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Just another online reader (who should never have been allowed to register and login in a wiki...).

  • I was following the works of the Paradise Setting timeline, when the 2011 server crash delete my account, watchlist and "I need to read this later" talk pages related...
  • My first wiki-edition in life: contribute to rebuild the page "" (adding the links to the autor´s pages; searching in the wiki for another Paradise-related works , etc).

About Me

I'm just a young man of Argentina. I don't write anything (yet) here; but someday (I hope), something called 'creativity' and something called 'skill' will merge just inside my mind (by accident, of course)...

Like all ex-teenagers of the XXI century, I like video games and stuff like that, and they usually serve as distractions from life. I'm also a closet ateist+furry.

My Stories

(In the Future...maybe)



In the Paradise Setting

(Probably, my first writting ->HERE<-; I love "The Rules" & "The Numbers" ^_^)