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Fanfic Hero - The Legacy (on Shifti)

--Ratseye/Pouchlaw 21:10, 29 November 2016 (EDT)

Welcome to my page here on Shifti where my stories that contain or refer to transformations may be posted for the public's reading enjoyment. My writings never contain outright hardcore adult material, but may be sometimes suggestive or leading. Outright violence is avoided in most cases, and strange behavior could appear, though for the most part... nothing is ever truly offensive. Though it could be disgusting to some... I promise that revolting people is not my intention.

After The Fact

This category will contain stories that follow a transformation and may contain the cure for said transformations.

TransFormations Anonymous

Huxley's Natural Cures

External Links

--Ratseye/Pouchlaw 21:12, 29 September 2016 (EDT)

As always with most user sites that I have seen on the Internet, an External Links page is usually included. Therefore, I will provide my list of most often visited web links. These are places that I visit the most. If you own one of the sites that I visit, then feel honored that I consider your web site worth visiting. :)

Fanfic Hero (My personal web site. Dreams are kept there...)

Fanfic Hero - The Legacy (My vbulletin main site. Some of my stories are posted there.)

Ratseye on FurAffinity (Thankfully, a site where I am quite active as of late...)

Ratseye on SoFurry (Another site where I am active.)

Pouchlaw on Deviant Art (Yet another site where I am active.)

Tower of Time (I suppose everyone needs a live journal home...)

TransFur (Recent Submissions Page for Transformation Artwork)

The Class Menagerie Archives (Vince gave me written permission via email to use his TCM characters in my Zodan, the Cervine of Memo story series (formerly Furry University,) which DOES contain some transformation moments here and there.)