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Magic for the mundane (3/?)

Note: Arenar spaceport has received a message that some of our spells are in need of an upgrade. If you specialize in that kind of enchantment, we are now accepting applications.

On to the story:

Part 3

August 22, 2194, planet Arenar

The freighter was by far the easiest job I had done on anything weighing more than 10 tons. The totem of strength was definitely working, and working well. After I finished work for the day, my thoughts returned to that animorph totem.

I had always liked birds, but there wasn't a lot of wildlife around here on Arenar, so I had to content myself with flying and repairing star cruisers, our way to fly through the stars like a Nebula Eagle. A totem that would allow me to fly through the air like... No, AS a bird would be awesome, to say the least (not to mention cheaper than the exorbitant prices of gas on Arenar, sheesh).

Heading back to the magic shop, I started looking around at the various species of birds that I could be. There was one of my personal favorites, a barn owl. A silent stalker of the night, they weren't the fastest, but were strong and had vastly superior hearing compared to other birds. And it was only 150 shards!

//Yeah, I think I'll go with this one.\\ I thought as I grabbed it and headed over to the counter to pay. This waiver was even longer than the other ones, giving at least 50 good reasons why this could be unsafe, including dizziness and nausea during flight. I almost skimmed it again and signed it, when I thought of earlier today.

The large leap I had made over Quintix had made me feel like I jogged a lap around the track, and I tired more quickly on jobs requiring heavier lifting. Then again, the energy has to come from somewhere, and a jump like that probably needed a lot. So, against my good judgement, I signed the waiver, though I made a mental note to look up a copy of it later.

"You sure read fast..." the clerk said suspiciously.

"Whatever," I replied casually on the way out, though his reaction worried me slightly. //It's probably nothing...\\

Back home, I decided to try out the totem before I used it as transportation. Apparently, the transformation would dissolve my clothes, reintegrating them when the totem was deactivated. If I was using a holder, it would resize it and my belt to fit me so I would still have access to it when I was in my animal form.

Just to be safe, I had actually read the part of the waiver that said about my mental state during transformation. /You should retain your human intelligence, but the animal's instincts will be prominent. Diamond inc. is not responsible for damages... Yadda yadda yadda.\

//Here goes nothing,\\ I think, and shut the lid on the holder. Unlike the unnoticeable effects of the totem of strength, I felt the effects of this one instantly.

First, the whole world looked like it was getting bigger, then I realized that I was shrinking. When I was about a foot tall, my fingers locked together and started to merge, and my arms repositioned themselves to be more on my back.

Next came the feathers. As the instructions had said, they simply encroached on my clothing until it vanished, rather than growing under it, all the while leaving my belt alone.

After the feathers, I could actually FEEL my skeleton re-arrange itself, like there were worms crawling around under my skin. When my beak pushed out, it wasn't my lips hardening like I thought they would, but rather my teeth fusing and pushing out through my mouth.

Then everything stopped. Looking at the clock, I realized the whole process took about 5 seconds, though it felt more like a minute. I looked up at my bathroom mirror, which now looked like it was on top of a mountain.

//Well, there's a problem I never thought I'd have. I can't use my mirror because I'm a foot tall bird. Well, I have wings now, maybe I should try using them.\\

Waddling over to an open-ish space, I gave them a strong flap... And fell on my beak when I actually went up a few feet... No, a few inches, unexpectedly.

"Squak squak!" I said. I had actually meant to say "good grief", but apparently I couldn't talk anymore in this state. //Oh well, beggars can't be choosers. At least I still THINK in English...\\

Trying again, I remembered to keep flapping after the first one, and made it up to the wet-bar below my mirror. For a second, I wondered how on Arenar I had actually managed to fly, then remembered that my instincts would be prominent, and flying was instinct-based for birds. //Intreresting...\\

Actually looking in the mirror now, my chest was a beautiful pure white, my totem holder still slung on a now owl-sized belt, with the heart-shaped ring around my face a deep tawny. Spinning my head around to look at my back (an interestingly natural motion), my feathers were a light tan color, with grey spots peppering it. Unfortunately, my new flexibility in my neck did not extend to seeing the back of my head, which I assumed to be of a similar pattern to my back.

All in all, I rather liked the effect. Reaching over with my left... Wing? Oh, right. I have to use my talons now. Reaching over with my left talon this time, I popped the lid on the totem holder. The change seemed to rewind, starting with my skeleton, then the feathers, then the size. I ended up sitting on my wet-bar, with a stray downy feather still in my hair (which was fortunately not still attached to me).

//I could actually get used to this,\\ I thought, then smiled to myself.