for you. This naughty not-so-little panthress is named Jada and she has a strict no return policy. Not that you’d want to return her. Oh don’t give me that look, you don’t understand. Jada won’t let you return her, she doesn’t see it as you having bought her with money. More like she would wonder what took you so long to take her off my lot. Very dominant, very bossy, very beautiful. Jada must have things her way from her human for she is a panther and you know what they say when they make a panther upset? Oh god help me, I’m being torn apart by a panther.

Of course your service to her will not go unrewarded. Being a PSA she has an insatiable sexual appetite, but since her favorite prey requires a human anatomy to attract she will need you to join in on the fun. Provided you let her do the talk and use only the lines she orders of you. She’s very good with those, you’ll never have a drive spell again I promise. How effective is she? Well let’s just say when she was sold to me….. Ooooh, but a lady doesn’t kiss and tell.

The rewards on your end will happen fast, with black hair so long and flowing you’d swear it reached the crack of your ass to go with your new tags, you’ll definitely look like a mega hottie. Afterall you’ll have more than big hair. You’ll have an hourglass so perfectly exaggerated that Barbie, Jessica Rabbit, and Laura Croft themselves will be jealous. Of course you’ll need to fab most of your bras, and not with the cheap stuff. An H-Cup is not easily held back, nor will all the junk inside your trunk. Your eyes will also become a very crisp green color, but you’ll have so many problems getting them to look into your eyes that it’s really more for your benefit than anyone else’s.

I know a girl like Jada can seem fiercely overwhelming and, and.. Are you paying attention? No I guess you wouldn’t be. I’ve been tempted into the kind of life Jada can offer myself, but I fear I wouldn’t have the time nor the stamina to indulge boys like you with the gift of the answer to the most ancient mystery. Truly it is a sacrifice to my labor of love not to partner with this beautiful creature. This deity of desire, this siren of spectacles, can be your mistress and the mistress of all you would seek to bed for only 1600 MU! A large price to pay when compared to Natalie’s, but Jada would both give you and be the RIDE of your life. If you’re man enough to let her.

Mmm yes I know what you may be thinking customer. That is a little out there. Want to be sexy, but not turn that many heads or maybe you just want to turn heads without people looking at your RIDE’s designation and asking “Alright so how much for one night?” Don’t worry I have you covered. Though I do hope you change your mind on Natalie, truthfully the pleasure she can give is so tempting, I’d love to see her taken off the lot if only so that I don't end up falling victim.

Next up is a very unique spotted skunkette. The ironically named Brittney, much like with Natalie, if you’re the creative type than this could be your Dream RIDE. Our little mephit friend is very different from other RIDEs. Preferring to be left to her own devices to write poetry, most of it centered around the troubles that RIDEs face in society due to their being seen as property, even here in Uplift. As such she’s perfect depending on which side of the scale you lay on. See RIDEs as machines? She’ll consider it par for the course and give you as much space as you want from her mind as you use her body for whatever purpose you need. See RIDEs as partners, dear friends to get us through the day-to-day life, compatriots, comerades in arms, literal bosom buddies? Then you may just be the one who can warm this skunk’s cold heart.

Though it may sound somewhat cliche, this RIDE has a very specific look for her operators. She feels her human must represent a fair amount of the darkness she does. As such her nanites will make your hair blackened, leave your face near-permanently affixed with mascara and eyeliner, and your skin paled. Your measurements will be attractive, but not terribly over or undersized. You could claim you were a natural woman and your breasts wouldn’t give you away. Well what do you think? Certainly an interesting RIDE isn’t she? 900 MU.

That’s just three of my finest, as you can see we have many girls to choose from so I can do this all day. Just look around my store and if you have any questions let me know. Mm? Oh the pig? Yes I suppose it is unusual to see a farm animal, especially this far from Venars. Though you may want to take her for her special talent. Eating. Hey don’t give me that look, Priscilla was designed for chefs and food critics. Not only does she come with various built in cookbooks and various cooking skillchips, but her nanites will enhance your tongue to find everything you taste to be exquisite. Her nanos actually been recalled in some of the polises for the addiction to eating they cause, but, who wouldn’t want to lose themselves to a cavalcade of oral delights? A sweet sensation of ultimate flavor from so little as a pack of gum. You want to really sink your teeth into life. Priscilla is your RIDE.

Though you’ll put on a few pounds starting the first fuse, she’ll still attribute the weight to give you more of a cute chubby look and later on enhance you to BBW status as you become more than just chubby. Your hair will default to pigtails and you’ll just just the cutest little nose. You my friend can be livin’ large for only 500 MU, for the next week she’s at a discounted price. To your tongue twinkies will become wedding cakes, chicken legs become turkey legs, grilled cheese becomes fondue wrapped in bread, a ham sandwich becomes suckling pig… okay I can see how that last one would be a little weird. Yes I know it seems strange, but think of it this way. Estrogen is about emotion, power, really reveling in and just drowning in the passion. If you love eating like we all do, then drown in the passion of food with Priscilla.

Anyway, these are only four of the RIDEs in my emporium of the femme. Feel free to look around to your heart’s desire. Oh, what’s that you say? You’ve found your girl? One of these four? Well they are my finest so I’m not surprised. But tell me, which of my girls is it that has caught your attention the most? Just point her out. Oh her? Good choice. You can fuse as early as you pay me.

Mmm yes the Monetary Units are all here. Well enjoy your new life sister.