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This story is a work in progress.
This story contains adult content.

Third Time's the Charm

Author: Daima
I had this little dream...

The truth was, it was a hell of a vacation. I rented some private place on a nearly deserted island because I really -really- wanted to get away from it all. Really. I was tired of hearing phones in my sleep, feeling like I was spending my whole life driving just to get to and from work... a mere distance of 20 miles, but that took nearly two hours to drive. Parents that needed to be raised, and people who were more or less the living dead, vampires, leeching off of whomever they can trick into whatever they want because their too dam lazy to do it themselves. You’d think being a librarian isn’t that hard. We just sit around and read books all day.... ...By the gods, I WISH. That would be wonderful. Then I could honestly say to every idiot who demanded to know why I hadn’t read whatever bit of book they were currently irritated and incensed about - whether it was too graphic, or *gasp* the story was about gay men.... why would we buy such a book? Can you believe I once had a woman insist she shouldn’t have to pay for her book because she ripped it in half because no one should be subjected to it’s contents?.... Regardless... I was looking forward to flying away, far, far away to a land, an island that is... where there just aren’t lazy idiots who refuse to get their own dam directions off of map quest, smelly diapers from mothers who haven’t quite figured out what the hell the word means, not to mention the crazy people washing giant shells with yellow toothbrushes. Just me. Some sand. Some trees. Unfortunately for me, undoubtedly some bugs.... but... blue sky, blue ocean, nice smells, and most importantly, No People. It’s not that I hate people. I really don’t mind the stupid ones who really can’t help it. It’s... all the other people who can. And choose not to. Them, I hate. And lets be honest here - being alone all the time sucks. Everyone needs someone to cuddle up against once in a while, or hell, just someone to give them a good rough fuck.

It had been a great vacation so far. I’d read through three of the ten books I brought, finally getting a chance to read some books. I’m sure the luggage handlers are going to send me hate mail, or at the very least, the medical bills for their backs - it’s a tragedy that books weigh so dam much. I’ve tried those electronic book thingies... it just isn’t the same. That and my eyes get tired reading the screen, but I digress. A good vacation, reading, relaxing and leaving the hell that is my life behind me, for a few days anyway. And then, things got... rather... interesting. There’s this great small freshwater pool not far from where the place I’m staying at is. It’s gorgeous. Makes me wish there were places like that where the water wasn’t freezing fucking cold in the continental united states.... maybe I should look it up when I get home. Anyway - it’s a great place to relax and take a swim, soak or just float on my back and watch the leaves rustle and the clouds move. Being as I was in the middle of no where - I thought I was alone. Turns out I was wrong.

The first encounter was probably the strangest, if only for the reason that I didn’t feel weirded out, scared, frightened or at least in truth, felt the need to deck the idiot who dared touch me like that without announcing himself first. Well, I think it was a him. Whoever it was certainly had the parts, anyway. I was just skinny dipping like every other day of my vacation, floating on my back and trying to figure out what the clouds looked like, if they had hidden messages or could tell my fortune, like tea leaves, or something. I must confess, I love the smell of fresh water - and was breathing it in heavily, getting drunk off it’s erotic smell and the feel of the gentle currents form the water falling moving my hair lightly this way and that, tickling my back and arms ever so lightly. I suppose in some dreamy and throughly delusional way - the caress that then went up my arm and down my side should have made me sit bolt up right and spin around - but I didn’t. I just... enjoyed it. Then the mysterious hand caressed it’s way towards my navel, another hand joining it to slide up my back and to my neck, brushing my hair out of the way. Then my neck was being kissed. Softly, in a sensuous and succulent manner. I couldn’t help it - I moaned softly, sucking in air that I had been holding in my breathe. I also lost my ability to stay floating on my back, as that for me, actually takes some concentration, only to be pulled closer against this mysterious person. I think I tried to turn around, to see who - but they just gently kept my chin turned forward, sweetly stroking my neck with their long fingers. I realized we had been drifting?...swimming?...moving?... towards a outstretched rock in the water. He pressed me up against it, slickly fondling my breast in one hand, the other roaming low and beginning a diving expedition of it’s own. I squeaked when his fingers found their way between my folds, no easy task because of their thickness, and that was the first time he made a noise.... it sounded almost like hissing - but not in a way that makes you think “angry cat”... more like... “horny cat”. I’m a sucker for sound, just listening to the changes in a lovers breathe will excite me - so I did what any turned on woman would do, and rode against his fingers, finding his penis not far behind me. I grabbed hold of the rock, to steady myself since whoever it was wouldn’t let me turn or grab hold of him in any way, and bumped my butt back.... wanting to feel more of it.... letting my ass rub against it and between my cheeks. He moaned, pressing against me and brushed my hair to the side impatiently, taking hold of my earlobe in his teeth. Feeling victorious, and very saucy, I inched up and positioned him between my legs, very pleased with his ability to be like the current of the ocean, gliding back and forth. I tilted my hips this way and that, grinding down against his hardness as my sensitivities extended themselves with their swelling, gaining more fervency and hunger the more excited I got. Then he entered me.... and left.... starting a fiendishly delicious rhythm of stroking me inside and out with his penis, his breathe hot on my neck and near my ears. Suddenly, his one arm grabbed hold of me, bracing me against him as his other hand braced against the rock, protecting me from becoming squashed on the rock with the force of his thrusts. I came, and then he did shortly after. I languished in the sensations and feelings of the amazing sex... when I suddenly realized he wasn’t holding me or trying to stop me from turning around. When I did turn around - there was no one there.

