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User:Awareqwx/Magic for the Mundane 2

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Magic for the mundane

Part 2

August 22, 2194, planet Arenar

On my way to work, I started to think about means of cheaper transportation. My sad old fossil fuel truck was not nearly as powerful or efficient as the (expensive) crystal fusion engines that were the norm on Arenar. Fossil fuels were also insanely expensive considering that, since this was a terraformed planet and didn't have much life to begin with, almost all of the fossil fuels were imported from a nearby solar system, driving the price up to almost 19 shards per gallon.

Diamond inc. sold animorph totems that were looking pretty appealing. Why not fly to work on your own wings? I decided to consider it later.

After I arrived at work, I was confronted by an unwelcome sight.

"Awareqwx," said my boss, "You haven't really been pulling your weight around out here. I think it might be time to find you a new line of work."

"Ah, heh heh, about that..." I chuckled, "I managed to acquire a totem holder with, what do you know, a totem of strength."

"You don't mean one of those new magic-whatsits Diamond inc. came out with, do you?"


"Ok, then," he said with a slight frown, "I'll give you one more chance. This better be good." and walked off.

//Phew! That was close...\\ I thought as I headed over to the repair bay where I spent most of my time at work.

"Hey, Awareqwx!" shouted one of my least favorite co-workers, Quintix, "Heard you got fired, why you still here?"

//Oh, great,\\ I thought. Making sure my totem was in the holder, I just kept walking.

"Did you hear me? Answer me when I ask you a question, shrimp!" he said, coming over to me.

"Why yes, Quint, I did hear you. As for why I'm still here, the boss gave me another chance. Now, if you don't mind, I have a 120 pound armor plate to install," I say nonchalantly, which makes him a little mad.

Before I go on, here's a little bit about Quintix. He is the strongest person in the spaceport, a fairly adept pyromancer, and makes sure everyone knows it. He's a little bit like a class bully, the kind where the teacher thinks he's a really nice guy. So, as a result, I usually wind up having to ask him for help when there isn't anyone else strong enough (or brave enough to go against him), giving me the nickname 'shrimp'.

"Oh, so now the boss thinks you're all special, and probably lent you his physical enhancement suit to make it 'easier' for you, right?" he growls.

"Nope. No suit here," I reply, walking over to the ship in need of repairs.

"I'd like to see this..."

Walking over to the damaged hull plating, unbolt it, and to Quintix's surprise, easily lift the new piece and bolt it in place. "Well, that was fun. Maybe I'm gonna back off on my deal for you to help me with the engines, hmm?"

Quint was now seething with rage at being so easily outmatched by this... This shrimp! He wanted revenge, and wanted it in his way, which usually meant he was about to beat me to a charred, black-and-blue gooey pulp.

"RRAAGH!!!" he shouts, charging at me with a flaming 'falcon punch' thing.

//Ha, let's see what this thing can really do!\\

Mustering my magically enhanced strength, I leap over him with feet to spare, and hit the ground wih a satisfying crash noise. This made me more tired han I would have liked, and I probably should've read that contract better, but I couldn't think about that now as there was currently a brawny pyromancer after me.

"What in the?" he says, turning around, "Doesn't matter, I have fireballs and you don't! Eat plasma!"

He followed this with a few dangerously looking fireballs that I dodged by leaping far to the side. The fireballs flew out of the repair bay and attracted a security guard.

"What's going on in here?!?" he exclaims.

"Awareqwx was attacking me with-" Quintix begins, but is cut off by the guard.

"With hot plasma? No. There are 3 reasons why that isn't possible. 1, you are on the wrong side of him for fireballs to be flying out the door. 2, Aware isn't a pyromancer, you are. And 3, the recording spell says you got mad when he lifted something he would normally have trouble with, you got mad from his taunts, and attacked."

I'd been quiet since Quint threw the fireballs, and decided to relish this moment. Here I was just trying to get by in a tough world, and suddenly I not only solved my lack-of-strength problem, I may had dealt with my bully problem as well. //Best 4000 shards I ever spent.\\

But wait, that leaves another problem. The guard says that there was a recording spell in place, which clearly couldn't be possible if Quintix was able to get away with all lot the other things he did to me.

"Hey, officer?" I ask.

"Yes, Aware?"

"You said there was a recording spell in place. Is that new?"

The guard looks a little bit confused by this, "No...? It's been in place since before you got here, why?"

"Well either it's faulty or it's been tampered with because Quint here has done some things that-"

"No! He's lying!" Quint interrupts, clearly about to panic, "I never did anything to him, I swear!"

"Then you should have nothing to worry about, because you're clearly worried about something," the guard looks annoyed with him and hits him with some sort of spell. "Now be quiet so my restraining spell doesn't have to do it for you. What were you about to say, Awareqwx?"

"Quint here has been bullying me ever since I've needed to constantly ask his help, but noone ever believed me when I told them. If there was a recording spell, why did it never pick up on that?"

Quint seems to be trying to say something, but all I hear is a very quiet and muffled sound.

"Well, the spell has shown signs of tampering, and usually around the times you two were together, and other times when Quint was alone with his group of friends. Your suggestion provides an interesting theory, as one of his friends is an enchanter, of the kind that can easily modify spells that are unencrypted," the guard says, "A good laptop could possibly help him break the encryption on he recording program and modify it to show what he wanted it to show,"

For now though, I'm going to take this doofus here into human resources. Good luck on the engines, Aware." And with that, he left.

Shaking my head and smiling, I start repairing the damaged hull again.