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Battle For The Animus Bead

By Hawl Tygarus Enroygall aka Nichols-Vernon

It was a cold Christmas morning in the expansive samurai village of Breehan, located in a part of the world that once was a great city with a more simple name Los Angeles, and Ty found himself looking at his reflection, his young pale fourteen year old body wrapped up in a white samurai’s kimono, in a lake, knowing it might be the last time he looked at that face or at anything at all, for he was of age now, fourteen, all he would have to do is become a semi-finalist in the tournament and an Animus Bead would be his, or a very messy and dishonorable public defeat. It has been thousands of years since the old world collapsed under the thumb of the Sonkanai Empire, what was once known as Australlia before things went wrong and the entire planet was forced to regress backwards in its ways, somehow Ty’s ancestors thought that the whole Samurai thing was a pretty good idea, he wasn’t sure how or why, but somehow when the bombs dropped his ancestors thought Japanese Samurai was the lore to go with to secure their future. Not that Ty would question it, he was a very loyal student of the blade, young at 15, but not inexperienced from a young age he had been taught by a close personal friend of his late father who had been a Beaded Samurai, a term given to those who as a young man had been selected to receive an Animus Bead; an artifact of great power that once bonded with a warrior never left him until death and permanently altered him to have the shape of an animal in human form. Ty had been trained by a man who wore the body of a lion and had the speed of a cheetah and as he faced his face in the reflection over a hole carved in the frozen he remembered every drop of sweat from over-exertion, every drop of blood from the wounds he received, every tear he ever shed in agonizing pain. On no day did the tears flow more than when Australians from the Sonkanai Empire attacked the village slew Marza and Ethero, Ty’s parents, Marza was innocent woman who cobbled shoes, Ethero was a simple fisherman, it was a fate undeserved and one Ty swore to repay.

Eventually, a wolf with two scars over his eyes, dressed in old white clothing wearing spiritual pearls around his neck for the purpose of meditation. “It’s time Ty, the semi-finals are starting.”

“Yeah, but, I’m kind of worried, if I don’t get my head cut off I won’t be human anymore, so in a way, I’m going to die no matter what.” Ty said worried rubbing his throat.

The wolf frowned at Ty with no sympathy whatever. “Then you should be proud that on this day you will die with honor! Now get your ass to the tournament grounds before I slay you here and now!”

Ty had seen this particular wolf around town always giving the younger a bad time, he sustained a bad injury that left him with a scar ages ago and has been a jerk ever since. Ty grumbled “Coming sir...” he said, knowing full well that the wolf would have beaten him senseless and left his shattered body to drown in the frozen lake he had been watching over.

The duo walked back to their village, which lay outside various temple ruins, temples that stretched upward to the sky and made of glass and steel, temples that were rumored to house giants by some, but not many, most others believe that humans lived in them before large steel eggs dropped from the sky and cast a curse upon the land causing, in addition to eternal winter, caused humans to need to flee them or suffer a fatal illness, and flee the humans did. The humans of the temples used ancient magic which did many things, some say that it once powered giant metal birds that housed humans for transport, the animus beads were their last creation before being wiped out. This had been indoctrinated into the holy books of Ty’s village, and this is why young warriors had to fight to the death for the honor of receiving one, no one knows how to create them anymore and it is very rare that a woman comes to possess one, leaving those bonded unable to reproduce and have off-spring unless they had them before the animus bonding.

The wolf had brought Ty to a grand arena in a coliseum where people had been sitting and looking restless and boring, there was a girl dressed in an all black outfit slightly older than Ty practicing with a whip, wowing the crowd by throwing up apples and oranges and either grabbing them or whipping them in half, she loved to change it up for the crowd, as she danced around with a sinister smile. The colosseum was surrounded by black wooden stands full of people, most human, but a few were Bonded to Animus Beads, most of the people in the later group where in a small red box behind the woman with a whip; the small red box containing Breehan’s leaders. The black stands were wrapped in Christmas lights, though none of the bulbs were lit, Breehan had never been sure how exactly the old magicks that made them light up actually worked.

