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Chaos Jaguar


I'm really new to Shifti, fairly new to the furry fandom, only slightly less new to the TF fandom. I love transformations of any kind, and have a fair few stories containing TF floating around in my head... but unfortunately, I've only written two stories to date (one short, one medium-sized) and one poem.

I've written a few other stories (most short), but I deal mainly in poetry and the like. You can find an example of my stories at FurRag, and an example of my poetry at FurAffinity.

Like I said before, I've only written two stories and a poem, and only one of them has been uploaded. This will probably be more of an 'oh, I like that story and am going to bookmark it on my profile or with an article' or 'H'mm, I kind of like the story, maybe I'll upload it' kind of deal, rather than an 'oh, I must write more TF and post it!' thing.


  I have a few links and sites that I've bookmarked for one reason or another. Below is a list of links to these pages.

Internal [1]


   Twin Thalocs - My second written story containing TF. Status: Uploaded, editing welcome, comments welcome on the discussion page.


   *Chaos' Story List - A short listing of the stories I've found interesting. Status: Modifying, currently looking for stories I like, comments welcome on the discussion page.

External [2]

   FurAffinity - this was mentioned in the intro. It features art of both pictorial nature and literary nature, but leans heavily towards works of a pictorial nature. Includes a forum, and is furry-based.

   YiffStar - primarily focuses on art of a literary nature, but is shifting to both pictorial and literary works. Furry-based.

   FurRag - also mentioned in the intro, also links to the home page. Features art of a literary nature, and includes a forum. Furry-based.

  1. All the things that I would prefer others not to edit are prefixed with a star, while those I would like or don't mind others editing aren't. (Note to self: The links are different.)
  2. All three sites mentioned in this section link to the home page of the respective site.