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I'll get to fixing this later.


The Diary of the Dead Guy Life sucks. Being Dead is worse. A Xanadu story about two people who get turned into Zombies. I think this is the only Zombie Story on Shifti.

The Last Interview This is Russian to Conclusions from Detective Charles Brown's point of veiw in the third person. With some extra stuf at the end. In my humble opinon, ten times better the Russian to conclusions. Idea: Don't read Russian to conclusions. Read this.

Charlie's Grill and BarWhat? Me? Write a Xanadu story? A short and funny thing I'm writing due to boredom. I think I'll qualify it as comedy. The story of a blue collar electrician tasked with maintaining the electrical systems of the Orlando Convention Center Hotel. And a police officer who took up a posistion on a roadblock right after the change.. And a constrution worker tasked to repair a broken window at the Hotel. And a local newspaper reporter who covered the story in the news.