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Thank you for visiting my page. I'm an amateur fiction writer hoping to get some feedback for my stories and hopefully find a good place to post them online. Since I know very little about publishing and writing fiction, feedback is MOST APPRECIATED!

While I haven't written any transformation stories yet, it is only because I haven't received an inspiration and/or time to write one yet. Rest assured, one or more will come eventually. Also, the names of the characters in my stories are fictional. Any relationship they may have to real people, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Hopefully these are to your liking, and if you have any questions/comments/suggestions/critiques, please post them!

Thank you again for visiting, and I hope you enjoy my works.

1: Seeking Truth: Part 1 - 11/08

2: Seeking Truth: Part 2 - 11/08

3: Seeking Truth: Part 3 - 11/08

4: Seeking Truth: Part 4 - 11/08

5: Seeking Truth: Part 5 - 11/08