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Welcome to my story page. I'm a gay man and some of these stories contain gay characters.

Stories on this site:

The Cart Before the Centaur

This was the first story I wrote, back in 2001, as part of the Passing Fad universe. A desire to be a centaur combined with industrial processes.

Midair Turbulence

Another story in the Passing Fad universe, written in 2001. What if you were in an ultralight plane when the Event happened?

The Pastor

This is a story in the Tales from the Blind Pig universe. It was written in 2001 shortly after my church renewed its prohibitions against homosexuality, though the tale doesn't have gay characters.

A Most Unusual Family

A curse not completely undone affects later generations. This one was written in 2001.

The One True Bob

In 2001 there was a silly discussion on TSA Talk about stray side characters who get transformed in the course of a story. These characters became collectively known as Bob. About the same time I heard from a colleague, whose name is Bob, that when he was young there were several in his circle of friends named Bob. To avoid confusion each was given a number. The guy known as Bob-One called himself The One True Bob.

The Writing Lesson

Over the summer of 2001 Bill Kieffer held a couple writing contests. Alas, I haven't seen any contributions on the web from Bill lately. As part of the contest Bill said he couldn't write a transformation scene he really wanted to see. My muse suggested that Bill needed a writing lesson. This story came in second place in Bill's second contest.

Summer Job

This is the original story in the Professional Animals universe. I wrote one other story (which needs extensive rewriting before posting) and a handful of authors tried their hand as well. This story was written in 2002.

Just the Right Shoes for This Life

What if you could become someone else? How much of a change are you willing to make? This is set in Posti's Walk-A-Mile universe. Written in 2002.

The Effect of Spotted Clothes

A gay couple meet in college. One of them is from Barken, Texas and intends to return there when he graduates. Written in 2003.

Like Father, Like Son

A young man discovers his father is a werewolf. I'm not sure this is the last chapter in the story of the father or the first chapter in the story of the son. Alas, this is all that has been written and that was back in 2003.

Serving the Sentence

This is my novel, completed in 2004. Becoming a man is hard enough but this lad had to do it while serving out a curse.There are other versions of this story on the net. This is the definitive version, with many corrections. It is also slightly expanded.

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Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14

Implementing the Cure

If gender dysphoria is cured with a transgender transition what does one do with a bad case of species dysphoria, especially if the species is mythical? Written in 2005.

On the Outside, Looking...

One half of a gay couple becomes an anthropomorphic horse and the other half doesn't. This is set in Jon Buck's Paradise universe and written 2008.

Power Play

A male escort meets a male client who gives him his heart's desire but then becomes stingy in how the gift is used. Written in 2010.

I also have stories on TSAT, the transformation ezine. Here are links to those stories.

Deepest Dreams was a winner in a contest to create a story that defied transformation story conventions. Find it here.

The Harness of Society tells the story of three juvenile delinquents taken to a reform camp when their other options fail. The camp has an unusual way to motivate its inmates. Find it here.

A Conversation was recorded by a barfly about a man who gets what he wishes for and a lot more. Find it here.

Paint explains why most mages are childless. Find it here.