“You took your sweet time, if you don’t want to fight why don’t you just kill yourself right now.” The intimidating teenager said to the young Ty, cracking her whip in his direction. Ty jumped back and cowered as the whip snapped at the wind millimeters before his nose. “Oh what’s wrong? Are you going to cry?”

Ty said not much, just the following. “No... not at all...” as he reached for his blades Ethero and Marza named for the parents those Sonkanai bastards took from him, and pointed one meekly towards the woman’s direction his hand still shaking.

A roar came from the red box reserved for the leaders of Breehan as a brown squirrel dressed like an English King from the long gone middle ages, purple robes with an intricate pattern of gold and blue mixed in. A Santa Hat replaced his usual fake gem encrusted crown for the Christmas Holiday, and matching crest, in actuality a costume, but no one cared or even knew what the real deal would look like, put his paw to the side and twirled to the direction of the lion, Ty’s mentor, who made the roar ito give him a quick silencing gesture. “Thank you Master Abraham, Ty and Monique, you are semi-finals in this tournament. I suppose you realize by now what has been asked of you children?”

Monique cracked her whip once more. “Yes yes, we’ve delayed long enough looking for this brat!” she said giving a sharp look towards Ty willing to bring him his end, itching to sate her vast bloodlust. Monique was already curious as to whether or not to wrap her whip around the boy’s neck and strangle him until his whole body was as blue as the morning sky and his eyes were popped clean out of his sockets as his crimson life fluids poured down his cheeks like tears or if she should do something far messier by whipping the very flesh off his bones and watching him bleed with her high heel stabbed into his shattered spin.

Ty swallowed “I’ll stand my ground as best as I can your lordship.” he said meekly as he bowed before the squirrel.

“Well, this is the semi-final bout of the semi-finals and the first match for the Ancient Holiday of Christmas. We are gathered to watch young Ty and frightening Monique..” the teenage dominatrix smiled upon hearing that she was scary. “Fight for the lives for the honor of bonding permanently with their spirit animals to make their way through their lives and battle as Samurai Warriors for the honor of Breehan Village.”

The crowd cheered as Ty stopped to wave at the crowd. Monique rolled her eyes “Show off...” she said as she knocked Ty down with a sweeping kick. Ty grunted and gave his attacker a dirty look, this was most dishonorable, the battle had not even started and she was already inflicting pain. “Let me end him now. He’s worthless, he won’t even put up a decent fight.”

The squirrel shook his head no. “You’ll both draw your weapons, you will bow, and then when I give my blessing you will try to take the life of the other. I have spoken on this!”

“Fine...” Monique said and as Ty got up and the two combatants took their stances. Ty holding up his swords and Monique’s whip at the ready. Ty folded Ethero and Marza across his chest and he bowed forward. Monique scoffed, rolling her eyes as if to say “If I must....”, but had said nothing. Monique put her whip hand with whip on a hip and did a half-hearted curtsey with the other.

“Begin” The squirrel king said before sitting down, and just like that Ty was off, gritting his teeth as he charged forward pointing Ethero and Marza towards Monique who just stood there looking bored as she eventually did a light underhanded motion with her whip hand, causing the rope to wrap around Ty’s ankled and trip him causing his parental blades to fly out of his hands. Monique walked over to a sword “I’ve seen you practicing you little twerp, I know you named these blades after your mommy and daddy when they were killed by the Roos! They know how to make Animus Beads in Sonkanai, so you’ve gotta be tough and holding onto mommy and daddy isn’t going to cut it kid. So which one is this?” she said as she picked up a blade, and looked it over, licking the blade. “I think I just gave your daddy a kiss!” she taunted, as a tear formed in Ty’s eye.

“PUT MARZA DOWN NOW!” Ty screamed as he reached for Ethero and charged toward his opponent. Monique held Marza forward Ty stopping as he almost ran into the blade’s neck. Monique taking this opportunity to whip Ty, leaving a cut on his stomach as Monique charged down for the killing blow with Marza, aiming right for Ty’s neck.

