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I'm an amateur author and a furry, and I have been writing for a short period of time already, although I have not produced anything that is of significant quality. I hope that, over time, I will get better and thus, I am looking for feedback on my work so that I can improve on it in future works.

My email is my name (drak'rrth) without the apostrophe, at and I also keep a LiveJournal account with the same - that is, no apostrophe.

One thing is that I keep rewriting my stories-in-progress, but never after that. And I don't publish in-progress works.


Oceania I like music a lot, and several of my stories are made with music in mind, or while listening to it. This happens to be based on "The Songs of Distant Earth" by Mike Oldfield (not Arthur C. Clarke's novel).

Resurrection Based more upon a random tracklist. The title track is PPK's song of the same name. Also, this story is quite dark and, in my opinion, a bit gory towards the end. 8000 words of amateur fiction, and not too bad, either. As a side note, 'Enter Sandman' really doesn't have a part to play here, I just put it in for the minute reference to dragons.

Progress vs. Past I looked at the previous story, and I'm not very happy with it, mostly because of storyline and the gore, so I decided to try and do a sequel and make it a little better. Though frankly, what I think I need is feedback. Anyway, it should be better, though now I look at it, I'm still not satisfied.

Journal of Subject 10231001 Here, I break almost every single rule I've laid down upon myself. I've always tried to follow the tips in "Writer's School", but I feel that my stories don't seem to follow it - they have a shallow plot, they don't really develop the characters that much, etc. - or they follow it a bit too closely: I've never actually shown a TF before. Thus, I decided to break them totally, create a story completely based on a TF, with no plot, and... it's not too bad actually. This I may actually change, since it's a journal of the subject, so I can keep adding new entries.

Universe 1

S1-1:A new universe I didn't name this (or any of my stories) at first. It's based on Catprog's story 2, but I decided to make it first-person and a proper story. My first-ever attempt.

S1-2:Lab-rats My second story and based on... nothing. Yes, I thought it up after looking into genetic-modification of humans. Also setting the stage for the next two.

S1-3:The other races My third story, being a sequel to the first and containing plot-elements of the second.

S1-4:Meeting My fourth story, merging everything together. Two viewpoints, but isn't too messy. Other stories MAY follow.

PS. I always try to complete my stories. I've always been disappointed with the incomplete ending of JonBuck's 'A Reach in the Dark', since I feel it had potential. It's like a meal cut halfway through, and I really don't want to commit that mistake.



Regarding my long pause in writing, I'm simply not writing anymore. Although I keep my old part-stories somewhere else, I haven't felt the inclination to complete them - none the least, because of time constraints, and the fact that I feel that they are inferior in general.

The stories still here, though, I retain as a sort of "old shame", and maybe a reminder of what I've accomplished. Someday I hope to write again, and better, and in that case I'll put them in a new category. Till then, this will remain here on stasis. At least until whatever the Shifti sysops wish to do with this page.

Feedback is still welcome though. The email address is still valid, and will continue to be.