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Works by Cubist on Shifti

My offline name is Quentin Long. Among other things, I edited/webmastered 30 issues of the netzine TSAT before I killed it, and currently am editor/webmaster of the live, bimonthly-without-fail netzine Anthro (established Sep/Oct 2005), which I invite everyone to browse. If you like Anthro's content (i.e., its stories and art), feel free to donate money or subscribe; place an advertisement; check out the recommended books and/or art for sale; or purchase paperback editions of ANTHROlogy One (the zine's first year), ANTHROlogy Two (the zine's second year), or The Human Memoirs, the zine's first serial. Aside from that, I've also done a bit of writing myself...

My TBP stories

In the TF community-of-interest, my Blind Pig stories are prolly what I'm best known for. My character, Jubatus, is a very broken person; he's suspicious to the point of paranoia, he's honest beyond a fault, he's highly cynical and sarcastic and antisocial and impatient and perfectionistic and... basically, he's just a whole lot of fun to write.
Fortunately, Jube seems to be a whole lot of fun to read, too.
The stories I've linked to from this page are those written by me, and me alone. There's also some Jube stories that I wrote in collaboration with other people, not to mention the ones I didn't have anything at all to do with the writing of; I am unsure if I should link to them from here, but they're collected in my personal story archive...

A Run of Good Luck
Second Heat
Speedy Trials
No Quick Fix
Building the Perfect Beast (track 1 of Life in the Fast Lane)
So You Want to Be a Rock and Roll Star (track 2 of Life in the Fast Lane)
Christmas Rush

And I have some TBP works-in-progress, too. Perhaps posting them here will gather some feedback and/or help spur me on to finish them at a faster rate than I am now...

The John Moschitta School of Elocution -- Big sucker. Like, 115K...

My other stories

TBP isn't the only thing I do, of course. For instance, I've written the incredible but true Origin story of my avatar in the HEROINES setting...

Nobody's Coming