“Mother will put you to bed little shit!” Monique screamed, Ty recovered and slashed at his attacker’s breast. Monique screamed for a different reason as she reeled back with blood pouring out of her right tit which had been cut open! Monique grabbed at herself as the crowed winced. A few closer to the action actually lost their lunch. “You will PAY FOR THAT!” the dominatrix could not believe that this happened, she’d have to kill him quick and hope the Animus Bead could repair her damages. Monique whipped again, but Ty was ready, blocking with the blade of his sword. Just as Ty had hoped, Monique’s whip wrapped around the blade, allowing him to pull back and take the whip back from Monique whom was far more concerned about her sliced up mammary gland than holding onto the whip. Monique had gotten cocky and believed her opponent too meek to actually be of any threat, this would prove fatal as she was left with Marza. Monique could have allowed herself to be disarmed and pleaded for mercy, this would have been the smart thing to do, but she was proud and scared, a very bad combination as Ty had Ethero, having discarded the whip. Ty realized that he had no idea how to properly wield a whip and thus using it would have actually set him back as he could have hurt himself, he charged at Monique again who put up a Marza in a weak one handed defense and slashed at Ty when he came close. Ty however had set his sights lower and cut off her leg in one fell swoop.

Monique could have begged for mercy, but it wasn’t her style, she just spat at Ty. “Fuck you, you little shit! You just got lucky! You won’t survive out there!” these were her last words as Ty plunged Ethero into her skull and reclaimed Marza. To show his relief and pride in victory, Ty wielded the bloodied Father Sword and the clean Mother Sword together in a triumphant X-Pattern. The crowd went wild and many people were bitter as they had lost bets they had placed on the young woman.

“Ty is the victor, Monique has suffered a most bloody defeat.” The Squirrel announced after the applause died down. Ty would have spared her if she hadn’t be so disfigured as to be unable to survive in the real world and Ty would never have disfigured her so badly if she had been smart enough to leave his parents out of this. Monique was a bitch, and so it brought forth her own demise.

Some time had passed, the sun was setting and Ty had been treated to a large Christmas Feast, Wild Duck, Lobster, and Fish were in his now engorged full belly as he followed his wide grinning lion mentor from his small home which had been all day long crowded with his new fans. “I’m proud of you kid, if your parents had been alive today they would be too.”

Ty was scared again, he still didn’t know what he’d be turning into. “Is it going to hurt? Do I get to pick the animal? I wanna be a large cat like you.” he said in a nervous burst of confusion.

The lion laughed a hearty laugh that was more like a half growl half roar. “The village is running low Ty, I’m honored, I got this body when you still had the pick of the litter. Pretty soon they’ll start having to use the beads intended for females.”

Ty thought about himself as a girl and shook his head, what would his parents say to THAT if they were still alive? “You don’t think they’ll start that today do you?”

“Naw, there’s still plenty of male beads to go around.” The lion said doing that roaring laugh again. “But don’t be surprised if you get turned into a gopher or something. Like I said, we’re running low, and only those damn roos know how to make more.”

Eventually the two were back at the arena where the squirrel king was waiting for them. “Master Abraham, you have brought Ty, excellent, you and Erika” he gestured to a girl who looking like Monique, same blonde hair and everything, but seemed younger and less intimidating. Her demeanor was serious and she was dressed similarly to Ty. “Will be bonding with your beads. Now fret not as the process is said to be very pleasant, I should know being a squirrel and all.”

“How is it?” Ty asked

The squirrel laughed to himself. “Pretty good, but it can drive you nuts.” twas a pun that Master Abraham the lion buried his face into his paw over. “Right then... Ty you will be gaining the Lemur Bead for your agility and speed” he said handing over a purple-pink sparkling gem to him. It was the most beautiful thing Ty had ever seen, the beads burned up and turned jet black after their use and so Ty had never seen one like this before. Just from gazing at it he knew that he HAD to bond with it, and that he was going to love it for the rest of his life.

