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Wicked Roots: The request by lore1138 ... Lucy wants more, well, Halloween in Halloween! Beware!

Alex Warlorn's transformation fanfictions.


Through The Monitor Rings Around The Roses: Couple who went through a TG along with their TF into Sonic like characters reflect on how they met in their new history.

Through The Monitor Rings Bundle Of Roses: Jane Brownson became Amy Rose a year ago and went to the world of Sonic The Hedgehog, can her family join her? Those in control don't want them to, but not all of those who enforce that control agree.


JT Fox's Sly and Tracy At the Bus Stop: A short story totally by JT Fox I'm posting with his permission. Tracy is a girl who wants to write a interesting story, and she happens upon the Xanadu victim Sly Fox whose more than willing to give her the inspiration she needs.

The Care Bear Caper!: A group of kidnappers come up with the perfect disguise to capture Eric Winters and hold him for ransom, then comes along new beginnings.

A Cat Girl Maid's Bet : A dude make the ultimate dare at Xanadu.

Quarut : Someone went to Xanadu as the Dungeons and Dragons Lawful Netural Outsider charged with the consistency of Time and cause and effect.

Dot Hack// Xanadu My favorite out of the Xanadu I've done. After missing for week's after Xanadu, an sacrilegious woman's child shows up on her door step, having become what her mother detests and with the ultimate hero's journey to share. Based on the .hack// franchise.

Errand of Mercy One Xanadu victim/kingdom hearts character commits an all out stealth assault on Project X in the name of compassion. Contains plenty of cameos.

Empathy Written over the space of two hours. A short look into another 'social group' born from Xanadu. A short story Inspired by a off handed commented in the Fem-Troopers saga and a web page article I read on the nature of humanity. If you like cat-girls you'll like this.

New Beginnings This story is the day to 'The End's night. Perhaps it's just contrary, but it's meant also to remind that hope exists in direct opposition to despair. And above all: more often than not, endings are simply an opportunity for rebirth. And that fate's pendulum, does not always swing against us.

List of Xanadu characters. This list got deleted from Shifti before. Let's see if we can put it back together again.

XANADU RESCUE ARCHIVE! These stories are not mine, but they also have no by-lines or the author is unreachable, and they are also fundamental parts of the Xanadu verse in their own right. If the original author contacts me and tells me to cease and desist, I shall do so.

Ami's Song : Not Mine! The most in-depth and character driven Xanadu story I've ever seen, and takes the most original and personal view on the mental changes of those at Xanadu, there are those who were erased, those who struggle with new instincts, some even have split personas, but what if one Sailor Moon cosplayer found something else?

Quest Moments : by SKJAM! Not Mine! No two ways about it, Xanadu changed the world, but civilization must go on, and that means picking up the pieces with the help of those changed.

Captain's Tale : Not Mine! For a twist of personal irony, a japanese cosplayer goes as the legendary Captain America to Xanadu, and now must help the various other heroes resulting from Xanadu getting their heads together along with many other 'refugees.'

Liquid Courage : Not Mine! By Robert Haynie. The man who went to Xanadu as the Invincible Iron Man, and his joint venture with Eric Winters in keeping those changed by Xanadu from being exploited by those with authority.

Pokemon Master : by James Cole. Not Mine! A tragic tale of one lad who lost everything at Xanadu and then lost everything again, will his original's family accept him? (SPOILERS I can think of some clever ways to revive the extinct pokemon using MewTwo but who knows?)

The Prince of All Sayajin : Not Mine! By Robert Haynie. A companion story to his Liquid Courage tale, a closer look at one person who went as... well, pretty much the most powerful character of the most powered up franchise imaginable!

Could Have Been Real : By Albedo. Original Summary: We've heard a bit about those affected by the curse at Kublai Con. Here's a tale about one who wasn't affected...

The Latex Vixen : By James S. Cole. An AMAZING STORY about a peek at one person's first step in starting a new life.