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'Tis a Full Moon, Of Course

Author: Eirik

With an expert twist of the pliers the nose pads were bent back to their intended position. "There we go," said Linda with a slight smile, "just about as good as new. Lets try them on you."

She slid the glasses onto the young mans face and his eyes lit up. "Great! I think they're just right. Can't believe that I sat on them like that!"

Linda laughed, "I know, it happens all the time, believe me."

As the man left the store, Linda turned to the young woman standing behind her. "It's as easy as that," she said.

Terry nodded, "I'll get it down eventually," she said. "I'm still afraid to break the glasses, though." She stopped and thought, "How many people have come in here with broken glasses today? Four?"

"Five, and three people sat on them," replied Linda with a sly smile. "It's a full moon, you know." Terry looked vacant so Linda continued. "It just seems like whenever we have a full moon, everyone finds a way to ruin their glasses. They sit on them, take a nap wearing the, or whatever."

Terry nodded, not really believing such a silly superstition. But the fact was that it was a full moon. The parking lot outside was bathed in its light. She checked her watch, "I've still got an hour here, too," she muttered. "How many people really come in for glasses after dark?" she asked.

Linda didn't get a chance to respond before the front door of the office was thrown open, slamming into the wall and knocking a chair over. The cold blast of night air was accompanied by an enormous creature, covered in fur from head to toe, plain to see through his torn clothes. He had a huge muzzle lined with razor sharp teeth that dripped spittle onto the carpet. As he passed though the door, his pointed ears brushed the doorframe and his ridged tail knocked over a planter. The werewolf jogged across the small dispensary, straight at the two women.

"Paul!" said Linda with a cheerful voice when the wolf stopped. "I see you got caught off guard again."

The fearsome creature whined and handed her a pair of bent glasses, the temples twisted badly and the one nose pad missing. He whined a couple more times for emphasis.

Linda turned to her trainee, who looked as white as a sheet. Her heart was almost visibly beating in her chest. "Don't worry, it's just Paul. This happens all the time." She reached across the desk and playfully slapped the werewolf. "You misread your lunar table again, didn't you?"

He whined again, though there was a slight growl in his voice.

"Oh, stop," she muttered as she twisted the glasses back into their original shape. "Bend down a little and let me get this over your ears." She placed the glasses on creatures head, took it off to make some more adjustments, and put it back. "There, that's as good as I can make it, but these are pretty twisted. You really need to talk to the doctor about contacts. At least a new pair. You have time to look tonight for one? We really need to fit that mug of yours."

Shaking his head, the wolf blinked a couple times and looked around the room. The glasses were perched oddly on his oddly shaped head, but they worked. He suddenly reached across the desk and started licking Linda like an excited puppy.

"Stop it!" she laughed, "Stop it!" When he finally did, she waved at the door, "Now go mark your territory or kill a cow or whatever you do. We'll see you next time."

The werewolf bowed slightly at both Linda and Terry, then bounded out the door.

Linda grabbed a tissue to wipe some of the spittle off her face and then turned to Terry, who was still standing in utter shock. "What'd I tell you? Full moons…"