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Welcome to Ermine's user page.

Yeah, I'm not a prolific writer. But hopefully I write enough to provide a pleasant surprise, every now and then.


Pyrrha Series

  • Pyrrha
    • While searching through my old stories for something to put up here, I found this work from last year. It has a cliffhanger ending because I planned it as being part of a series (The Pyrrha Project, as I envisioned it). Not sure if I'll ever pick it back up again, but at least this much is out there.
  • Amphictyon
    • A follow-up to the original. This wasn't intended to be the first story to follow the original, but I'd rather get this one out there before it drives me crazy.

Other Series

  • Our Extremely Inconvenient Hike - Parts 1 to 3
    • A work in progress. My work on this story, and any other stories, is going to be very infrequent. That is, updated perhaps once every month, or until people start bugging me or begging me to continue.

Standalone Works

  • Jessica's Mouse
    • A story about delusion, depression, and two friends trying to help.
  • Prelude To Death
    • An experimental piece, fueled by fear and its companion desire.