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Draven Darklight

It is dark here, you may be eaten by a Grue.

Works by Draven Darklight on Shifti


Warning! I consider all my stories at least marginally incomplete, but in an effort to improve I'm going to post them anyway since I have an issue finishing stories.

Also, I know most of the links are empty.

Spell-checked and Complete

Lamarckism Troubles Reality breaks down in a really stupid way, and it's the youth that pay the price. But maybe it isn't all bad though.

Dragon Head Almost Destroyed Me Supposed to be set in the Enchanted National Forest setting, but I kinda veered off a bit. There are much worse things to turn into than peaceful woodland animals.

SRU: Draven and Morrigan The old man is not running the store.

Nearly Done

Chatting and Error A tiger, a bat and a fox walk into a...well, airport actually. Set in the Paradice setting.

Brother and Disconnect A brother comes for a visit, and he has a surprise. Set in Paradice.

Zulamira von Strantz Slavery is a horrible crime against humanity, but what if humanity isn't really what you're deal with. Ravikiran thinks the answer is clearly enough still a horrible idea, but then his life gets really complicated.

Really Incomplete

True Nature Morrigan appears in a jungle, and she's not alone. Something is hunting her, and the only good thing going for her is a disembodied voice that seems to want to help.

Morrigan gets Made Captured by viking gangsters. Forced to work for them by a what looks like her friend, using a magic collar. Can things get any worse. Of course they can.

New Partner I'm not even sure if there will be much TF content in this. So far the only major TF is new cybernetic components. Cortez gets Draven as a partner. Cortez is pretty much a bounty hunter in space. Wackiness ensues.

The Seven Sin Curses About a vampire, werewolves, dragons, succubi, and some other stuff. Doesn't look like I'm ever going to finish this.