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Howdy, I stumbled on the Transformation Story Archive Back in my last couple years of highschool and prior to that I'd had no major exposure to the furry fandom. I was well aware of transformation as a plot device through numerous werewolf movies but the idea of benevolent and civil rather than snarling and barbaric were creatures was something new and too good to pass up. I've been writing for a couple years now(most of it crap. <.<) and am glad that I stumbled on this community as you guys are a blast to hang out with.

Other than that theres not really a whole lot to talk about besides that I write when I can and used to be hardcore at counterstrike. Oh and I'm from some weird place called Canada, you likely haven't heard of it. ;)


Fashionably Late


Pray for Mercy



Deer Woman

Everything is Kaput!


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