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Ass Backwards

Author: Eirik

Trile had no idea how long he waited, imprisoned in his tomb of earth beneath the very home of his tormentors, feeling nothing but the worms move against his body. He had no way to see the sun, no way to gauge the passing of years. H e was left alone with his thoughts, his plans for revenge.

In time, he had always known, the seals that bound him would weaken. No mere mortal could hope to keep him bound forever, though many had tried. His only desire was that his lucky tormentors would still be alive so he could rend them limb from limb on the material plane. It was so much more satisfying.

He was thinking of the many ways an arm could be removed slowly and painfully when the he felt the first waver in the power that bound him. Someone was disturbing the talismans! He could feel them as they moved, the vibrations were felt to the core of his being. There simple movement did nothing to weaken them, but it went further. He could even feel as they left their precise locations and were taken away. An ally, or a fool, had removed them from the house.

For the first time in years he felt his own power start to return. The lingering magic of the talismans were all that prevented him from bursting through the ground in a blaze of glory, but their effects were dwindling rapidly. He was instead reduced to tunneling upward like an overgrown gopher, feeling pain as his claw struck a barrier of artificial stone.

The fools! They had placed this here as a means of protection, in case their magic failed them. In his weakened state, it nearly worked, but he could feel his power coming back. He bid his time, waiting. He didn't want to warn them of his slowly returning strength by pounding on the floor of their home. He didn't want a final epic battle, he just wanted them dead.

He could have waited here for weeks, until his power was completely recharged, but revenge blinded him. He risked losing surprise if he waited. When he had waited long enough, he rammed a bony claw through the stone, feeling it fly out in all directions. The warm air from above rushed into his cold prison and energizing him even more. He pulled himself up through the hole and into a brightly lit room.

It took his senses a few moments to figure out what he was seeing. Things hadn't changed all that much since he was buried. The smell of humans was still as disgusting..

He heard a door fly open and a voice from above, "What the hell? Who are you? What are you doing...."

The humans voice was cut off by Triles quick action, grabbing the human from his perch atop the stairs and pushing him roughly against the basement wall. He resisted the urge to kill him on sight only because he could tell this wasn't one of his tormentors. He sensed that the house was otherwise empty. "Where are they?"

The human looked deeply frightened. Being clasped by a lesser demon had that effect on people, "What? Who?"

Trile nearly sliced his head off in frustration. In times past he could have simply extracted the information from the mortals mind, leaving the body nothing but an empty shell. "The ones that had me trapped all this time, mortal!"

The human seemed confused, "I don't understand..." He grimaced in pain as his ears suddenly lengthened, became furry, as Trile felt one of his powers returning. He tried to reach up and touch them, but his arms were still pinned, "What?"

The demon was getting more upset. "Perhaps you can hear me now, mortal. Where are they? The more you try and make me look like an ass, the more I'll do the same for you!"

The human at first seemed genuinely bewildered, then he straightened up his head a little, "I can't help you, I'm the only one who lives here..." He stopped as the tail tore from his pants and his clothes strained from the growing bulk. "Really! I don't know anything." he said urgently, but flatly.

The demon was beginning to believe this human really didn't know anything, but he hadn't tormented anyone for years. It seemed such a shame to waste perfectly good fear and all demons needed disciples. "Then you will help me find them," he sneered, "Or you will spend the rest of your days as a simple ass."

The human barely missed a beat, "I'd never help you!" he hissed.

The demon had expected that reaction, they always said that at first. Trile pushed the transformation a little, watching in delight as the human fell forward on all fours, his body twisting and turning into an ass. He left the mind and voice intact for the moment, though. "I can turn you back," he said darkly, "If you'll come with me willingly, serve me."

The new ass took a few tentative steps around the basement. To Triles eyes, he was only now beginning to realize that this wasn't just a nightmare. "Your final chance. Join me and be human again, or I will take your voice and leave you a human trapped in that four legged prison."

The donkey barely had the "no" out of his mouth before it turned into a loud bray. Trile bellowed out a laugh. Secretly, he loved leaving someone like this far more than having a disciple. He lived on inflicted torment. "So be it," he said finally. He theatrically waved a hand, "Don't contemplate ending it all, either. You'll discover in time that your new body is rather durable. You'll be like this far more years than you were ever going to be human," he added with an evil grin.

He turned from the ass and burst through the wall, listening to the braying behind him. Before his thoughts turned back to revenge, he pondered only a moment on how much the panicked cries of a new ass sound like laughter...

Copyright 1999