“Thank you Your Lordship.” Ty said, staring into the bead, mesmerized by its beauty.

“Don’t mention it, you earned it for your aggression in battle, nasty stuff slicing open her umm...yes...” The Squirrel said gesturing over his chest as he continued onward to Erika without finishing his sentence. “And for you we have the only Vulpinetaur bead of the bunch, enjoy it well. You’re going to be standing out in crowds from here on out.” he said as he gave her a Blue-Green Bead.

“What’s a Vulpinetaur?” Erika asked as she looked over the bead.

The squirrel just smiled at her. “Erika, Ty, Lift up your beads and focus their energies into you. You’ll see your new bodies momentarily.”

Both were equally anxious as they lifted up their beads, first came the fur.... on Erika at least, whatever this Vulpine taur thing was its hair was mostly grey, except for around the belly where it was white, a big bushy tail sprout from her clothes which ripped. For some reason this Vulpinetaur thing looked a lot like a Lemur. Erika grew a little, not too much in height, but she really packed on the muscle, femininity drained from her frame as she gained a body that would be quite the envy of all the men in the village. Changes finished up as her breasts receded and flattened whilst her ears moved to the top of her ears and stretched, her jaw becoming more pronounced and turning into a muzzle. Erika had become a male lemur, once it ended she, now he looked over his body.

“This is a Vulpinetaur?” he asked, covering his mouth to mask his deep voice. “What did you do!?!” he screamed in a panic, grabbing the squirrel and shaking him violent, the squirrel freaked and became scared by the larger lemur man shaking him around. “Change me back! Oh god I’m a man...YOU MIXED THE BEADS UP YOU STUPID SQUIRREL” he screamed at the top of his lungs, even looking into his kimono to find quite the package in his panties.

“I’m sorry Eric... I mean Erika, but we’d have to use another Animus Bead and we need to save every last one for next month’s tournament.” The squirrel confessed, still shaken from all the shaking.

Erika sighed, cracking his knuckles and trying to clear his head, entering into a meditation to clear his mind. He was a man now, and he would have to make peace with that fact.

Ty’s change was slower, having gotten nothing yet, but the bonding had already begun and could not be stopped. Suddenly! It hit him, his weight redistributed towards his hips getting wider, fat relocating from his torso to his hips, and some even to his chest, forming what appeared to be breasts. The oddest bit however was just beginning and happening just at the youth’s rear which suddenly stretched getting longer and wider. Ty was about to fall over, as Erika, Master Abraham, and the squirrel looked on in shock, awe, and a little ounce of disturb as Ty’s elongated ass stopped growing, not really looking like a rump anymore, especially as animal-like legs burst from the end of it, and became planted firmly on the ground, orange fur spreading from the legs and to the rest of Ty’s body, which at this point seemed far more fitting of a lass than a lad. Ty’s facial features change as the fur reached it, her face becoming girlier and more feminine and fair in appearance, but more noticeable was his lips had become a muzzle stretched and elongated into the perfect centerpiece foxy femme face. With her ears and tail sprouting, Ty, was a Vulpinetaur.

The new woman looked herself over with confusion and intrigue as she spun in place like a dog chasing his tail. “Well, I wasn’t expecting this.... doesn’t feel half bad though.” she said to herself, covering her muzzle “I sound like a girl!” she screamed.

Lord Abraham laughed, but this one was more forced and showed a great deal of concern. “Lad, you... are a girl.”

“WHAT?!” Ty screamed, as she looked down again, noticing the large obstrusive breasts and cursed herself for failing to notice such a bountiful bosom during her initial appraisal of her physique.

Erika walked up to Ty in the empty coliseum “I’m not exactly pleased with this arrangement myself.... Though, at the same time I think I’d rather have balls than an extra two legs.” he said, appraising the vulpinetaur’s form. “Whole thing seems rather stupid. I think I get why you’re called a Vulpinetaur now though.”

“I think it’s pretty neat.” Ty said, smiling, quickly growing to like her new shape. “So... a Vulpinetaur is a centaur, but with a fox.... seems obvious once you think of it. I kind of dig this, but can I be a guy again? I’m a little accustomed to that...” she said nervously.

