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User:Fox/Coyote wishes - Jason's Fantasy

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Coyote Wishes - Jason's Fantasy

Author: Fox

Wishes are fickle things, the product of dreamers, of hopes rooted in the fantasies of what one would rather have over their own lot in life. The grass is always greenest on the other side, wishes cloud the mottled weeds and bare patches from our eyes, and perhaps it is for this reason that wishes often come at a price.

Jason was a stressed fellow, his life had many twists and turns that strained his limits, leading his mind to wander into fantasy. How he wished to be free of the world around him, to soar the skies, to wield magic, sword, and other such powers that he felt would make him stand out. Every day amidst his work he dwelled on these thoughts, a creature of fantasy in his own mind inspired by a friend's character from a simple tabletop game they plaid on occasion. Tan fur, multicolored wings like that of a phoenix, a pension for magic and wit, and a very long if not unlimited lifespan without the pain of old age. A strange coyote named Aiden that lived like man, but in his own world and ways, an expert mage, an expert swordsman, in his mind Jason was all these and more.

Wandering minds such as his attract attention to those who wish to stir up chaos for their own enjoyment, and perhaps bring forth lessons to the dreamer as well. After a short session of the tabletop game he so enjoyed, Jason wandered the streets on his way home, still wrapped in his fantasy world. A movement in his path caught his attention, the brow fur of some sort of creature passing before him, familiar looking, a stray dog or perhaps one of the local coyotes that ran rampant even within the town borders. Jason felt an urge to follow, perhaps out of boredom, perhaps some yearning for his fantasy pressing him to observe the closest real creature to what he imagined, living in the world.

As he turned the corner onto a small street that lead towards the park he was forced to stop so as not to run right into the creature he had decided to follow. It stared at him, giving a small headtilt with that telltale grin, it was indeed one of the local coyotes, it's jade eyes staring right at Jason a small glimmer in it's muzzle, something it had stolen most likely. The creature raised it's hackles and dropped what it was carrying, before bolting off, yipping in what almost sounded like a laugh before disappearing down the street. Being a curious sort, Jason plucked the tiny object from the ground, looking over what appeared to be a native American trinket of some sort. He shrugged, finding the owner would be nigh impossible, and so he took it with home back to his apartment.

He was feeling a bit tired when he arrived, deciding to just lay down for the night, and it wasn't long before he was out cold, swimming in dream land, and dream he did. A strange coyote appeared before him, looking much like the one in his fantasy world, but silverish rather than the standard tan. The coyote tapped it's muzzle, smirking before he spoke "Hello there Jason, you seem to have quite a bit of luck, for the object you have found houses a special power to grant you a single wish, a wish I am here to grant. Simply speak it and it shall be so."

Jason was excited, even if it was a dream, a dream with a granted wish would be welcome, and so he described himself from his fantasy, the creature he saw himself as, and wanted so much to be, to be in that world, living as such a creature. "Such a wish is easily done, the long lived creatures sound quite regal, I must say they are a fine choice of canine, being coyotes and all like myself..hahaha...if that is what you wish, simply say so, everything about such a creature will come true for you, for you shall become one..everything." Jason shook his head, trying to rush the coyote "Of course I want it! Why wouldn't I? I know everything about them, and I love every bit of it, make me one of them, put me in that world!" The coyote grinned wide and snapped his finger "And so it shall be...hehehe..enjoy..." The coyote faded along with the dream, leaving Jason to awake with a start.

Jason looked around in a daze, everything seemed a bit fuzzy, what a strange dream he thought, rubbing his face with his hands to clear up the fuzz clouding his vision. It was then he noticed something strange, his hands felt a bit soft, and a quick look revealed a growing layer of tan fur sprouting all over his digits and hands, the palms and fingertips turning black before his eyes. The world continued to grow fuzzier, and Jason bounced up with excitement, was he still dreaming or was the wish for real? He looked over his hands, at his nails growing out into sharp claws, at the soft pawpads that were forming and the thick silky fur that had overtaken all his skin.

He beamed happily, looking down at his legs and feet, his legs too being overtaken by the soft tan fuzz, even as his feet cracked, toes merging and moving about to form into a digitgrade stance. Each toe forming a new pawpad, thick claws, and soft fur, his legs completely covered now. Within his pants he could feel the fur growing, something warm overtaking a hidden place down below, which he could guess to be a sheathe of some sort, squirming at the other unusual sensations of the shifting privates. The world kept growing fuzzy, hard to see now, not that he noticed it fully, nor that his clothing was getting a little loose fitting on his shifting form.

A pang from behind caught his attention, pulling at the back of his sagging shorts to make way for what he knew was coming, a tail growing out from his spine, quickly sprouting long tan fur, lighter on the underside and ending in a dark brown tip. The tail wagged with his happiness, his shorts and shirt bagging up a little more about him, the world faded away now into an odd swirling of opaque void. He danced a bit, almost tripping over his new footpaws, feeling fur growing up his chest and neck, lighter tan than the rest of his body, while the fur growing on his back grew dark into the strange saddle like marking of a coyote.

