A day shy of a week ago Robotech Master was out on his e-bike when an SUV struck him and drove off. According to the most recent news available, he passed away from his injuries at around 2:00 this morning. I have kept some news up on his user page and, at this point, ask that anyone wishing to leave messages or tributes do so on either his talk page or another page that can be used for such things. His account here and all of the stories he has gifted the Shifti community with will be preserved in memoriam, as we also did for Morgan.

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I Remember

Author: Eirik

I remember yesterday. I woke on a small cliff side. I was covered in white feathers and wore a large beak. I knew that I was a pelican, but it didn't concern me. I'd been one before, once. Maybe twice.

I remember some time distant. So far back that memory begins to fade. I was human once, I think. There is so little left of that being in me any longer.

I remember the insect I was last week. Small and armored, I roamed what looked like a desert floor. I couldn't be sure. I didn't sleep that night. My life as that beetle ended in the mouth of a bird. I have died so many times.

I remember words with no meaning. Physics. It meant something to me once, but I can't remember what. Quantum Mechanics. Biology. Chemistry. They are only words now, words with no meaning. I have flashes of memory of a machine, lights, brightly lit displays. What did it all mean? I think that I built it.

I remember the first bird I was. I was a macaw in the jungle wild. It was a surprise to be able to fly for the first time in my life. For a moment, then, I felt supreme joy.

I remember that this was supposed to be fun. I don't recall why.

I remember the first time I died. I was a wolf, a lone wolf. I had tried to kill a deer, but a wolf isn't effective alone. I had lain on that path broken and bleeding before the end came. Then it all began again.

I remember a realization. There was something wrong, but what? I knew the solution. I had known how to end this nightmare. For some reason I couldn't. Now, I don't even recall the problem

I remember trying to end this. I tried so many times. There is a vivid memory of myself as a Peregrine Falcon diving to the ground below, and never extending my wings. There is the memory of myself sailing over a cliff side in the body of a massive elk. There is the memory of myself swimming toward an approaching shark. Each memory ends. Each one begins again.

I remember time. So much has passed. I counted the winters once, but lost count so many years ago. Now, even if I saw the year written it would mean nothing. Time means nothing when you live by the day. When you live eternally.

I remember that I once had a name, but that name is lost to me now.

I remember a family. I think it was mine.

I remember the sun, and watch it sink slowly into the horizon. I know that when I awaken, all will be different. As I go into yet another form, there is one more thing that I remember.

I will forget.