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The Black Van by Jessica Kylie Nichols-Vernon aka HawlSera

7/30/2012 - Blog of Healing - First Entry

The Black Van…. who hasn’t heard of it by now… well.. For those of you who have been living under a rock. Let me explain.

It started just a few months ago back in February, when people went missing. We thought nothing of it at first, people go missing all the time. Unless it’s someone we know personally, well, the human race is notoriously selfish. If it’s not our problem, we don’t care.

Then people still went missing. Some reported seeing the missing get into a black van with “Youth” written in kanji before never being seen again. However it was mostly a story kept to a few online sites, some vlogs talking about the vans and what it could mean. Some people thought aliens, other thought it was a top secret experiment of the Chinese Government. Even though kanji is Japanese, the Chinese seemed more suspicious to us. Partly because of ignorance, but mostly because the so-called People’s Republic has a bad rep with anyone who isn’t a corrupt politician or an American company looking for cheap labor. Yet both seemed to get thrown out when someone took a blurry picture of one of the black van’s drivers who seemed to be black, a few even declared the low resolution black person appeared to be female and young, very young. Though it was too blurry to tell. Is it just me or do people only bring their worst cameras to these kinds of thing?

This spawned a few creepypastas, a few good, but most of them just gore fests with no thought put into them. My favorite one was a parody that stated it was Slenderman’s Party Van, conspiracy videos, and even a low budget documentary. It had some passing mention on the Television News, but you know how it is with them. Poverty? War? Crime? Social Injustice? No one cares about that, but hey, Famous McCelebrity’s latest girlfriend Ms. Anorexia bought a collar for her dog on her latest trip to Paris. Parents are outraged at this, because reasons. Typically media newsgroups didn’t care until Famous McCelebrity was among the missing. Ms. Anorexia in distress started a fundraiser to help fund a search for her boyfriend and was then busted for using the money to buy a fancy car. For lying about the use of the money she was sentenced to a week of community service, at a luxury resort. Okay I don’t remember their real names, but I don’t care. Who needs a big budget hollywood blockbuster pretending to have a moral when I can read a web original typed by someone with a soul? I’m getting ahead of myself you get the point, a single famous person went missing and the media started to care. Hundreds had gone missing because of these vans, but only when one of the rich went missing did they begin to care.

What happened next shocked the nation and changed everything. The missing people, had been found. They had been living among us for months and we just didn’t notice. Famous McCelebrity was the first to be found when she told her agent things that only Famous would know. Yes I said she, for Famous had been turned into a girl. No feminists, I don’t mean that as in a patronizing word for woman. Not that I understand how that’s meant to be patronizing, I call men boys all the time. No, what I mean is he was a now a young girl around 8 or 9 years old with very light purple hair that was so longer it went down to her hips. She was very cute and had large green eyes. They seemed bigger and more expressive than most people’s. It was usually the eyes that let us differentiate them from normal girls. Yet the oddest thing, at least in my opinon was the change in ethnicity. Famous had very light colored skin, much lighter than when she had been a man, but she didn’t have any facial features that seemed to specify that she belonged to one race or anything. Though her skin was light, she didn’t appear to have any traits that specifically marked her as caucasian. The best I can describe it was, she appeared not to belong to any race in particular.

It was quickly discovered that a similar fate befell those who went missing. Differeing ages, skintones, and appearances. But all young girls belonging to no ethnicity in particular between the ages of 6 and 14. Each with a syringe mark on their arm, implying this was some kind of strange female-orientated youth serum. Now here I was, reading their stories on a support group forum. No one knew what to call this new class of citizen. Some called them Lolis, but some of them had argued that felt like a slur. Others called themselves “Rejuvanettes” though several parties complained the name was too positive and made the Lolis, yeah I’m going to call them that until the jury is out with a proper name, seem like they were better than other people.

I felt they were, there was just something to this that I had noticed. It seemed whenever you saw lolis on the street or on TV they just had an air about them. I always got the feeling that they could whatever they wanted and nothing could stop them. That they had become perfect, as though the brightest colours of their soul were now on display. I could go on about this young women. They were beautiful, flawless, and full of life. And I wanted to join them, to have my brightest colours on full display as my weakness and hideousness was buried forever, never to be found again. I hear the Black Van’s been spotted in my area. So it’s going to happen to me, I will join their ranks, I’m going to be just as perfect as these girls. It’s only a matter of time now. Will my skin get lighter or darker? What color will my hair be? Will I get a hairstyle that’s cute or perhaps something dark and daring? I don’t know, but it will be better than what I am now. A disgusted mixed-up freak!

As I said I’m reading a topic entitled “Rejuvanettes Only:Your first 12 hours.” the support forum was for people who had been converted or for friends and family of. I was neither, but I joined anyway, because I envied them. I looked out the window hoping for a glimpse of the black van that would take me to wherever whoever was doing this took them to be converted. I hoped I’d be one of the older ones. Being pre-pubescent sounded kind of boring to me, I’d already give up the ability to go into an ABC Store without being carded, I’d hate to be too much shorter than the regular humans. I daydreamed for a bit, what I’d be like. I was hoping to be fourteen, buxom (for a Loli anyway..) and have long pink hair that went past my shoulders with dark violet eyes that say “I’m trouble”, that’s what I was hoping for, but I’ll take what I can get. I pictured this version of myself dressed like Disgaea 3’s Salvatore The Magnificent pointing a gun at a hapless normal and posing dramatically. I’m not really into anime, but that game and that character were both awesome. Once that fantasy run its course I went back to reading.

Pasted below are the first few posts until the topic went crazy.

Old Mind, Young Body Posted

Alright ladies, as you know none of us remember where the Black Van took us, but starting from when we came to in our homes how was your first 12 hours? Since we show up in our homes around noon, that means our first day is 12 hours… How did you spend it?

