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Hello, I'm Azimuth, I'm from the UK, and I'm a fruit bat with the oddly appropriate tendency to turn people into things via the multi-faceted art of fiction. Over nearly ten years of writing, I've had the pen-names Flashfire, Nall, Lilac, and Hazel. Now I have this one. We'll see how long it lasts.

I'm quite bad at conversations via forums and talk pages, but very good at them via email and IM. On AIM I'm azibat, and if you know any of my other messenger details, great! You can use those too. On FurAffinity, I'm Azimuth as well, and that's where the vast majority of my work lives.

The scope of the transformation I write is limited to what I think up, and even then not so much. I take suggestions, if you're feeling generous, and commissions if you know exactly what you want and don't mind losing some pounds to get it. (British money, rather. My weight loss programs inevitably end in some sort of rodent transformation and of course nobody wants that...)

Works by Azimuth on Shifti
If you're still here, you're not browsing through my story list. Part of the reason for that is because I've not compiled it yet; this page is fresh out of its protective plastic packaging, and the newness smell is disappearing fairly quickly. I'm still adding stories and if I come back here every time that's a lot of editing to clutter Recents with. So, in the meantime...

One thing I don't get enough of is critical commentary. Whether with TF stories or otherwise, I've got my eyes on submitting to short story magazines, so this becomes ever more valuable. But my sight isn't great as a bat, so all I can see is that the internet tends to somewhat enjoy everything and anything I produce. Naturally, I disagree, and I think you should too. But there's no such thing as a perfect story, and I am always quite content with the work I put out, so I hope and expect that it'll at least be fun. :) Happy reading!

Azimuth 01:13, 9 July 2009 (UTC)