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Works by Arrow Quivershaft on Shifti

Hey. I'm Arrow. This is my page. I'll modify it to be more impressive a bit later; right now I'm just trying to upload some stuff.

Fur, Fury, Space (closed multiwriter furry sci-fi)

Lt. Vershaft Audio Entries

Arriving on The Cause

Damaged Circuits and Souls

On the Education of Hawks

Species Data

Mod Buteo Species overview


Random elucidations

Nathan's Story

Arriving in Lecce

Meeting Dawn

Getting Marked

Dinner with Robjeet

Bones the Satyr

New Relationships

Unexpected Burdens

A New Realm...?

Meeting the Clients


Campfire Chat

Selene's Grove

Birds of a Feather


Petitioning Athene

Meeting Nick

Back to the Grove

Lecce Pit-Stop

Forboding Dreams

Gathering the Team

Enter the Underworld


Descending Into Darkness

In the Hall of the Dead

Out of the Darkness

The Next Move

Nathan meets Louise (teaser)

More coming soon!

TF Vignettes

Uploaded as I convert them.

Enfield transformation: I don't often write in second-person perspective, so I hope this still works alright. This was slammed out in less than half an hour when my muse said "KEYBOARD NAO" and I just let it wander my hands across the thing.

Luminari transformation: Written about the same time as the prior, I neglected to upload it at the same time. In took me about a half an hour, but I'm still pleased how it turned out overall.