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User:Fox/Coyote wishes - Ren's Costume

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Coyote Wishes - Ren's Costume

Author: Fox

A wish, such a fickle thing arising from the minds of every being, some are harmless, some filled with greed and vileness, others more entertaining in their format. To make a wish is a delicate art, for such a powerful thing to come to pass it must follow the strictest of guidelines, to the word one could say. It is for that reason the entertaining wishes are often the most haphazard, and most interesting to see come to light. One who possessed such a wish bore the name of Ren, a young man with a pension for unusual entertainment, something to lead him to the spotlight within the niche he felt part of.

Ren was a quiet lad, keeping to himself outside of his niche group of friends, going about his daily life within the shadows of the norm. Within his group of friends he was a little more outgoing, but still quite a bit shy and reserved, secretly wishing all the while to stand out, to garner the attentions of the many, rather than his small group of friends. In his group were those who paid great money for the most wondrous costumes, or even made them themselves, and it was these people that attracted the most attention. The better the costume, the more of a following they had, the more famous within his niche they were, the more they stood out.

It was for those reasons that Ren wanted to be part of that group of costumers, to stand out in the crowd, to be somebody. Hidden away from everyone with only the costume to see, something people loved most instantly, ignoring the one inside. Alas, Ren was not a wealthy lad, his forays into the various shops and dealings with the many crafters left him without the costume he so wanted, and so he was left to dreaming, and within dreams grow wishes.

It was the morning of a yearly gathering for his group, three days when many from around the world would come together for events and socializing. This event made him happy but at the same time, depressed over his lack of proper attire, at least in his mind. A desperate attempt to find what he believed he needed lead him towards the room where the many merchants of the event gathered to peddle their wares, but alas the room was empty.

At least, it appeared to be at first, as he turned to move out of the room with head held low, he was startled by strange figure that was leaning against the wall by the exit. clothed in robes and vestments, with a furry tan face dotted with a grinning muzzle, tan paws of the hands and feet, one of the costumers he so envied in what appeared to be a coyote suit. The coyote man chuckled a bit and spoke "What brings you here so early? You look a bit sad. Looking for someone,or something perhaps?"

Ren nodded slowly "Yeah...I was kind of hoping a dealer would be open already..I've been wanting a suit forever but...I'm kinda short on cash, I just came as a shot in the dark, I really want to be like those suiters, it seems to fun, everyone loves them. I wish I could be like them, have that attention on me too."

The coyote nodded his head "I see, I see, understandable, very much so in this group I must say. Hmmm, wish you say? You want one so badly as to wish for one? Perhaps I could be of some help then." Ren could almost swear the coyote's tail began to wag slowly, animatronic perhaps, an expensive accessory that made him all the more envious.

Ren looked up away from the tail and nodded agian "Yeah, I want one bad! You said you can help me? Please I'll do anything for one! Almost anything anyways. Whatever you need!"

The coyote grinned wide, more animatronics? Ren had never seen a moving facial expression, it looked so real. "Now now, it would be my pleasure to help grant the wish of one in such need and desire. Simply tell me what you wish, and it shall be so. Do be careful to make sure to say exactly what you want, word for word."

Ren beamed at the thought, it sounded strange but if there was a chance he'd have to at least try "Yes! I know what I want, I don't want just any suit, I want the best! Something that stands out from all the others! Can you make me one like that? That suits my personality too?"

The coyote's grin went wider, showing very realistic teeth "Of course..simply say it as a wish, and I will grant it, it sounds strange but humor me at the least."

Ren took a deep breath, it was odd to be asked to say it as a wish, but what harm could come from that, maybe the coyote was just really into character all the time. He blurted out with enthusiasm "Coyote, I wish for you to make me the greatest suit ever! Like the ones the others have but even better! Please! I really wish!"

The coyote perked his ears, reaching into a sack at his side and pulling out a rather strange item, a large collar with a gemstone dangling from it. "Very well, your wish will be granted, simply put this on and I will make you the greatest suit ever. It will be done in not time, trust me."

It took but a second for the coyote to offer the collar, and for Ren to put it on around his neck, it felt oddly warm, giving him a small tingle down his body. He looked over at the coyote oddly, he was just standing there against the wall still, if he was going to make the suit, wouldn't he be leaving already? "Hey umm, aren't you going to make the suit?"

The coyote wagged a finger "It's being made as we speak." Ren was a bit confused by this, how could it be being made right now? He scratches his head in a bit of confusion, not noticing the odd glow around the collar, originating from the strange warm crystal that dangled from it. A strong shiver went down his spine, his hands feeling warm and getting warmer, seeming to lose a little feeling, feeling softer against his head. As he pulled them before his eyes to look he could only gasp in shock, his hands were turning jet black, covered in a strange fuzz with the palms and fingers dotted by pink pads of some sort.

Ren was excited, was it magic perhaps? Whatever it was seemed to be making the costume right over his body as he stood there, the handpaws looking very well done so far. So entranced in the thought of this, Ren didn't notice the stretching of his ears, nor the pitch black fuzz that was growing on them as well. He felt another shot of warmth down at his feet, glancing down to watch as his shoes seemed to be dissolving away, to reveal blackening, swelling feet with only four toes. He looked between his hands and his feet, noticing the swelling making them take on a cute, toonish shape.

