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"Maestro, oh fuck. Mmm, my asshole won't close up. I don't know if it will ever be the same, I feel sooooo stretched out." Our eyes locked together, oblivious to anything else but our bodies moving in unison. "Oh dear god, I can't believe I'm so horny again! All I want is your cock, darling, just to feel your cock fill me up. My pussy, my ass, my mouth - I don't care, Maestro!" "Oh I know, Marie. I know how horny you get. I know how to tease you, how to make you cum. Don't I?" He pushed his middle finger in my ass, as if to punctuate his last question. At the same time he pushed me on my back slightly, hiding his hand now visibly playing beneath my swimsuit. Skrillex's voice rose above the din of the reggaeton hits blaring from the speakers below, practicing his English on another couple settling in to sun loungers just behind Maestro. They were focussed on sunscreen and water bottles, not noticing the fact that I was getting anal fingered just in front of them. "Like this? And this? Oh, there you go... oh yes... yes, Marie!" Maestro's cock, now fully erect, pressed against my clit on top of my bathing suit as his middle and index fingers stabbed my wrecked and loosened asshole. He rotated his fingers inside of me, pressing against the thin wall separating my ass from my pussy. I rubbed my clit against his cock harder, our swimsuit bottoms barely concealing our lust.Maestro usually fucks for hours and hours, but the thrill of being outside and perhaps getting caught stimulated our libidos beyond any sense of propriety. I grabbed a towel, tossing it over our hips just as I started to cum. My pussy juice smeared over Maestro's swimsuit as I loosened it and released his massive cock. He withdrew his fingers from my ass and pushed my bikini bottoms down to reveal my freshly waxed pussy, nicely hidden beneath the towel. "Oh fuck, Marie, I'm going to make you cum again!" Maestro whispered in my ear, gripping my clit with one hand and his cock in the other. Creamy cum dripped between his fingers as I buried my face against his shoulder, at the same time I felt his hot cum spray onto my belly. The couple behind us chatted on about their flight from London, how the hotel messed up their room booking, and the lack of decent rum in any of the hotel bars. We adjusted our swimsuits and tossed the cum soaked towel aside AnalPornVideos, confident that they hadn't noticed us at all. "Maestro that was insane! They could've seen us... Skrillex could've seen us... that was such a fucking turn on!" I whispered back to Maestro, running my fingers up and down his chiseled abdomen. "You doubt me, Marie?" Maestro laughed. "I know you're an exhibitionist, almost more than I am. I can make you cum in an instant if there's people around." "I don't doubt you at all, darling, I know better than that! But I'm exhausted now, and I want to see that band later tonight." "Well, let's have dinner and a dance, then, at least to start the night..." Maestro grinned, "And then we'll see how your ass is doing."The band started the first set with Hotel California. Not exactly a song to get people up and out of their chairs, but Maestro grabbed my hand and we danced and sang along. We knew the lyrics better than the singer, who was flipping pages furiously to keep up. By the time we got to "... you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave..." we were joined on the dance floor by two beautiful women. Both were dark-haired and voluptuous, and one woman wore only a tiny thong bikini with her perfect round ass on display. She smiled at me, and we danced as women often do at clubs together. Our flirtatious dirty dancing - my hands on her hips as I pressed my nipples against her back, her hands on my thighs - provided a show for onlookers, including the band. Not long after that, a crowd of single men flooded the dance floor. Their awkward and uncoordinated but enthusiastic moves contrasted with the women's rhythmic, mesmerizing, undulating hips. They laughed as the men tried to look sexy, but the woman in the bikini only had eyes for Maestro. Aware that Maestro and I occasionally kissed and danced together, she approached me to try to communicate. I couldn't understand her at all, and being a bit tipsy from double vodka and cranberry juice highballs, was totally oblivious to the fact that she was asking if we all wanted to go and fuck. I was still so innocent with women. SO innocent! I've danced sexy with women before at clubs, but not because I wanted to have sex. It's just a fun, flirty thing to do - mostly to tease all the men. So by the time the band ended their set with a rousing version of Don't Stop Believin', the women were gone. "Everyone's clearing out now, and dancing with those women made me horny, Marie," Maestro purred, "Did you think they were hot? You didn't want to play with them? They totally wanted to play with us! They didn't speak English, but the woman in the dress made it clear what they wanted.""Seriously? No way! Oh fuck... I completely missed that. I had no idea what she was trying to say, and I just blew her off. I didn't know what she was trying to say! Fuck, Maestro, I messed that one up. They were hot too..." I sighed, realizing we could've been playing with her fantastic ass had I been more aware of non-verbal pick-up cues. "Well you know what that means, Marie. You've got to take it all yourself. All my energy, which would've been spread out among two or three women is all yours now." Maestro gripped my waist and pulled me closer to him as we took the elevator up to the 8th floor. "I'm just deciding now whether to destroy your pussy or your ass," he growled into my ear.I knew whatever I said wouldn't matter to Maestro. I knew that tone of voice. He was going to dominate me that night. He was going to use my body - OWN my body for his crazed sexual pleasure. And I was his willing fuck toy. Still, I pleaded with him to be easy on me, even though begging Maestro at this point would be futile. "Maestro, you fucked my ass so hard this afternoon, I don't know..." As the elevator opened to the 8th floor lobby, Maestro slipped his hand inside my dress, squeezing and twisting my left nipple hard. "Oooohhhh... owwww... oh motherfucker fuck fuck fuck that hurt!" He released my nipple, stroking it softly now.