I debated the reality of it, and decided that I had hallucinated it. I’m not entirely sure how one hallucinates something that feels that great, while awake... I guess it was a new high for a day dream. But there was no one there. No tracks from the sand or dirt around the pool - no traces of anyone but myself. On one hand... I was disappointed. That was a delicious fuck. I could totally have some more of that. On the other hand - apparently I’m just that delusional and in such a bad need of a fuck that I managed to imagine that one out of thin air. Literally. On the bright side - I hadn’t just had unprotected sex with some total stranger that may be a swamp thing. Hawaii isn’t very swamp-like... but, you get the point. Once past the shock of it - I went back to my reading. I know, I know. Your thinking - crazy librarians must love to read - they sit on that reference desk all day reading, then read at home, then read on vacation.... let me tell you something. When you see us reading on the reference desk - that big one in the middle of the library where we try to answer every bloody question that could possibly be asked, including the infamous “It was red.... about this big.... and ....I saw it here last week.” No title... no author... no clue what it was about.... just that it was red and about the size of a pocket book. GAH! But back to my point - when you see librarians reading on the desk, they are really reading the driest, most boring, horrendously stale “magazines” if you can call them that... with reviews of books, music, and other materials that libraries buy. They do this so that when someone comes to the desk and asks us a question, we happily say “How can I help you?” (Please save me from this god awful review journal) instead of , “It’s over there, go find it your dam self, can’t you see I’m busy?”. It’s logical really. If we were reading something enjoyable we wouldn’t want to help anyone at the reference desk. Especially that man who looks like an angry muppet and for the seventy-third time this year, still can’t figure out how to use the dam copier. And then complains about the 20cents the machine ate making bad copies. And demanding a refund. 20... cents. 20 fucking cents. You can’t even get gum for that anymore. You can’t even make a phone call on a pay phone (if you can find a pay phone) for that anymore! I’m sure it’s becoming much clearer why being on an island has such a great appeal to me.

The next day it happened again. So when my overactive imagination took off - I just hung on for the ride. Today my imaginary lover started by running his...hand?... I wasn't looking so I don't know, but running something of his body down along my left leg, starting at my thigh and going down to my toe, and then from my right foot up to my right thigh. I couldn't help but smile. I wish I had dreams half this spectacular in my every day life. I felt kisses, at the base of my spine, moving upward.... surprisingly slow... and consistent.... one great thing about imagination - people don't need to breathe underwater. So I focused on the kisses gravitating up my spine and the hands splaying along my sides and caressing towards my stomach instead. I lost my ability to stay floating when the kisses hit the base of my neck... it's just one of those spots for me. I swear I heard him chuckle as I sunk under the water from my concentration breaking. Hmm... sense of humor, definitely a bonus. Next I was pulled to him again... and I felt his hair, I guess it was longer, tickling at my shoulder. I was afraid to look - you know, because every time the dream gets good you wake up.... but ... curiosity got the better of me (as it usually does) and I found myself tilting my head a bit to try to get a glance at him. His nimble fingers in my hair did not stop me today - but used the opportunity to stroke up along my scalp and massage instead. He was gorgeous. So gorgeous he made me ache with hunger, desire and whatever primal instincts we humans still have intact after centuries of domestication. Definitely an amazing wet dream - the only people who ever hit on librarians are weirdos with a fetish, who are disappointed to realize librarians are really not like all those pornographic comic books - not all of us want to be demure during the day and dominatrix's at night. It's odd - you'd think that it would be common sense that after being strong independent women all day - we'd like to go home and someone else take a bit of control from us. But I digress. Weirdos with fetishes... or drunks, who are swearing for the umpteenth time they really are going clean.... or small sleazy Italian men who can't seem to understand the concept of personal space - and that the space between my breasts is my own, not a place for his face. However, this person could put whatever they'd like between my breasts and It'd be just ducky. It made me flush to think of his penis rubbing between my breasts... which, I might add, are a good size. In truth - my whole body is a good size. Stepping out of my internal monologue and back to my amazing fantasy - I found myself on my back in the sand, which is really fine and kinda more like dirt inland here - which is good, I've heard sex in sand sucks. Not that I know from personal experience. My legs were still in the water, and he was suckling my innie bellybutton. And nibbling it.... which.. tickles. And... turns me on more. It's like the wiring is still directly connected to ... down there. I moaned, arching up against him, and I could feel him smile against my skin, nibbling and kissing his way down to lick my labia, and clitoris. I whimpered, because it felt dam good, and rather intense. Normally if someone gave me oral sex, I'd refuse, only on the principal that I'm not so fond of giving it myself. I wont' ask or expect someone to do something I won't. But, since this was just my imagination (have I mentioned how his muscles move in his arms yet? *shudder*) I let it go and just focused on enjoying it. His tongue ran down and up... around and lapped at my juices. Good thing about sex in water is that I don't look like I'm peeing or flooding the sheets. It's surprising how many ignorant men don't realize that women can ejaculate too. It was so relaxing I didn't realize he'd moved back up, sliding his body against mine. He sure was slippery. I smiled at him, and let my hands roam up his chest, and tweak his nipples as he bent down to kiss me. It's no surprise he was a dam good kisser too - relaxed and playful. I giggled into his kisses, my hands roaming down his sides towards his hips. I like feeling a guy get hard against my body - and he certainly was. I tilted my pelvis up towards him... and he slid back a bit, right into that perfect spot that rubs the clit. He leaned up, took hold of my hands which were nearly to his butt - I had wanted to dig my nails into it....and put them up by my ears... using them as the holding point of leverage to slide back and forth against me. My eyes fluttered closed, it just felt so good, as I groaned and moaned - and cried out in pleasure when he suddenly slid inside me. I bucked up against him, my breasts being tickled by his long wavy hair as we ground ourselves into another spectacular climax.

