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3P story universe

Dinner with Robjeet

Author: Arrow Quivershaft
It was a few weeks later. I’d just gotten back from my trip to the Parthenon, so I pushed my way into the apartment, looking forward to a hot shower, a bed, and maybe some TV or video games. I’d no idea that being a devout came with so many rules...nothing too onerous, really, just I was surprised on the level of instruction. Don’t use poison, don’t attack fleeing enemies, etc. I’d picked up a bit of sword training at the time too, from an older Athenian who was one of my instructors.

I probably spent close to an hour in the shower. It’s honestly one of the best parts of getting back out of realm. Getting a good shower, and having as much hot water as you want. The cars and computers and TV and video games are nice, but it’s really some of the simple things that you miss the most when you’re in realm. Ice, hot water, showers, refrigeration.

When I got out, Robjeet, as I’d come to know him, was busy cooking something in the kitchen. I hadn’t seen him for a few weeks, because we’d been in-realm pretty much opposite times of each other; when one of us was in, the other was out, and we were passing each other all the time. Two ships in the night, I think the phrasing is. In any case, I headed over to the kitchen to see if I could help.

“Hey, Robjeet. Any way I can help?”

He was cooking some sort of hybrid Italian/Indian pasta and sauce dish. "Ey Nathan. Haven't seen you in a few weeks."

My thoughts exactly. "Sorry, man. We kept missing each other.” In fact, I hadn’t seen him since before I got my mark. “Got enough for two, or will I have to cook up something?”

Robjeet smirked. "Aw hell, I've got enough for ten. You know I always freeze a bunch."

I laughed. "Yep, you certainly do. Was just checking."

Robjeet nodded with a smile. "Not a problem.” He paused, then got to business. “Rumor has it you went to Athens on your own."

I started unpacking my gear in the main area, sword and all that. "Rumor would be correct."

"Heh, sounds like we've got some stories to swap, Nate."

I pulled out my crossbow and checked the safety, removing the magazine from it and clearing it for storage. "It does indeed. You wanna go first?" My mark came into view on my hand and I paused for a second. Still hadn’t gotten used to seeing that on me, and all.

He shook his head in response to my statement. "Nah. Let's get the interesting story out there first."

Chuckling slightly, I nodded. "Ok. I went to Athens, to the Parthenon." I paused. "And there was instructed in my rules of conduct."

Robjeet smirked and glanced up from his cooking. "Let's see the mark. Got a visible one?" I held up my right hand. "You managed to get one a lot earlier than most do."

I nodded. “I was warned about the risks of not getting one.”

Robjeet gave me a look for a moment. “Good on ya if you can keep it up."

"Thanks, man. I intend to."

He paused, then motioned to my hand before checking the food again. "Just, ah... Wear a glove if you go into other towns, man."

I browquirked. "For safety?"

He nodded. "Yeah... Just to avoid trouble."

I weighed it, then said, "Probably a good idea. Doesn't conflict with my code, so...yeah."

"Most folk just don't like it too much. The pope and all, and then the three way between the major religions."

"Yeah...I’ve already heard a bit. Their problem, I'd rather improve my chances of staying in my body. But I'll wear a glove, yeah."

“In Lecci, it's no problem. We have centaurs on the ground floor of this place; a tattoo isn't weirding anyone out."

“I’ll just tell anyone who pries that I’ve got a nasty cut on my hand, or sweaty hands. Wasn’t there some singer who used to wear a glove on only one hand?”

“Yeah, but trust me, you don’t want to be associated with Michael Jackson. Just go with the first two. You told your folks yet?"

I shook my head again as I finished unloading my pack. "Nope."


"Probably, when it comes up. Not supposed to lie." I hauled my gear back to my room and set it on the floor, then returned to the common area and started to set out two places.

Robjeet gave a low whistle. "That should be an interesting conversation."

"Yeah, it should,” I agreed. “But if I'm ever visiting them, I'll need to explain it. Sooner or later."

"Good luck, man."

"Thanks again.” I set down the glasses and sat down. “So, your story?"

He took a breath. "Went on a multiple day crawl up the Moradon river, next to Styx. Getting to the underworld that way is a bitch, but I netted more in three days than I usually do in a month, plus an enchanted ring.” I probably looked a bit awed. “Damn near impossible to get stuff like that in our position."

"Sweet...enchanted ring? What's it do?"

"Dissipates heat. Like my own personal air conditioning. Doesn't work out here, though." he added as an afterthought. I thought that was assumed by now, myself.

"Well...that's neat. I've been thinking of signing on a time or two myself."

"It's some great shit, Nate, but when it goes bad, it goes BAD."

"I'm sure..." Breathe. "Have to see what comes up." No point in false bravado, he’d see through it.

Robjeet finished cooking and came over to dish up both plates, then he set the dish back on the stove and sat down. "Wes and Mick died,” he commented soberly.

I paused. Screwed up again. "...oh. I'm sorry."

He nodded. "I didn't know em that well, but it's hitting some pretty hard that Wes went down."

I nodded. "He musta been good?"

“One of the better warriors I’ve met, definitely.” He changed the subject and we moved on, not wanting to linger too much. After that it just got into general discussion and such; I retired soon after dinner to get some rest.

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