All seemed well, till he noticed the glow starting to overtake his arms and lower legs, his clothing seeming to dissolve into nothingness as the black fuzz grew up his arms and legs. This brought a very unusual feeling to them, his arms felt much lighter than before and oddly..hollow? He started to worry now, looking panicked, trying to pull of a handpaw but a sudden wracking sensation overtook his body, the glow had begun to spread all over, more clothing melting away, the black fuzz giving way to an orangish red fuzz partly up the arms and legs. His ears continued to grow, nos turning blacker in his vision as it seemed to grow outwards...and something was snaking it's way out from his rump.

He gasped for breath, looking over at the coyote who had removed his hood, and seemed to be sipping tea. He realized it then, that the coyote was no suiter, no man in a costume, he was a real coyote, something that should not exist. He winced, face pressing outwards into a sharp muzzle, ears growing atop his reshaping skull, creating the tapered noggin of a fox. Red, white, and black fuzz taking their proper positions. That thing at the rump felt heavy, and Ren looked back in shock, finding a large fluffy tail, definitely that of a foxes, dangling from his rump, oddly limp. He took it in one hand, pulling it close to look, it had the feel of a plush toy to it and he could feel it as if it were his own.

He shook his head, trying to call out for help, to ask the coyote what was happening to him, but the only thing that escaped his lips was a loud, long sigh as the orange-red, and white fuzz reached his chest, his insides disappearing into a hollow cavity inside. He shivered, his arms falling to his sides, mouth opening up slightly, filling with teeth, his eyes no long closing but still able to be moved with effort. He tried to move his arms, move his mouth, but it was to no avail, they simply would not respond, he could feel them there but nothing could coax them into moving.

He wobbled, taking a last look at his toonish hands and oversized toonish fox footpaws, feeling weak all over, his body starting to crumple and quiver. Seems began to appear around his wrists, and up above his ankles, even around his neck, a very well hidden zipper growing down his back. Ren cried a little, even as his vision was forced forwards, eyes turning into a hard plastic with a very cute, toonish look to them. He could still see, but could simply not control where he was looking anymore.

The coyote took a sip of his tea, watching Ren wobble on his feet for a second, things seeming to freeze in time for a split second before Ren toppled over backwards. His hands falling from the rest of his body to the floor, footpaws disconnecting and toppling over, one resting at his side. His body fell in a crumpled heap to the floor, his head falling down atop it, as it too was not long connected with the rest of him.

Ren cried inside, the only thing he could do, feeling his body in pieces, his ability to move and speak gone, he could somehow still see, hear, taste, feel, even smell. In fact his senses all seemed to be heightened to fit the species he represented. He wondered what had happened, this wasn't what he wished for, he wanted a suit, not to become one! Yet here he lay, a very very well crafted fox suit, ready to be worn and paraded about.

The coyote chuckled and moved over to the suit, picking it up, folding the body neatly, setting the footpaws on each side, the hands atop the body, and the head atop the hands. Ren felt all of this, the touch felt oddly good, even if incredibility awkward. The coyote wagged a finger "Tsk tsk, why are you upset? You got what you wished for, your exact words. You wished for me to make you the greatest suit ever made, and so I did, and so you are. You are self cleaning, self repairing, have an aura of appeal about you, shape to fit the wearer, self cooling, fire proof, water proof, and even have built in theft prevention. Truly the greatest suit ever made I must say. Do not fret, you will have your time in the spotlight."

The coyote placed a sign in front of Red, one he could not see for it faced the other way, before he took another sip of tea and seemed to vanish into a ripple in space. It wasn't long before someone else entered the room, another young man whom Ren knew as a friend, whom had wanted a suit almost as badly as he, but had the patience to save and wait. His friend stopped before the suit, taking the sign and reading it with joy, it listed the features of the fox suit before him, with a PS at the end "A gift to you dear friend, the greatest suit ever made! Enjoy it for me, I've found a new calling,and you wearing and enjoying this suit will bring me happiness and enjoyment as well! Your friend, Ren"

Ren was snatched up rather quickly, his friend running back to the room they were to share before Ren placed upon the bed to watch out the window as his friend undressed to his shorts in preparation to wear his new suit. He plucked up the footpaws first, slipping his feet into them happily, Ren felt quite strange at this, someone was entering into part of him and it felt really good. His friend unzipped his body, stepping into the legs, slipping into the arms, and zipping it back up, every movement bringing more pleasurable feelings to Ren, and more confusion than ever.

His friend took his handpaws, slipping his hands into them as well, before finally donning his head, the final completion of the new suit on it's wearer making him happy, and leaving Ren reeling with a pulse of pleasure. His friend walked around the room a bit, every step bringing more good feelings, every movement a tinge of pleasure. Ren could feel it all, everything his friend felt, everything his friend saw while wearing him, he could feel what his wearer felt, and it all felt so wonderful.

Ren and his wearer headed downstairs, just in time for the costume party and parade, everyone turning to look at the new suit. So well made, it stood out so much, it wasn't long before Ren had many revelers around him, asking his wearer where he got the suit, who made it. Throughout the night he was flooded with pleasure and happiness, the parade felt so wonderful, everyone loving him, taking pictures. The games bringing such joy, his wondrous features allowing his friend to win most of the games, and leading to their crowning as the best suiter at the event. Ren couldn't be happier, even if it meant living as a suit for the rest of his days, and with his features that could be a very long time

To this day Ren enjoys his new life, laying in wait to be worn and experience the things his wearer decides to use him for, he gathered many fans and much attention like he so wished. He still wonders who the coyote was, and where he went. Did he know Ren would enjoy his new lot in life? Perhaps he did...perhaps it was just a whim, or for fun coyotes are tricky like that, you see. Now if you will excuse me, my tea is getting cold and I really must not let it go to waste.