As for me, I had been walking with my grandkids who had taken me for a walk around the retirement villa when I was picked up by the Black Van. When I woke up in my room, the nurses thought I was my own great granddaughter. I tried to explain, but they thought I was playing games. Well I wasn’t going to argue, I was going to do what any woman my age would if she had the clock turned back on her. I went to the nearest playground and did so much stretching and running you’d think I was a professional gymnast.

I have short blue hair now and a very boyish face like I’m one of those lesbian types. I’m not to into it, but I love being young again. And they always told us the first time I was a kid that youth was wasted on the young. Well it’s not wasted on this grandmother! I’m seven years old and loving it!

Sir_Shoto posted

Rejuvanettes… yeesh… Does it have to be such a girly sounding name? I had just gone out for drinks after the hard day at the office. Had too many, but when I called for a taxi I noticed this little girl driving. I figured I was just drunk off my ass. I realized a week later what had happened. I was just so confused. For awhile I thought it was a lucid dream and I broke my arm trying to fly. I had no choice but to go to the hosptial where they kept demanding I came back with my mother. (I’m VERY girly looking by the way. I’m six, that’s as young as we get…..) Eventually the doctor walked back to call a patient and yelled at the receptionist for arguing with me when I had a broken fucking arm!

So I spent it in the hospital. I still have my job fortunately and I dream as masculinely as I can. I’m a man damn it! Even if I am wearing a little girl’s body. Luckily I can present very male and most people know to call me sir aorund the office. But in public people keep going on about how adorable I am. What really sucks is I’ve had to cut my long orange hair every day since this happened. It just BURSTS into a giant forest of hair each morning! At first I used barbershops, but I pratically went into debt. Maybe when I grow up… AGAIN! I can… get a sex change operation or something. (Btw I heard a rumor we don’t age… does anyone know for sure? I wouldn’t think anyone would know since we haven’t existed for more than a few months… I mean I’d think we’d age… but then again.. I’m a six year old girl… anything is possible I suppose)

I just want to be a grown man again…. My life wasn’t glamorous, but at least I wasn’t a snot nosed crossdresser.

Old Mind, Young Body posted

HEY! Watch your language! There are children who use these forums

Sir_Shoto posted Sorry I can’t fucking hear you over the sound of my PENIS MISSING IN ACTION!

The topic turned to a flame war after that. By the time it got straightened out I had lost interest in reading. It’s getting late, I think it’s time for a walk. The van’s out there somewhere and well, I’m tired of being old and disgusting. I know in my heart it’s my turn. You may be thinking “Hey buddy, don’t you want to think this over a bit?”

I got my shoes on thinking over more forms. Being a young athletic tomboy like the grandmother who posted would be fine. So if I’m not fourteen and elegant, being a cute little androgynous speedster would be fun. Or maybe I can embrace my feminine side fully and be a nine year old princess in a stunning white and red dress with well-braided blonde hair. My heart was racing fast at the possibilities. I return to the computer to check for one more story of transition to psyche me up.

I didn’t post anything on the message board anymore, I just read. Last time I tried posting I was called a pervert for browsing a forum about people who turned into lolis, and when they learned I wanted to become one myself I was an insensitive pervert. Brats… Though this may change, as I looked out the window I saw a black van park across my house and just stood there.

Some people believed the van was magical as no Government Official had been able to track them down no matter how hard they spied on people. Police were sent into the van undercover, but they just woke up back at the precint as little girls in adorable child sized police uniform with mini-skirts that shouldn’t come in child sizes, but it does seem to be imitating the Lolita Phenomenon which can be oddly sexual. I didn’t think about Rejuvanettes like that. It squicked me out too much, I had already decided that once I change I’m going to be celibate till I’m about 16 again. (16 being the legal age of consent in my state) The note “Nice try humans.” was found in their pockets. Which of course gave credit to the aliens theory.

I believed it was magical now, is it parked there because it sensed my desires? Or am I having these desires because I sense that it’s my time, my turn to shed this body and take my place in girlhood? It doesn’t matter, I’ll update this blog with pictures of the new me tomorrow. I can’t keep the van waiting… they want to change me, and I want to be changed….. I didn’t think I’d see it this soon. It’s honking it’s horn at me, hurrying me up. I’ll ttyl.

07/31/2014 - Blog Of Healing - Entry 2

...Well that was a disappointing night, Turns out it was just the pizza guy.. He was honking because it was cold out and he didn’t want to leave his car. Customer service is a lost art, but at the wages they pay these days can you blame him for not giving a shit? I forgot I even ordered any. I felt too heart broken to post it right away. Especially after I searched all night and didn’t see anything. My turn is coming. I can feel it.

Well maybe I got a little carried away, I just felt that that was my night and I was getting fired up. I’m not normally that obsessive. I just think the Lolis are interesting and being one would be nice. Who are these people in the Black Van? What do they want with us? I don’t know, but please send an email to it’s a mailing list for this secret society that’s been following the Rejuvanette craze. Lately they’ve been obsessed with some kind of quantum powered lynx armor from space, but there are a few who would love to hear any stories you may have about what theories you may have about the Black Van or tales of any lolis, rejuvanettes, age regressed. Whatever you want to call them. If you’ve heard anything of course.

I think I’ll play some video games. I recently got a few new games from the Humble Bundle. I think I’ll check them out.

Note:This is the first and possibly only story in the Rejuvanettes series. You are free to write Rejuvanette stories of your own if you want. This was based on a dream I had last night, if people like it I may write a sequel. I don’t normally do Age Regression in my stories, or when I do it’s a side-effect of a different change that takes most of the focus. This was actually really fun to do. Please tell me what you think of it.