After my second encounter - I must have been high on some sort of island juju. Now, I’ve been told I have a rather active imagination. Which is a good thing, usually. Except when your friends figure out you have a .2 seconds flat before something said becomes something imagined. So they say horrible things, knowing you will instantly imagine them and not be able to get them out of your head. Evil bastards. I love them, I do. But they are evil. I still try to feed the imaginary hamsters when the car is slow going uphill. Such a good imagination is a pain - because if you can imagine it, it becomes that much closer to becoming real. When I opened my eyes after my second spectacular wild imaginings - and sat up - I realized that there were imprints in the sand that weren't just my own. Uh... wait.... he was real?!?!? -Now-, I was hallucinating. I had to be, right? Hot guys don't just show up out of the water and cause amazing orgasms. Right? I think I've spent too much time lounging in the sun. It is obviously affecting my brain. I decided to not go back to the pool the next day. Which was hard. Surprisingly hard. It felt as if the water was calling to me and I had to find invisible strands trying to pull me to the water. Maybe I'm a nympho, fighting off the urge. I never have been before... but I suppose there is a first time for everything. Needless to say - I didn't get much reading done. It took all my will power not to go back.

I caved two days later. I guess that means I'm a weak soul. I must be on some level - dealing with the general public for as long as I have and not going postal on them. That and it was my last day of vacation. I had to go back. He was waiting for me in the water when I got there. I couldn't help but smile. He grinned - obviously pleased I had returned. I wondered idly if he spoke English. He's obviously fluent in other things, perhaps language didn't necessarily matter. Maybe he was real. But that brought up all sorts of bad thoughts. I mean - there are tons of hot young chicks cruising the beaches of Hawaii - they'd be much more appealing than my thirty year old book loving, doesn't exercise enough body. It was my last day, I wasn't about to let some ancient body issues stop me from enjoying myself again, so I slipped into the water and swam out to him. He dove under the water, tickling my feet as he swam by. I'm really ticklish. He did it again, kissing the back of my calf on one pass - the back of my knee on another. I kept twisting this way and that trying to catch where he was going - and found myself impressed with how long he could hold his breathe. Feeling playful, I sunk underwater myself - and felt him... slither... against my whole body. Then his hands rubbed gently under my breasts before cupping them - his whole body cradling mine under the water. I felt him already hard against my back... and flushed with warmth. He licked from my shoulder to my neck before kissing that special spot - and my breathe escaped me in bubbles. Realizing I needed air - I moved to swim upwards - but he held me tight against him. I blinked, startled and started to panic. I tried to pull away again to go get air, but he pushed me down against the floor of the pool and kissed me. I struggled, wondering how he could hold his breathe so long - and saw my life flash before my eyes right before I couldn't hold back instinct any longer and gasped for air. I waited for death. I mean, when you know it's going to be choking on water and suffocating - you wait for that start. Not pleasant, by any means... and it's not like you want it to come but it is inevitable. It never came. I blinked, realized I had blinked... and wasn't... drowning. I was under fucking water... and not... drowning. What the fuck. My lover was just calmly nibbling and suckling and kissing my neck and shoulder and ears as if this was the most normal thing in the universe. That's when I felt it. It was a subtle burning sensation, as if my whole body was suddenly beginning to feel the water in an entirely different and new way. My legs and feet itched, and I realized I was grateful I was in cool water - I'd hate to imagine what it would feel like outside of the cool water. He began to massage my breasts, suckling at my tits.... normally something I hate - but there was just something about the way that he did it. His fingers massaged at the base of my skull and into my hair - he had to be really observant to have realized how those seem to instantly calm me down and relax me - and it did. My mind shifted out of panicked mode and into being pleasured mode. He seemed pleased with the shift, and returned to kissing me, deeply and slowly. I moved my burning legs, wanting to feel