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Works by Dreamer on Shifti


I'm an author of a few stories, mostly Science Fiction and Fantasy, and I'm here to post a few Xanadu stories. I encountered Xanadu as a setting about 2000, was very impressed by it, even asking whether a sort of pseudo-TF idea might be OK, and always planned to write it up, but waited until a Creative Writing class in 2010 before I did. This lead to a few follow-up stories...

The stories, most based around a Xanadu-created character called 'GNE', were originally posted here as they were written, but are reposted (due to the Shifti turn of 2011 disc crash) in a consolidated form. The various 'GNE' side stories, and the 'Dreamer' side-side stories, are reposted as individual (short) stories.

GNE Stories

GNE's Story


GNE Side Stories

Other Side Stories