He giggled madly, feeling the fur covering his face, the pushing of his mouth and face out into a sharp muzzle, dotted by a wet canine nose, rimmed with sharp canine teeth and long lolling tongue. The reshaping skull hurt quite a bit, his ears folding with the pain even as they grew long and triangular atop his head, his eyes turning a soft jade. On his back, pain welled up quite a bit, something was pushing at his shirt, two lumps growing out into a new set of limbs, covering in blue, green, and silver colors and shaped like those of a phoenix. Something was odd about this though, they hadn't ripped his shirt like he imagined they wood, he looked back to figure out why and gave a startled yip.

The opaque void was starting to gain substance, greens, browns, odd feeling swirling about Jason as he shifted, the area was starting to look like the one from his fantasy, like the home Aiden was from. Jason was still distracted from this, especially after noticing how large his shirt was for him, the wings had not ripped the shirt for it was much too big and had allowed them their space. This wasn't right he thought, looking down to notice his shorts were much the same way, bunching up on the ground now as he seemed to be shrinking into them. He started to panic, crying out in a much higher pitched voice, all his new fur standing on end as he shrunk within his billowing garments.

The world around was becoming solid, people moving in another room could be heard although not understood, objects in the room foreign but somehow..childish. Jason struggled now, tears starting to form in his eyes against his wishes, his shape taking on a much cuter look, eyes a little large, paws fuzzy and slightly pudgy, that adult look from a moment ago was being swept away by what appeared to be a rather young coyote, one looking ever more the puppy by the second. He shivered a bit, feeling his mind starting to slip, the need to cry welling up more and more within his mind, his ability to form words dwindling a little, and all that knowledge from school seeming somehow..distant. He knew he should know these simple things but could somehow no longer grasp them.

He stopped shrinking, flopping onto his rump with only his head and a shoulder sticking out from the oversized pile that was his clothing. He looked over at the sharpening world, at the room he was in, noticing a reflection in some sort of orb like object nearby, still too blurry to see clearly. He moved over to it, dragging the clothing with him. He sniffled a bit, reaching the orb, and as he reached out to touch it the world suddenly snapped into place, everything as real as his apartment once was, and in the reflection of the orb he saw himself.

What stared back at him was indeed one of the creatures he wished to be, the marking were indeed that of Aiden, the character he wanted to be, but something was wrong. The Aiden he saw was just a pup no older than three or four years of age, and that pup was indeed himself now. He stumbled and fell onto his rump, tears welling up greatly in his eyes, this wasn't what he had wanted, he was supposed to be a full grown adult, not a child! He couldn't even remember the teachings he had as an adult, even if they felt close by somehow, much like the people in the next room he could feel, the strange sense of someone, something, some form of energy he could read instinctively.

He could barely hold in his tears, the coyote from his dream appearing in the orb and shaking his head. "Why cry little one? you got what you wished for, I did warn you that you got everything from their race, and you said you knew everything and accepted it. Did you just forget that this race ages much differently than your old human self? Someone your age is still just a pup after all, you have a long time of growing before you reach their adulthood. It's been a pleasure to grant your wish, enjoy your new life, Aiden." With a laugh the coyote vanished and with calling Jason Aiden his mind snapped. Jason, now Aiden could no longer hold back the tears, bawling loudly as only a puppy could do and catching the attention of those int he next room.

The two adult coyotes came rushing in to see what had upset their pup, picking up the youngster and hugging him close "It's ok Aiden, daddy is here, what's wrong? Did you trip while trying to wear my clothes again?" Aiden didn't know what to think, the name was his name, it even felt that way more than Jason did now, the male holding him made him feel more at ease, the female there made him feel warm. His parents, they felt like his parents, to Aiden they were his parents, with their aid he started to sniffle, eventually calming down. "There you go Aiden, all better. Big coyotes don't cry like that, you need to be strong so you can be the best mage, or swordsman ever! You wanna be that don't you? Come on, let daddy teach you a nice little magic spell."

Aiden wagged his tail and beamed happily, learning magic with his daddy would be wonderful he thought! He had his memories, although they seemed a bitlike a dream now...Ahh, dreams...the other side of the fence has switched, wishes no reality, reality now fantasy. I can't help but chuckle at Aiden's wish, after all I did warn him. Silly people never think things through, and that's what makes it all the more fun for a coyote like myself. Perhaps Aiden will learn this same enjoyment in time, I do look forward to it, perhaps he can join me in a few laughs. I do hope you enjoyed this tale, and remember this coyote's advice on dreams and wishes, or I may be paying you a visit as well. hehehe...