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Tree Swallow Fursona 1.jpg


That is a picture of my fursona, Tachyon Feathertail, drawn by the talented Millislim. I found the original TSA and Miavir's story archive back around the turn of the century, and spent way too much time on both, finding the family-friendlier and better written stories. My favorites included Equations, No Greater Love, and some of the Winds of Change stories, especially the start of Conna Stevenson's If Music Be.

I love to write transformation stories, and I only write family-friendly ones. The stories listed here may deal with "mature" themes, like death and personal identity, but they contain no profanity or sexual content. I also do not write age-regression or transgender stories. Finally, I try not to write long drawn-out descriptions of transformations if I can help it, as I prefer to focus on the character's psychological state.

Most of these stories were written as requests or commissions for other people. I'm not currently taking requests, but I'd be happy to take a commission. If you would like your own story, let me know! I can be reached here, but it would be more reliable to contact me by email or instant messenger. My contact information is posted on my LiveJournal.


Tachyon Feathertail's Stories

A Better Life

A man in Australia undergoes expensive treatment to become the fur of his dreams. He then shares the recovery ward with a young child, who has a slightly different perspective on things ...

Blind As A ...

This is the only drawn-out transformation I've written. It takes place over the span of weeks, though, and the child that it happens to is blind ... which makes for an interesting combination! Set in Edwardian England.

A Dream Come True

A teenager becomes his fursona inside a dream, but finds out that he's changed inside the waking world. So he does what anyone would do -- he locks himself in his room!

Help Wanted (Feathertail's favorite)

A newly-minted Kitsune discovers his powers, and is giddy with all the possibilities until reality smacks him upside the head with a two-by-four. But is it really reality, or just cynicism?

Imaginary Friends

Not all transformations are physical. Sometimes your imagination can help you out, giving you the strength to press on and reminding you why it's important ... and who it's important to.

Independence Day (Feathertail's second-favorite)

Those angsty people on LiveJournal. It's fun to tweak them, isn't it? Maybe it wouldn't be if you knew what they had to go through. Written as a commission for Arbutus, and inspired by my experiences with autism.

Magic Can Happen

Could you face life as an anthro? I mean in this world. It wouldn't be as much fun as you'd think. Just because something's magical, doesn't make it a good thing.


What would an anime-style catgirl really be like? I had a lot of fun writing this one.

Rough Landing

This is the only kangaroo transformation I've ever written. It'll probably stay that way for a very long time. Also features a pizza delivery guy and a Halloween party!

A Seasonal Tale

What if you became your fursona, but nobody else could see you for who you were? Not unless they looked really closely, if even then. Would you think you were crazy? It'd be just your luck if it happened around Christmastime ...

Spirit Hunter

I think that when the Apocalpyse hits, people will live in camps outside of large cities and raid the suburbs for supplies. Like canned food, smartphones, comic books ... and animals to change into!

Tiger at Play

This is my only script-format story, and I don't think it came out very well. It's pretty lighthearted, though, which is a plus!