the soothing comfort of the currents, and thats when I felt his leg for the first time. I ran my feet up it and down it... and looked for the other leg... but there wasn't one. There was one long sinuous tail. Mermen don't exist.... So I pulled out of our delicious kiss and swam along side him, letting my fingers slide down his ribs, to his hips.... and down his....tail. A tail, which ended in a very large fluke. Well, that explained how we seemed to just magically float this way and that without actually swimming. I felt his hands, those wonderfully magic hands rubbing my feet... which felt good. Normally they are extremely ticklish, but not at that moment. I closed my eyes, just floating there - enjoying what it felt like to have my feet touched without having the knee jerk reaction of pulling them away instantly - and it almost felt as if he was stretching my toes, and then the soles of my feet, outward and elongating them. I felt the water between my toes in a way I never have before. Next, he ran his hands up the insides of my legs... my body burned to his touch and I moaned into the water. His thumbs stroked the insides of my thighs, before his hand slipped between them and his fingers found their way inside me. I buckled in the water, the force moving me closer to him. I thread my fingers through his hair, my nails digging at his scalp. I think I saw his eyes clearly for the first time - maybe it had just been the first time I'd been brave enough to look. They were warm, and his smile caused little lines at the edges of his eyes. He suckled at my breast and played with his teeth and tongue, his eyes never leaving mine, daring me to look away. I let my emotions show in my face, my eyes... how wonderful it felt, how bizarre and perplexing, but awe filled as well. He seemed to like what he saw, and swooshed up the small distance to kiss me again. I writhed both in pleasure and from the burning of my legs... which felt like they were being gravitationally pulled together and fusing with one another, starting down at my ankles and moving upward, and kissed him back. I didn't hold back anymore - and I gave as well as I received. I heard him chuckle in the water, and it sent shivers through me - my hands raked their way down his back as he teased his way to between my legs... his tail beginning to curl around my legs. My thumbs rubbed against his pelvic bone, and he moaned.... it was my turn to chuckle. I slid down farther, so my arms could reach, my hand sliding down his cock and stroking it firmly.... the other coming up from lower down, feeling his tail with a sense of curiosity... and then up and into him... feeling gently down to his ball sacs and the base of his phallus. He shuddered, his back arching and pressed against me, his hands squeezing my breasts as if they were anchors to hold him in place. I played with him curiously until he suddenly pushed back and down along me, my hands suddenly above his hips and roaming their way to his back. I felt him cradle my head, and turn my neck to the side so he could nibble my ear - and then I heard him say "You will be one of us, now." Although heard might not be the most appropriate word... it was in my head. But it wasn't my voice. How very odd. And then he tightened his tail around mine and drove his penis into me, deep and as far as it would go. I'm not sure how - but it felt even better than the first two times. I gasped, my back curving sharply as we writhed and squirmed against each other for what seemed like hours.

It must have been hours - as the moon was out when I finally resurfaced after a pleasant underwater nap. My merman lover was already gone. Apparently mer-people can use telepathy to talk as well as make weird sounds like dolphins. Which would only make sense if... you could understand sonic speak. Which... I don't. I barely understand human idiots. So lets recap my vacation. Relaxation... Check. A years worth of what I actually want to read done... check. Rejuvenated from dealing with idiots back home... check. Discovering there are things weirder than the idiot humans I deal with at work everyday... check. Amazing sex with a random merman... puzzling, but check. Being able to grow a tail in water if I want... kinda cool. Suddenly understanding why there are more mermaid myths than merman myths.... enlightening. I told you the water was erotic. So after three great sex encounters with a merman, I'm now a mermaid. I wonder if that’s where the phrase, “Third time's the charm” came from.... I’ll have to look it up in the etymological dictionary when I go back home. I doubt it though. It’s a bloody good thing I live near the ocean.

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