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The Mitigating Circumstances

Hello. I am a writer, and often when I write I go by the name of Bad Guru.

A significant bit of my brain isn't happy unless I write TF fiction of some variety or other. I've written TG since 1997 and posted it (rather infrequently, I acknowledge) to FictionMania since 2003. However, I do write other kinds of TF once in a while and this looks like it would be a good place to put all of it.

APFS Stories

This is a loosely-linked series of stories set in a near-future version of our world, where gender has become inexplicably and randomly mutable. Very occasionally characters from one story appear briefly or are referred to in another, but the stories are all standalones. They tend to be focussed on character and dialogue, ideally as realistic as I can manage.

Should anyone be interested I have written some Notes on TG Fiction and the APFS Stories, in which I share my thoughts on the genre and give some background on the series.

Other stories

What it says on the tin.

  • Descent - A non-specific animal TF: humans from a dying Earth are forced to take desperate measures to ensure their survival in an alien environment. About as close to traditional SF as I've written recently.
  • Monarch of Monsters - A TF take on a well-known Japanese cinematic universe. Say no more.
  • The Cycle of Wisdom - TG. An attempt at a pastiche of H.P. Lovecraft's Dreamlands stories, not that anyone's noticed so far. Hey ho.
  • Weapon of Choice - TG. Written-to-order as a commission - the client has kindly allowed me to publish it elsewhere. A small-time thug's attempts to get rich quick backfire horribly on him.