“Not without using another Animus Bead during a shortage. I could never ask that of Breehan, if you have any honor than you shouldn't either. We might as well get used to being Eric and Tyla....” Erika said, as he stretched and pulled out his Katana. “If you excuse me, I have some sparring to do.” and with that the Lemur Man had vacated to the other side of the coliseum and had began battling an imaginary opponent, getting used to his new physique and anatomy, part of this involved reminding himself to block low now that he was more vulnerable down there.

“Well.. I guess you uhh... wish to be alone with your thoughts...” The squirrel said, unsure what to think of this situation and feeling downright stupid for such an amateurish mistake. Though at the heart of the matter he was truly wishing to shirk off and avoid any question of compensation, especially since he was unarmed. “We’ll be back in one hour to start the finals, try to keep to yourselves until then. Come Master Abraham.”

The squirrel king and master lion were off, leaving the two kids where they stood. Ty practiced charging as her agility had been traded for speed and stamina, taking a cue from her soon to be opponent. She had to wonder how they’d fare in their, more was expected of men and less was thought of women, as a result both youths would face new difficulties and challenges in life from this most awkward mix-up.

The time flew by as Ty practiced her charges, and began to work up a new fighting style that had more resemblance to a knight participating in a joust than a samurai warrior. It was for the best, Ethero and Marsha were short swords, not katanas, this fighting style had a better chance of making full use of the weaponry. During all of this she thought back to her memories of her parents and how before they were slaughtered they had spoken of trying for a second child, if this child, whom was sadly never even conceived, was a girl, they spoke of naming her Emily. “Guess I’m Emily now....” Ty said to herself.

The hour had passed and people were being admitted as Master Abraham came back with refreshment of Christmas Cookies and Holiday Punch for the two youths as the stalls filled, the fight would begin once they were. “Ty, you’re not.... I mean... you’re okay right?”

Emily lapped up her Holiday Punch “I think so, but.... it’s Emily now..”

Abraham smiled “Your parents always wanted a girl named Emily.”

“I know” she said, before turning to Eric with confusion, Emily’s teacher was here, but not Eric’s was nowhere to be seen. “Hey, where’s your Sensei?”

“My older sister taught me everything I know, before a little boy with short swords murdered her on Christmas Day before a crowd of several.” Eric said, glaring at the Vulpinetaur with a bloodthirsty glance that thirsted for blood.

Emily’s ears dropped in guilt, Monique was a bitch, but she still remembered very well what it was like to lose a close relative.

The stadium filled relatively fast, anxious to see furred warriors go at it. Emily and Eric met at the eyes, Eric was the one who seemed more angry as his new hormones and rage over his lost sister filled his being, Emily’s demeanor was more docile and battling with the curiosity as to whether or not she should be filled with guilt over killing Monique, true she was going to kill her, him at the time, if Emily hadn’t, but at the same time, Emily had never stopped to consider that there may have been people who loved Monique, it would be something Emily would keep fresh in her head every time she took a life in the future.

The Squirrel rose in his seat and began to announce the fight and explained that Ty was now Emily, and Erika was now Eric. During this, Emily and Eric talked amongst themselves. “You have Thornpunisher...” Eric said

“What?” Emily asked, tilting her head in confusion.

“My sister’s whip, Thornpunisher, let’s make a little wager, if I win, I get to take it back. If you win..... I’ll give you my secret family recipe for fruitcake.” Eric offered.

“What have I got to lose?” Emily grinned, clutching Ethero and Marza harder, finding this was enough to get her riled up, The Squirrel King had explained that this wasn’t a fight to the death, but a fight to the disarm, if there was a death here then the victor would be tried for murder.

The second the Squirrel King announced the start of the fight Emily and Eric charged at each other with full force, throwing everything they had towards disarming the other. The crowd cheered at this most intense battle as it went on for what seemed like hours. Neither one of them could let up. Least of all Emily, she really wanted that fruitcake!